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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
L 8th out of 8 in South Eastern Combinati= on            
FAC No competition                
AC No competition                
LC No competition                
SSC No competition                
Secretary   Charles (HC) Pettett Also Epsom's representative on SEC Comm= ittee.    
Chairman   G.King                
Treasurer   P.Parr father of Jack            
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell              
Fi= rst Season in South Eastern Combination. Walton on Thames, Epsom and Woking joined.    
Wimbledon, Bromley and Redhill all resigned during the season, although Bromley would revive for 1941/42.
J= uly 40 Schools competitions are going ahead as usual, and were the only ones by = any county last year.  
SC= FA hopes to run County competitions, but doesn't.            
9/= 8/40 reported Prospects:                
Epsom are attempting to arrange a sporting programme f= or next winter is, at the present time, like making a
blindfolded leap. However the FA are allowing the South Eastern Combination to continue for morale purposes,
and Epsom join with Walton and Woking from the Surrey Comb., which did not continue. A valuable nucleus of
experienced players will be formed by Ruffell, Ogle, Strudwick and Williams, but there is plenty of opportunity
for those under 19 to gain experience. All of September will be used for trials and friendly games. Season in SEC
to= start on 5th Oct until 3rd May.                
Aug 40 It looks like Hersham will fold. This means that their last game at Mole House was v Epsom on 27/4/40.
The situation there "is very bad". They offe= red Woking the use of their ground, as it looked like they would have to
l= eave Kingfield, but terms were agreed, and Woking stayed there. Hersham fold officially in the November.  
Th= ere was no Surrey Combination this year, which probably didn't help.        
1/9/40 Mrs Radclyffe Walters (85) died. Aunt of great Ewell players AM and PM Walters. A widow for 33 years,
an= d buried in Ewell churchyard.                
Sept 40 Bobby Gill has returned from Sutton and will be captain at Epsom. Many youngsters will also be at the
trials. Epsom= have league fixtures for the first two weeks in October, and are hoping for a friendly against a
re= serve side of a professional club, but I can trace no record of any game on 19/10/40= .      
Sept 40 Charles Pettett confirms that Epsom Town are to continue as he and other enthusiasts are determined
to keep the football flag flying in the district. Last season the standard was high, but attendances were poor,
often due to weather. 2 gates were exceedingly good and the displays were reminiscent of the good old days
sa= y papers. Epsom have accepted an invitation to join the South Eastern Combination w= hich has old    
Isthmian and Athenian clubs in its line up, and may be= a fore runner to Epsom's entrance into one of those
leagues when the war ends. This year the club will dep= end largely on promising youngsters under the age of 18.
Charlie Pettett will deal with trial enquiries at Char= ter House 58-62 High Street, Epsom, but some of the old
hands will be available for some or all of the matches like Bobby Gill, M Wingrave, F.Gould, Trevor Williams,
To= m Ogle and H Payton. Tom Ogle is listed in some papers as H.Ogle. Was this his first initial?    
7/= 9/40 Sutton have friendly abandoned at HT due to an air raid          
14/9/40 Sutton & Tooting & Mitcham play on dur= ing an air raid siren. W Ridgers played and scored for Tooting,
bu= t was at Sutton by October. Maurice Gill played for Sutton.          
Also this day Arsenal played Fulham at Craven Cottage = and 18 minutes were played before the siren went. It was
82 minutes before the all clear was given, and in the meantime, some of the 1,600 spectators played football on
th= e pitch "shrovetide style" with many on each side!            
28= /9/40 Friendly with Army XI W2-1 after being a goal down early.          
SE= C reopens with matches on 5/10/40 11 teams in league to start with.        
5/= 10/40 first game of season v Sutton (A) with Erith (H) the week after. Much support is hoped for.    
5/= 10/40 Tommy Dunne and Bobby Gill used to play for Sutton say papers.        
Epsom unlucky not to draw, but Sutton should have won = by more than 2-1. HT 0-1. W Ridgers scored for Sutton.
12/10/40 Epsom 0-2 down after 20 minutes and 2-3 at HT= but fought back to draw and then Trevor Williams
hi= t the bar from a penalty right near the end which would have won it. Crowe also mis= sed "a sitter".    
En= tertainment was fairly high.                
19= /10/40 Probably no game. (NR)                
26/10/40 Lawlor and Williams were both missing, and To= mmy Dunne was injured 1st half. 10 men. Crowe scored
af= ter the restart by running downfield and putting it straight in the net. Unknown = HT for Dulwich. L 1-6.    
2= /11/40 Redhill 6-0 Epsom Town in SEC. Redhill's first win of season. Played at Redhill's usual ground.  
Redhill paper says that "it was a pleasure to wat= ch Gill in action again. He has been with Epsom a long time
and is still a fine back" "Rattenbury too pl= ayed much better than the score suggests. Redhill 1-0 up after 2 mins
fo= llowed by an unlucky Rattenbury own goal after 35 minutes. HT for C Stovell.        
8/11/40 Bromley announce that they are resigning from = the SEC. They return next season though. Paper says
th= at "there is a likelihood that another well known side may have to with= draw in the near future"    
To= oting & M also announce a temporary suspension of their games "for the time being".      
Nov 40 South Eastern Combination announces a suspensio= n of all its activities through December
an= d January. Disappointing but inevitable say papers. Planned to restart in February.<= /td>    
9/11/40 Crystal Palace match never takes place v Watfo= rd as air raid siren sounds at 2pm and doesn't clear.
9/= 11/40 Probably no game.                
16/11/40 Close game with Dulwich, and football was well worth watching. Dulwich won 4-3. DH 1-0 up 14 minutes,
but after 26, Crowe charged a defender off the ball and shot past the keeper for the equaliser. Dulwich went 2-1 up
after hitting the post twice before scoring. HT 3-1 to Dulwich. Edmondson hit the bar, but scored soon after to
reduce the deficit, then a Brown penalty after a foul = on Rattenbury made it 3-3, but Dulwich got their winner after
80= minutes.                  
23/11/40 Epsom win the return with Redhill 5-2 despite Redhill forcing 17 corners. "Epsom's scoring chances
c= ould be counted on the fingers of one hand, but took them all". Redhill again 1-0 up after 2 minutes, but  
Williams equalised, and Brown got the other four. HT 3= -2 to Epsom. Herald says that if a sub keeper wasn't
playing for Epsom, Redhill wouldn't have scored at all, and contradicts the Dorking & Leatherhead Advertiser
report. Epsom were well worth the win, they say. Epsom= now off the bottom. George Brown scores four of the goals,
on= e from a penalty rebound, although it is not yet clear if he took the original penalty.      
Wi= mbledon now resign in mid November.              
W.E.Kilbourn Sutton Chairman elected to SEC to replace= the Bromley representative, after they closed down
fo= r the war. Sutton's crowds had dwindled to almost nothing, and this was much the same elsewhere.    
Br= omley rep was Billy Warren.                
2/12/40 CB Weller scores 4 v Hersham Boys Club for Leatherhead Rose who won 19-1 in Kingston League
(S= ection A) HT 10-0.                  
Despite the close down of SEC, Sutton played an LSC ti= e on 7/12/40 and a 17 year old Denis Ford made his
de= but and scored twice. Would go on to play for Epsom from Feb 50 for 5 seasons.      
18/12/40 Stanley David Stevens (60) died. Was Secretar= y of Epsom Liberal Club and for over 20 years, he was a
ke= en supporter of Epsom Town.                
8/2/41 Long hours of the blackout are now shortened so Epsom restart their matches and lost 7-2 at Tooting
& Mitcham. Epsom were very unlucky this day, as th= ree Tooting & Mitcham goals were deflected off of Epsom
players. Mitc= ham Herald says Epsom were very weak. HT 1-5, and Epsom were 2-0 down after 18 minutes.
Siminot scored just before HT with a swerving drive, a= nd at 1-7 after 80 minutes, Kershaw scored with "a simple
sh= ot" that the keeper should have saved.              
Feb 41 Arrangements now fall totally on Charles Pettett and he is to be complimented on his spirit in keeping
t= he football flag flying at Epsom during these difficult days. He is the only organiser who has fixed up a  
complete fixture list for the remainder of the season = in spite of five players having joined the forces since their
la= st game in November against Redhill. Rowe, Rattenbury and Wingrove included.      
15/2/41 2-0 down early but fought back to "trounce" Nunhead 6-2 in their last ever visit to West Street. = HT 3-2.
Very few of the Epsom side had played together before,= but improved throughout the game. Attendance was
disappointing though. Eric Mulley, International keeper played for Nunhead this day. Nunhead never looked like
sc= oring in the second half.                
N= unhead side was E Mulley, K Wright, L Bishop, Pettett, E Martin, Bradford, South, G Targett, S Allflat,  
E = Waite, S Brooks. Scorer: Waite (2).              
22/2/41 Nunhead win return match at Dulwich 1-0. 17 ye= ar old J Skelton/Skilton makes his debut at outside left.
Jo= yce played in goal. HT 0-1.                
25/2/41 Harold Keeling, former Epsom player of the twenties with his brother Fred, got married to Mary Joanna
Doyle at St Josephs. 3 years ago, he was badly hurt in= the car crash that claimed the life of Jack Parr, but met
his wife at Epsom County Hospital, where she was a nur= se, and now married her. Honeymoon in Brighton.
1/3/41 Fairly even game between Epsom and Sutton ends = in a 3-3 draw. Finesse on the part of the Town was
met with the snap tactics of the Sutton side. Epsom we= re 1-0 up after 3 minutes, but 3-1 down at HT, with
t= he brothers Gill on opposite teams Bobby was at right back for Epsom, while Maurice w= as at left half.  
S= utton scorers had Epsom connections. Former player Pratt scored, while future E= psom Town player  
W= Ridgers got two. A Brown hat trick for Epsom evened it up, and Epsom pushed for a win= ner at the end.  
8/3/41 Welsh Guards bring a strong side down and win 8= -0. Poland (Liverpool and Wales), Bassett (Cardiff),
Morris (Swansea), Hodder (Cardiff) and Clark (Walsall). "They would not have disgraced a first division XI" HT 0-3
Bobby Gill missed this game, and war duties mean he is unlikely to play many more in the near future say
papers, but he plays in many of the remaining matches = this season. Morgan got 4 and Chick HT for Guards.
15= /3/41 Lost 3-2 at Walton, despite being up 1-0 early. HT 1-2. Close game.        
2= 2/3/41 Tooting & Mitcham win 3-1 at Epsom. Fair result, but both sides shoot= ing was poor, and this was  
more memorable than the game. Former Epsom player Arch= ie (AC) Griffiths scored, while brother Bob (RH)
also played. = Also scoring was G.Cumberlidge (future player) and Eric Flight (former Treasur= er) who missed a
penalty. HT 0-1 then 0-2 before a Trevor Williams goal reduced the arrears, but Tooting & Mitcham got an easy
th= ird shortly after and held on.                
29/3/41 Extremely poor finishing causes a 3-2 loss to Walton in an unimpressive game, where only Gill and
possibly Edmondson enhanced their reputations. "O= gle was merely an anvil off which Tilley struck sparks".
5/= 4/41 game at Woking did not take place and will now be played at Woking on 3/5/41      
rep 11/4/41 David Wesley, former keeper, killed in a flying accident in Manitoba, Canada. He was a<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
leading aircraftsman in RAF who joined Epsom in 1937 f= rom Tottenham, and his debut against Leavesden was
so impressive said the papers, that he was henceforth assured of his place in the team. Exceptionally tall and
s= trong. Also a cricketer and heavyweight boxer. As a boxer he won his college championship, and also  
p= layed lawn tennis to a high standard. In 1939 he joined Sutton from Epsom, where he still played after  
ev= acuation to Chelmsford. Unmarried.              
12/4/41 Irish Guards visit for a friendly, but no other Easter matches except for an Easter Monday game on
14/4/41 for British Red Cross between an Aviation XI a= nd Rollasons XI 11am which the mayor has said he will
at= tend. Aviation Section won 6-0.                
12/4/41 HT for W Ruffell v Irish Guards but other forw= ards were not inspired, some of them were "deplorable". A
game of incidents, but Ruffell's display made up the balance. 1-0 up in first minute. A one-two with Ernest Flight,
earned a corner, from which Ruffell scored. 1-1 soon a= fter and 2-1 up at HT. Future player Don Ralph played.
19/4/41 Epsom were 1-0 down early but Dunne and Tillyer put Epsom 2-1 up, although Erith got two in the
la= st ten minutes. Erith Observer says Erith were "fortunate" to win.          
26/4/41 Disappointing result v Woking because Epsom we= re unable to get a regular side up. Several older
players played inc WH "Bronk" Challis, Tommy Dunne, Ernest Flight and Jackie Pullen. HT 0-4, but improved to
2-= 4 in second half.                  
2/= 5/41 Dulwich Hamlet won 15-1 at Sutton in SEC match.          
2= /5/41 death and 5/5/41 funeral of Arthur Melmoth (AM) Walters aged 76. His brother PM Walters died a  
c= ouple of years ago. He was born on 26/1/1865 and married in 1892 and is buried at Coldharbour. Both he  
an= d his brother played for Ewell in the 1890's and were both full England Internationals in the 1880's.    
He went to Trinity College Cambridge, while his brother went to Oxford, where they competed against each other
i= n the 1885 Varsity football match. AM also played in 1884-86-87. Cambridge won all f= our matches. He  
graduated with honours in Mathematics. AM Walters had = been President of the Council of the Law Society.
He= was married to Amy Constance and had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Plenty of info pre WW1.<= /td>    
3/5/41 Final game of season saw a 1-0 loss at Woking. = An even game was decided with a scrambled goal in the
70t= h minute.                  
Reserves: <= /td> No reserve side                
21= /9/40 Epsom Library opened by Mayor W.C.Littlejohns. Cost 225.        
Ja= n 41 Death of Robert Baden Powell.