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C O M M E N T S    /  H I G H L I G H T S
SEC 9th Out of 9                
FAC  No competition                
AC No competition                
LC SF Sutton United 4-7            
LSC 1st Tufnell Park   4-9            
SSC 2nd Tooting & Mitcham Utd 2-5 agg            
Ch= arlie Pettitt instrumental in forming Epsom Town club            
Me= t Police and Charlton Rovers withdrew from League for this season.        
Ho= me Ground:  West Street, Ewell              
J= uly 44 Mr & Mrs Reg Marlow from 1 Ruxley Lane have been told that Sargeant Gunn= er Roy Albert Marlow (20)  
i= s returning from RAF. He was shot down in Libya and reported killed, but then it turn= ed out that he was a   
p= risoner of war in Italy. However, he escaped and trekked 300 miles to the allied lin= es. He was at Ewell Boys  
S= chool where he became football captain for 3 years and also cricket captain for a whi= le. Earned County  
f= ootball cap in 1938 and triple school international honours in 1939. Father Reg was a well known Epsom  
fo= otballer in the 20's and 30's and Roy would go on to play for Epsom too. Died in late 2003 aged 80.    
J= uly 44 Flight Sargeant Roy Arthur Dymott is awarded the Distinguished Flying Med= al (D.F.M.) Was a builders   
la= bourer before enlisting in 1941 and is now a wireless operator.          
M= EDAL CITATION: As air gunner F-S Dymott has participated in very many sorties involving attacks on a  
v= ariety of enemy targets. He is a keen cool and resolute gunner whose successes are a good tribute to his  
sk= ill. He has assisted in the destruction of three enemy aircraft. Born 1923 and lives = in Ewell.    
HERALD 04/08/44 has a report of Marlow's story and als= o a letter home from Fred Chitty. On computer currently.
Au= g 44 Epsom & Ewell Youth League set up by GCA Mann          
25= /8/44 reported that former Committee member Mr P Parr dies aged 61. He had suff= ered from a long    
illness, and his funeral was the previous Tuesday 22/8= /44. He was the father of Jack Parr, and was a tobacconist
a= nd hairdresser in High Street Epsom, then a newsagent in East Street. Had al= so been a member of the Urban  
Co= uncil when it became merged into the Borough Council in 1937. Well known.      
2= 6/8/44 A good trial was held at West Street, and both sides are expected to prosper say papers. Newcomers   
me= ntioned as Brown, Redman, Brogdale and Lucas, and maybe Crombleholm?      
O= ld players are Daragon, Carpenter, Bartlett and Rolls. Reserves listed at trial as Davis, Markham, Sivier,  
and Stennett. Paper says that Gordon Brogdale will be a good successor to Stan Davies. Joe Clements is back
in= England but has a knee wound. Hopes to return and take his place back in the side.      
9= /9/44 Originally due to play RAMC but NFS played instead and gave a good display despite losing 4-0.  
1= 6/9/44 Should have won by several goals but had to settle for 1-0. Comet disagre= es and says it was a more   
even game, in which Epsom shaded the first half, and Walton the second. Defences pre-dominated. Daragon (20).
2= 3/9/44 Paper says that we still can't win at Bromley. Also says that Bartlett and Brog= dale were the two  
sc= orers but I have Bartlett (2) Where from? - Advertiser?            
3= 0/9/44 Opponents RA (Woolwich) have won the army cup for three straight years and the Kent Senior Cup  
f= or the last two. The game is being staged in acknowledgement of Epsom's efforts in keeping going for the  
wh= ole of the war period. Good attendance hoped for.            
Major Holle (RA) brought down a full strength side with Hughes (Huddersfield), Winter (Bolton), Farrier (Oldham),
Davis (QPR), Phillips (Wolves), Morris (Cardiff), Summerfield (Wolves), Daniels (QPR), Kurz (Grimsby & Chelsea),
L= owes (Sheffield Weds), and Cooper (QPR). All pros except Morris and Cooper. Fi= rst class exhibition as they   
to= ok Epsom Town apart in the first half, but no further goals in the second half. ET Lost 3-0.    
30= /9/44 Russell was home on leave so he played in this game.          
7/10/44 Epsom 4-1 up but lose 7-4 to Sutton in League = Cup SF. Epsom keeper (Brown?) saved a retaken penalty,
after first was disallowed for encroachment. Sutton pl= ayed Gravesend in final @ Bromley on 11/11/44 and won 4-0.
7/= 10/44 Charlie Vaughan scored six times in this match for Sutton United.        
14/10/44 Epsom lost 2-0 in a gale at Erith. Erith Obse= rver said it was the best game of the season and that Jock 
Mo= rrice, an ex-Erith player a couple of years back did well for Epsom.        
21/10/44 The NFS Area 38 had never played before as a team. ET Won 7-2 with Tingey HT. He also had 3 others
di= sallowed.                  
2= 8/10/44 3 regulars missing v Tooting & M including Brown, who was replaced by Gledhill (RA Woolwich - loan)  
Bo= b Parker scored all four against Epsom in a 4-1 score.          
4/11/44 Ragged play v Dulwich and deserved the beating they got, 6-0 say Herald. However Advertiser says it was
no= t as one sided as it suggests!                
4= /11/44 Daragon was missing as he was playing for QPR, and Gordon Brogdale was injured early in the match.  
He= damaged a hip and may be out some time say papers but was back by 18th Nov. 10 men.=    
Al= so Les Rolls appears to have left club and Tom Ogle and Carpenter were injured.      
1= 1/11/44 4 new players for Epsom before say papers but Turnbull had played before already. The others were  
D= awson, Judge, and Vince. Game started with 10 men as Slater was expected. After = 20 minutes Ogle came  
on= instead.                  
11= /11/44 2 late goals for Epsom scrape a draw v Fulham Reserves. See Res 25/11/44 be= low    
1= 8/11/44 2 minutes silence held for Frank Longden who was the League Chairman, and d= ied on 13/11/44.  
25/11/44 Epsom crash 7-0 at Walton, who dominated the play, and Brown was "brilliant" in goal. Epsom Town's
f= orwards weren't bad, but were largely restricted to long shots. They tried to the= end said Comet. HT 2-0.  
2/12/44 Reserve game postponed so they went to watch t= he first team and due to shortages, Weller and Stennett
w= ere asked to play. Brown pensave 2nd half at 0-1. HT was 0-1, but in a tame second hal= f, Epsom equalised.  
9= /12/44 Epsom made a long journey to Tufnell Park for the London Senior Cup tie. Brown = and Dowding arrived  
l= ate for the 2.45 ko so Tingey went in goal to start with. Brown was then knocked out briefly during the first half.  
5 = goals scored whilst he was off the field. Future player coach Pat Lynch played for Tuf= nell Park.    
Th= is game would have been at Claremont Road, Hendon.          
1= 6/12/44 Brown made fine save but dislocated his wrist at the same time after 5 minutes. Strapped it up and  
co= ntinued. Lost 1-4 to Tooting & Mitcham in second leg of Surrey Senior Cup. Agg 2-5.      
T= ooting went from here straight to the Final where they defeated Sutton 4-2 so it look= s as though this may   
ha= ve been a Semi-Final! Then again the Tooting & Mitcham website might just be missing a round!    
23= /12/44 Was there a game this week?              
30/12/44 Dulwich 0-1 played with 9 men. Despite losing= 6-0 eight weeks ago at home, this was the best display
 of the season, and held out for 70 min= utes. Brown was still playing with his injured wrist, say papers.    
30= /12/44 Dowding and Lloyd did not arrive for the game.            
6/= 1/45 Loye mispen at 0-5 (post). Hit inside of post then ran along goal line.        
Ja= n 45 Alf Turnbull now playing for Frinton R v T&M.            
13= /1/45 pitch was good but Epsom Town still lose 3-4 v London Fire Force.        
20/1/45 Royal Marines played Challis the Crystal Palace star. ET gave trials to Thomas, Howard and Dumbledee
bu= t Thomas injured 30 minutes and eventually ended up with ten men. RM's first visit= to Ewell.    
27= /1/45 was there any game? Weather was bad so maybe not.          
3/2/45 Were due to visit London Fire Force but match w= as postponed for a Dulwich Hamle London Senior Cup replay.
1= 0/2/45 Only a second half improvement from Sutton stopped this game being the worst s= een at Gander Green  
L= ane for some years say papers. ET lost 4-0. Papers say 3 reserves played for Epsom, and Blanton became a   
pa= ssenger, after being nearly blinded by a clearance.            
Fe= b 45 Hawker Athletic played at Dysart Avenue, Kingston          
1= 7/2/45 close game at Dulwich sees Epsom scrape a 4-3 win at London Fire Force. 2-0 up after 10 minutes.  
Th= is was LFF's temporary ground.                
24= /2/45 Box injured 1st half. Bad fall. 10 men. Paper says only one change from last weeks side.    
Ma= r 45 Paper refers to the likely reconstitution of Epsom F.C.          
3/3/45 One of the best games seen for a while v Erith = with Epsom the better side, but Day in goal was "invincible".
10= /3/45 first XI game postponed - see reserve section Weller and Welchman injured during 1st game.    
17= /3/45 Adey and Parker were both drafted in to the first team and both scored v Vicke= rs.      
2= 4/3/45 Lost 4-1 to RAOC who hadn't lost to an amateur side all season, and had only l= ost 3 all season.  
Dowding had three disallowed though, 2 for hands, 1 for offside, and also had another that "probably" crossed the
line in addition to the one he did get. Gk Brown had arrived 5 mins late, but it was still 0-0 when he took the field.
3= 1/3/45 Originally meant to be playing Irish Guards but instead played Charlton Reserves in a friendly, as they <= /td>  
had an Army Cup final. W2-0 with two goals from Les Dowding. The half back line of Loye, Redman and Sharman 
wa= s the strength, say papers. Erith paper says Dowding is ex-Millwall. "A ve= ry enjoyable game"    
7= /4/45 Epsom unlucky to lose. Much better than league position suggests. Late goal clinched it for T & M.  
Al= an Redman carried off injured near the end. 10 men on field when T & M scored winner.      
1= 4/4/45 Tom Ogle absent injured and Askham out too. A well fought game that Epsom did= not deserve to lose.  
B= oth newcomers (Crowther and Williams) deserved their inclusion. As ET were 2-= 0 up just before HT. Cairns,  
We= ller and Dowding all hit the bar but performance was below the recent form.        
1= 4/4/45 Epsom Civil Defence lose CD Cup Group 9 Final at Kingston CD 3-0. Game at Kingstonian FC with tea  
af= terwards. Councillor GCA Mann was present.            
2= 1/4/45 Several players unavailable as they were returning for duty, and Loye dec= ided to play for Millwall.  
2= 1/4/45 also Cairns preferred to play for Jamiesons in Balham Lge Div 2. Only 9 players were available as a  
re= sult, and two were drafted in hurriedly. Gravesend took their only chance. Then Eps= om missed their    
co= nnection due to a late train and got back at 11. Sc: Twocock.          
2= 8/4/45 Epsom scored first in 2nd half but then lost 4-1. "Lower goal appears to b= e a hoodoo to the Town"  
At= one point, Dowding, Dilham, and Parker all headed against the bar in rotation!      
1= /5/45 Rep match between Epsom & Ewell League and Surbiton & District. Att 3= 00. Was E & E League's first   
ev= er rep match. Admission 5d.                
4= /5/45 further reference to the restarting of the club. Committee members have m= et several times already.  
5/5/45 Balham League Cup final replay between Marzick = and Jamiesons at West Street after res game v Sutton.
Both of these local clubs were based in Ewell anyway. Marzick win 3-1 to stop Jamiesons getting a double. First 
ga= me at Tooting & Mitcham had ended 1-1 after extra time on 28/4.          
5= /5/45 Mitcham News states that the South Eastern Combination will cease to exist after this day. London Fire  
Fo= rce are to play their last match too, it says, but they appear next year in the Corinthian League.    
8/= 5/45 V.E. Day                  
19/5/45 Replayed Sutton Hospital Cup semi final at West Street 3.30 Banstead Hospital beat Leatherhead Rose
3-2= after a 3-3 draw and will play Sutton in the final at Sutton.          
Reserves:   <= /td> Balham & District League              
Position   3rd out of 10                
Se= cretary of Balham League was Mr A Strike 57 Romberg Road, Upper Tooting      
H= oyt Sports were placed in the Premier Division, but started in Division 1 instead. T= hey played at Wandsworth  
C= ommon.  Benhams played at Price's Ground in Earlsfield, and Frinton Rovers played at Galpins Road. Cricket  
wa= s also played there. Hoyt never completed the season.          
23/9/44 Res win 4-1 at Frinton Rovers in a friendly. Frinton had lost their keeper recently with a broken ankle, so 
E= psom loaned them a keeper, A Sivier. Epsom were 3-0 up after 15 minutes, and were 4-0= up before Frinton  
s= cored with a penalty. LINE UP: C Richards, W Warner, JF Welchman, J Pointing, F Dymott= , B Stater,   
M = Williams, CW Cairns, A Davis, J Sanders, A Maynard            
Vickers are playing at Rose Hill, Sutton. Obviously different to Vickers Armstrong, who played near Brooklands.
pre 21/10/44 two wins missing F10A5. One is a 6-3 home= win over Powered Mountings and the other is a 4-2 win over 
Morgans, but it is not clear where the latter match was played. Both played on either 30/09/44, 07/10/44 ot 14/10/44.
21= /10/44 Res have friendly with Modern Service at Burntwood Lane and drew 2-2. They we= re in    
D= ivision 1 of the Balham League. 0-1 down after 3 minutes, then 0-2, but HT saw the reserves only 1-2 down  
an= d got an equaliser before mispen (SAVE) later on.            
2= 8/10/44 Epsom Res unbeaten in league until losing at T&M 6-1. Simpkins got 4 = for Tooting, and Epsom's goal  
wa= s an 88th minute penalty consolation. HT 0-2.            
4/11/44 Res lose 3-1 at Frinton. HT 1-1. Nearly a disa= ster for Frinton, who had actually loaned Epsom two players
Mount and Brown. C Richards the Epsom keeper and capta= in, is ex-Frinton. Epsom's two absentees didn't reach
the ground at all. Turnbull and Welchman played well. Cairns equalised in first half, but despite hitting the bar in 
th= e second half, two more were conceded.              
11= /11/44 calculated a 1-1 draw at Marzick. (NR).            
2= 5/11/44 Fulham Reserves visit, two weeks after drawing with Epsom Town first team. There were only two   
ch= anges to the Fulham side, yet the reserves destroyed them 6-3 with a hat trick from Dowding.    
Pe= ttett, Sanders, Weller, Dowding, Cairns and Stone all played for reserves that d= ay.      
2/= 12/44 Game postponed. Res went to watch the first team.          
De= c 44 We had a 3-3 away draw with Benhams this month. Not played on 23/12/44.      
9= /12/44 Reference to a bad tempered game v Leatherhead Rose in the Surrey Junior = Cup where tempers were  
frayed and football seemed to be absent. Lost 1-4. AR (Dick) Chester, CB Weller, and B Harris all playing for LR.
Ma= rzick formed in 43/44 and played at Gibraltar Rec, Ewell          
Ad= miralty Wireless played in Mitcham              
3= 0/12/44 Monotype are holders of Sutton Hospital Cup (15 entries), but are knocked= out 4-1 by Epsom Town.  
T= hey lost a player early to injury on the treacherous ground. 10 men. Even until near= ly HT when Cairns scored  
the opening goal unchallenged. HT 1-0. Box scored twic= e, one good, one "not so good" to make it 3-0, then 3-1 
(C= owland) before Green made it 4-1 "in the misty eve".            
6/1/45 Hard ground and a greasy surface made it diffic= ult to control the ball. HT was 0-0 but Dowding scored two
g= oals, before Admiralty Wireless levelled it up, then C Saunders scored the winner in a goal mouth melee.  
27/1/45 Sutton Hospital Cup QF tie with Benhams almost certainly postponed. All games off in Mitcham area. Snow.
Not sure whether this match was ever played as we also= had to meet in the League Cup and once in the League still.
24= /2/45 Rolls and Ogle played v QPR Reserves, who had 6 pros in side.        
10/3/45 due to fixture congestion, Epsom reserves play= ed twice, and had help from their first team, as their game
wa= s cancelled. 2nd match saw Williams, Green, Sanders and Dymott all playing v Powered Mountings    
who had conceded home advantage in this tie so that bo= th games could be played at West Street. Epsom won 4-0.
Gr= een scored all four in this match, and Askham scored HT v Benhams Athletic in first match.    
Th= e games proved that Epsom are fostering the makings of a good post war side say papers.    
Ro= y Dymott - home on leave played in one of these two games.          
17/3/45 Reserves crash out of league cup 4-3 at Jamies= ons. Keeper made unusual errors - upset by crowd and small pitch!
2= 4/3/45 res win 7-0 v Phillips. Surrey Comet says it was away, but Advertiser says ho= me and is correct.  
2= /4/45 Tom Ogle plays for Vickers in Leatherhead Hospital Shield F at Pixham Lane, w= ith CB Weller at LR  
Re= sult was 3-2 to Vickers.                
2/4/45 Res lose 1-2 to Frinton, despite having a few f= irst teamers in there, as they had no Easter Monday game.
7= /4/45 Defeated Tooting & Mitcham Res 3-2. HT was 1-1, then 2-1 up, before it was levelled up, before Epsom   
go= t the winner. Mitcham News says "they won on their merits".          
14= /4/45 Probably no game for Res, unless it was a friendly.          
21/4/45 Parker, Green and Williams all played v Admira= lty Wireless and won 4-3. Epsom were a goal down before
m= issing a penalty (SAVE), but Epsom went 2-1 up by HT, and 3-1 up, before Wireless = got it back to 3-3, and   
Ep= som got a late winner in a virtual carbon copy of the first match between the teams= .      
23= /04/45 after this date Epsom played Morgans (W) and Marzick (D). GD 10-3.      
5/5= /45 Epsom Town defeated Sutton United at West Street probably 2-1 according to table tracking.