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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
Ew= ell & Stoneleigh F.C. FOUNDED 1936              
SSL 8th out of 14                
FAC Not Entered                
AC Pr Disqualified after draw v Carshalton At= hletic for refusing to play extra time.      
LC 1st Beddington Corner 2-3            
SSC 1st Banstead M.H. 1-2            
Th= e below were all elected at Formation meeting on 8/6/36            
President   Harry Curtis   v-p DWG Jones          
Chairman   WH Bailey v-c WD Clarke          
Secretary   PH Alcock   9 Rutherwyke Close, Stoneleigh        
Manager   Selection Committee              
Treasurer   RH Alcock (son of PH Alcock)            
Co= mmittee - AJ Blundell, Rowe, WG Reeve, HF Lane, J Shesgreen, SA Lacey, HE Border, W Li= ne      
ST= Darch, Tate and P Hall all elected with power to elect an additional member. Dr Nyham also honorary medical officer    
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell GROUNDSHARE          
Cl= ub Colours Red and Black Quarters Shorts: black and red stripes, socks, b= lack with red top.    
    These are the colours of Ewell when the= y had AM and PM Walters playing on the ground.    
Reserves:   No Reserve side              
1= 9/5/36 Ewell & Stoneleigh are unanimously recommended for election to SSL. WH Bail= ey is a former local player from preWW1.  
8/= 6/36 Ewell & Stoneleigh F.C. Formed at Stoneleigh Hotel. Club colours Red & Black quarters.      
Th= ese were in line with Ewell Boys School and the earlier Ewell club which had ceased to exist some years previously.    
Vi= ce President David WG Jones is headmaster at Ewell Boys School, and former Press Secre= tary at Epsom..    
Ch= airman WH Bailey advised that preliminary steps had been taken and the club had been accepted into the Surrey    
Se= nior League provisionally. Arrangements had been made for tenancy at West Street on favourable terms he advised.    
Ag= reement arranged for a maximum rental of 100, but was dependant on its profits. = The parent club would have    
pr= iority for all cup matches. Discussion ensued as it was advised that Epsom's rental = last year was only 94, but the    
1= 00 was only a maximum rental. People advised that a ground with a stand wasn't necess= ary for the Surrey Senior    
Le= ague, as long as their was changing accom for the referee (?!) this was all that w= as required.      
A = motion was put forward by Mr WG Reeve and Mr V Russell that the club be formed with Bailey as first Chairman.    
In= connection with this a letter was read out by Mr FG Talbot-Butler who was acting as liaison officer on behalf of the    
pa= rent club warmly recommending him to the position. He was elected and the club was formed.      
V.= Russell pleased to help as masseur. Season tickets to be issued at 10s with double season tickets at 15s.    
Mr= Blundell proposed that the 100 maximum rental be reduced to 50. Seconded by WG Reeve. Motion carried    
Mr= DWG Jones was appointed as Vice-President and advised that he used to play for the = old Ewell club.    
J= une 36 David WG Jones states that he used to play for the old Ewell club. He is Ewell & Stoneleigh's first vice-president.  
6/= 7/36 Further Ewell & Stoneleigh meeting where rents were clarified. "A satisfactory agreement had been reached"    
At= tendance at the Stoneleigh Hotel was about 30 - Chaired by v-c D Clarke. Membership i= s to be 2s 6d.      
Th= e rent is to be only 50 and the new club would have the option of renewing the lease = for the next two seasons,    
al= though a clause was inserted just in case the London League suddenly required a Reserve team to be a condition of    
en= try for Epsom. Ewell & Stoneleigh felt that they had gained the use of the be= st ground in the County. HE Border    
an= d AF Smith were appointed as auditors and Leslie T Roe was elected as Press Secretar= y.      
23= /7/36 Reported that Ewell & Stoneleigh will be in AC, SSC and LSC this year. Presumably missed the deadline for    
FA= Cup entry. Their colours of red & black is perpetuating the memory of the old Ew= ell club and a flag in these colours    
ha= s been given by the Epsom, Ewell and Stoneleigh Supporters Club and gratefully accepte= d by the Committee.    
PH= Alcock (secretary) awaits any trial applications and they will be held at Epsom = F.C. on 22/8/36 and 26/8/36.    
Ju= ly 36 Fixtures now produced (provisional), also Harry Curtis the Secretary - manager of Brentford has consented to    
be= come the Founder-President of Ewell & Stoneleigh. Trial proceeds are to go to Stoneleigh Residents Nursing Assoc.    
an= d St Anthony's Hospital.                
Ha= rry Curtis was formerly involved with Walthamstow based Gnome Athletic.          
Mr= JA Larby offered to referee all trial games for free - offer accepted with thanks.=        
Vi= ce-presidents now announced as CH Bromley, LE Dennis, CB Higgs, DWG Jones, H King, Williams. Solicitor:    
CB= Higgs, Surgeon: Dr PJ Nyham, liaison officer FG Talbot-Butler. Committee announc= ed with a few changes to that at    
th= e meeting. Blundell, WJ Corrall, ST Darch, MH Ewing, P Hall, WD Jones, SAC Lacy, J Mumford, WG Reeve, Tate,    
J = Shesgreen and LT Roe (press sec) Line, Border, Lane and Rowe seem to have disappeared from the list.    
23= /7/36 Advised that membership for E & S was 2s 6d. Season tickets 10s singl= e, 15s double.      
Au= g 36 Dorking FC resign from SSL and fold. Rumoured that East Grinstead may take their place, but they don't.    
Me= ntion of Dorking fixtures in July 36 SSL fixture list. Dorking was due to be 27/2/= 37 (H) and (A) on 14/11/37    
2= 2/8/36 and 26/8/36 Trials at West Street for Ewell & Stoneleigh. Proceeds to Stoneleigh Residents Association Nursing  
Fu= nd, St Anthony's Hospital, Cheam, and SCFA Benevolent Fund. Admission 3d ground,= 6d stand.      
Au= g 36 reference to new vice-presidents Tom Walls, FG Talbot Butler (Epsom's v-c= ), WH Bailey, Bradley and Arthur.    
2= 6/8 trial saw President Harry Curtis provide a set of white shirts for whenever they couldn't use red and black. Trial teams:  
B= LUES Francis, A Deane, W Deering, CW Milne, RT Oulds, Charlie Hall, B Griffith= s, Salter, Archie Griffiths, H Firth, Fred  
C= hitty. REDS: H Ball, B Smith, Dutton, Daniels, RG Smith, Husbans, R Easton, Reg Hunt, Gordon Brogdale, Nichols, Adams.  
I= n 2nd half, Cooper, Goodwin, Huggett, and Turner all came on. Players who did well we= re the brothers Griffiths (Southern  
Ra= ilway), Deane (Dorking), W Deering (Southern Amateur League experience), CW Milne (Epsom) RT Oulds and H Firth    
(= Malden). Also Salter (Epsom Wanderers), and Dutton (London Business Houses League), while WJ Slade is ex-PO Engineers.  
Fi= rth is former Worcester Park), and Fred Chitty has a Surrey Schools Cap.          
2= 9/8/36 Summer like conditions for E & S first match at Camberley & Yorkt= own. 2-1 up after 15 minutes, but HT 2-2 and C & Y  
we= re the fitter side and got two more in the second half.            
T= eam chosen for first match at Camberley & Y (A) W.J.Slade (P.O.Engineers), A Dea= ne (Dorking), WF Dearing (Buckingham  
Ga= te), CW Milne (Epsom), Mason (Sutton), or Munn (P.O.Engineers), C.O.Hall (Epsom),= AC Austen (Epsom) (listed as    
E= aston), LR Neal (Epsom), Gordon Brogdale (Epsom), Firth (Worcester Park), Fred Chitty (Epsom Juniors) with reserves:  
Du= tton (L.B.H.) and Salter (Epsom Wanderers).              
Al= l played except Sancaster came in for Mason / Munn.            
J. Sancaster may have been confused with J.Lancaster. = This was likely to have been W.Sancaster, former Sutton and Dagenham Town play= er.
Al= so reference to advertising space being available in the Club Programme and Secretary advising on rates. WERE    
5/= 9/36 Harry Curtis donates match ball for the first home game v Brookwood M.H. W 4-1 = with a HT from Archie Griffiths.    
U= nfortunately, the match was marred by hailstones, a mighty wind and torrential downpour, which finished just before the game,  
b= ut was a sign of things to come this season. All main officials were present, and a photo was taken of the team in their red  
an= d black. However, they have to play in their change kit of white, as Brookwood pla= y in red and black!      
T= rainer for E & S is F Dreyer, who would end up playing at times this season. Broth= er of ex-Epsom H Dreyer, and with coaching  
ex= perience here and in France. Slade was on holiday, so "young giant" H Ba= ron takes his place between the posts.    
I= n addition, debuts for J Telley (Woking Res), Bernard Griffiths, Archie Griffiths, an= d A Faulds (Woking Res). Game used Harry  
Cu= rtis's match ball.                  
12= /9/36 Ewell & Stoneleigh were swamped 7-2 at Godalming, but score is a bit harsh = on E & S.      
H= erald calls it a disaster, although play was fairly even, and E & S were a goal up after 3 minutes, but 3-1 down soon after, and  
4-= 2 down at HT. Captain J Sancaster, Billy Neal, CW Milne and Archie Griffiths were prominent.      
1= 9/9/36 SSL Game at Cranleigh switched to a home game. W3-0. Score flattered E & S though. Maurice Gill debut, former  
a= nd future Epsom player. G Williams gave a trial display but was poor. Archie Griffi= ths was "not great" but his shooting is  
al= ways on the mark. "He did not waste one shot".              
26= /9/36 Captain J Sancaster leaves club to join Clacton F.C. and replaced by LR N= eal as new captain.      
26= /9/36 Bernard Griffiths injured just before HT. Passenger.            
F= ormer Epsom player S Eggleton is at E & S this year. Bowles HT for Carshalton Ath= in AC which was drawn 4-4 after 90<= /td>  
Se= pt 36 DW Lennard received his County cap this month.            
29= /9/36 Ewell & Stoneleigh disqualified from Amateur Cup for refusing to play extra time in their match with    
Ca= rshalton Athletic, where they got a credible 4-4 draw due to four goals from AC Griffiths. They weren't familiar    
wi= th the rules.                  
3= /10/36 Large caricature of Ewell & Stoneleigh's game v Met Police appears on front page of Epsom & Ewell Times. E & S  
w= in 3-1 in SSL game in "beautiful weather". CO Hall injured 2nd half at 2-= 1. 10 men. Shortly afterwards LR Neal had to leave  
th= e field injured, so with 9 men E & S scored a third one before Neal returned = to the field.        
9/= 10/36 Herald reports on Ewell & Stoneleigh's "fame" in the football world after being ejected from the Amateur Cup.    
T= he Committee announced that they were upset by harsh reports in the daily papers, which were critical of their attitude, as  
t= hey were only guilty of being a new side, and thought the rules on extra time were= the same as in the FA Cup, so wanted  
t= o check. They soon realised they would have to play, but by then the referee had e= nded the game. Light may have been an  
10= /10/36 No game for E & S.                
1= 5/10/36 Surrey Senior League meeting selects Archie Griffiths and J.Bunce (Hersha= m) the former Epsom player to play for  
th= e league v London University @ Walton on 4/11/36.              
1= 7/10/36 Narrow 3-2 loss at Erith & B in LSC2. E & S led 2-1 with ten minu= tes left. Very unlucky. A few supporters travelled.  
Ch= eap tickets were on sale from Charing Cross to Belvedere at 1s 8d or Erith at 1s 10d.=        
2= 4/10/36 I have programme for a friendly at Romford which indicates a 9-0 loss for E & S, but no papers mention it. Check!  
Ro= mford Times says it was 8-0. "Ewell & Stoneleigh were put through a gruelling time". HT 4-0. Hastings had been due    
t= o visit but pulled out through injuries. Only 10 came from E & S and Walker (Romf= ord) was loaned at inside right. AC Griffiths  
p= layed but never got a look in. Romford history book also confirms this and advises = an attendance of 713 and receipts of 17.4s.  
3= 1/10/36 Also "deplorable conditions" at West Street as E & S beat Beddin= gton Corner 4-2. Another reference to low crowds  
a= lthough the weather is being blamed at present. HE Cawston debut. Former E & S pl= ayer Gordon Brogdale playing for Bed  
Co= rner. Brian Beglan makes debut v Bed Corner. 2 weeks previously he was playing for Ep= som! Reference to more great    
go= als from Archie Griffiths.                
4/= 11/36 Archie Griffiths plays for Surrey Senior League v London University. HT 1-0. W5-= 0.        
7= /11/36 More rain v Vickers "Jupiter pluvius!" W 6-3 in SSC 3q Admission was= 6d and 2d for boys. Stand and enclosure was  
a= n extra 6d or 3d for boys. Apparently, regular reports from the Redhill v Epsom game were to be advised at West Street,  
ma= ybe in an attempt to keep them at the home ground. Not sure how they would advise t= he scores though.    
E= & S, and dislocates his knee cap. In hospital for a while. Also mention of new captain Billy Neal (ex-Epsom) "who is tall".  
1= 4/11/36 E & S were 5-0 down after 20 minutes at Met Police, yet they were not totally outplayed. Reynolds got 6 for Met Police, and  
HT= was unknown. 6 changes to the Met Police side from the team that E & S be= at earlier in the season.    
No= v 36 Archie Griffiths signs amateur forms with Brentford, after playing for Brentford= 'A' v London University on 11/11/36.    
Br= entford connection through E & S President Harry Curtis, who is their manager= .        
21= /11/36 provisionally there was a fixture (H) v Bed Corner, but not played as Eps= om were at home that day. Also    
th= is fixture had been played on 28/10/36!              
2= 5/11/36 E & S "second" dance at Stoneleigh Hotel was well supported w= ith Syd Mills and his band. M.C. was DH Clarke  
al= though President Harry Curtis was unable to be there. An appeal for support was = made from AF Smith.    
26= /11/36 Archie Griffiths plays for Surrey v Kent.              
2= 8/11/36 E & S get a 3-3 draw at Leyland Motors in Kingston. Papers have DW Jones playing, but it is definitely PW Jones.  
5= /12/36 Ewell & Stoneleigh qualify for SSC 1 after a 4-0 win v Cranleigh (H). Draw Banstead MH at home. Low support again.  
9= /12/36 Archie (AC) Griffiths plays and scores twice for Surrey v Sussex @ Eastbo= urne in a 4-3 win in Southern Counties  
Am= ateur Championships.                
12= /12/36 E & S drop first home league points in a 2-2 draw with Guildford. CW Mi= lne (right half) away on business so=    
EL= George debut, as was G Bosley a signing from Grays Athletic, who also scored on = his debut. Guildford equalised    
in= last minute                  
12= /12/36 first home point dropped in a 2-2 draw with Guildford.            
De= c 36 Gordon Brogdale joins Beddington from E & S. A former and future Epsom playe= r.        
TG= Tilley transferred to Camberley from E & S.              
SS= L meetings were at the Wimbledon Town Hall in the late thirties.            
De= c 36 reported at SSL meeting E & S were 15 minutes late start at Cranleigh= . E & S fined 7s 6d.      
al= so Leyland were 5 minutes late starting at E & S. Leyland fined 2s 6d.          
ot= her late starts reported at this meeting were: Guildford ten minutes late at E &am= p; S. Fined 5s      
E = & S 10 minutes late at Banstead. Fined 5s.              
E = & S 15 late at Brookwood. Fined 7s 6d.              
Ca= mberley 15 minutes late at E & S. Fined 7s 6d.              
De= c 36 Dreyer is registered with SSL as a permit player.            
1= 9/12/36 Ewell and Stoneleigh win 4-1 at Walton. Club captain Neal scored in the f= irst minute. It was Walton's first defeat  
o= f the season. CW Milne absent for business reasons, so EL George deputised. WA Ridgers also played and was "a London  
Ju= nior Cup" player. Walton's goal was right near the end of the game. HT 2-= 0. Hat trick for Archie Griffiths.    
A "humbling experience" for Walton says Surrey Herald. Griffiths = is described as a "sparkling centre-forward".    
25= /12/36 Friendly at Sutton United was lost 2-4. Herald says Archie Griffiths was ex-Sutton.      
2= 6/12/36 E & S fail to score for the first time says Herald. (What about friendl= y at Romford?) in a 0-2 loss to Banstead MH in  
a = League match. Banstead were fresher, having rested the day before.          
2/= 1/37 Vickers play at Kings Head Lane, Byfleet. E & S dominate Vickers, but keeper Besby plays well, and E & S are    
h= eld to a draw. Should have won by six say papers. Byfleet were one up after 15 minutes, but AC Griffiths equalised before HT.  
9= /1/37 a poor game, not helped by melting overnight frost, which made the pitch very sticky. Lost 2-3 in League Charity Cup  
1= st round at home to Beddington Corner. Herald blames poor passing, and says that man = for man they were as good, but as a  
te= am Beddington Corner were better.                
1= 6/1/37 A 4-5 loss at Egham leads to an appeal for support in next week's Surrey cup ti= e v Banstead MH, especially because  
th= ey had already knocked Epsom out, and they would try and redress the balance.        
RA= Millsom scored 4 for Egham, as Ewell & Stoneleigh were ahead by two goals twi= ce at 2-0 and 3-1. HT 2-1    
S= urrey Herald (Chertsey) disagrees with the scorers saying Milne (2), Ridgers and Bosle= y, but I'll stick with the local paper.  
23= /1/37 Ewell & Stoneleigh are knocked out of SSC by Banstead MH who win 2-1. Autographed ball (by Harry Curtis    
-= President) was raffled plus two bridge sets. Player CO Hall won the ball, and T.Hick= in and AC Letchford won the bridge sets  
Ga= me wasn't helped by further poor weather, and the ground was in a very poor state. "The ball was like a lump of lead"    
A= rchie Griffiths had to leave the field with an ankle injury just before half ti= me. He returned as a passenger, but this also led  
to= his absence in a couple of future games with the injury.            
J = Smith scored a penalty for E & S, only to have to retake it "for an infringement". He scored it anyway.      
R= eference to winger WA Ridgers being very courageous. Until recently playing in junior football. "We do not remember to have  
se= en so forceful an outside left on this ground this season, or one with so determined a spirit"      
&q= uot;When the players retired to have the mud removed from them, the score was 1-2"= ;.        
3= 0/1/37 Ernie Sperring is in E & S squad for the game at Brookwood MH. Brookwood is= a suburb of Woking. Doesn't play though.  
E= & S are hammered there 5-1, although Griffiths, N Brown, Milne, Bosley, and Ridge= rs were all out injured. VD Hall had a  
tr= ial in goal and did well, despite letting in five. The score greatly flattered the ho= me side say papers.      
E = & S would have been away to Redhill in SSC QF, had they beaten Banstead MH.        
2/= 2/37 Whist Drive at Stoneleigh Hotel was attended by 92 people and Harry Curtis supp= lied the prizes which were    
pr= esented by Secretary's wife.                
6= /2/37 FEJ Strudwick in goal for E & S v Camberley, as both Ernie Sperring and VD Hall were unwell. Archie Griffiths still  
in= jured and can't play for Surrey in SF of Southern Counties Championships. Winning goal took a slight deflection fr= om    
Ne= al's shot. Strudwick had played as a guest from West Park M.H. Sperring had pneumoni= a, and Hall had flu.    
I= deal weather conditions, but ground was still poor. Thick mud says Herald. Cawston pla= yed at centre forward and missed  
c= hances. F Dreyer called into action again. Herald says that Neal's goal was an o.g. from a C & Y clearance that hit another  
pl= ayer and rebounded in. Larger gate than usual, better w= eather too.          
Ad= vertiser says it was a Neal shot that crashed against the visitors centre half and went in.      
13= /2/37 This week Strudwick is ill too, so captain LR Neal went in goal and had a sple= ndid game. BC Griffiths missed a    
du= biously awarded penalty. Fair result of 1-1 with Leyland Motors which was played = on "a sea of mud"      
A= ll players including the Herald thought that the penalty was an accidental handball. Supporters encouraged BC Griffiths to miss,  
a= nd "shoot over the bar", even though it was their own team that had the penalty. As it was, it was a good penalty, but a better  
s= ave at 0-0. Not a great game says Herald, due to heavy ground Neal was due to have rested, but ended up in goal. WA Ridgers  
is= very fast and scored a great goal. Archie Griffiths watching, still injured.          
G= uildford now playing at Woodbridge Road, which was their original ground, before shari= ng with Guildford City in late 20's.  
Ar= chie Griffiths was injured again. Passenger, but still crossed for E & S's only goal near the end of a 6-1 defeat.    
Sc= ore was harsh on E & S says Herald.              
26= /2/37 Party/dance at Stoneleigh Hotel.              
2= 7/2/37 E & S are 5-0 down to Walton when after 70 minutes, for no discernible reason, the referee abandoned the game. It had  
b= een very muddy, and Herald says that the game should not have started. "as the ground was in a terrible state". It has been  
p= oor for a number of weeks, never showing signs of recovering, and there was a hails= torm before this game. Players "were wading  
th= rough mud and water". HT was 0-4 with Jordan getting "most of the goals f= or Walton". Supporters were unhappy at the    
a= bandonment, as the match was abandoned so late, and it was felt that if 70 minutes had been played, there was no harm in  
f= inishing the match, but Herald says that the referee was struggling to keep up with pl= ay, and this may have been a factor in his  
de= cision. "No real play was possible" throughout the game.            
6= /3/37 A sporting game with leaders Hersham was 3-3 with 5 minutes to go, but two = late goals led to defeat at Mole House.  
H= T was 1-1. Surrey Herald again differs on the scorers, giving an AC Griffiths goal t= o BC Griffiths, but I'll stick with local paper.  
1= 3/3/37 Godalming beaten easily with 3 goals in first half. Won 3-0. Maurice Gill played for N Brown, as E & S gained revenge  
fo= r their 7-2 defeat earlier in the season. WH Banks on his debut did not have a shot to save throughout the match.    
13= /3/37 former keeper WJ Slade is in goal for PO Engineers Reserves v CWS in London Leag= ue this day.    
2= 0/3/37 first minute goal for E & S as WA Ridgers scored from a BC Griffiths corner. Vickers keeper J Beby was ex-Leicester<= /span>  
and Gillingham. Late winner for Archie Griffiths. Pitch still not great.          
M= ar 37 Hersham, Walton, and Met Police were in the running for the SSL title. Wa= lton would eventually pinch it on GA from their  
lo= cal neighbours.                  
26= /3/37 No game for E & S                
2= 7/3/37 Easter Saturday saw E & S lose 5-0 at home to Hersham, but only 1-0 at HT, and that was in the 45th minute, before  
M= aurice Gill got injured early in the second half. 10 men. Pitch better than in recent weeks. E & S were a beaten team in<= /span>  
s= econd half, but kept fighting bravely. Early in 1st half, referee RG Hills sprained an ankle, and his duties were carried out by  
H= orace Etherington until the second half, when "Mr Bell(?) resumed official control". Was Bell another person, or did the Herald  
ju= st get the name wrong?                
2= 9/3/37 E & S are away in SSL this day to Beddington Corner, at Corporation Far= m, Mitcham Junction. 3.30 ko. (NR-NC)  
30/3/37 The Times advises the Surrey Senior League res= ults but E & S are not listed. Just Cranleigh 1-3 Banstead MH and Egham 0-1 Hersham.
3= /4/37 Surrey Senior League 7-3 London League. Surrey superb in all areas with 4 E &= ; S players in the side. Archie Griffiths  
sc= ored 5 times. Future player J A Judge played for London League. Game played at Epsom.      
3/= 4/37 E & S do not play this day. The Times lists five results in SSL but they are = not listed.      
A = weak London League team was selected, and no Hersham or Walton players were chosen for SSL either.    
H= erald suggested a midweek date in future. AC Griffiths, BC Griffiths, CW Milne = and Geoff Collins all played for SSL. Collins had  
be= en playing for E & S after Brian Beglan returned to Epsom.            
Al= l three Griffiths were brothers.                
Pa= per advises future fixtures Banstead MH (H) 24/4 and Walton (H) on 29/4.          
22= /4/37 Ewell and Stoneligh are defeated 4-6 at home by Egham on a Thursday night.        
2= 4/4/37 E & S defeat Banstead MH 3-2 without AC and BC Griffiths who are now playing for Epsom. Geoff Collins plays for E & S  
a= s does AC Austen at centre forward, and these two score the first two goals. It was= 2-1 soon after, but future player Reg Hunt  
m= ade it 3-1 before HT going downhill. Herald refers to his "intelligent passing" and to Banks for he is " very cool and businesslike  
fo= r one who is only a youth".                
30= /4/37 reported that E & S finished their programme on 29/4/37 at home to Walton. L1-3. They did.      
A= dvertiser advises Pld 32 W12 D 5 L 15 of their competitive fixtures. They are right= if you count Carshalton draw as a loss.  
Wa= lton played at Stompond Lane by this time. Hersham played at Mole House, Hersham.        
16/= 4/37 reported that Epsom & Ewell are to get their Borough Charter later th= is year.