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C O M M E N T S    /  H I G H L I G H T S
AL2 14th out of 16                
FAC  1q Tilbury   0-1            
AC 3q Tooting & M 0-5            
Ath Div 2 Cup 2nd Horsham   0-2            
SSC 4q Tooting & M 1-5            
Home Ground:    West Street, Ewell              
President J.R.P.Martin                
Chairman George.L.Tarran resigned 18/1/69 v-c Noel Bell took over on a temporary basis in January.
Secretary Bob (RC) Bell     George lived at 92 Sunnybank, Warlingham with wife Mrs J
Treasurer Malcolm Pickhaver Epsom Advertiser wrongly called him Mich= ael Pickhaven originally   Tarran.
  This had been wrongly reported in late J= uly in the Advertiser        
Manager/Coach Dave Fillery                
Groundsman Fred Goodenough                
Com= mittee: Ron Jewell, Bill Inkpen, Wilf Smith, Len Cox, Chas McLoughlin, Derek Harper, = Mrs S.Bell      
Sup= porters Club Committee are President John Martin, Chairman Ron (RTA) Jewell, v-c Noel Bell,      
Sec= retary Mrs SFB.Bell, Treasurer Len (LW) Cox. Committee: Mrs E.Wimshurst, Wilf Smith (Social Secretary),    
George Nathan (Bar Secretary), FW Garrett, RP Howell, = Miss Madge Easton, Miss Maryse Jewell, EC Mitchell, AN Jones
Fl= oodlights transported during the summer by Dave Fillery, John McNaught, Len Oakes, = Ken Ireland, and Colin Bell  
Bob= Bell Secretary, and Noel Bell, vice chairman, also helped            
The= lights never were erected, and were sold to Windsor in the end.          
Pro= grammes free with admission this year. Admission is 2s 6d, with boys and pensioners at= 1s 3d.      
Jul= 68 Ray Colfar joins Wimbledon from Guildford City            
Aug= 68 Marc Talmage joins Wimbledon                
13/= 8/68 former player Brian Coombes plays in a friendly for Epsom v Molesey. Joined from Redhill.      
Rod= Webb also joins from Leatherhead and plays in this match too.          
Tony Williams joined Harrow Boro as player manager. Ep= som beat them 3-1 on opening day, and he quit after 3 months.
Joh= n McNaught reappointed captain in Sept 68. Had been captain in 1966/67.        
Aug= 68 Richard Kelly joins club. Brother of Chris, who left for Tooting in July.        
Aug= 68 former player Bobby Russell is at Corinthian Casuals.            
Aug= 68 future player Marc Talmage leaves Mascot Sports for Wimbledon. Mascot were Wandsworth based.    
Aug 68 former player Peter Deadman (24) leaves Dulwich quoting business commitments but will return the following season.
Aug= 68 future player Steve Kember is at Crystal Palace.            
Ed= die Jones re joins from Carshalton in Sept. Booked on first match back before game sta= rted for marking the pitch!  
Dav= e Legrice joins. Previously with Tooting, Horsham, and Croydon Amateurs.        
Ala= n Thompson joins from Welbeck Utd in Aug 68. Gerry Rich joins from Molesey.        
Mal= colm Badelow returns after nervous breakdown.              
Joh= nny Eales, Terry Self, and Ted Yorke all leave for Horsham, but Yorke returns before start of season.    
Sel= f would return later in the season too.                
Way= ne Lewis and Derek Gale have not rejoined the club either.            
24= /8/68 Reference in programme to Len Oakes doing the signwriting by the bottom g= oal. Were these the letters that   
spe= lt out the name of the club?                
Dav= e Fillery's uncle stepped in and "re-did" the club baths.            
24/= 8/68 Reference to this being the first programme of the season, so no issue v Horsham on 20/8/68.      
Als= o reference to some of the players going to Spain for a holiday.          
Joh= nny Eales plays for Horsham against Epsom 20/8/68 and 31/8/68 George Wakeling also played on 31/8/68.    
Sep= t 68 Peter Deadman at Barking                
Sep= t 68 reported that Larry Pritchard will be joining Hendon from Sutton but not clear if this ever happened    
2/9/68 Worthing arrived with the wrong kit, so had to = play in blue, while Len Oakes had to dash home to get yellow kit for
Eps= om to play in!                  
2/9= /68 Supporters Club refers to the 400 Club. Run by Mr Harding, Mr Lucraft, Mr Champion, and Mr Smith.    
Ent= ry is 10s per month and only 400 shares.              
Sep= t+Dec 68 Glyn Howells in goal for Frimley Green            
7/9= /68 Dave Fillery unavailable due to a family wedding.            
14/= 9/68 Ex Epsom and future Epsom player Micky Iles captains Molesey v Epsom.        
21/= 9/68 If we'd beaten Tilbury in FAC it would have been Hillingdon Borough (H) - Tilbury would lose 0-3    
28/9/68 Ronnie Barton and Micky Iles are in the Molesey side. Barton also scored for Banstead v Epsom the year before.
Cob= ham play at Anvil Lane back in Oct 68. Ex-Epsom player Alan Barilli  played for Cobham v Epsom      
Oct= 68 Trevor Wales plays for Ashtead                
Oct= 68 Peter Kenchington joins for Carshalton Ath              
12/= 10/68 AC v BAC Weybridge (A) is p-p. Waterlogged. Played a week later.        
26/= 10/68 Programme refers to the death of a long term supporter Tom Harris after a long illness.      
Chr= is Kelly plays against us in Amateur Cup for Tooting 2/11/68 and SSC 21/12/68        
2/1= 1/68 following the Tooting & Mitcham match Ray Scott is loaned to Epsom but doesn't play for the first team. =    
He = is 24 and 6ft and was born in Doncaster and was a regular for T&M last season in the Isthmian League.    
Nov= 68 Ted Yorke joins Epsom & Ewell Harriers. Fiancée already a well known runn= er for them.      
Nov 68 future player Trevor Wales is selected for the Surrey Senior League at Hampton on 18/11/68 v Middlesex League.
16/= 11/68 Old Suttonians played at Bourne Way, Sutton            
23/= 11/68 Merton Rushmere played at Wimbledon Park Stadium          
24/11/68 1,000 attended a select XI v All Star XI 4-1. Money went to floodlight fund.HT 3-1 to select Epsom XI. Prog Y
Jim= my Hill, Danny Blanchflower, and Bedford Izzard all played v Epsom. Seymour (2), Parrott (2, 1 pen)    
Joh= nny Haynes was present but not allowed to play by Fulham. Entrance was 2s.6d.        
27/11/68 George Tarran organises a 2nd boxing dinner evening at Epsom Baths. Bruce Chanel and Eric Blake (ABA Boxing
champion) attended. Organised jointly between Boxing C= lub and EEFC. 180 attended Tickets 2 guineas for boxing and food.
Following the evening Eric Blake (boxer) and George Co= hen (World Cup Winner) become Vice-Presidents of the club.
Bla= ke is a local boxer who boxed for England at the Mexico Olympics and Cohen now li= ves in Worcester Park.    
No= v 68 Banstead Athletic lay the foundations for their new Clubhouse at Merland = Rise which would be ready in 1969.  
14/= 12/68 Water supply frozen at West Street v Merton Rushmere.          
14/12/68 Programme for this match has a centre page referring to the previous match against Horsham. Prog Y, but I do not
yet= have a Horsham issue from 30/11/68.              
Dec 68 Alan Parrott sent off playing Sunday football. Suspended 28 days and fined £3. Felt he had been harshly treated.
Cha= irman fell just before xmas and cracked 4 ribs.              
21/= 12/68 Jones dislocates finger after 7 minutes. Finch takes over in goal.          
26/12/68 First ever booking for Dave Fillery, as Epsom lose 5-1 at Worthing. 3 Booked and Legrice sent off on 85 minutes.
Leg= rice suspended 14 days and fined £2.              
Game started 30 minutes late due to Epsom's arrival af= ter traffic problems. Colin Moreman saved a penalty but Mick Finch 
fai= led to score one at the other end..                
28/= 12/68 Edgware (H)(L) is p-p. Frozen.                
4/1= /69 Epsom's trainer ran the line as referee arrived 30 minutes late due to a train derailment.      
4/1/69 Programme refers to George Tarran having an accident and cracking four ribs on the back of a chair. Will be unable to=
be = M.C. for the next boxing show.                
18/1/69 Advert is programme for WJ Keeling furniture repairs at 39a East Street Epsom. He was the father of two original
pla= yers Fred and Harold, and must have been very old by now. Were either son working there?      
18/1/69 Chairman announces his resignation due to work commitments. He was landlord of Plough & Harrow,
 in Thornton Heath but was moving to ta= ke over a post office in Loughborough Junction.      
Geo= rge Tarran had originally moved to be landlord at Red Lion in Epsom.          
He = had joined committee in 1954 Press Sec in 55 and was Chairman in 1958 for a couple of years.       
Maj= or heart op followed, but back as Chairman in Dec 62. Treasurer in 1963, but no longe= r in 67/68.      
Led= appeal against suspension from Surrey FA in 66/67.            
Father and uncle were professional boxers, while Georg= e's brother was an ABA Champion. He boxed for Lambeth Schools
and was also quite a good swimmer. He was previously Secretary at Devas Institute before the war. Then PT Instructor
dur= ing the war. Noel Bell inherits position for the time being.            
18/1/69 v Eastbourne (H)(L) game postponed. Waterlogge= d. Programme appears to have been used for 3/5/69 game, as 
the= re is writing on my copy to suggest this. Prog Y              
25/1/69 Long term supporter Chris Henry watches his fi= rst game v Marlow at West Street (0-0). Would remain for 35 years 
unt= il his death in 2004 at the age of 46.                
Feb= 69 Malcolm Badelow quits club and moves out of the area.            
Fe= b 69 Edmonton played at the Barrass Stadium. Was this the same as the late 40's new ground they moved into?  
Not= sure, as Houndsfield Road is listed in 47/48. Yes - it was the Henry Barrass Stadi= um in Houndsfield Road.    
Feb= 69 Another boxing evening at Baths Hall.              
Feb= 69 reference to Terry Wales is at Ashtead - presume they mean Trevor, our fu= ture Captain.      
11= /2/69 v Aveley (A)(L) game postponed. Slight possibility this was 18/2/69. Times confirms that 11/02/69 was p-p.  
15/= 2/69 v Harrow Boro (H)(L) game postponed too. Frozen and rutted in front of the stand. Prog Y.      
Mar= ch 69 Bill Harding rejoins club. Previously with Sutton and Carshalton Ath.        
22/= 2/69 Alan Parrott mispen in 4-0 home defeat to Uxbridge.            
25/= 2/69 Mick Finch misses game with flu, and Wingate match the next Saturday on 1/3/69= .      
1/3/69 Alan Parrott injured at Aveley and misses this = game v Wingate. May still be out on 8/3/69. Shortly to emigrate to
Aus= tralia with his girlfriend who is already in Melbourne. Played for reserves on 8/3/69= as they were short!    
8/3/69 Reference to a Miss Jewell winning a prize on t= he 400 club. Was this Rob Oakes' mum? 19 The Glebe, Worcester Pk.
29/= 3/69 Reserve keeper Colin Moreman has serious car crash (hit tree). Broken leg, punctu= red lung, broken rib.    
29/3/69 Johnny Woods and Mick Calvert played for Harro= w v Epsom. Game kicked off 10 minutes late due to late kit arrival!
Ken= Jolly was a mechanic aged 20 in 1969. (dob 18/4/48)            
29= /3/69 I cannot trace a match programme for this game, so it is my belief that the programmes originally produced   
for= the game on 15th Feb v Harrow were used here. Prog Y. They also do this for the Eastbourne game on 3/5/69.    
Apr= il 69 3 players chosen for England schoolboy trials. Micky Drake, Richard Hooke, = and Dave Shirley.    
7/4/69 Worthing captain Andy Tasker walks off pitch wi= th five minutes remaining after argument with his manager. Lost 2-1!
17/4/69 Thursday night defeat at Herne Bay. D.Fillery = is listed as sub in Herne Bay press, but it doesn't look like he played,
as = there is no reference to him. I have therefore removed any sub from the records for t= his game.      
It was one of Herne Bay's better starts this season and they were 2-0 up in ten minutes and "looked good for a dozen"
until the urgency went. "A fair sized crowd"= saw HT 2-1 after Legrice scored on 24 minutes, but two goals in the first 20<= /td>
min= utes of the second half left the score at 4-1 to Herne Bay.            
Apr= 69 Peter Gaydon is at Dulwich                
Apr 69 reference to long serving supporter "Marg" Madge Easton suffering a stroke. A supporter for at leas= t 40 years they said. 
Whe= n she died in 1980 they said she was 63, so it's possible, although I am told she was much older.      
20/= 4/69 Invicta Sunday League Intermediate Cup final at West Street Oregan v St Anns - Pr= og Y.      
22/4/69 Herne Bay 20 minutes late arriving, so game cu= t to 40 minutes each way. Two second half goals by Norcott L2-0.
27/= 4/69 Invicta Sunday League Lower Senior Cup final at West Street Crescent v Phipps Spo= rts - Prog Y.    
29/= 4/69 Edmonton lost player after 38 minutes but had no sub!            
1/5= /69 Latest 400 club draw in Clubhouse.              
3/5/69 Eastbourne were late arriving and had a colour clash. They used Epsom's reserve kit and kicked off 23 minutes late.
See= notes for original game on 18/1/69. I am sure the club used the same programme.      
10/= 5/69 Last game of season and Epsom started with 8 men at Ruislip for first few minu= tes.      
11/= 5/69 Invicta Sunday League Premier Cup final at West Street Shakespears v Granville - = Prog Y.      
May 69 relegated Fulham have placed Johnny Byrne on the transfer list. He had joined from Palace in 1966/67 for £30,000 and
is = now offered on a free transfer.                
13/= 5/69 Adrian Hill (Redhill) plays for Athenian League rep side v Walton & H. Dave Worby plays for Walton.    
16/= 5/69 Alan Parrott emigrates to Australia              
29/= 5/69 Dave Fillery resigns due to work commitments. Peter Norris appointed in June.<= /td>      
Nor= ris was a former schoolboy international aged 29 at the time. Ray Fillery appointed assistant.      
7/6/69 Showbiz Team plays Jockeys Team with many names listed on programme for game at West Street. Prog - Y.
Reserves:    Athenian League Reserve Division              
Position   11th out of 16                
SIC 4q Cheam Village Warriors 2-5            
LC 2nd Horsham   4-6            
14/= 9/68 Epsom receive walkover against Old Farnhamians in SIC 1q. They had been drawn at home.      
26/= 10/68 Rod Webb is sent off as Epsom win 2-1 at Crescent Rovers in the Surrey Intermediate Cup.      
2/1= 1/68 trailed 1-0 early but defeated Harrow Borough 5-1 at West Street.          
16/11/68 Ted Yorke sent off at home to Marlow and suspended 28 days but would be injured for most of it (see below line).
7/1= 2/68 Bad ankle injry to Ted Yorke in our 7-0 defeat at Horsham this day.        
21/= 12/68 Meant to play Ruislip Manor at home but it was moved back.          
It = was moved and instead we travelled to Uxbridge, losing 9-0! Confirmed by Mike Bodma= n, Uxbridge historian.    
I now have a programme from Uxbridge v Epsom on 11th January 1969 which refers to the reserve game being 9-0 on that day.
The= Club Handbook says it was 9-1 and clearly advised it as our worst defeat in Athenian League matches.     
League tables also indicate that it was 9-1 and this w= as never amended. A strange one and an Uxbridge report would be nice.
28/= 12/68 Worthing (A)(L) is p-p.                
11/1/69 We were a goal down at home to Uxbridge but defeated them 4-1 at West Street with goals from Norman, Oakes, 
Fit= zpatrick and B.Ireland.                   
18/= 1/69 2-0 down at HT to Marlow but got back on level terms and could have won the g= ame in the end.    
8/2= /69 No game for reserves as Rainham cannot raise a team at short notice. Probable fin= e.      
15/= 2/69 Harrow Borough (A) is p-p. Frozen.              
22/= 2/69 No game for Reserves.                
15/3/69 Played with ten men for much of the second hal= f. Mick Cook suffered an ankle injury but we still defeated Rainham 2-1.
Eri= c Norman scored a great individual goal for our second. Reference to others playing well this day.      
29/= 3/69 No game for Reserves.                
Mar= ch 69 reference to groundsman Fred Goodenough now playing in goal for the Reser= ves.      
25= /4/69 Friday evening reserve game v Horsham. Programme produced Prog Y. W 3-1. Parrott= got the first goal and  
Joh= nny Farrington scored twice, one from the spot and his second from a good cro= ss by Graham Rose.    
25/4/69 there was a projected line up in this programm= e: Fred Goodenough, Charlie Beevers, Ken Ireland, Colin Newton, 
Mick Cook, Len Oakes, Eric Norman, J.Farrington, Rodger Malyon, Graham Rose, Ray Fillery. However, Alan Parrott gets the 
firs= t goal and he wasn't in the line up! Former player Don Hollands was in their line up= .      
Friendlies       Score Prog?          
  Beddington H 2-3   RES        
0= 3/08/1968 Leatherhead H 1-4   Seymour HT 0-2      
0= 7/08/1968 Met Police H 2-3   Fitzpatrick (2) HT 0-1    
1= 0/08/1968 Cobham   H 2-1   R.Kelly, B.Ireland HT 1-1    
13= /08/1968 Molesey   A 3-5   Seymour, Fitzpatrick (2)