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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
CL Position 5th out of 14                
FAC 3q Margate   1-3            
AC 4q Redhill   1-2            
LC/MS 1st Maidenhead United 0-1            
SSC QF Tooting & Mitcham 0-2            
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell              
Cl= ub Colours Light and Dark Blue              
President   Alderman G.C.A.Mann JP              
Chairman   Derek Carpenter v-c Peter Carpenter          
Secretary   John Mitchell 26 Cox Lane (Ewell 7841)   Asst and Press Sec Bill Carpenter    
Treasurer   J.Blott 10 Hookfield, Epsom. Tel: Epsom 1876     Asst Bill Inkpen    
Manager   Doug Whitehead former Scottish Internat= ional appointed for start of season      
Had previously played for and coached Kingstonian, and= was a member of their 1933 Amateur Cup winning side. He scored two
go= als in the semi and two more in the final replay. Kingstonian legend who allegedly scored 90 goals in a season.    
Se= lection Committee abolished for this season, and Whitehead has sole charge.        
Co= mmittee: as elected at AGM W Mansey, Grant Sherman, LR Stapeley, N= orman Carpenter, J Rose, Fred Chitty,  
    A Bradley, E Armstrong, C Dunk, George = Tarran          
PTI   Bob Jones                
Trainer   Les Fielder                
Su= pporters Club WC Taylor - Secretary              
Ma= jor changes to Committee this year after bottom place finish last year. New Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer    
Se= cretary Ernest Fletcher resigned after 5 years for personal reasons.          
Al= l four Carpenters are brothers, and are also known for their lack of hair! Derek= is the new Chairman.      
According to Ray Chenery in 2007, he went to school wi= th Derek, so he would have been about 31 at this time. Peter was older, but<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
d= ied recently, as did future Secretary Bill, although this is not totally confirmed, as Geoff Porter saw him, and he was in a bad  
wa= y a few years back - Bill didn't recognise Geoff. Would be approaching 90 now if = he was still around (2005).    
Bi= ll Carpenter lived in the Stoneleigh area in recent years, and was Mayor of the Boroug= h at one point..    
Bi= ll Carpenter died in 2003 aged 89.                
Ho= unslow leave league, reducing it to 14 teams              
Ju= ne 55 Statement provided for impending AGM by Sec: Ernest Fletcher, and Chair: F.M.Stewart      
Th= ey advised that training had not been well supported by either first team or reserve players.      
1= 7/6/55 Club Dinner at Granada Restaurant A Coward and WE Kilbourn are guests (Sec &am= p; Chair of Corinthian League)  
D= inner was organised by Grant Sherman and L Stapeley. Harry Hawke (ex-Sec) and EC Norrington (SCFA Sec) also present.  
AG= M 20/6/55. Venue unknown. This saw many changes.            
E= psom were enforced to apply for re election last year for the first time. Bernard W= ales was ever present, and Bill Nuth  
o= nly missed one game. Club captain Ernie Watkins was back to form too, but the league position meant that the club  
lo= st money on the season 189.19s.1d Cup receipts were down from 715 to 406 (not real= ly surprising though as    
cl= ub had made SSC Final in 1954) League gate receipts down by 217 on 53/54. Programmes also sold 15 less.    
Al= so, no donation from Supporters Club this year, where last year saw 50 donated.=        
Er= nest Fletcher resigned but surprisingly appeared as Corinthian League Match &a= mp; Press Secretary in August.    
H= e was replaced by John Mitchell who lived in Cox Lane, Ewell, and had been West Ewell Athletic's Secretary. West  
Ew= ell were Epsom's nursery club at this time.              
Er= nie Watkins also asked about voting rights for the players. He, Ray Chenery and Bob C= rane were allowed to vote.    
Af= ter all the League troubles, Epsom had a dinner to celebrate winning the Surrey Senior Shield last year.    
Pr= esident Alderman G.C.A.Mann spoke as an "unbounded optimist" and thought they would improve and "go from    
s= trength to strength". Spectators were asked to support the club, or go elsewher= e, as apparently support wasn't always  
p= rovided. He also gently chided the players for not wearing a uniform necktie "so that we can tell that you are the players"  
H= e finished by saying that "next year we are going to be near the top of the Corinthian League". He wasn't too far wrong.  
Er= nest Fletcher traced the history of the club and spoke of the club's fine cond= uct record.        
C= ouncillor R.C.Mitchell, Mayor of Epsom & Ewell also spoke, along with H.G.Sherm= an and L Stapeley who regretted  
th= e poor level of support last season.                
Si= d Bristow and Bill Townsend with 30 and 35 years service respectively are made life-members at AGM.    
J= une 55 Reported that ex-Epsom player John Hoy may have to give up football, as he had damaged a ligament in his knee.  
As= it turned out he was even ok to start the season for Leatherhead, but he did have cartilage removed in Dec 55.    
Ro= n Ruffell leaves for Leatherhead as he can't get a regular place at Epsom.          
R= ay Fillery leaves Tooting & M for Maidstone. Dave stays originally then leaves t= oo. Both win Cor Lge championship with  
Ma= idstone. Ray got his first Surrey cap in Nov 53.              
1/7/55 Epsom Herald reports that Mr L.Stapeley is the driving force behind many of the good things at the club, despite not currently
be= ing on the Committee.                  
July 55 Sutton & District League Handbook no longer has former Epsom Secretary Sid Basford as a life vice-president. I assume=
th= at he must have died at some point in 1954/55 season.            
Ju= ly 55 Gordon Hurst decides to retire temporarily for a year for personal reasons. He w= as a Durham County player    
th= at had joined from Leytonstone in Jan 54.              
It= was also rumoured that 9 or 10 top class players that were well known in Amateur circles had signed for Epsom    
C= lub kept names very secretive until public trial. "Wait and see" Training started on 12/7/55 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
Th= e first trial does not have a programme produced because of the secrecy surroundi= ng the new players.    
Th= is was the beginning of the Whitehead revolution.              
Ep= som introduce a season ticket for the first time at 16s for ground only or 27= s 6d for ground and enclosure.    
C= lub membership is 1 shilling, with supporters club membership at 2 shillings. Reference to the football club offices being  
ad= jacent to the dressing rooms.                
Ep= som receive bye in FA Cup. Leatherhead not accepted into competition.          
Au= g 55 Nonsuch Bowmen formed. Used Epsom's ground on occasions during early 60's.        
Au= g 55 Bill Whittaker is now coach at Carshalton Athletic.            
Au= g 55 Gordon Cairns leaves Carshalton for Walton & Hersham.            
Ba= nstead Athletic almost forced to fold due to astronomical rent increase at Merla= nd Rise.        
Ev= entually re-negotiated and still there to this day. Epsom would share there for 17 years from 1993-2010.    
13= /8/55 Public Trial Proceeds split between SCFA Benevolent Fund and an Old Peoples Home= in Epsom.    
20= 0 spectators at the trials                
Ma= nager Doug Whitehead also taking private trials.              
N= ew players include Ted Day from Kingstonian, Ted Murphy (21), Johnny Berry (23), Ray Colfar (19), all from West Ham "A"  
a= nd all would go on to have success. Colfar would succeed with Crystal Palace, Guildford City and Cambridge United.  
Te= rry Bates (19) from Wolves, Dave Hermitage (21) from Surbiton Town, Jorgen Sorensen previously guested    
for Epsom on a number of occasions. Hermitage would go= on to have much success with Sutton, playing in their Amateur Cup
Fi= nal against Murphy in 1963 and eventually becoming Secretary and then Chairman of Sut= ton.      
Other players included Brian Woolins a centre-forward = at Reading University, Fred Hanmore a keeper also with Charlton Athletic as<= /td>
an Amateur, Albert Streeter a centre forward, Ken Ambr= ose (Surbiton Town) a centre-half, Vic Gough an outside right from Banstead.<= /td>
Ba= tes is in the Army and is stationed at the Civil Service depot in Epsom.          
A= lso, Norman Ambrose (Kingstonian), Dennis Arbuckle, Charles Hewlett, Johnny Blunden, Derek Roshier (25)(Redhill), Stan  
Wi= lliams (A team), Ralph Cooper (Banstead Athletic), and Derek Guppy (Surbiton).        
Jim Langley is believed to hae joined another club whi= le Charlie Mutimer's working hours have changed and he can no longer commit.=
According to Geoff Porter, Doug Whitehead brought in D= ave Hermitage , and did more ball work as a manager, but less running
than Pat Lynch. He was a school board officer, and also brought in Ted Murphy, who would go on to play at Wembley in 1963 for
Wi= mbledon, against Dave Hermitage's Sutton team in the Amateur Cup final.          
M= urphy also played for Tooting & Mitcham against Nottingham Forest in 1958/59 when they drew and lost the replay  
t= o the eventual winners. Murphy scored at both ends in this game, firstly from 35 yards to put Tooting 2-0 up but he also sent  
an= easy back pass back through the keeper to let Forest back in to the match which finished 2-2.      
Da= ve Hermitage would go on to become Sutton United's Chairman and died of cancer aged 70= in mid 90's.    
Jo= hn Berry would go on to manage Molesey in the future.            
Ja= n Sorensen used to live in Spring Street. Not sure where though.            
R= ay Colfar was spotted by Geoff Porter a few years later, while he was working as a policeman, but Colfar was in court on a  
s= hoplifting charge! He was related to future player Brian Jenkins by marriage accordi= ng to Geoff. Ray died in 2020 aged 85.  
Au= g 55 Fred Aldred trainer for a number of seasons leaves for Sutton. Had previously = been with Carshalton Athletic.    
2= 0/8/55 7 new players against Slough on opening day. Only Watkins, Nuth, Wales and Port= er remained from last season  
27= /8/55 Ted Day getting married. Unavailable. Gordon Sanders takes his place.        
27= /8/55 Ernie Watkins hits the bar from 40 yards. Grays are beaten 2-0 and it could have been six, say papers.    
2= 7/8/55 When Doug Whitehead took over, he said his aim was to get 2 first class inside forwards, and build his team around  
th= em. They were Johnny Berry and Dave Hermitage.              
Aug 55 Mention of Dennis Dodd occasionally guesting for Epsom in the early 50's. Played once in May 51. Now with Carsh Ath.
Se= pt 55 Tony Skipper (23) joins from Lowestoft as he is coming to live locally. Makes = only appearance on 10/9/55    
3= /9/55 Reference in programme to a magazine "Sporting Record" with a spotlight on Epsom by Sidney Norman. This was a  
we= ekly magazine and this edition was released on 30th August. Norman is also "Pangloss" of the News Chronicle.    
3/9/55 Epsom dominate yet lose to a late goal in League Cup v Maidenhead - 85 minutes. Murphy was injured 2nd half. Passenger.
Sept 55 Ted Day (22) leaves for Finchley then returns after playing once. Is a 22 year old wine salesman. Advised by Herald as = only 21
a = few weeks later when he returns.                
Se= pt 55 Gordon Cairns joins from Walton. Previously with Carshalton, and only at Walton briefly.      
Bo= bby Musto loses place to Gordon Cairns so leaves for Sutton.            
Se= pt 55 Bernard Pickard is at Hawkers Athletic this season.            
10= /9/55 Epsom have a bye in the FA Cup so visit Beckenham for a friendly, winning 5-1.<= /td>        
1= 0/9/55 George Clarke makes debut in goal after a couple of games with the reserv= es. Previously with Surbiton Town. Also rep  
ho= nours for Surrey Senior League. Also saved penalty for reserves in debut v Yiewsley= on 27/8/55.      
1= 0/9/55 Epsom were 1-0 down in this friendly at Beckenham until a 25 yard Berry equalis= er on 40 minutes. Eventually won 5-1  
1= 0/9/55 Beckenham were "not so friendly" and were a bit robust. Whitehe= ad had told the players not to take it too seriously in  
th= e first half, but at half time, he told them to go out and win it, which they did= .          
17= /9/55 Supporters Membership advised in programme as 2s.            
A= lso mentions that the gate has averaged 1,000 for the first three matches, This goes up after Dorking FAC which was 4,160!  
1= 7/9/55 Herald says that Epsom used to be known as a one man team, (Watkins). On = this performance, it is still the case!  
Se= pt 55 Bill Whittaker is promoted to Chief Coach of Surrey FA, which runs side by side with his Carshalton job.    
24/9/55 A "disappointing crowd" as a "s= mall gate" of 1,600 is recorded. Herald said "over 1400". Dover apparently brought no supporters.
24/9/55 Epsom Herald reports that "Geoff Porter, = by his great display last week has assured himself of a first team place for some time"
a= nd "He may prove the finest goalkeeper Epsom have had" He would only play f= our more matches for the club though.  
Se= pt 55 Bernard Pickard is at Hawkers              
Oc= t 55 Fred Looseley is at Farncombe              
Oc= t 55 John Hoy is at Leatherhead although has a twisted knee and will be out until January 1956.      
1/= 10/55 programme states that the Dover game saw the best football since the war = at West Street. W3-2    
1/= 10/55 Epsom are drawn at Surbiton Town but the match is switched to West Street for a better gate.      
1= /10/55 Six goals scored in last 18 minutes. Ted Murphy was a passenger in this game,= but still scored from 25 yards. Jan  
S= orensen scored three goals including a penalty but he also had a mispen, while Hermitage scored four goals himself.  
1= /10/55 Epsom scouts (how many did they need?) witness Banstead v Dorking AC tie. Dorki= ng say they will bring 1,500 to  
2,000 supporters for FA Cup tie at Epsom. Crowd is quo= ted at 4,000 plus, with about 1,000 from Dorking. D & L Ad says 4,160
al= though it says that Dorking fans made up nearly half of the crowd.          
Fr= ed Chitty scouts this game and says Epsom have nothing to fear and will win 5-1. In= the end, won 3-2!    
1= /10/55 Dave Hermitage told his wife "I will score three today" but got 4 instead in a 10-0 win over his old club Surbiton Town.  
&q= uot;Not a very friendly way to treat your old club". We were drawn away but ga= me was switched to West Street.    
O= ct 55 Supporters club advise jumble sale on 28/10/55. Also regular whist drives starting again on Fridays from 14/10/55,  
wi= th admission at 1s 6d. Jumble sale is eventua= lly on 26/11/55 at Foresters Hall.        
Oct 55 the supporters club even operates an insurance policy for supporters in case they are injured travelling to or watching a game!
I= t's a good scheme and an official told the Epsom Herald that they almost wished some= one would break a leg so everyone  
wo= uld see how good the scheme is!                
Pr= ogramme v Dorking advises that we have the best team here since the war. Hard to disagree with that one!    
Oc= t 55 Future player Johnny Blizzard (24) joins Sutton from Hayes.          
O= ct 55 Ex Epsom player Brian Moffatt expected to be returning to Epsom with Margate= for FA Cup tie. Played in 1947 says  
pa= pers, but it was 48/49 and 49/50 only. Fairly regular player in 49/50. Only 7 apps in 48/49.      
8/= 10/55 1,000 Dorking fans bring Epsom High Street to a standstill on their way home fr= om the FA Cup match    
Ga= te described as the biggest for about 5 seasons against Dorking. It would never reach = that figure again.    
A= ctually confirmed in D & L Advertiser as Epsom's second biggest post war gate. This must have been following the  
Ki= ngstonian FAC tie in 48/49. Average gates since the war have averaged just under 1,= 000 says the Epsom Herald.    
8= /10/55 Epsom beat Dorking 3-2 in front of 4,160 which was the biggest gate ever for a Dorking match, and Epsom's second  
bi= ggest gate ever, after Kingstonian in 49/50. Almost half were Dorking supporters tho= ugh.        
O= ct 55 Reference to Bernard Wales liking to dribble with the ball, but sometimes loses it, and the crowd give him a hard time.  
H= owever, he doesn't listen and has come to the same conclusion as the Herald writer "that a large section of the West Street  
cr= owd know little about the game"                
1= 5/10/55 Charlie Mutimer in goal for Devas in AC. Played well. Sorensen missed last minute penalty so a replay was required.  
We= were drawn away for the first tie but the game was switched to West Street.        
Oc= t 55 Gordon Cairns (27) wife Beryl has 4th child. Son Paul.            
Oc= t 55 Ron Webb joins from Bromley. Does not stay long before leaving for Carshalton Athletic.      
Oc= t 55 Don Butler joins from Bromley. Previously with Redhill and Carshalton Athleti= c.        
Oc= t 55 Future player Peter Scott makes debut for Leatherhead. Living in Ewell at the ti= me.        
O= ct 55 Tooting & M release future player Tommy Kerner. Had previously had sp= ells at Bromley and Kingstonian and played  
we= ll in Tooting's FA Cup tie with Brighton a few years previously.            
2= 2/10/55 Epsom dominate, but lose to Margate due to two Porter errors. He would ne= ver play again for the first team.  
According to Geoff Porter, he actually came down awkwa= rdly in the first half, and actually chipped a bone in his thumb. He told
Doug Whitehead that he was having trouble, and trainer Fred Aldred, but they said that he just had to get on with it. As a resul= t, he
c= ould hardly hold a ball by the end of the game. The press were very harsh on him, but= the players appeared to be too.  
G= eoff then decided that it was time to do something different, and joined the Police force, playing for Met Police for a while  
a= fterwards. He says it was the best decision he ever made. A lucky break! Geoff still= has a lump on his thumb knuckle!  
He and his wife had been living with Gordon Tillyer's = aunt in one room for about four years, but the new job enabled him to move.
24= /10/55 Supporters Club have Open meeting at club house 8pm to increase membershi= p.        
29= /10/55 Reference to Gordon Cairns being "the cleverest centre forward Epsom have had in years"      
No= v 55 Future player manager Tony Williams is playing for Carshalton Athletic.        
No= v 55 future player Peter Scott makes debut for Leatherhead. Lives in West Ewell.        
5= /11/55 ex-player Bernard Canham plays for Malden Town v Epsom. Eventually return= ed to Epsom but did not reach 1st team.  
12= /11/55 Ruislip Manor were Brentford's nursery side. Epsom defeat them 3-1 in the Amateur Cup.      
N= ov 55 George Clarke and Bill Blazey selected for Corinthian League Reserve side v Isth= mian Lge @ Woking on 26/11/55.  
Cl= arke had also previously represented the Surrey Senior League.            
12= /11/55 "Bill Nuth has no rivals for the position of keenest man in the team" says Advertiser v Ruislip.      
1= 2/11/55 Epsom Supporters Club had to turn people away from their Dinner Dance that evening as it was exceeding the<= /td>  
maximum permitted attendance. Ernie Watkins and Doug Whitehead were both in attendance. Tickets 7s double and 4s single
fo= r event at the Granada Restaurant.                
13/11/55 Jan Sorensen is now father of a 3rd son, presumably future player Mick. My records show a date of birth for Mick of 13/11/56,
so= I am assuming for now that record was a year out!              
No= v 55 Gordon Tillyer leaves club for Wimbledon.              
T= ickets being sold for coaches to the Amateur Cup tie at Redhill on Saturday 19/11 p.m.= and Sunday 20/11 from 10-12.  
M= ention of Aquarius F.C. who play on a covered up reservoir in Honor Oak. Players co= me from the Metropolitan Water Board.  
No= v 55 ex player and future manager Tommy Rochester offers to coach Ashtead F.C.        
19= /11/55 Over confidence and peculiar refereeing cost Epsom at Tilbury.          
Nov 55 refernce in Epsom Herald to Ted Murphy "th= ere is little class about Murphy, only a determination to give of his best fo= r 90 minutes.
A strong rugged player who does his best to justify people's faith in him. Ted Day on the other hand is a player of class who= can feed
th= e forwards with delicately pushed passes. He is also very fast.            
N= ov 55 Gordon Cairns returns to Carshalton. Apparently didn't settle at either Walton or Epsom. Offered to play for Epsom in  
AC v Redhill before leaving, but club turned the offer down and Bill Blazey (22) was promoted to the first team in his first sea= son
in= Senior football. Blazey was a pay clerk with a tobacco firm and lived in Raynes Park.        
26/11/55 Future player George Mitchell is injured for Redhill and was off the field for 20 minutes. Future player Billy French = also
pl= ayed v Epsom that day. Attendance was approx 4,000 and Redhill won a tight game 2-1.        
No= v 55 An "Epsom supporter" writes in to complain about the critical reporting of the Redhill game.      
Dec 55 Doug Whitehead's view on Cairns was "If Ca= irns had not played well it would have been disheartening to the rest of the team.
They would have thought that as he was leaving, he was= not trying." This is responded to by the Herald who advised that clearly= the rest
of= the team were not considered knowledgeable enough to know when a player is not try= ing.      
De= c 55 Gordon Tillyer at Wimbledon                
3= /12/55 Programme states that supporters club are offering tickets for Bertram Mi= ls Circus at Olympia on Thurs 26/1/56.  
T= ickets are 15s , with seats at 12s 6d and 10s 6d, 8s and 6d, 7s, 6s, and 5s with children at half price, plus coach at 3s 6d.  
3/= 12/55 Bill Blazey plays the game of his life v Maidstone and scores two in a 5-0 win= .        
Ep= som Herald says that "John Berry is the best left half Epsom have had since the war".        
De= c 55 Bob Reynolds (31) joins from Bromley. Rep Honours: Kent. Formerly with Hounsl= ow.      
Dec 55 Herald also now says that Don Butler is the best keeper Epsom have had since the war, despite being impressed with Geoff Porter
on= ly back in September! Apparently he is much sounder although Porter had more brillia= nce.      
1= 0/12/55 Don Butler knocked out temporarily while saving a shot at point blank range. Murphy also scored from 30 yards out.  
B= utler is ex-Carshalton Ath, Redhill and Bromley and is more agile than Porter, who could be brilliant, but a little erratic.  
De= c 55 Dave Fillery signs Amateur forms with Chelsea. Both brothers live at Lillian R= oad, Mitcham.      
Bo= th players are at Maidstone having formerly been at Tooting & Mitcham.          
De= c 55 Bernard Smith and Gordon Cairns are now at Carshalton.            
D= ec 55 Bob Crane and Ron Ballard now playing for Carsh Res v Epsom, while Bernard Sm= ith, Ivor Hughes and Cairns play for  
th= eir first team v Epsom. Cairns scores. Don Butler and Ron Webb ex-Carshalton player= s v their old side.    
17= /12/55 87th minute equaliser for Edgware D 1-1              
Dec 55 Papers say Epsom are good but inconsistent. Ern= ie Watkins still prefers playing at left-half where he isn't as good as Ted<= /td>
Da= y, and he fell from grace in the eyes of the supporters by playing there.          
24= /12/55 Prog 18 + 19 + 20 all have same programme notes for xmas matches, but different team line ups.    
P= rogramme advises that they are accepting bookings for coaches to Tooting on 7/1/56 fare 2s 9d leaving Spring Hotel at 1.20  
an= d Epsom station at 1.15. Coaches also being run to Carshalton on 27/12/55.        
26= /12/55 Peter Smith HT for Carshalton Athletic as they win 5-0 at Colston Avenue.        
27/12/55 Dave Hermitage and Ron Webb dropped for this game. Hermitage watched the game from the stand. During the game
a = cross was cleared by Ernie Watkins on to the post. For some reason he then headed in the rebound for an o.g.!!    
Cairns scored twice v Epsom while Bernard Smith was a passenger for 2nd half. Butler was knocked out again for the 4th goal.
31= /12/55 Jan Sorensen pulls muscle. Passenger.              
Coach load of supporters went to Eastbourne. Also reference to Ted Murphy being very popular and keeps team mates laughing<= /td>
on= the coach.                  
Ea= stbourne scored after 30 seconds. Don Butler also saved a penalty in the second ha= lf.        
Ja= n 56 Johnny Hitchcock mentioned as a previous Epsom junior. A policeman in Sutton.        
Ja= n 56 Ron Ruffell leaves Leatherhead for Dorking.              
Ray Colfar (19) selected for Surrey v London Universit= y on 8/2/56 First player since Bill Cutter. Dave Hermitage picked as reserve.<= /td>
7/= 1/56 Very foggy day. Epsom play well, but not well enough and lose 0-2 to Tooting &= amp; Mitcham.      
Fu= ture players Paddy Hasty, Malcolm Robbins and Trevor Hall are in the Tooting line up.<= /td>        
Ja= n 56 Bill Nuth is the most underrated player at Epsom. Dependable. "A hard uncomprimising footballer".    
Ja= n 56 Brian Jobson is at Dorking                
Ja= n 56 New member of Committee is Dennis Yonge. Brother in law of all four Carpenter= s!        
14= /1/56 Both Fillerys play v Epsom. Ray scores.              
Ja= n 56 Doug Whitehead speaks highly of his new find Brian Jenkins before his debut.        
2= 1/1/56 Brian Jenkins (20) makes his debut for club. Currently requiring leave from RAF while he is stationed in Norfolk on  
National Service. Lives in Teddington and was discover= ed by club playing for Sunday side Teddington Gremlins in Bushey Park.
Jan 56 reference in Epsom Herald to Bernard Wales being only 22 and Ted Day being 21. Bill Purkiss is "only just out of his teens".
2= 1/1/56 2nd dance of season at Granada Restaurant, Epsom. Tickets 7s for two. Also supporters club enquiring about interest  
fo= r England v Scotland Amateur International on 24/3/56. Tickets 5s seating and 2s standing. Coach 3s 6d.    
Cl= ub berets also for sale at 4s 9d! Dance wasn't as well supported as they had hoped.=        
21= /1/56 Apparently the crowd was "very poor" for this game according to= a future programme.      
28/1/56 Former keeper Ken Elbrow now playing for Met Police with Roy Dymott. Brian Perkins unavailable for this match due to
ca= lls from the RAF. However, we still beat Yiewsley 4-1 with a Colfar hat trick.          
J= an 56 Future manager Bill Kennedy is at Kingstonian this season. Picture of him + team in 8/2/56 WEDS Surrey Comet  
Ja= n 56 Dave Hermitage chosen as Reserve for Surrey v London University at Kingstonian= on 08/02/56.      
Ja= n 56 former player John Hoy is at Leatherhead              
Ja= n 56 former player Bill Wiles is at Farncombe.              
Ja= n 56 Bobby Smith and G.Votier join from Beddington Corner.            
Ja= n 56 Mention of Bernard Wales being unavailable as he was a plumber, and was busy duri= ng the cold snap.    
4/= 2/56 Peter Osborne came in for Wales as Epsom defeat Grays Athletic 5-1 and was very good.      
Fe= b 56 Limited press coverage due to industrial dispute at the time.          
4/2/56 Grays prog refers to how the match with Epsom T= own in the late 20's was one of the highlights of their league programme.
4= /2/56 Jan Sorensen plays against Grays but rushes off straight after as his new son (Mick) is in hospital with pneumonia!  
11= /2/56 Worthing (H) is p-p for either snow or a frozen pitch, or both.          
18= /2/56 Prog issued for Tilbury (H)(L) but postponed. Number 25 - Prog Y          
25= /2/56 Yiewsley scored in "the very first seconds" v Epsom.            
3= /3/56 Ray Colfar and Dave Hermitage both selected for Corinthian League v Navy this day. The game is played at Maidstone  
Un= ited's London Road Ground, and has Colfar listed as B.Colfar. Prog Y.          
3/3/56 Reduced programme - printing dispute. Continues= for a few weeks, and programmes no longer numbered= from then.
Ed= gware player heard to say "we wuz robbed" but Edgware & District Post sa= ys that Edgware were just very poor.    
L= ocal Printing Dispute wipes out most papers for March 56. However, other papers are ok in Edgware and Uxbridge.  
1= 0/3/56 Colfar injured 1st half and requires hospital treatment. 10 men. Jenkins = goal on 51 minutes defeats Uxbridge at home.  
Mar 56 Norman Ambrose (27) joins. Previously with Kingstonian and Surbiton But he's been with reserves for much of the seas= on.
Ma= r 56 Michael Byrne at 24 the older brother of future England International Johnny Byrn= e is at Carshalton.    
17= /3/56 HT 0-0 v Erith, but goals after 49 and 72 minutes from Jenkins and Berry give Ep= som the win.      
Ra= y Colfar & Dave Hermitage selected to represent the Corinthian League v Isthmi= an League at Edgware 11/4/56    
24= /3/56 Gordon Tillyer debut for Wimbledon at Oxford City.            
Ap= r 56 Fred Stenning still playing at Vickers - has 39 goals            
Ap= r 56 Johnny Blizzard leaves Sutton for Sheppey.              
Ap= r 56 Peter Wood is at Kingstonian                
Apr 56 Future player Sid Law plays for Tottenham v Pal= ace (presume res or 'A') Due to sign Amateur forms soon. Currently with
Wo= rcester Park.                  
Ap= r 56 Paper attributes recent good form (19 points from 11 games) to Brian Jenkins joining in January.    
On= ly problem has been accommodating all his relatives who want to watch him!        
2/= 4/56 Lew Tucker to get married says prog.              
2/= 4/56 Epsom win 2-1 at Worthing despite a Bernard Wales mispen.          
7= /4/56 Ted Murphy gets hat trick v Erith & B, then dropped for Chesham game. Nor= man Ambrose gets one plus o.g., not<= /td>  
tw= o, as originally advised.                
14= /4/56 and 21/4/56 Jim Morris father of Graham plays in goal for Chesham at Epsom.        
14= /4/56 "Miserably small crowd" says an Epsom official to the papers at= the match. - See picture in archive.    
14= /4/56 Berry scores from rebound after an Ernie Watkins free kick from 30 yards had hit the bar.      
A= pr 56 George Mitchell (26) joins from Sheppey, having been at Redhill earlier in the season. Comes straight into side for  
C= hesham trip as Ernie Watkins can't get time off, and plays for reserves instead. Mitc= hell was a lift mechanic from Putney.  
2= 1/4/56 Epsom lose to bottom placed Chesham 1-0. Ground was bone dry and "the ball= was somewhat mis-shapen"!  
A= pr 56 Epsom apply for Athenian League but Carshalton Athletic get the space, despite finishing lower this season.  
It= was "following a custom that's now several years old" They only got re-elected to Corinthian League this year.    
Unfortunately, facilities just aren't good enough thou= gh. Reference to a few weeks ago when one of the conveniences was closed
for sanitary reasons. It apparently is unlikely to reo= pen. Where was this one. Presume not the one at the top of the hill, was there=
one further down the ground? There was one near the gr= and stand. Dressing rooms are also poor, but these will be upgraded soon.
Epsom had guaranteed floodlighting and new dressing ro= oms if they got elected. Poles were already in place for lighting which
ca= me next year, as did the dressing rooms that would then remain until 1993.          
Sutton win regional division of Met Police National championships. Epsom players Roy Dymott and Ken Elbrow both play for them=
with Dymott scoring 73 of the 83 goals that year. Ex-keeper Elbrow played regularly on the pitch and scored last week for t= hem!
Ap= ril 56 Worcester Park granted permission for stand holding 250. Still exists in = 2021 although hard to get 250 in it!    
April 56 Epsom devise a "lucky programme" sc= heme with the winners getting an FA Cup final ticket, but no one came forward = to
cl= aim them. Programme numbers were 310 and 328 in Chesham 14/4/56 programme.        
Cu= p Final tickets were being offered by touts this season at 10 each it was said.<= /td>        
25= /4/56 Leatherhead are the visitors for a challenge match. Ron Ruffell plays for Leatherhead. Epsom win 1-0.    
25/4/56 The game is refereed by former Epsom player and future top class linesman Charlie Holliday. Fee 20s and 1s expenses.
28= /4/56 No game for Epsom.                
3= 0/4/56 On the way to Maidenhead, the players were crossing Kingston Bridge, and Geo= rge Mitchell had his bag searched by  
de= tectives. Mistaken identity. Bob Reynolds unavailable for this match due to work commitments.      
M= aidenhead contained many guest players in both end of season matches v Epsom. Maidenhead were reported as playing  
ou= t the season in the first match. Even the ball provided was poor "dubious shape a= nd content" Ref was erratic too.    
I= t was replaced in the second half. Maidenhead had clear shouts for three penalt= ies but didn't get them. Epsom won 5-1.  
O= nly half a dozen supporters are at the game. 2 Penalty appeals are against Watkins f= or handball. Reardon (Slough) a guest,  
sc= ores Maidenhead's goal.                
Ma= y 56 Tommy Rochester is at Ashtead              
2/= 5/56 Final of Epsom & Ewell League Cup between Tweeddale OB and Sutton Common pl= ayed at Epsom    
B= ernard Wales and Dave Hermitage selected for Corinthian League v Delphian League at Wembley on 2/5/56. Hermitage was  
un= able to play but Wales played well in a 5-3 win. Prog =3D Y.            
2/= 5/56 Epsom are 3-0 up v Slough, but after a penalty, Slough fight back to 3-2. Two g= oals for Sorensen.    
2/= 5/56 Pat Lynch All Star XI play Wingate FC this day at Hall Lane, Hendon. Prog - Y=        
3= /5/56 a rejuvenated Maidenhead side win at Epsom. Epsom's only League defeat of 1= 956. They did not lose a league game  
at= home again until 30/4/57.                
5= /5/56 Kick off 6.45 to avoid FA Cup Final TV coverage. Prog advises that Bill Nuth w= as ever present this year. Printed before  
th= e Slough game though, so may still have missed this or Maidenhead (H)          
Programme also refers to a good season but "it is= a little disheartening at times to get a crowd of less that 1,000 from a borough
as= big as Epsom & Ewell"!                
May 56 Slough Centre play their last ever game at Belf= ast Avenue. Originally Slough Utd, and met Epsom Town in Cor League.
May 56 Herald says that "Epsom must be prepared f= or the day when this great player (Watkins) decides to retire from the game<= /td>
alt= hough this may not be for two or three seasons" Actually would go onto play for another 12 seasons!!    
Reserves: <= /td> Corinthian League Reserve Division              
Position 5th out of 14                  
Re= s Manager Fred Chitty Fred was a former player and also a plu= mber and advertised in the programme in 55/56  
Ne= ale Trophy 2nd Yiewsley 0-3       Epsom 3141  
SIC   5q Sutton United 2-7            
SICC   2nd Sutton Common 0-1            
20= /8/55 Lost 7-2 at Slough on opening day after being 2-0 up. Very hot day.          
27/8/55 George Clarke debut. Joined from Surbiton Town= and has played for Surrey Senior League. Made a pensave at Yiewsley
on= his debut but we still lost 4-1 there.              
3/= 9/55 Albert Streeter scores HT at Erith & B in Neale Trophy. Any relation to HS Streeter from the mid twenties?    
10/9/55 Programme refers to Derek Roshier playing this= day for the reserves in the unusual position of centre half. Normally a full<= /td>
ba= ck but did well and may play there again against Leatherhead.            
17/9/55 Programme Line Up for this match: Geoff Porter, Ken Allan, Tony Skipper, Norman Ambrose, Derek Roshier, Ken Ambrose
Go= rdon Tillyer, Albert Streeter, Bill Blazey, Brian Pell, Johnny Blunden          
1= 7/9/55 Blunden scores all 4 goals v Leatherhead in SIC. Eric Dukelow and Len Low= der play for Leatherhead in this game.  
24= /9/55 Reserves get a 3-3 draw at Grays Athletic with Bill Blazey scoring twice = and Streeter getting the other.    
Su= tton Advertiser says Hayes scored one of Blazey's goals. Check Herald          
1/= 10/55 No game for Reserves this day.              
8/10/55 Bill Blazey scores seven v Woodside Albion in = SIC. Woodside played in Shirley and had beaten Epsom Old Grammarians
Pr= og must be wrong though as Norman didn't join the club until March according to my n= otes above.      
1= 5/10/55 Programme Line Up for this match: George Clarke, Ted Day, C.Prime, Peter Osborne. Lew Tucker, Ken Ambrose  
Go= rdon Tillyer, Norman Ambrose, Johnny Weaving, Brian Hayes, Johnny Blunden        
22= /10/55 Ron Webb debut. Formerly with Bromley and Carshalton Athletic.          
2= 9/10/55 Jock Forbes produced an "extremely good display" against Worcester P= ark as we win 2-0 in SIC says programme.  
5/= 11/55 No game for Reserve Team.                
12= /11/55 Maidstone are defeated 5-1 and Epsom have a very strong forward line now.=        
3/= 12/55 No game for Reserve Team.                
17/12/55 John Weaving scores 4 at home to Grays Athlet= ic in 6-1 win. Programme advises the other scores as Tony Bates and
No= rman Ambrose but I think it was Terry Bates.              
2= 4/12/55 Programme Line Up for this match: George Clarke, Bob Reynolds, Ken Ambros= e, Dave "Jock" Forbes, Lew Tucker,  
Bi= ll Purkiss, Charlie Hewlett, Terry Bates, Johnny Weaving, Norman Ambrose, Johnny Hitchcock      
24= /12/55 Danny Coughlin playing for Sutton Res. Former Junior and brief first teamer at Epsom.      
Colin Tong says that he played and scored in this match but the papers say John Weaving got two. I believe Colin so will amend.
In= fact Colin tells me that the ball came to him from Weaving.            
26= /12/55 Future player Norman Dearlove plays for Carshalton Reserves v Epsom. Livi= ng at Vernon Road.    
D= ec/Jan Prog H(21) was issued for either Worthing 31/12 or Sutton Common 7/1 or Tilbury 14/1. The others were not issued=  
ac= cording to prog numbers.                
21/1/56 Prog says that Ken Allan, Johny Hitchcock, and Bill Blazey all had to pull out while Bill Purkiss was called up as a res= erve
fo= r the first team this day. We are then hammered 5-0 at Maidenhead United.          
11= /2/56 Worthing (A) is p-p. Frozen / snow.              
18/2/56 Three new players take the field against Worth= ing. Bobby Smith (c-f), who joined from Beddington Corner, Don Burgess
c= entre-half from Carshalton Athletic, and Bob Staines an outside right who had one ga= me for the A Team and scored a HT but  
not clear who it was against. My records said this mat= ch was on 25/02/56 but it was played the Saturday before. Confirmed by
Wo= rthing Herald.                  
1= 0/3/56 Originally due to travel to Erith & Belvedere this day but game chang= ed and we visited Uxbridge instead, winning 3-1.  
30/3/56 Programme Line Up for this match: Ray Watkins, Dave "Jock" Forbes, Ken Ambrose, Bill Purkiss, Lew Tucker, Ted Murphy,
Bo= b Staines (listed as J.Staines), Norman Ambrose, Johnny Weaving, G.Hastings, Johnny Hitchcock      
3= 0/3/56 Lew Tucker missing as he got married on Easter Monday. However Easter Monday = was 2/4/56 so not clear if he  
mi= ssed the Monday or all Easter games.              
2/= 4/56 Gordon Sanders returns from injury for this game as we defeat Maidstone Reserves= 3-0 at West Street.    
7/= 4/56 No game for Reserves.                
14/4/56 Programme Line Up for this match: George Clark= e, Gordon Sanders, Ken Ambrose, Peter Osborne, Dave "Jock" Forbes,=
Te= d Murphy, Bob Staines, Bill Purkiss, Johnny Weaving, Brian Hayes, Johnny Hitchcock<= /td>        
2= 1/4/56 Entire defensive line plays well as Edgware are defeated 5-0 at West Stre= et. All played well says programme.  
23/4/56 Ernie Watkins couldn't get time off from work = to get to Chesham United so asked to play for the Reserves as long as he
wasn't displacing someone else. As it was Ken Ambrose travelled as a first team reserve so there was a space. We still lost 2-1 at
Ca= rshalton Athletic.                  
2= 8/4/56 Programme Line Up for this match: George Clarke, Dave "Jock" Forbes, Ken Ambrose, Peter Osborne, Lew Tucker,  
Bi= ll Purkiss, Terry Morcomb, Brian Hayes, Johnny Weaving, Ted Murphy, Johnny Hitchcock<= /td>      
28/= 4/56 Uxbridge are defeated 2-1 at West Street.              
'A= ' Team: Surrey Combination                
Position: 2nd out of 9 (says prog but no final ta= ble)              
'A= ' team Manager Ron Gibbs                
LC F Woking   3-4            
SJC 4q Crescent Rovers=   3-4            
24= /9/55 Beddington Corner Reserves are beaten 2-0 but Epsom Herald says 2-1. Check!                
1/= 10/55 Epsom draw 1-1 at Kingstonian with our goal coming= from former K's player Peter Osborne. Would go on to reach first team.<= /td>                
8/= 10/55 two players didn't show for the A team so we had= a Reserve and Mick Simmonds also played at centre half as we beat                
Wa= lton & Hersham 3-0 at home.                
22= /10/55 A goal down with three minutes to play, but won 6-5 v Kingstonian in League Cup.        
29= /10/55 Carshalton (A) is not played. Game cancelled by Carshalton Athletic.        
5/= 11/55 A rare goal from a left back as Payne gets one of our nine against Sutton Corinthians Reserves.    
2= 4/12/55 Walton (A) is p-p. Probably Epsom's request as some A team players played= for the Reserves against Sutton.  
31= /12/55 Molesey (H) is p-p.                
14= /1/56 Epsom lose 5-1 at Woking.                
21= /01/56 No game for the A team.                
28= /1/56 Epsom calculated 5-2 win at Banstead Athletic this day.            
11= /2/56 @ Poulter Park                  
25= /2/56 Woking (H) is p-p.                
3= /3/56 Probable date for a 3-0 home defeat v Wimbledon. It could be a week later= but the indications lead me to 3rd March.  
17= /3/56 Woking are beaten 7-0 at West Street in a match that followed the first team.        
17/3/56inc League table produced showing 13 of 16 games played. GD doesn't tally and there are variations in reported results.
T= he Herald has us down as beating Woking 9-0 (not 7-0), and Carshalton Ath 6-2 (not = 6-3) and losing to Sutton 1-4 (not 1-3).  
It= is likely one or two of these are actually correct.              
I think Woking was 7-0 as the programme refers to Bob Smith scoring 13 of our last 22 goals in three games v Woking, Kingstonia= n,
an= d Banstead Athletic which ties up with the results being 7-0, 12-0 and 3-1 (aet).        
31= /3/56 despite Epsom being down to ten men for almost all of extra time, Banstead are defeated 3-1 in LC SF.    
7/= 4/56 5.15 k.o. after Erith & Belvedere first team game at West Street.          
7= /4/56 We defeated Molesey this day according to the match programmes but the score= is unknown. Some players are listed.  
14= /4/56 final league game at Walton. This match was drawn and handed the title to Wokin= g.      
'A' team reach final of Surrey Combination League Cup = for second year in succession. They lost 4-3 to Woking 'A'. K.O. 5.30pm
a= fter leading 3-1 with 15 minutes left. Stan Williams put the ball on the head of Charl= ie Hewlett who Stan believes scored two  
o= f the goals. Colin Tong, who I met with Stan in 2011 also played in this match. Stan Williams would leave for Worcester  
Pa= rk in 1956.                  
2= 8/4/56 Bobby Smith, Charlie Hewlett and Carr are selected for the Combination League v Sutton & District League this day.  
Players listed are Brian Woolins, Vic Gough, Peter Osborne, Mick Simmons, Charlie Hewlett, Terry Bates, Duley, Stan Williams= ,
Pa= yne, Hartshorn, Carr, Bobby Smith, Bob Murray              
5/= 5/56 Programme advises that Bob Murray has not missed a game for the A team th= is season and that we are runners up.