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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
CL Position 8th out of 15                
FAC Pr Bromley   2-4            
AC 4q Eastbourne   2-3            
LC SF Yiewsley   1-5            
SSC 2nd Woking   2-4            
H= ome Ground: West Street, Ewell              
C= lub Colours Light and Dark Blue Change Colours Red and White        
President   Alderman G.C.A.Mann              
O= ne of many Vice-Presidents was J.R.P.Martin              
Chairman   Derek Carpenter              
Secretary   A.A.(Arthur) Newbury (followed W.Carpe= nter who resigned on 23/9/57)      
    44 Sutton Court Road, Brighton Road, S= utton.          
Treasurer   W.F.(Bill) Inkpen 52 Waverley Road, Stoneleigh Tel Ewell 6514    
Manager   Fred Chitty   also on Committee          
R= es Manager Ray Chenery Assistant Steve Tillyer          
Trainer / PT<= /td>   Jim Conlon   also Bob Jones          
S= upporters Club Chairman - Mr Hickey Secretary - RA Minter          
P= ress Officer BF (Ken?) Knowlson              
E= rnie Watkins is club captain until replaced by Malcolm Robbins in March. Ernie volunte= ered to stand down.    
A= lan Parker captained the reserves for a large part of this season.            
= Maidstone & Tilbury drop out. Replaced by Dagenham & Horsham. Horsham had b= een bottom of the Metropolitan League  
w= hich was harsh on Leatherhead.                
M= r G.Head provided facts and figures for the programme, and had done a bit the year before.      
T= ed Murphy leaves for Tooting & M then Wimbledon Great success at both. Previous= ly with Dorking.      
J= une 57 Social & Athletic Club organise a fete for Whit Monday 3rd June at 2.= 30 with skiffle group in evening    
2= 7 June reported admission rises from 1s to 1s.3d for ground. Stand and enclosure remain unchanged.      
W= orking parties operating on Weds and Saturdays during June. Dressing rooms were painted.      
A= GM 21/6/57 says club is 219 in the red, even though 56/57 was their most successful season for 20 years.    
J= uly 57 Ray Colfar (21) and Brian Jenkins (21) leaving for Kingstonian, but return to training in August.      
N= o surprise that they moved together, as each were courting the others sister at the time!        
J= uly 57 Johnny Berry rejoining club, and Reg Oakes rumoured to be joining but ins= tead goes to Kingstonian.    
Joe (Joshua) McLaughlin says he is joining, then chang= es his mind. Eventually plays one game in Aug and returns to Leatherhead.
J= uly 57 Fred Aldred ex-trainer (1951) rejoins Carshalton from Sutton. Was at Carshalton prior to Epsom.      
J= uly 57 Bryn Evans ex-player now managing Ashtead Athletic.            
2= 3/7/57 Training starts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.              
J= uly 57 Lew Tucker rejoins club from Kingstonian.              
J= uly 57 Bernard Pickard injured cartilage and out for a little while. Plays in pu= blic trial though.      
= Aug 57 Epsom annoyed at non-exemption in Amateur Cup. Can't see why, as they hadn't reached first round since 30's.  
A= ug 57 future player Reg Walker is at Sutton but injures ligaments and is out for a mon= th.        
A= ug 57 future players Derek Roshier and Ken Brown both at Croydon          
A= ug 57 Peter Kenchington debut from Wimbledon - aged 19 and signed from Garratt United=        
6= /8/57 No Committee meeting held due to lack of people.            
1= 7/8/57 Public trial Reds beat Whites 3-0 Ron Broome (26) Barclays Bank captain d= oes well and joins for a few games.    
Lives in Southall and works in Queensway. Hermitage le= ft trial early to go to work. Reg Oakes did not appear at trial and joins K'= s.
S= orensen and Weaving were both injured but all other first teamers were there.          
R= eds: Hall, Mitchell, Parker, Bryson, Watkins, Day, Palmer, Harty, Jenkins, Berry, Ro= we        
W= hites, R.Watkins, Sanders, Freeman, Willis, Tucker, Francis, Broome, Hermitage, Bangs, Pickard, Colfar.    
This trial match was refereed by former Epsom player a= nd future top class referee Charlie Holliday who receives no fee for this ma= tch.
I= n his record book (see 1945/46 season comments) he refers to Reds v Blues not whites!<= /td>        
2= 4/8/57 Ray Colfar injured 50 minutes. 10 men. He doesn't play with shin guards which= may have contributed.    
T= he injury was later diagnosed as a torn tendon in his foot. Alan Parker also injured his ankle later on.      
Ron Broome had a great debut this day but his ankle swelled up afterwards and he would be out for weeks. He would never play for
t= he first team again.                  
24/8/57 Entry has been increased this year. Club apologises for the "economics" of the situation. Rates had doub= led this year.
Also reference to Mr Hickey taking over as Chairman of= the Supporters Club. 150 members were enrolled at the trial game on 17/8.
Only costs 2s. Programme refers to the addition of Mr Hickey bringing "glamour" to the committee! Secretary is BA Min= ter.
2= 4/8/57 reference to all the squad being retained from last year. This appears to have been the case.      
A= ug 57 former player Len Bridgman retires and is moving to Portsmouth.          
= 26/8/57 future player and Manager 19 year old Peter Kenchington makes debut and scores winner for Wimbledon v Wave  
28/8/57 Game at Yiewsley ends in semi darkness. Accord= ing to the Middlesex Chronicle, Epsom officials did not want floodlights
u= sed, as it would give the hosts an advantage. They won 3-0 anyway! HT 1-0.          
28/8/57 Line up unknown in this game, but so far all I know is that Bryson, Harty, Pickard and McLaughlin definitely played, while
Broome, Colfar and Parker definitely did not. Also fut= ure players Frank Whitehouse and Tony Williams appear in the programme line u= p.
f= or Yiewsley. Was this the same Tony Williams?              
S= ept 57 Crowd getting at Bernard Pickard. Apparently this is why Bernard Wales left say= s an Epsom informant.    
4/9/57 Line up v Eastbourne unknown in this game, but = so far all I know is that Hall, Bryson, Willis, Rowe, Hermitage, Bangs,
Pickard and Sorensen definitely played, while Jenkins, Colfar, Mitchell and Parker definitely did not. I have now added Day, Freeman
a= nd Watkins as they were all regulars and the report advised that certain regulars di= dn't play, so they must have done!    
7/9/57 Programme refers to already having 250 members, only 90 short of last year! Aiming to get some covered accommodation
f= or the far side, but it never happens. Cost was approx 400 it was advised in prog at end of last year.      
J= umble sale advised for 12/10/57 at Foresters Hall. Also Corinthian League Handbooks = at 2s6d. Supporters up to 283.    
1= 4/9/57 Tommy Millard debut for Leatherhead              
J= oe McLaughlin also at Leatherhead                
2= 1/9/57 George Mitchell injured 75 minutes. 10 men.              
21/9/57 Epsom wear new continental style shirts for fi= rst time. Blue body with different shade for cuffs and collar. No quarters.
23/9/57 Bill Carpenter resigns. He had been Secretary = for 18 months and with club for 7 years. Bill said that he didn't
see eye to eye with some people, so it was better to g= o. However, brother Derek (Chairman) said he was moving to a
new house and this was taking time up. However, he only moved to Gibraltar Crescent, and was just the other side of
t= he railway line. Derek used this self same reason when he resigned in 1959        
Bill occasionally wrote to papers to complain in future years. Arthur Newbury (40) a salesman from Sutton took over
t= he position. Already a Committee member and was 41 by the middle of October.        
B= ill died in June 2006, aged 89.                
2= 6/9/57 reported that Bernard Wales was playing for Hounslow but living in Epsom. Left Epsom as crowd didn't like him    
s= ays one supporter who writes in to complain in Dec 57. Picked for London FA to pl= ay Army XI at Finchley on 26/9/57    
2= 8/9/57 Vickers played at Byfleet. Actually playing at Oyster Lane. Is this Kings Head Lane, or another ground?    
Fred Stenning played for Vickers v Epsom. He was 41 ye= ars old. Also Ronnie Rooke, ex Arsenal and Fulham (46), and Jim Herbert
e= x-Walton & Hersham captain (40+).                
J= umble sale date moved to 23rd November at Foresters Hall, Epsom.          
O= ct 57 Bob Jones rejoins club as trainer. Had been at Epsom about a year previously.=        
= Oct 57 Ray Watkins (20) signs Amateur forms with Charlton Athletic. Would have playe= d a game for First XI on 14/10/57  
b= ut dislocated his finger playing for Epsom Reserves the week before.          
L= isted as an Epsom player from a few years previously after leaving RAF.          
5= /10/57 v Horsham Bernard Pickard had to leave field after 3 minutes, but Epsom sti= ll won 1-0      
O= ct 57 Brian Jenkins leaves Epsom for Sutton.              
O= ct 57 George Mitchell says he will only play at right back, so he was played there in = the reserves. Leaves soon after    
f= or Sheppey or Herne Bay. Also, John Rowe leaves for Dorking.            
12/10/57 London University play at Motspur Park. Epsom play in red to avoid colour clash. Epsom win 7-0 and Sorensen scores
t= wice but also mispen.                  
1= 9/10/57 reported that children celebrated by setting off fireworks under the stan= d!!        
2= 6/10/57 Malden Town's pitch only 6 inches wider than minimum permitted at 70 feet= .        
J= an Sorensen scores while being watched by his dad who had come over from Denmark to watch.      
O= ct 57 Bill Carpenter joins Leatherhead's Committee.            
O= ct 57 Future player George Richardson beginning his long career with Dorking this seas= on.      
O= ct 57 former player Gordon Cairns leaves Carshalton for Leatherhead.          
O= ct 57 Jim Conlon has to give up sponging on Saturdays through work commitments.        
Oct 57 new helper Mrs Dorothy Lipscombe was taking dictation from new Secretary Arthur Newbury in his office. She volunteere= d
after a Dance at the Organ Inn on 12/10/57. Newbury was working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.
A= pparently his office looked like a caravan showroom. Was this the caravan that was there in the 80's? No.    
2= 2/10/57 38 players attend training says Fred Chitty.              
O= ct 57 refers to 2 Borough Councillors Mr Alder and T.S.Smith both of whom were on the Committee      
Post match meals now being cooked at ground by Alfie a= nd Hazel Harvey. Previously they ate at the Granada Restaurant and
t= hen the Baths Hall canteen. They did 62 meals on one day in March apparently.        
2= 6/10/57 Surrey Comet says Johnny Bangs got two goals, not Bangs and Berry as in my records.      
N= ov 57 Kateley, Wackett, Hayes, Jobson & J.Rowe all at Dorking            
N= ov 57 Ted Drake junior is playing for Wimbledon Juniors            
0= 9/11/57 Club announce the death of Mr (C.E.) Edward (Ted) Wheal, who was one of the founder    
= members of the club. He assisted in the erection of the stand and dressing rooms, and sold tickets at the gate.  
H= e had been made a Life Vice-President when he retired from the Committee after over = 30 years service.    
9= /11/57 Epsom beat Sutton 2-1 at darts. Fred Chitty and Derek Carpenter beat Don Stoker= and Jimmy Young in the    
decider. Also an old piano that had been dumped at the ground a few years ago was put up for raffle and won by Don Stoker.
D= on hadn't collected it a few weeks later and a note was made in the papers that it = was gathering storage rent!    
According to Ray Chenery, the club had been looking to= get rid of the piano, and they rigged the draw so Don Stoker won it! "Yo= u
s= hould have seen the look on his face when he realised that he had won" said Ray= .        
A= pparently Stoker was Ray's brother's wife's cousin.              
E= rnie Watkins was the scorer at the darts match, which was for a barrel of beer.        
9= /11/57 Club also advise that Bernard Willis has been advised not to play for "so= me considerable time".      
N= ov 57 Sid Law rejoins Worcester Park from Carshalton Athletic.            
F= uture Epsom manager Bill Kennedy manager at Molesey for the Amateur Cup game 16/11/57=      
Molesey had a record crowd of 1,200 for this game which Epsom won 5-1, despite Walton & H playing Southampton locally in FAC.=
2= 3/11/57 coach run to Eastbourne for Amateur Cup match. It was a non smoking zone according to the manager.    
T= hey also stopped at a local hostelry on the way for steak and poached eggs.          
3= other coaches with Epsom supporters also went.              
Following defeat at Eastbourne, Billy French and Wally Warren were both signed from Redhill. French had scored twice and
k= nocked Epsom out of the Amateur Cup in 1955. French suffered injury in car accident but was ok to play on 7/12/57.    
F= red Chitty introduces a "no training, no game" policy after the Eastbourne loss.        
26/11 Fire at Hawkers Sports ground with one third of building destroyed. Took fire crews five hours to control. Was spotted by=
s= omeone across the river Thames at 4am. Cause unknown.            
Nov 57 former Coach Bill Whittaker is now in charge at Banstead Athletic. A former Sutton, Nunhead and Kingstonian player who ha= s
also Coached at Carshalton Athletic and Malden Town. He was an Amateur International. Banstead's A team now being Coached by
f= ormer keeper Jim Ferguson.                
D= ec 57 Johnny Bleach also joins from Tooting & M.              
D= ec 57 Appeal from Arthur Newbury for ladies to help at the tea bars. 6 required on a rotation basis.      
Dec 57 Micky Williams rejoins club from Kingstonian. Previously with Epsom Reserves. Plays once then breaks a bone in his ankl= e
w= hile playing on a Sunday!                
D= ec 57 Brian Pell at Banstead                
D= ec 57 Sid Law at Worcester Park                
D= ec 57 Ray Ellis at Banstead                
D= ec 57 Hungarian player Bill Taricska writes and asks for a trial.            
D= ec 57 Talk of a "sack Fred Chitty" campaign, but this never gets off the ground after Epsom beat Sutton on 14/12/57.    
7= /12/57 Programmes for this game v Wembley arrived later that evening, due to GPO problems! I have one - number 7.    
1= 4/12/57 Supporters Dance at the Drill Hall.              
D= ec 57 mention of future Epsom player Norman Dearlove also playing catcher for Sutton Beavers Baseball team.    
21/12/57 Micky Williams debut. A future captain. Curre= ntly alive and well and living in Surbiton. According to Ray Chenery, was
a= tough player.                  
I visited Micky on 09/05/2006 where he is now aged 73,= but in good health. He referred to players that he knew during his time there=
and these are listed below. Tommy Millard is still liv= ing in Epsom (as of 2008), while Johnny Berry is living in Devon now. Ray Col= far
= is still around, but thought he was a little strange. Peter Keary very young when = he first played for the club, used to run an  
upholstery business although it is likely that he had retired from this by now. Used to be in Leatherhead, and he used to live, (and
maybe still does) at Number 1 Boxhill. He referred to = the fact that Reg Marlow used to live near him in Verona Drive, Surbiton, and= he
was a bit frail but could still remember things. Unfortunately this was back in the seventies. He went to Hinchley Wood School,
where he trained with Doug Whitehead at times. He also mentioned the President John Martin, and said that he had a wartime injur= y
from when he was machine gunned whilst in the water awaiting rescue. Had lots of money and would never let anyone else buy th= e
drinks at the club. Don Stoker (K's, Sutton and Englan= d) was related to Ray Chenery although he never played for Epsom. He ran
a local newsagents before he died in 1985 aged 63. As a youngster, Micky used to go to Epsom and train with the Juniors. Was
also good friends with Lew Tucker, and used to sociali= se with Ray Chenery, who had a great sense of humour, as did Fred Chitty.
2= 6/12/57 Trevor Hall saves two penalties from ex-Epsom Ted Murphy in ten minutes against Dorking.      
2= 8/12/57 & 26/4/58 Jim Morris plays for Chesham v Epsom.            
Jan 58 Supporter John Cain writes to complain about the loss of Brian Jenkins, and that we may lose Colfar and Hermitage soon
i= f we're not careful. Lived at "Greyroofs" Chessington Park Road.            
= Club respond the following week with Mr B.F. (Ken?) Knowlson stating that the supporter must have his head in the sand.  
The attack on the manager is deplored, and Knowlson suggests that the supporter might become a member, and looks forward
t= o receiving his offer to come along and help around the ground in future.          
Jan 58 Ray Colfar (22) leaves for Sutton to follow fri= end Brian Jenkins. However, as he hadn't written in to resign, Epsom blocked<= /td>
h= is transfer at first. Sorted out within a couple of weeks.            
J= an 58 Howard "Taffy" Owen joins Epsom. Previously with Malden Town and Devas Inst.        
A= lso Crystal Palace junior Albert Pollington joins club. Previously with Chipstead.        
Jan 58 Future player Mick Simmonds selected for Surrey= v London University, but injured at present, and not sure if he will make i= t.
J= an 58 Vic Frost (22) joins from Redhill. Previously with Tooting & M.          
Jan 58 former player Ron Ruffell and future player and Manager Peter Kenchington are both playing for Wimbledon Reserves this season.
= 11/1/58 Jock Bryson suffers an eye injury and gets treatment twice during game. Unfortunately, Slough score both times  
t= hat he was off the field. Passenger for rest of game.              
= Jan 58 Supporter EC Spells writes to complain as reserved seats were not held for the Woking game. Even the President's  
seat was used. Normally Season ticket holders had seats guaranteed. Ken Knowlson refutes this in the Advertiser a week later and<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
a= lso asks for help which would make those sort of occasions easier to organise by way of stewarding.      
18/1/58 programme advises Hermitage on 15 goals with French on 3. I have Hermitage on 14 and French on 4. Prog is wrong.
1= 8/1/58 SSC Woking scrape through with two late goals in last 6 minutes. Report criticises Watkins performance.    
S= upporters complain about the report.                
2= 2/1/58 Johnny Bangs was due to play for one of the Brighton & HA teams, but = it was snowed off.      
J= an 58 Johnny Berry leaves for Sutton.                
23/1/58 Dave Hermitage selected for Surrey v Sussex at Horsham. This earns him his County Badge, and now needs two more
g= ames for his County Cap. 5/2/58 Johnny Bangs is selected for Surrey v London Universit= y at Carshalton.    
2= 5/1/58 Epsom beat holders of League Cup Maidenhead 5-0 to gain revenge for last year's final      
25/1/58 Programme includes an excerpt of a letter from= a Surrey County FA official complimenting the club on how they handled the<= /td>
l= arge crowd at Woking game and still found time to entertain the FA officials.          
F= eb 58 Ted Day who broke a bone in his ankle and Micky Williams who did the same, are recovering well.    
F= eb 58 Johnny Wood joins from Sutton.              
F= eb 58 Fans start to have a go at Johnny Weaving now.            
F= eb 58 Reg Oakes is at Kingstonian                
F= eb 58 Jim Sheehan is at Walton & Hersham              
F= eb 58 Don Butler is at Leatherhead                
8= /2/58 2 minutes silence at Edgware for Munich disaster.            
8= /2/58 Badly waterlogged pitch at Edgware but game still played. Pollington was off for treatment when they equalised.    
Feb 58 further reference to Sutton Olympics. Noel Bell= was a policeman moved to Sutton (lived at 43 Grennell Road) and was
Secretary while son Bob did the training. Younger brot= her Colin would have only been 16 then, and was probably still at school.
F= eb 58 Johnny Bangs dropped for match against Uxbridge as he had missed training, so Ba= ngs left for Carshalton.    
P= apers hardly noticed this as they were concentrating on Ernie Watkins. Fred Chitty did= n't seem that concerned either.    
F= eb 58 former player Les Walters to retire at T&M - aged 36 - He joined them in 194= 6.        
F= eb 58 future player Dave Le Grice playing for Rosendale School, West Dulwich        
F= eb 58 Malcolm Robbins signs from Tooting & M (prev Wimbledon). Ernie volunt= eers to step down.      
E= rnie says he will always be there when needed and said that "spectators want a change, they want to see new faces"    
H= as lost count of the number of appearances he made, but said that "I've scor= ed more than I've given away"<= /td>    
S= tayed with club for another year or two before playing until 1968 with Banstead        
D= escribed in local papers as "an all time great".              
1= 5/2/58 Ted Day is recovering, and should be back shortly after injury says programme. Returns on 1/3/58.    
2= 2/2/58 Uxbridge played with a passenger for most of the game.            
F= eb 58 Ken Harris joins. Previous Sutton, Surrey and West Ham player.          
F= eb 58 Former youth and future first team player Mick Simmonds is at Leatherhead.        
M= ar 58 future player Tim Higgins playes for Dulwich Hamlet Reserves.          
1/3/58 Pollington injured in car accident. Unable to p= lay v Worthing. Dave Hermitage watched by Swindon Tn scout at this game.
T= ommy Kerner (ex Tooting, Wimbledon, Leyton, and Bromley) joins club from Leyton in Ma= rch      
New player Jim Thatcher (21) joined from QPR after National Service. He was entered in the S.W. ABA Champs on 17/3/58.
A= lso previously with Fulham 6ft 4 inches tall. Ken Harris debut.            
= 8/3/58 Future player Norman Dearlove signs for Banstead from Carshalton Ath and scores 6 on his debut v Chertsey (8-1).  
M= ar 58 Brian Pell and Ray Ellis are both also there.              
1= 5/3/58 Joe Hurlock playing for Erith v Epsom. Any relation to Terry? Probably.        
1= 5/3/58 Epsom score 3 but had four more cleared off the line            
Paper couldn't decide who scored Epsom's second. Wood = hit bar and ball went up, as it came down, keeper punched into the net.
I= 've put it down as an o.g. Linesman that day was Don Smith, England & Sussex ope= ning batsman!      
Talk of a new competition for those clubs not involved= in the South Thames Cup. Starts next year as Southern Combination Cup.
15/3/58 programme states that ex-local boy and former player Bernard Wales has been offered pro terms by Brighton. Comments
are passed by the editor about how certain members of = the supporters drove him out with regular chants of "Get rid of it Wales"
whereupon, Wales went to Hounslow. Also stated that the supporters never learn, as they are doing it to another local lad at pres= ent,
p= resumably Johnny Weaving.                
Club was also criticised for not having a hard enough match ball at the last game v Worthing, but they were inspected and passe= d
by the ref at the start of the game, and only after it= was kicked around a bit, was it found that the rubber bladder was porous.
Programme also refers to how quickly Sutton allowed Ken Harris to join them, and refers to a friendly spirit of co-operation with=
t= hem. Five transfers have so far been effected between them.            
Also refers to Dave Hermitage playing for Surrey again= v Middlesex @ Tooting in SF of Inter-Counties Cup. He needs one more
a= ppearance to get his county cap to go with the badge he already holds.          
1= 5/3/58 Annual Dance held at the Stoneleigh Hotel. Very successful says prog on 22/3/58.        
M= ar 58 Brian Hayes re-joins from Dorking.              
M= ar 58 Future player Mick Simmonds selected for Delphian League v Corinthian League @ Aylesbury on 22/3/58.    
2= 2/3/58 Malcolm Robbins injured before HT and needed 3 stitches. 10 men.          
= 29/3/58 Johnny Wood heads ball off line and is knocked unconscious at Maidenhead! Lost 3-0 and Tommy Kerner mispen.  
2= 9/3/58 Future player Johnny Blizzard sent off for Tooting & M v Redhill. Suspended 7 days        
A= pr 58 Alf Harvey listed as Social Secretary of Epsom F.C. with help from wife Hazel= .        
5= /4/58 Yiewsley (H)(L) postponed due to several inches of snow. Programme 16 was produced Y (16).      
This programme refers to small attendances across the season, but not just at Epsom. They blame TV for a lot of this, and state
that "in due time TV may take a less important pl= ace in the leisure hours of sports followers, and folk may once again prefer the
f= resh air, and the thrill of "being there".                
L= es Francis playing for Sutton by April 58.              
7= /4/58 Ray Ellis and Norman Dearlove members of SSL Cup winners Banstead won 2-1 v Malden Tn at Kingstonian.    
F= uture player Terry Farley playing for Sutton beavers Baseball team with Norman Dearlov= e.        
7/4/58 Epsom score two late goals to win 3-1 v Dorking "By no means a brilliant exhibition of soccer" says Dorking Advertiser!
T= he Reserves had played at Meadowbank in the morning so everyone could see both games.=      
7= /4/58 Surrey Saunders Cup Final Epsom Boys 0-4 South London Boys @ West Street        
M= atch was actually p-p to 08/04/58 in the evening              
1= 9/4/58 PC Noel Bell's 28th wedding anniversary. Celebrated with Sutton Olympics win= ning Trojan League Youth Cup    
a= t Sutton 5-0 v Wimbledon Wanderers. Jimmy Hill presented the medals. He lives in Grenn= ell Road, Sutton.    
A= pr 58 Terry McCarthy joins from Grays Athletic.              
Apr 58 John Strange joins from Carshalton Athletic. Al= so Bobby Smith rejoins club from Sutton. Formerly with Beddington Corner.
23/4/58 Leatherhead play Epsom in Wells Cup, and have = to play Banstead the same day, so a "guest XI" plays v Banstead.
A= pr 58 Reg Carter is at Leatherhead                
A= pr 58 Ted Murphy resigns from Dorking.              
2= 6/4/58 Johnny Wood injured ankle in first half. Passenger.            
26/4/58 Programme refers to an overall disappointing season after the last one, but that they have "defeated the Athenian League
C= hampions (Sutton Utd) and given the Amateur Cup winners (Woking) some very anxious moments"!      
Both the Chairman and Manager write in the programme w= hich was the last one produced this season. Fred Chitty mentions that
t= he club's ambition is to reach the 1st round of the Amateur Cup again, and the associated finance.      
= 29/4/58 Return match in Wells Cup v Leatherhead. Epsom lose both games 3-2. Prese= nted by A Pierson in the absence of  
M= r A Wells. Quite a good crowd were present.              
M= ay 58 Ray Colfar signs Amateur forms with Tottenham.            
M= ay 58 John Leedham signs for Fulham              
1/5/58 Vic Frost injured early and was taken to hospit= al for 6 stitches. Returns to game in closing minutes. Epsom still won 2-1.<= /td>
1/5/58 Paddy Hasty - Tooting & M's Irish Internati= onal guests for Epsom and scores. Two other new names R.Harris and Pile.
M= ay 58 Ex Epsom Ivor Hughes plays for Carshalton Athletic in SSC v Dulwich at C.Pal= ace but lose 0-1 Att 5,419    
3= /5/58 Fun challenge match v Combined Hospitals XI scheduled for 6.30 ko to follow reserve game. Result unknown.    
1= 0/5/58 Brian Jenkins scores and Ray Colfar plays for Sutton v Finchley in LSC and win = 2-1 at Wimbledon.    
1= 0/5/58 Reg Oakes scores for Kingstonian as they win SSS v Tooting & M 2-1          
M= ay 58 Dave Hermitage states that he is leaving for Carshalton Athletic but returns to Epsom by start of next season.    
= 24 years old Press telegraphist at American Embassy. Had played 18 times for Millwall Reserves and had been offered pro  
te= rms whilst in RAF. Also previously with Brentford and Fulham.            
Reserves: Corinthian League Reserve Division   NO REGULAR RESERVE PROGRAMMES ISSUED THIS YEAR
Position 9th out of 15                  
Manager: Ray Chenery Assisted by Steve Tillyer says program= me late in season      
T= rainer / Sponge: Charlie Mutimer - also occasional keep= er          
NT 1st Yiewsley   0-3            
SIC 1st Kingstonian   0-1            
SICC W West Byfleet 2-1 at Petters Sports        
3= 1/8/57 Meant to be Grays (H) but switched to Eastbourne (H) instead and Epsom won 4-1.=      
4= /9/57 reference to Charlie Mutimer being sponge man and emergency keeper for the reserves.      
i= nc 12/10/57 Programme advises scorers are Canham (4), Rowe (3), Morris (2), Pickard (= 2), Berry and Weaving (1).    
= 2/11/57 Paddy Harty scores HT v Welbeck in SIC. Meant to be Edgware (L) this day before this SIC replay was required.  
23/11/57 Bernard Pickard returns from injury and plays= in this 1-0 win at Croydon Amateurs in Surrey Intermediate Cup at the Arena.=
30/11/57 Programme Line Up for this match: Wally Warre= n, Peter Collett, Gordon Sanders, Les Francis, Lew Tucker Alan Morris,
B= ernard Canham, Bill French, Paddy Harty, Ray Watkins (playing outfield?), Bernard Pickard      
3= 0/11/57 Great first half at Chesham but fell away and lost 4-1.            
07/12/57 Programme Line Up for this match: Wally Warre= n, Peter Collett, Gordon Sanders, Jim Crane, Lew Tucker Alan Morris,
L= es Francis, Paddy Harty, Ray Watkins (playing outfield?), Bernard Pickard, Johnny Ble= ach      
7= /12/57 Very weakened side with short notice replacements only loses 3-2 at Erith & Belvedere.      
1= 4/12/57 Epsom beat Uxbridge 1-0 with Gerald Howes scoring the goal on his debut.<= /td>        
2= 6/12/57 Epsom started with 8 players due to transport problems, and lost 3-2 at h= ome to Dorking.      
2= 8/12/57 Lew Tucker scores 4 v Beddington Corner in SICC 2. We had received a bye in t= he first round.      
Jan 58 Programme produces a list of scorers for first = and reserves and by accident, calls Lew Tucker, Lewis. There was no other Lew= is.
A= lso describes Tucker, Alan Morris and Ray Watkins as "regulars" with the reserves this season.      
inc 11/01/58 Programme advises scorers are Canham (16), Morris (6), Rowe (3), Tucker (3), Harty (3), Pickard (2), Willis (2), Crane,
B= erry, Howells, Palmer and Weaving (1).              
1= 8/1/58 Ray Watkins pensave in our 1-0 win at Worthing.            
25/01/58 Programme Line Up for this match: Ray Watkins, Peter Collett, Gordon Sanders, Jim Crane, Lew Tucker Alan Morris,
B= ernard Canham, Johnny Bleach, Les Francis, Gerald Howells, P.Marshall          
S= ome errors in Kingstonian programme, referring to H.Morris (Alan) and T.Bleach (John= ny).        
2= 5/1/58 edged out of Surrey Intermediate Cup at First Round Proper stage, 1-0 by Kingstonian at Richmond Road.    
8/2/58 Won at Leatherhead in SICC despite having no ke= eper for the last ten minutes. Presume that a defender went in goal!
W= as that match at Leatherhead? I have it down as a home match. Check!          
15/2/58 Programme refers to Epsom reserves having won = last week against Leatherhead who had won their last 15 matches!
Also refers to Bernard "Butch" Canham playing his last game of the season, as he has an ulcer. Currently top scorer for reserves.
B= ernard Willis is unlikely to play again this season.              
1= 5/2/58 "Great result" as Epsom get a 0-0 draw at leaders Grays Athleti= c.          
2= 2/2/58 Was meant to be Dagenham (H) but switched to Maidenhead (H) and we won 2-0.        
8= /3/58 Debut for Jim Thatcher, a 6 foot 4 inch centre forward.            
1= 5/3/58 Epsom win at Edgware. Ten games without defeat            
2= 2/3/58 Was meant to be Maidenhead (A) but this was switched and we had no game.        
29/3/58 SICC SF won 7-0 v Dorking Res. Alan Parker and Ernie Watkins both played, and score was harsh on Dorking, who
&= quot;conceded 2 o.g.'s, a harsh penalty, and an obvious offside goal"            
29/3/58 programme refers to a "relatively small attendance" at the Dorking game, but also concedes that they were unlucky to lose 7-0.
inc 29/3/58 Programme advises scorers are Canham (19), Morris (7), Howes (5), Tucker (5), Rowe (3), Harty (3), Weaving (3),
P= ickard (2), Willis (2), Sorensen (2), Crane, Berry, Palmer, Parker, Saunders, Watkins, Oakes, Mason and o.g. (1).    
W= as it really Saunders or more likely Sanders? Also I have Mason down for two goals by = that time.      
7= /4/58 Dorking host Epsom on Easter Monday at 11am and defeat us 3-0.          
1= 2/4/58 Epsom defeat Slough 3-0 at West Street although Advertiser says 4-0.        
19/4/58 Res win Surrey Intermediate Charity Cup Final = at Petters Sports 2-1 against West Byfleet. Jim Thatcher scores both goals.<= /td>
T= he ground was situated not far from the current Egham Town F.C.          
W= est Byfleet had beaten Woking Reserves in the other semi.            
26/4/58 Maidenhead are beaten 2-0 at York Road this day but they were also engaged at Dagenham in the Neale Cup Final so were
a= llowed to field a scratch side by the League.              
29/4/58 Epsom Advertiser says Epsom host Wembley but t= hey visited a week before this on 220/4/58 and Horsham were the visitors.
30= /4/58 Epsom Advertiser says Epsom host Uxbridge but Dagenham were the visitors.        
= Oct 57 Alec Stepney selected for London Under 15's v Plymouth (A). He was a Carshalton West Schoolboy at the time.  
4= /1/58 Leatherhead win 5-4 at Woodford after trailing 4-0 at HT