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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
Ew= ell & Stoneleigh F.C. No reserve side            
SSL Position 9th Out of 14              
FAC Pr Egham   2-3            
AC Pr Wandsworth Utd<= /td>   0-2            
LC 1st West Norwood 1-2            
LSC 1st Tufnell Park   1-5            
SSC 3q Venners Sports 1-3            
President   Harry Curtis (secretary-manager of Bren= tford F.C.) re-elected        
Chairman   W.H.Bailey       All elected at AGM 16/07/37    
Secretary   P.H.Alcock   15 Highfield Drive, Ewell Manager   Selection Committee              
Treasurer   C.Iles replacing the retiring R.H Alcock          
Press Sec   Leslie (LT) Roe 75 Firswood Avenue, Ewell          
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell - GROUNDSHARE            
Cl= ub Colours Red and Black quarters            
Co= mmittee - elected at AGM on 16/7/37 at Stoneleigh Hotel            
WJ= Corrall, M Euling, WG Reeve, LT Roe, J Shesgreen, HG Williams, RH Alcock, and VJ Caw= ston      
Ew= ell & Stoneleigh were groundsharing at West Street. Even the Supporters Club wa= s      
pa= rt of the Epsom, Ewell and Stoneleigh Supporters Club at this time, having merged a year earlier.    
18/6/37 reported rule change. An arc was to be added to the penalty area, so that everyone could be ten yards away when a
ki= ck was taken.                  
29= /6/37 Tuesday evening Supporters Club AGM at the Hollies Club, Epsom.        
Chairman AE Oakes presided over meeting with DH Clarke (v-c), SAC Lacey (Secretary), C Measures (Auditor) and HE Border
Supporters club report stated that for the first time = they covered two clubs and commended both on their splendid performance
this season. 22.14s was spent on ground improvements including the provision of separate lockers. Mr Lacey regretted that
the social events hadn't been better supported, and th= e 2 football clubs officials were conspicuous by their absence. "A
supporters club can exist without a football club, but= no live football club could get on without a supporters club as they could
al= so help financially. Membership was not even close to 500.            
Accounts showed balance of 44.8s.8d so honorariums we= re increased to 5 for Secretary and Treasurer. Officers were all
re-elected with committee of Burrage, Chaffey, Chandle= r, Foulger, Greathurst, B.Lacey, Moss, Suttle and Weal. They were
given the power to fill a vacancy. Possible new name sought for Supporters club, as current one too cumbersome. Nothing
ha= ppens this year though.                
16= /7/37 Friday at Stoneleigh Hotel saw Ewell & Stoneleigh's first annual meeting say papers.      
Club had a fairly successful season but lost 100. Tot= al income from League games was 71. A good attendance at meeting
which was run by Chairman WH Bailey. He remarked on a disastrous financial year. Epsom F.C. are now co-operating more
cl= osely "and we have that friendly spirit now"              
Summary said that of 32 competitive matches, E & S= W12 D 5 L 15 and Archie Griffiths gained his county badge, having
played in 3 matches, and also from Brentford against London University. Very bad luck with weather affecting most fixtures.
an= d it was stated that it had been the worst for 75 years.            
Ewell & Stoneleigh owed 18 to Epsom F.C. and Mr WG Reeve wanted to know what the overdraft situation would be before
the Committee stood for election. Chairman said this w= as not necessary as the debt was guaranteed by the current members.
Chair said "we don't want an acrimonious discussi= on at a meeting like this" Mr WG Reeve replied "We want plain sailing"
Fu= rther discussion ensued.                
Chairman believed that losses were down to a number of things, bad weather, unlucky close cup losses, and "a sort of
underlying antagonism between the two football clubs". "Now the feeling is the best possible" and he was quite optimistic
about the next season. Supporters Club Secretary SAC L= acey said that more members for the club would help clear the
ov= erdraft. Mr BA Griffiths is to undertake the duties of trainer. He already has three = boys playing for the club.    
Supporters club donated a club flag and 20 to E &= S. Club also thanked advertisers, poster distributors and Epsom FC.
Se= ason tickets advised as 15s - double, 10s 6d - single, and membership at 2s 6d.        
16 members guaranteed the deficit of 120 (says Herald. "We have 27 to start with and owe Epsom FC 18. Total income was
on= ly 71 so no honorariums granted. FULL REPORT in HERALD 23/= 7/37 P7.        
Tr= ial held on 23/8 at West Street. Paper 21/8/37 advised that all players were rejoinin= g, but this wasn't the case.    
Also, another urgent appeal was made for vice-presiden= ts and members. WG Reeve now Acting Secretary. "(pro-tem)"
Trial teams 23/8 were REDS: Ford, Taschon (at Epsom's trial too), Elmslie, Brown, Jones, AC Austin, BC Griffiths, W Tyas,
Thomas, J Morgan, J Walters. WHITES: Taylor, Payne, Ad= ams, George, Cobby, Charlie Hall, Clements (Joe?), Smith, Weston,
Collinson, Chitty (also at Epsom trial). WH Banks, RH Smith (centre half), Reg Hunt (inside right), Archie Griffiths, and WA
Ridgers came on at HT. Taschon is 18 and played for Ci= vil Staff of New Scotland Yard, Groom (Metrogas FC in London
Business Houses League) and (Chelsea 'A'). Walters had been out for 2 years, but was previously with Kingstonian and Walton.
Smith (Bromley) and JE Morgan (Epsom).=              
23/8/37 Reference to Griffiths being the trainer this = year having last year been the assistant. His three sons are AC, BC and RH.
28/8/37 Line up at Camberley & Y (Lost 5-6) is wro= ng. Now corrected. Herald's differed considerably from Comet's. Minutes
silence held for Camberley President Col AW Goodman had held the post for 6 years. Hofman HT for C & Y in first half. While
Hunt HT for E & S. Hopes ran high as E & S led 4-3, but then went 6-4 down before a late Hunt goal on 88 minutes..
4/9/37 "Accompanied by a surprisingly good number= of supporters" E & S win 8-5 in the FA Cup at Godalming. They were 6-0
up at HT before injuries to Groom and Burr let the opposition back in. Hunt got 4, and Neal got HT. Score was 6-5 at one poi= nt!
On= ly two players different to last weeks game.              
11/9/37 E & S return to Godalming for a league mat= ch, and win 3-2 despite trailing 2-1 at HT. "Game was more interesting
than the one played the previous week" amazingly claimed the papers! Debuts for E Couzens (Surbiton Town), SHC Chalk
(Wimbledon Res), and JK Weston (triallist) who scores twice. E & S 2-1 down after 20 minutes, but wind advantage helped in<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
2nd half. Godalming also mispen (BAR) at 2-1 up. The b= all rebounded to the same player who netted, but it was disallowed
because no one else had touched the ball first. Herald reporter said it was offside!! Many of E & S players are in senior football
fo= r the first time and are a team of real amateurs who play for the love of the game. No home games played yet.    
SSC 2q draw puts Ewell & Stoneleigh against East Grinstead to be played on 23rd October. However, East Grinstead were
determined to be ineligible, despite being in the competition for the last 6 years, and playing at the same ground since 18= 90!
18= /9/37 Lost 3-2 at Egham. Game played at Denham Estate, Vicarage Road, Egham.        
Debut for JW Carey and took lead through an o.g. after= a bad pass back, and were 2-0 up at one point. 2-1 HT, but 2 goals in
the last ten minutes saw Egham go through in the FA Cu= p. During this game, the E & S trainer (F Dreyer still?) shouted to
the outside left to get further up the field, whereupon the referee stopped the game and told him to stop coaching, despite
be= ing yards from the touchline. "A moderate crowd".            
22/9/37 1st round of Reid Cup at Stoneleigh Hotel Billiards Room, saw a representative side from E & S beaten by the Ep= som
Division of the Constitutional Association 4-1. Cup was organised by David Reid, who was to present it on 5/11/37 when finished.<= /td>
HC= Williams, LE Davies, VJ Cawston, and DH Clark all represented E & S, but WG Ree= ve represented the Cons.    
25/9/37 E & S lose 2-0 at Wandsworth Stadium to Wandsworth United (previously Streatham Town). Paper says FAC, but
this is wrong, as E & S lost in that the week befo= re, and this was Amateur Cup week. Lost to two penalties in 2nd half
although Banks saved a first one. GK Taylor played at right back this day due to shortages. Papers believe that Banks
could be honoured by Surrey. 1st penalty was awarded f= or hands, because a E & S player thought the ball had gone out of play,<= /td>
which it had, says papers. This one was saved anyway. = Ref who awarded 3 penalties was F Macey, better known as
Drummer Macey, the International, Army, and Kingstonian player of a few years ago. Wandsworth Stadium was easily
re= achable by train apparently.                
2/= 10/37 Lost 8-0 at Met Police in SSL, despite Met Police having a game in the FA Cup = that same day! (NR)    
9/= 10/37 NR-NC but lost 2-1 at Brookwood MH in SSL.            
16= /10/37 Banstead MH (A)(L) p-p.                
23/10/37 E & S win 3-0 at Egham. Still to play a h= ome game this season, as 9 of Epsom's 10 matches were at home so far.
30= /10/37 E & S win 3-2 at Beckenham v West Norwood in London Senior Cup.        
6/11/37 E & S beat Woolwich Poly in 3q of London Senior Cup in their first match at West Street this season. Only 3 players
remain from last year, RH Griffiths, Reg Hunt and Char= lie Hall. W3-1 with debutant Gillick getting two. HA Allingham played
well in goal on his debut. WH Banks has now left the c= lub. Groom is good but "apt to get a little excited". Poly were a go= al up
af= ter a penalty, but Hall levelled it up, and Gillick made it 2-1 at HT.          
13/11/37 E&S drew 2-2 after two goals from Gillick, but he missed two sitters "which made the crowd gasp" in the fi= rst half.
A small crowd, but ideal conditions for football, even though it was cold. HT 0-0, then Gillick scored after 50 minutes with a h= igh
shot that everyone thought would land on the net, but instead hit the bar, then the keeper before it went in! 1-1 soon after, a= nd
Venners went 2-1 up with a handball penalty, just after the referee hadn't given a similar claim at the other end. Gillick
equalised after 86 minutes, and ten minutes of extra t= ime saw no further scoring. Replay also at West Street on 20/11/37.
20/11/37 SSC replay saw E & S lose 3-1 to Vickers = in another even game which saw Hall in for Couzens. Venners were 2-1 up
early, including another handball penalty. Cheventre probably scored. Paper says outside right scored, which was Cheventre.
He= rald says "a poor game for a cup match", and that Allingham is a good successor to Banks in goal.    
E&= amp;S drawn away at Tufnell Park in LSC on 18/12/37. Horrible draw!          
26/11/37 E & S have secured the Mayor of Epsom &am= p; Ewell as their patron, while some of the Aldermen and councillors are als= o
gi= ving their support to the Supporters club.              
27= /11/37 Ewell & Stoneleigh lose 1-4 at Banstead MH in SSL.            
4/= 12/37 Trial at West Street for Surrey Juniors.            
4/= 12/37 Drew 5-5 at Leyland Motors in SSL. (NR)            
11/12/37 E & S unlucky to lose 2-1 to West Norwood= in LC 1. Couzens out injured and deputy EC Dell fractured his jaw in a
goalmouth scramble and went to hospital. 10 men. AJ McCarthy debut before a small crowd. Norwood were 1-0 up after 4 mins.
Gillick equalised after 27 minutes with an overhead ki= ck which the papers described as "a trifle fortunate" West Norwood went
2-= 1 up after 48 minutes before Dell was injured. E & S got better then!          
18= /12/37 (NR) lost 5-1 at T= ufnell Park in LSC. Dell scored for E & S according to the Times which advis= ed scorers.    
XM= AS appears no games for E&S. Certainly no competitive games.          
C Brown, a former pro with Arsenal and Clapton Orient = has joined and makes debut for E & S on 1/1/38 in the club's first home
League match of the season. Was at Orient last season. Secretary PH Alcock has resigned, and replaced by JV Cawston.
1/1/38 E&S defeat Cranleigh 4-0 at West Street. The visitors were nearly 20 minutes late and the game was reduced to 35 mins<= /td>
each way. Cranleigh started with 9 men, then another c= ame along, and a boy player, Hibbs made up the eleven. E & S had
95 % of the play, but considering the circumstances, Cranleigh did well. Geoff Collins opened the scoring after 20 minutes, an= d
HT 1-0. Then with no interval, Gillick ran 30 yards and scored after 1 minute of 2nd half (36th?). 6 minutes later he scored again,
th= en with 30 minutes of 2nd half gone, Cheventre beat two players and scored a well deserved goal.      
8/= 1/38 Appears no game for E & S. Certainly no SSL game.            
15/1/38 Poor finishing led to a 2-2 draw instead of a = win. They were vastly superior to Egham, and the standard of play
was high, considering the windy conditions. Egham's go= als were both a bit fortunate. 2 debuts. At inside left was J Bassett,
and at inside right is NFC Salter (Epsom Wanderers) Gillick still missed many chances. Bassett scored after 20 minutes but
E & S went 2-1 behind early in 2nd half before Gro= om hit an equaliser that gave the keeper no chance. Egham's second goal
w= as offside, as the linesman flagged furiously, but was ignored by referee. E & S should have played to the whistle.  
22= /1/38 No competitive game for E & S. Probably no game at all.            
29/1/38 A fine performance by E & S against Hersha= m, after going 1-0 down after 5 minutes to a penalty for handball by Groom.<= /td>
HT 0-1 but E & S fought back and were better in 2nd half. Then Lee for Hersham was injured. 10 men. Hunt equalised after 60
minutes, and Gillick scored three minutes later from a pass by Dell, before shooting through a crowd of players. After this, Mar= tin
wa= s injured. 9 men. The hosts stayed well on top without scoring again.          
5/= 2/38 drew 2-2 at Vickers in SSL HT was 2-1= up and one of the goals for E & S was a penalty.      
12= /2/38 No competitive game for E & S. Probably no game at all.            
19/2/38 "The decision of the Cranleigh club to re= main in the SSL until the end of the present season made it possible for E &am= p; S
to visit them on Saturday" where they won 4-3. An early own goal by Couzens after 5 minutes was cancelled out by Gillick after
24 minutes, and MacDonald on 43 minutes from a Gillick right wing cross. HT 2-1, then Bassett headed "a neat goal", and
MacDonald got his second for 4-1. After 83 minutes it = was 4-2, then ref gave a harsh penalty which was saved by Allingham, but
the referee stated there was encroachment, and it was retaken. 4-3. Groom was out of game with a fractured finger, while Dell
wa= s ill, and Cheventre "missed the boat". The subs did well in their places.=          
19= /2/38 Times wrongly reports the result as a 4-3 win for Cranleigh!          
26/2/38 M Ryan a Cornish County player, and S Taylor (Carshalton Ath) play for E & S v Banstead MH but lose 1-3 in their f= irst
home game for four weeks. It was a fair result and reflects the poor finishing by E & S again. Both debutants were avera= ge at best.
Hardly a shot from either team in first 30 minutes, but 1-0 down after 40 minutes. HT 0-1. E & S had slope in second half, but to
no effect due to the finishing. 60 minutes had gone be= fore Gillick equalised, and they were well on top for the next ten minutes,
be= fore Banstead MH got two more towards the end.            
5/3/38 E & S draw 3-3 at Guildford HT was 1-2. Fir= st visit to the Guildford Sports Ground, which had a hard pitch. E & S w= ere
a = goal up early, but 2-1 down at HT before fighting back. Guildford mispen at 3-3 (SAVE).        
12/3/38 E & S superior in all departments against Godalming, who are defeated 3-0 at West Street in SSL. Standard of game
was poor thou= gh. An easy goal for Hall in the first minute was the HT score, but Gillick and = Hunt made it 3-0 after 70 minutes.
Nu= merous injuries including Gee for Godalming. 10 men near end.            
19/3/38 Bad day at Hersham. Cheventre was with Epsom FC this day, so Chalk played, and RH Griffiths for Brown. Poor game
sp= oilt by a cross wind. Gibson (Hersham) injured 1st half. Passenger. HT 0-1          
in= c 19/3 Played 16 W6 D4 L6 F40 A45 Pts 15. I have F39 Correct it is 39.          
26= /3/38 No competitive game for E & S. Probably no game at all.            
2/4/38 A "sparkling display in the first half&quo= t;. 2-0 up at HT and were well on top of Camberley & Yorktown. Groom had a bad day
though, missing a penalty twice in 2nd half at 2-1. It= was originally saved (tipped over bar) but defence encroachment allowed a
retake, which he then put wide! Debuts for J Morgan (Shrewsbury and Epsom), and Chalk from Wimbledon. Gillick scored after
10 and 41 minutes, while C Brown was injured and a vir= tual passenger in 2nd half. After 67 minutes, Groom handled in the box,
an= d the penalty was the final score of the game. W 2-1.            
8/4/38 reported that Epsom FC have terminated the groundshare agreement with Ewell & Stoneleigh. WHY? My guess is that<= /td>
it is purely monetary, as Epsom also announce that they have arranged another groundshare with Venners Sports for next
season. This was virtually a death sentence for Ewell & Stoneleigh. Venners are a London League Division 1 team, and will b= e
moving to the SSL for next season. Ewell & Stonele= igh arrange an EGM on 11/4/38 at the Stoneleigh Hotel to consider their
po= sition. Epsom allow E & S to complete their fixtures this season, so it appea= rs that it is not acrimonious.    
9/4/38 E&S complete their away fixtures with a 1-1 draw at Cobham. S Taylor scored after 5 minutes, and after 28 minutes,
future Epsom player Fred Stenning sent off injured, but returned 10 minutes later. HT 1-0, but a 20 yard effort after 50 minutes<= /td>
ma= de it 1-1. A clean and hard fought game.              
15/4/38 E&S were 1-0 down at HT but recovered to w= in 5-1 v W.Norwood in SSL match. Eggboro and Taylor played well.
Gi= llick HT plus goals from Hunt and Cheventre in 2nd half.            
16= /4/38 Appears no game for E & S. Epsom were at home, and E & S had play= ed all their away matches by then.    
16= /4/38 double header this day as Hersham beat Guildford 3-2 and 5-0.          
18= /4/38 Due to play Brookwood MH, but they are unable to raise a side, and have to postp= one. 11.15 am k.o.    
20= /4/38 E & S lose 5-0 at home to Leyland Motors. A poor display, and only Morg= an did well. (NR).      
It is announced that all E & S players intend to s= tay with the club, and there is no intention to leave the Surrey Senior Leagu= e.
One away game does remain for E & S, but it is at = home to West Norwood, as they have no ground. Still to be arranged.
23/4/38 E & S lose 2-0 at home to Cobham. No team = can carry four injured players and expect to win. Morgan, Cheventre,
Couzens and Gillick were all injured, and Gillick wasn= 't even fit to start, but played because of a no show from C Walters. "He
may as well have been off the field" though. J Be= by in goal for Cobham again. He was an ex-Leicester City keeper. Two second<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
ha= lf goals for Cobham.                  
25/4/38 A Monday evening game saw a 0-3 loss to Met Police, who were a much bigger side. RH and BC Griffiths returned to
pl= ay for E & S. HT unknown.                
Supporters Club conclude their social calendar with a dance at Ebbisham Hall on 4/5/38, even though Epsom have a game at
Ca= rshalton Ath. The Barwynne School of dancing will put on a display.          
27= /4/38 Epsom lose 4-2 at Tilbury. Epsom were 2-1 up at HT, but let three in the second half.      
27= /4/38 Lost 1-3 to Vickers. Many changes due to injuries (= NR).            
E & S have three matches left, 30/4 v Guildford, 2= /5 v West Norwood, and Brookwood MH before 7/5. However, Brookwood game
is= moved to 30/4 instead of Guildford game.              
Ground record score: Ewell & Stoneleigh 16-1 Brook= wood M.H. in SSL match. The Times also advised this.
The standard of play was poor in the extreme, and both sides played "deplorable football" says Herald. Seems a bit har= sh on
E & S to me! Half way through 1st half, injury to G Bolsover. 10 men for Brookwood. Very likely a SSL record. HT 5-1. At 14-1=
and with only three minutes remaining, a defender chos= e to go in goal instead of the keeper, who then let two more in! Scorers:
Gillick (5), Hunt (3), S.Taylor (2), Weston (2), Brown, Eggboro (pen), BC Griffiths and o.g. (third goal). It was 1-1 at one poin= t.
Go= als came "every three minutes" in the second half and eleven were scored. Brown's first goal for the club.    
4/= 5/38 E & S play at home to Guildford a= nd win 4-2. (NR-NC)            
I have a league table that says it is inc 4/5 but can'= t, as E & S are listed with two to play, and they had probably played th= em
all by then. The only game they might not have played = was v Guildford, but table has Guildford down as finished for the season.
Fo= r now, I will use the inc 2nd April table, which still has one goal scored more for Epsom than I have.    
The inc 4/5 table has E & S figures correct correc= ting that missing one goal - see above), but this is inc 30/4 for E & S.
THEREFORE E & S's record must be (not inc Guildford result) Played 25 W10 D5 L10 F73 A62 Pts 23. Herald refers to them
fi= nishing 17 points away from the winners, but it was only 14 because they beat Guildf= ord.      
This means E & S record was Pd 26 W11 D5 L10 F77 A= 64 if the West Norwood game was 9-0. It definitely WAS 9-0 says
Su= rrey Herald in brief recap, although not a proper report.            
HERALD says that West Norwood were beaten 9-0 by Ewell & Stoneleigh and says it would be a sad way for a proud name to go
if= they did not reform next season. Fortunately they did although it would only be a = one season reprieve.    
5= /5/38 E & S defeat West Norwood 9-0 in SSL. Game played at West Street as W.Norwood were without a ground.  
ve= ry famous name in non-league circles. Surrey Advertiser says 0-0 not 9-0 but is wro= ng. Check!      
Now I'm more sure that the result was 0-0. - not sure where this came from but think maybe the Surrey History Centre. Check!
Ma= y 38 Now it says that E & S finished 13 points adrift from the top team (Met Poli= ce) in SSL.      
Wa= lton played at Stompond Lane and Hersham played at Mole House, Hersham.        
Ew= ell & Stoneleigh resigned at the end of the season 37/38, due to having no grou= nd, while their replacements    
in = the Surrey Senior League were Venners Sports, who groundshared at West Street!