Historical Section
1978-79 Season
Epsom & Ewell produce a squad photo at West Street. I am unable to confirm the date yet, but am leaning towards a pre season friendly with Dulwich on 5th August 1978.

There is additional confusion on the date though as Steve Delaney is missing, yet played almost all season, while Ted Yorke and Trevor Wales never played at all and Wales had left the year before! Likewise for Tony Coombe who left in the summer of 1978 while Mick Stratford didn't play competitively until the November of 1978! Also, I was fairly sure that it was Alan Webb's second son, Mark in this picture, but he wasn't born until 17/06/78 and he is at least a year old in this picture so it could be future first teamer Kevin who was born on 26/06/75 but he would have been three in this picture if my date is right. Neither scenario really fits. Another further confusion is that our sponsors Durst didn't replace Hitachi until the Summer of 1979!! Does anyone else know?

Back Row: Wally Langford (physio), unknown, Tony Coombe, Adrian Hill, unknown, unknown, Richard Parkin, Gerry Archer.

Front Row: unknown, Trevor Wales, Ted Yorke, Alan Webb, Jeff Hunn, Mick Stratford, Gary Kent, Tommy Tuite.