Historical Section
This is the Epsom & Ewell section of the Historical Archive. There are still many gaps here. If anyone can help out by filling any of them or if they find anything inaccurate, please drop me an email.
NOTE: As Club Historian, I have spent thousands of hours creating this enormous history. To do this accurately I have had to validate many historical reports and club records, some of which were found to be incorrect. Where there is a discrepancy I have advised it in the detailed seasonal summaries. Many stats are still being added to and amended as research continues so please bear with me.
Epsom & Ewell FC Record Files
Latest update to League Tables, Result and Date Grids Section - 12th May 2021
Latest update to League Cups Section - 12th May 2021
Results Section
All - Time Results Summary from 1924 - 2021 (pre-Senior records are 1918 - 1924)
League Tables, Result and Date Grids from 1918 - 2021
League Cups, together with dates from 1918 - 2021
Reports Section
Full set of Match Report Files from 2000/01 - 2010/11 including opposition reports where found.
Match Report & Programme Archive from 2010 - 2021
Appearances and Other Statistical Information Section
Appearances from 1924 - 2021
Club Records against Other Teams from 1924 - 2021
Other Information
Epsom & Ewell FC Seasonal Summaries
Each seasonal button contains a number of sheets and the pre 1918 button takes you to look at our predeccessors.
If you have a bit of time, why not try looking on the detailed summary pages?
Epsom Town (1939-46) Records
Ewell & Stoneleigh (1936-38) and Epsom & Ewell Ladies (1992-95) Records