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C O M M E N T S    /  H I G H L I G H T S
CL Position 9th out of 14                
FAC  Pr Woking   3-4            
AC Pr Woodford Town 1-5            
LC/MS F Hounslow   1-2 @Eastbourne Saffrons      
SSC 1st Dulwich Hamlet 2-4            
President   Alderman G.C.A.Mann              
Chairman   F.M. "Mac" Stewart v-c W.V.Townsend (retiring Chairman)      
Secretary   Ernest Fletcher Asst W.Mansey        
Treasurer   A.M.Thompson Asst H.J.Wright          
Pl= ayer/Coach Bill Whittaker & Fred Aldred (Train= er) and coach by February. Had Whittaker left?    
Pu= blicity Secretary S.H. Herbert originally elected but res= igned and replaced by Don (DJ) Proctor.    
Committee   Sid Bristow, EJ.Blair, WI.Bowe (v-p), WH Challis, Fred Chitty, JE Greenleaf, RH Gurr    
    SH Herbert, Reg Marlow, George (GE) Mas= on, G.Osborne, DD Rice, HG Sherman, SJ Rose, Ted Wheal  
    W.Challis resigned 3/9/51, SH Herbert r= esigned 13/8/51 and replaced by KW Mansey    
Se= lection Committee Sid Bristow, Fred Chitty, FM Stewart, W= ilfred (WH) "Bronk" Challis, Reg Marlow    
Ho= me Ground:  West Street, Ewell K.O. 3.30 and 3.15 for FAC tie v Woking=      
Cl= ub Colours Light & Dark Blue   Change Colours Red & Black      
Ad= ditional first and second team records in THE BOOK.            
Ju= ne 51 Supporters AGM was reported as much better than last year, with no en mas= se resignations, or dissolution    
s= uggested. However, the outlook is still stormy. They complain that the parent club doesn't help them but the Herald  
 says it should be the other way around. "Affairs are still in a muddle"          
8/= 6/51 Epsom Juniors hold a dinner dance at the Organ Inn to celebrate winning the Eps= om & Ewell League and    
ru= nners up in the Surrey Minor Cup. Dennis Lane listed as Juniors Club Secretary.        
D= ennis's dad GN Lane was the League Secretary and C Peacock was the League Chairman. F= red Chitty says that within  
 four years, seven players will play fo= r the First team. Wasn't far off with prediction. W15 of 18 matches. F113 A21    
J= une 51 WC Taylor critical of the Herald report of the Supp AGM. He raises good poin= ts concedes the papers, but they  
re= serve judgement until the end of the season.              
A= GM 18/6/51. F.M. Stewart is elected Chairman, replacing the retiring Chairman Bill Townsend, who remains as v-c.  
S= tewart says he is fully aware of the magnitude of the problems which confront the clu= b, and promises a season of action.  
Bi= ll Townsend praised the Juniors success in their short existence.          
P= roposal submitted to raise membership costs from 10s 6d to 1 guinea (21s). WC Tay= lor explained that it would be more  
l= ikely to get members in if the costs were lower and proposed a lowering to 5s which was carried. He said that last year  
th= ere were plenty of people walking around wearing Epsom FC badges but not now.        
P= resident GCA Mann was re-elected as President with new Secretary Ernest Fletcher, who = had previous experience in  
th= e North. Came from Norton, but not sure when he became an Epsom member.        
W = Mansey elected Asst Secretary. Plenty of experience with the Kent FA          
2= 7 vice presidents elected en bloc, and Mr L Anderson, E.Shelbert, and L. Prince elected Honorary Life Members for  
fo= rmer club services.                  
29= /6/51 Epsom are re-elected to the Corinthian League.            
Ju= ne 51 Supporters Club are invited by the parent club to meet for discussion on = the ground next Monday 2/7/51.    
Th= e meeting was cordial.                
Ju= ne 51 Mention made about having to seek re-election in the past two years, and hoping to avoid a third one.    
As= a result, Bill Whittaker, former Kingstonian and Brentford Amateur International is appointed on 25/6/51 as the    
c= lubs coach. Gave up playing several seasons ago and had coached with Leatherhead and Malden Town. At Malden last year.  
He= began his playing career at Sutton, where he broke his leg. He then moved on to Nun= head where he was captain    
be= fore joining Kingstonian.                
Th= e club says that this will have no bearing on the position of Sid Faggetter who was player/coach. However, Sid    
le= ft shortly afterwards for Hounslow.              
Ju= ly 51 Twickenham now at Beveree, but would lose lease to Hampton in a few years= .        
Ju= ly 51 Micky Mays appointed trainer at Carshalton Athletic, Fred Aldred leaves Carshal= ton for Epsom in    
Au= gust, after meeting Ernest Fletcher while both were on holiday in Bournemouth.        
Al= dred replaces Harry Marsh who was popular with the players, but was unavailable for this season.      
Fr= ed's grandson Matt Shelton has provided the following information:          
Fr= ederick John Aldred DOB - 19/08/09 - living at 58 Milton Road, Kingston - DOD 07/10/92= in Sutton.      
Ma= rried: Rose Mesnekoff on 23/07/32 with one daughter Gloria (Matt's mum) who was born = on 12/05/33.    
Matt advises that Fred was a coachmaker for London Transport for most of his working life, mainly at the Merton Garage. He l= ived in
W= hitechapel originally but moved shortly afterwards to Peterborough Road, Carshalton where he lived for the rest of his life.  
H= e not only coached football but was a rower and taught the local kids swimming too, doing much sport within the Community.  
J= uly 51 A strong selection committee is formed (see above). Training starts on 17/7= /51 and continues every Tuesday  
an= d Thursday. Trial matches arranged for 1/8/51, 4/8/51 and 8/8/51 with a challenge aga= inst Redhill planned for 11/8    
al= though this was blocked by Surrey FA, and replaced by a possibles v probables match.<= /td>      
Ju= ly 51 Reference to Alderman GCA Mann being Deputy Mayor at this time.        
Ju= ly 51 Enthusiastic supporters have been painting the clubhouse, dressing room a= nd railings. Mainly due to Joe    
R= ose, who was Chairman of the three man Ground Committee. Retarring of the stand, and painting of clubhouse and dressing   
ro= oms had been undertaken.                
J= uly 51 Season Tickets are to remain at 25s and no admission increase. Paper says Epsom are the only local club in the  
bi= g 5 leagues not to increase.                
Ju= ly 51 Reported that Epsom were likely to be relegated if they finished bottom of the Corinthian League again.    
2= 7/7/51 reported by Herald that a letter had been received from Mr W.E.Green a founder member of the club and Secretary  
fr= om inception (says paper) in 1923/24 until his retirement in 1931. He now lives in retirement in Cliftonville, and had    
a= lso been Secretary of Margate for three years while they were Arsenal's nursery cl= ub. 38 Windsor Avenue, Cliftonville.  
M= r Green was also connected with the previous Epsom club in 1910, and received a long service award in 1924 from the  
cl= ub. THE BOOK was started in 1931, and it was started by the next Secretary Sid Basford= .      
In= his letter he referred to taking an interest as a born and bred Epsomian, and gives advice as to how to repeat the     
s= uccess years from 25/26 to 32/33 and also the FA Cup appearance (he said 2nd round) against Clapton Orient who  
we= re third in Division 3 at the time.                
H= e suggests a focus on local players, but accepts that this seems unlikely in this day = and age, although he suggests  
mo= re encouragement should be made. He also supports the idea of a "virile supporters club" that didn't encroach on    
th= e parent club, and vice versa. A good supporter is a member of both clubs in his opinion. "Good luck to them all!"    
Ho= pes to visit club in October and hopes to be accepted as a member.          
P= ublicity Secretary Don Proctor says that heavy rain has greatly improved the surfa= ce of the pitch. He also responds to Mr   
Gr= een's letter to say that things are already being put in place to improve this year. He writes quite a long letter    
d= etailing the credentials of the new people involved. Somewhat arrogant response in kee= ping with other club releases  
th= roughout the 50's and 60's.                
S= eason tickets are to remain at 25s for the season. Programme price rises to 3d because of printing and paper costs.  
In= defence, the programme advised that Epsom are one of the few clubs who have not ra= ised admission.    
A= ug 51 reference to P.O.Engineers now having two covered stands with accommodati= on for 600. Old one damaged by fire.  
Au= g 51 Ernie Watkins advised as club captain. Papers say he has done this before.        
C = Van den Steen joins from Cobham. Scored twice v Epsom in AC last season.        
6= /8/51 Ground was to be used for an Amateur Boxing match between Epsom Racing Lads Club= and Lambourne RLC  
at= 7.30. However, it was washed out twice, and does not appear to have taken place= .        
Me= ntion of Surbiton Town and Malden Town having appeared in last few years as Senior clubs, and reducing    
Wo= rcester Park's catchment area.                
Au= g 51 Steve Tillyer returns from a bout of ill health last season and will coach the Reserves this season.    
A= ug 51 5 new players: Ken Elbrow (Croydon Rovers - appear to have folded this year), G= erry Langdown (Gloucester C)  
J= im Allen (Redhill), Johnny French (Edgware), and B.Alberis (Finchley). Also Bernard Smith (18) from Epsom Juniors, but he  
d= idn't stay long, and went on to Carshalton then Kingstonian after playing at Epsom, = but would return in 1962/63 after injury.  
A= ug 51 Tommy Rochester rejoins from Surbiton Town, while Sid Faggetter and Fred Boatwr= ight were believed to have  
re= tired. Both had joined from Erith & B, while Rochester had also played for Leatherhead and Malden Town.    
Fa= ggetter actually went to Hounslow in the end.              
Au= g 51 Financial position at club is a little better than last year.          
25= /8/51 Ken Allan on holiday and unavailable              
25= /8/51 "Fairly large crowd" for Hounslow game. Geoff Hounslow, ex-Kingstonian keeper plays for Hounslow!    
Ex= captain and long serving player "Brother" George Mackesy came along to watch the game and hopes to be    
as= sociated with the club again soon. Currently Landlord of the Trinity Arms in Borou= gh High Street, SE1.    
Se= pt 51 Slough playing at Dolphin Stadium. Had been there since 45-46.          
1/= 9/51 Slough score one penalty but miss a second one wide. However, referee decides th= at Elbrow moved and     
or= dered a retake. This one was taken by a different player but went high instead!        
3/= 9/51 Bronk Challis resigns from Committee.              
Se= pt 51 Mr Stanley Wooton has presented the club with a mascot in the shape of two racing plates connected with    
h= is racehorse Golden Sally, which had won £5k in prize money. They will appear in the stands adorned with the club colours.  
Se= pt 51 Denis Ford rejoins club from Sutton, as does Maurice Baker.          
Al= so Ron Orford from Erith & B. Previously with Sutton and Dulwich. Listed in Reserves last season at Epsom.     
M= ention of Sutton Rugby Club being formed as an offshoot of Sutton Bicycle club in 1= 881. Became Sutton & Epsom  
later on.                    
8= /9/51 Former Secretary Billy Green pays a visit to Epsom. He comes and visits every ye= ar says the programme, but this is  
th= e first reference to him doing so.                
8/9/51 Epsom defeat Edgware 3-1 in the Memorial Shield with a hat trick from Tommy Wright. Future player Glyn Hinshelwood plays<= /td>
fo= r Edgware Town but Bill Goddard isn't in the team.            
1= 5/9/51 Future player Bill Wiles played and scored for Woking v Epsom. Surrey Com= et gives crowd as an ambitious 1,400.  
15= /9/51 Gerry Langdown injured during game but resumed after attention. John Hoy also injured and defence had to    
S= ept 51 Ernie Watkins named as a reserve for Surrey v Royal Navy at Kingstonian on 22/9= /51. Doesn't play. Left Epsom later in   
se= ason for Leatherhead, but returned the following year.            
Se= pt 51 Former player Fred Stenning leaves Leatherhead for Cobham.          
Se= pt 51 Devas played at Merton Abbey.              
S= ept 51 Bill Goddard joins from Edgware. He had lost his place through injury. He is advised in Advertiser as D.Goddard and is   
expected to play on 22/9/51 for the Reserves at home to Erith & Belvedere but doesn't and debuts a week later at Chesham Reserves.
22/9/51 Ken Elbrow saves Epsom from double figure defe= at. Harry Brind scores 4 for Woodford. He was the future Surrey CC groundsman= .
22= /9/51 Ex-player Len Bridgman now club captain at Woodford.          
23= /9/51 Cricket match between Wandgas Worcester Park and Epsom FC at Grafton Road. Ground still exists.    
E= psom team comprised of players and officials. Game arranged by Fred Chitty. Hopes it will become an annual fixture.  
E= psom scored 69 with Roy Marlow (10) and George Mason (20). Then Fred Chitty took 4 fo= r 11 as Wandgas were out for 62.  
M= ac Stewart got 3 for 25 and the slip fielders Ken Elbrow and Ray Chenery "particularly good in the slips". Entertained  
af= terwards by Fred Chitty "who is no mean comedian".            
Se= pt 51 Mention of P.O.Engineers having a fire at their ground in Plough Lane, Wallington in 1947. This led to the     
c= lub having to fold temporarily in 1948. 8 players then joined Epsom, including Jack Macdonald, who is now back with <= /td>  
PO= Engineers. Their manager is Frank D. Rawkins - 34 apps in 48-49 for Epsom.        
J= ack McDonald is selected for the London League v Spartan League at Dartford on 03/10/5= 1. He previously represented them   
in= 1948/49 v Royal Navy.                
S= ept 51 another former Epsom and PO Engineer Len Bridgman is now Captain of Woodf= ord Town in London League.  
Se= pt 51 Gerry Saffery is now at Tooting & M. N.Griffiths is now at St Albans.        
La= te September it appears that the Mitcham Stadium has been vacated by Croydon Rovers, a= nd is being used by    
M= illwall A team this season. It doesn't last for many years, although one stand went= to Leyton Orient where it remains  
to= this day - Dec 2018.                
Se= pt 51 Nat Kennell is now at Bromley. Previously at Sutton before joining us.        
Se= pt 51 Gordon Disborough is now at Gravesend & Northfleet in the Southern League.        
29= /9/51 Ernie Watkins scores an 80th minute winner after Epsom had lost a 2-0 lead.        
Pr= ogramme refers to new clinker being laid around the ground.            
Se= pt 51  Bernard Canham is at Malden Town              
Se= pt 51 Roy Dymott is at Leatherhead              
Oc= t 51 Bill Wiles is at Woking                
Oc= t 51 Glyn Hinshelwood transfers from Edgware to Tooting & Mitcham. Formerly also with Hendon.      
Oc= t 51 Jim Allen picked for London Stock Exchange v Brussels and Paris Bourse @ Brus= sels on 13/10/51.    
Th= ey beat Paris 1-0 and draw with Brussels 1-1.              
Oc= t 51 Ron Lomax joins from Guildford City. Had played once or twice for their South= ern League team.    
6/= 10/51 Goddard debut v Chesham. "Little doubt that he will prove a big asse= t to the club" says Advertiser.    
A= ccording to Ray Chenery, Goddard was a popular player, although not too quick, but di= dn't need to be, as his heading was   
su= perb. He wore odd turned up boots, "like far east slippers".            
Go= ddard made his debut while Ray was reserve manager.            
6= /10/51 Epsom fight back from 2-0 down, and Lomax hits a cross shot that glances the bar and appeared to cross the  
li= ne, but referee consulted with the linesman and did not allow it. Epsom were dispirited and lost 4-2 as a result.    
6/= 10/51 Papers say "large crowd" at Chesham for this match. Both Lomax and God= dard score on their debuts.    
6= /10/51 Epsom increase admission from Oct 20. Ground entrance is now 1s instead of 9d, = and 9d instead of 6d for Reserves.  
St= and remains at an extra 9d.                
Oc= t 51 Jan Sorensen and Stan Scott playing for Sutton.            
Oc= t 51 Eddie Dukelow and Gordon Brogdale line up for Worthing Res on 6/10/51        
O= ct 51 Tommy Wright selected for Corinthian League v Spartan League @ Chesham 27/10/51. Scores once in an 8-2 win.  
13= /10/51 Epsom lose 2-1 to 2 own goals. A back pass from Langdown and a deflected free k= ick off of Watkins.    
13= /10/51 Supporters Club Membership advised in programme as 2s for adults and 1s f= or children under 18.    
2= 0/10/51 Musto unfit. Unavailable. Eastbourne made 8 team changes to programme. Ep= som recover from 2-0 down to  
le= ad 3-2 only to let an equaliser in after 86 minutes. Referee booed off at HT for not awarding a penalty to Epsom.    
27= /10/51 Epsom are 2-0 down at Worcester Park but recover to win in Extra time.        
Ep= som had offered Worcester Park a switch to West Street for a larger gate, but they declined.      
2= 7/10/51 Tommy Wright scores first goal for Corinthian League v Spartan League at Chesham W8-2. His first Cor rep game.  
O= ct 51 Herald refers to Gerry Langdown as "one of the coolest players in the Leagu= e, though he has not yet mastered the  
te= chnique of passing to one of his own players". "In fact only John Hoy can = be relied upon to do this."    
3/= 11/51 Rochester injured early 2nd half - torn thigh muscle. 10 men. Stan Scott scores four for Sutton v Finchley.    
No= v 51 Ernie Watkins leaves the club for Leatherhead but would eventually return.        
Er= nie wrote to say that "he had lost his place to a great player (Jim Allen) and a = good club man"      
Ji= m Allen also becomes club captain.              
No= v 51 Vic Legrand joins Worthing from Epsom Reserves too            
No= v 51 J.Cashman is keeper for Tufnell Park v Woking. Is that the former Epsom keeper?      
3= /11/51 Epsom played in red and black this day, although paper says Rochester was capta= in after Ernie's departure..  
10= /11/51 Football club dance at Church House, Epsom. Tickets are 2s 6d.        
10= /11/51 Jim Allen groin injury. Unavailable.              
N= ov 51 Bobby Musto set to join the army at xmas and a possible replacement is suggeste= d as Stan Hopkins signed   
fr= om Redhill. Never played for the first team though.              
Al= so mention of Ivor Hughes coming up from the Juniors and now playing well.        
10= /11/51 Epsom 2-0 down again after 39 minutes but win 4-2 with four goals from Bill Goddard.       
1= 7/11/51 Programme refers to a gift of a pair of knitted football socks from a neighbour whose garden the ball often visits!  
17= /11/51 Epsom recover from 2-0 down in 48 minutes but win 3-2. Ron Orford puts keeper a= nd ball in the net with     
&q= uot;a perfect shoulder charge" for the first goal. 4th time in 5 games that Epsom had recovered from being 2-0 down.    
R= ecoveries partly credited to new trainer Fred Aldred, but Epsom were lucky this wee= k, as Uxbridge hit the bar twice in the  
f= irst half. Reference to a small band of supporters who stand opposite the main stand= in all weathers. Conditions were poor.  
N= ov 51 Stan Scott selected for Surrey v Berks & Bucks on 28/11/51. Previously with Kingstonian before joining Sutton.  
No= v 51 Ron Webb leaves Tooting & Mitcham for Bromley.            
N= ov 51 Epsom supporters club offer a club tie to one of the players every time they wi= n a game. Captain to draw a name out.  
Do= any still exist?                  
2= 4/11/51 Surbiton Town game is abandoned after 5 minutes of extra time as a result= of fog/bad light. Replay required.  
S= urbiton were bottom of Surrey Senior League at the time, and paper said it was Epsom's worst display of the season.  
Su= rbiton Town play at Riverhill. Probably formed in 1949. Former player Pat Jordan is b= ack at Surbiton as captain.    
No= v 51 Cecil Weller resigns as Leatherhead Coach - Fred Stenning rejoins        
D= ec 51 Ernie Watkins is at Leatherhead and is named Captain of Delphian League rep sid= e v Pegasus @ Dagenham on 27/12/51  
1/= 12/51 Reference to Fred Chitty playing for Epsom Reserves this day after a while away from the game.    
8= /12/51 Paper says " the white ball was used throughout and it was the only thing = that shone in the match" Epsom were 3-1  
up= but Surbiton fought back before Epsom got the winner 6 minutes from the end. 8/12/51.       
V= ery wet conditions at Surbiton, with the only cover being a few sheets of corruga= ted iron on a shed. Papers referred to  
a = little band of supporters who stood out in the wet for the whole game.          
De= c 51 Informal social evening at clubhouse.              
De= c 51 Denis Ford unavailable before xmas due to work.            
15= /12/51 Rochester injured in first half and had to leave field twice. Eventual passenger.      
15= /12/51 Elbrow pen save (85) from Brooks of Uxbridge. Still lost 5-2          
22/12/51 Fantastic win at Eastbourne in the League Cup= by four goals to two. First away win over a Corinthian side sinnce entering = the League.
25= /12/51 Epsom throw 2-0 lead against Carshalton Ath, and drew 2-2. 11am k.o. No program= me issued.    
26= /12/51 Ken Allan unavailable with a pulled leg muscle. Gordon Cairns plays for Carshalton in both xmas games.    
A= ccording to Ray Chenery, he injured a player in this game, and it turned out that they had a break. During the second half, a  
w= oman who stood behind the goal called Carshalton Annie, hit Ray with her umbrella = as he went to take a goal kick!! The referee  
to= ok no action and thought it was funny!              
2= 9/12/51 "Mud takes the honours at West Street". Patches of green in 4 corners and ankle deep mud everywhere else.  
29= /12/51 Biggest crowd of season at West Street sees 5 goals in first 27 minutes. Dulwich win 4-2.      
2= 9/12/51 Bobby Musto (21) received a writing set from the Supporters Club to commemorate his leaving for the forces.  
Ho= wever, he doesn't actually leave for another month or two.            
D= ec 51 Cliff Banham joins from Eton Manor. Previously Amateur Cup winner in 1947 with Leytonstone (2-1 v Wimbledon).  
A= mateur Cup Final programme of 1947 says: "Left-half. An ex-Guardsman, he won his Army colours at soccer, rugger, boxing,  
c= ricket, swimming, running and field events. Joined Leytonstone in 1946/47. Capped against the French Army before the war,   
he= has represented the Army and Essex County during the past two seasons.        
Jan 52 Don Proctor refers to a membership of 150 of the Supporters Club and that we needed more. Carshalton have over 1,000 apparently.
The papers assert that there is "an attitude of apathy that has unfortunately hung like a miasma over West Street for a l= ong long time."
&q= uot;Don't be content to watch and criticise".              
Ja= n 52 Bernard Canham is at Malden Town              
5/= 1/52 Vic Honey joins. Ex Sutton and Carshalton Ath. Cliff Banham to make debut.        
V= ic Honey was a Sergeant in Malaya while ex-committee member Wilf Smith was there during the war. A bit of a ladies man  
wh= o was also good friends with Denis Ford.              
R= ay Chenery remembers him as an elegant footballer, and very quick, neat and sharp. However, Denis Ford "did the brainy bit  
for him".=                      
Ja= n 52 Tommy Kerner joins Bromley from Tooting & Mitcham after losing his regular place.      
Jan 52 Epsom Herald referred to P.Davis a former Marine Crosby player who had also played for Notts County first team being expec= ted to
jo= in the club. He is a forward. It turned out that he was P.Davie but he only ever played for the Reserves in the end.    
It also transpired that the Herald had been given wrong information and that he had never played for Notts County! The Herald apologised in print.
12/1/52 club announce the death of loyal supporter Art= hur Green, brother of former Secretary Billy Green. Must have been Albert not Arthur.
Al= so reference to two future dances at the Organ Inn planned for 2nd Feb and 22nd March. Tickets 2s.    
Be= tween 8/12/51 and 12/1/52, Bill Goddard scored in 8 straight games (11 goals)        
Jan 52 Reference in Epsom Herald to Tommy Wright losing his place to Vic Honey on the right wing and maybe he could play on the l= eft, but
he= doesn't and leaves the club.                
Also reference to our lowest gate of the season against Maidenhead. Herald refers to "hidden supporters" and that we are playing well.
19= /1/52 Eastbourne overrun Epsom. Elbrow saves them from a double figure defeat. Future player Glyn Hinshelwood    
pl= ays for Eastbourne.                  
26= /1/52 Epsom record first away League win since 5/3/49 at Royal Navy Depot. First away Corinthian League    
wi= n in their third year in the League.              
26/1/52 Ken Elbrow gets married to Janet Gould in the morning, and captains side at Maidenhead in the afternoon in Jim Allen's absence. Bill
G= oddard was also unavailable with a painful carbuncle so John Hoy played up front. Di= dn't do much, but scored the winner (88)  
26= /1/52 Poor surface - weather related.              
2= 6/1/52 On the way home, Epsom stopped to celebrate at a pub, only to find that behi= nd the bar was Cliff Banham and Gerry  
L= angdown's old Sargeant-Major from the war! Banham said that he had been put in the guard room regularly by this person.  
Th= ey all got on well though. They were both in the Grenadier Guards.          
F= eb 52 Discussion about why Ernie Watkins left for Leatherhead earlier in the season. Apparently, he was rested for the Grays  
g= ame in November, where Epsom got a draw. According to Press Secretary Don Procto= r, Watkins himself commented that   
E= psom had played so well, the Committee shouldn't change the side, and he then appl= ied to play for Leatherhead, where  
he= would remain for the season, returning next August.            
Fe= b 52 Future player Ron Ballard joins Carshalton Ath from Clapton.          
F= eb 52 Future player Reg Walker joins from Sutton. Unable to get a regular place this season, so Sutton let him move, but  
wa= s expected back at Sutton's trials next season. He actually would go to Carshalton A= th instead. Debut 9/2/52.    
R= eg returned for a longer spell in future years. Eventually ran a pub in Carshalton and died within the last year (2005). There was  
a = report in the Guardian according to Bernard Smith.            
9/= 2/52 A minutes silence is held at Hounslow for King George VI, who died on 6/2/52.         
Sp= ectators sang National anthem and Abide With Me            
Fe= b 52 Mention of future player Brian Brumwell the Essex Table tennis player entering the Surrey Open along with    
Jo= hnny Leach, defending champion and who recently lost his World Title in Bombay.        
F= eb 52 Bobby Musto now goes into forces, so Stan Scott rejoins from Sutton. Sutton supporters upset, and one even  
wr= ote in to papers to complain. Musto was to be stationed in Enniskillen for his Nati= onal Service.      
F= eb 52 Fulham player Charlie Mitten, who was a friend of Denis Ford, came to give a team talk, and brought Eddie Lowe  
wi= th him, another Fulham player.                
9/= 2/52 Cope HT for Hounslow v Epsom.              
Fe= b 52 Stan Scott joins from Sutton United.              
Fe= b 52 Bill Fraser is coach at Walton during this time. Very successful..          
16= /2/52 Bobby Musto captains side for one game before leaving.          
16= /2/52 Epsom go 1-0 down but win 8-1 in League Cup SF v Maidenhead Utd.        
23= /2/52 Ill feeling throughout match at Grays leads to Cliff Banham being sent off (8= 5).        
23= /2/52 2 penalties awarded, both against Jim Allen, and both are unfortunate. Elbr= ow saves one of them.    
23= /2/52 Reference in home Juniors programme that the tea bar by the dressing room= s is operating.      
Fe= b 52 reference to Cliff Banham and Johnny Hoy having the long throw in their armoury.      
Fe= b 52 Tommy Wright now signed for Hounslow.              
Ma= r 52 Future player Jan Sorensen selected for Athenian League to play in Hong Kong in = May. Away for a month.    
T= his may have had a bearing on his job, as he had 2 gents outfitters, at 50 Broadway, Stoneleigh, and 194 Kingston Road, Ewell.  
1/= 3/52 Best performance of the season v Erith & B. Jim Allen gives away another penalty, but it is hit wide.    
1/= 3/52 Epsom playing in red and black quarters again.            
1= /3/52 reference in programme to the loss of another loyal supporter Mr Sycamore, who regularly sat in the stand with his wife.  
8/= 3/52 Future players Jock Bryson, Trevor Hall, and Alan Parker all playing for Tooting & Mitcham v Wimbledon in.    
SS= C SF @ Wimbledon Att 10,500                
8/= 3/52 Tilbury (A)(L) postponed.                 
15= /3/52 John Hoy hits post with a penalty.              
M= ar 52 Cliff Banham suspended for 28 days after sending off, but appeals unsuccessfully against the severity. May also   
em= igrate to NZ.                  
Ma= r 52 G "Steve" Stephen joins from Redhill              
Mar 52 future player Cliff Hinshelwood is at Eastbourn= e. We had Glyn 'Chick' Hinshelwood - was this the same player as he joined us from there.
M= ar 52 Les Ford, brother of Denis and plays for Cheam Village Wanderers. Won't be joining Epsom, although plays at end of  
se= ason in one game.                  
M= arch 52 Reference to Jack Crump, who was a keen supporter of Epsom Town in the immediate post war era. He was the   
Br= itish Olympic Manager at the London Olympics (1948), and Helsinki (1952). Lived= in Ewell.      
M= ar 52 Ex-player Ted Goodall at Ashtead, and Eric Bristow and E Hill at Leatherh= ead Res in April, with Ernie Watkins and  
Ro= y Dymott at Leatherhead.                
2= 2/3/52 Dance at Organ Inn lost money. No one was in the hall barring the band, when the team arrived back from Worthing.  
It= needed more publicity "Wake up Epsom!" says Herald.            
2= 9/3/52 Slough game postponed due to freak snowstorms. 6 feet high drifts on Burgh Heath Road. Programme Issued (30).  
5/= 4/52 Narrow 3-2 loss at Tilbury.                
A= pr 52 Selector George Mason says he expects Epsom to be in the top three next season. This is exactly what would happen!  
9/= 4/52 The first of two matches with Leatherhead represent the Epsom Challenge Cup.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>       
Le= atherhead won it last year apparently. Ernie Watkins playing for Leatherhead v Epso= m. Epsom win 3-0.    
Ro= y Dymott and Jackie Collins were also in the programme line up.          
12/4/52 No programme issued for friendly v P.O. Engine= ers. Won 4-1 in gentle friendly. Goddard HT and Honey scored although Advertiser 
sa= id his shot deflected off a defender. I will stay with the BOOK that credited it to Honey.      
Fo= rmer players Jack MacDonald and Jimmy Emblem were back at the Engineers by now.      
14= /4/52 Six Coaches left Epsom Station at 10.30am for Cup Final at Eastbourne.        
Qu= ote overheard at Cup Final "What a pity Epsom cannot get such a good following for their other games"    
1= 4/4/52 League Cup Final v Hounslow @ Eastbourne. Epsom led for most of the match= but Hounslow won 2-1. Ford had  
ta= ken the lead after 29 minutes from a Rochester cross. Hounslow keeper injured just bef= ore HT and Emmins went    
be= tween posts for ten minutes before keeper returned. Hounslow equalised after 73 minut= es after a shot from Page    
we= nt in off the far post. One minute later, King scored the winner with a close range header. Reg Walker hit the bar    
fr= om a 20 yard free kick as the game neared the end, but couldn't force extra time. Attendance 5,000.    
1,= 000 Epsom supporters were expected to make the journey.            
Ke= n Elbrow had admitted to being scared before the match, but played well anyway.        
Be= tween 16/2/52 and 12/4/52, Bill Goddard scored in 8 straight games again! (20 goals)      
1= 9/4/52 Crowd angry with ref who allowed lots of hard challenges on Goddard. Future pla= yer Glyn "Chick" Hinshelwood   
a= gain plays for opponents. Ref also turned down "clear" penalty for a foul = on Goddard. Beardsley was playing for Eastbourne  
an= d he had an international cap.                
19/4/52 Mr Elmslie a 68 year old sportsman is a Sutton= fan but was also a founder member of Wealdstone and was present at the match<= /td>
between those two teams. Wealdstone's fanzine in the 9= 0s would be called the Elmslie Ender referencing one of the ends at the old Lower
Mead ground. There is also an Elmslie Close in Epsom n= ear the hospital and I wonder if there is any connection. He did not appear to play for
th= e Ewell FC Club.                  
21= /4/52 Epsom have 70% of play but 2 defensive mistakes cost the points against Slough.=      
21= /4/52 No issue for Slough (H)(L) unless Epsom got the old Number 30's out for the earlier postponement.    
A= pr 52 Denis Ford selected as first reserve for Corinthian League v Isthmian League at Romford on 23/4/52, but he doesn't play.  
P= aper calls him "probably the smallest footballer in the Corinthian League"= as he plays for Epsom this day and is "inspired".  
2= 6/4/52 Johnny Hoy (ex-Erith) made captain in the absence of Jim Allen for Erith game. Refereed by future famous referee  
Ken Aston.                    
3= 0/4/52 Bill Goddard scores a late equaliser in a 2-2 draw that gives Epsom the Challe= nge Cup 5-2 on aggregate v Leatherhead.  
Er= nie Watkins and Roy Dymott were in the Leatherhead line up in the programme.        
Ap= r 52 Dorking receive invite to Delphian League but decline, after originally seeming k= een on the idea.    
Ap= r 52 Cliff Banham to sail for New Zealand shortly.            
3/= 5/52 Carshalton's Ron Ballard scores HT in 1st half to put Carshalton 3-1 up b= ut Epsom recover to win 4-3. Musto    
wa= s on leave and played in game too. Ballard's third goal was straight from an Elbrow = goal kick which was headed    
st= raight back in. Les Ford played and scored, while Bill Goddard scored one but also mispen.      
3/= 5/52 reference to The Ancient Order of Foresters Fete at West Street on 21/6/5= 2. Admission 6d by programme.    
Ar= chery, clowns, tug of war amongst other things. Hoping for a record attendance.<= /td>        
2= 5/5/52 Empire Youth Sunday service and march past at West Street. The salute was taken by Commander JS Kerans,  
 who brought the Amethyst down the Yang= tse River under Communist gun fire. Service conducted by the Vicar    
of= Cuddington Reverend I Jones. There was a fair attendance and picture.          
Ma= y 52 Reg Walker leaves for Carshalton Athletic but would return in future years.        
2= 7/5/52 Supporters AGM. Urgent appeal by WC Taylor (Chairman) to keep expenses do= wn and help maintain the ground.  
H= e presented a cheque for 21 guineas to the parent club, which they were unable to do = last year, but the efforts of the  
C= ommittee and members led to a balance of approx £55. GD Berridge elected President. Fi= rst President for 3 years.  
AG= Bradley elected Secretary and AT Hall elected Treasurer.            
Co= aches were run to all but 1 away game this year              
23/= 5/52 Epsom Old Grammarians AGM at Kings Head 7.30.            
Reserves:    Corinthian League Reserve Division              
Position   12th out of 14                
Neale Cup 1st Hounslow   0-3            
SIC   Not entered - Don't know why            
25= /8/51 Former player Sid Faggetter plays for Hounslow Reserves v Epsom who defeat us 3-= 0 at Denbigh Road.    
Se= pt 51 Bill Deeley (Carshalton Ath) and Douglas Ayling (local junior side) join club.=        
Re= serve players Dan Digby, Casham, Stainforth, and Goldsmith. Probably John Cashm= an not Casham.    
29= /9/51 Bill Goddard makes debut for the club at Chesham United Reserves. He doesn't score.      
0= 6/10/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, G.Partington, Don Ralph, R.King, Ray Chenery, Ken Minter,  
Ro= n Orford, Ivor Hughes, Stan Hopkins, Dan Digby, Ron Lomax          
Be= rnard Smith came in for Lomax who was scoring for the first team.          
6/= 10/51 defeated Tilbury 2-0 at West Street.              
13= /10/51 Defeated Uxbridge 4-1 this day at West Street. They had won their first s= ix games at Epsom.    
20= /10/51 No game for Reserves.                
03= /11/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, G.Langdown, J.Sapsed, R.Kin= g, Ray Chenery, F.Ward,    
Be= rnard Smith, Ivor Hughes, Stan Hopkins, Dan Digby, Ron Lomax          
3/= 11/51 Epsom get a good 3-3 draw at Edgware. With two goals from Dan Digby and the oth= er from Ivor Hughes.    
Ho= wever, the BOOK says Hughes got two and Digby just one. Check reports!        
10= /11/51 Ray Chenery and Gerry Langdown are away with the first team but we still won = 3-0 at Worthing.    
17= /11/51 Maidstone (A) is not played as they had a cup match.          
24= /11/51 Eastbourne (A) is not played.              
01/12/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, Cliff Banham, J.Sapsed, R.King, Gerry Langdown, J.Fairhead (listed as R),=
Be= rnard Smith, Ivor Hughes, Danny Coghlin, Dan Digby, Fred Chitty          
Th= is line up was correct.                
1/= 12/51 Eastbourne win 3-1 at West Street.              
15= /12/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, J.Sapsed, K.Allan, R.King, Gerry Langdown, J.Fairhead,    
Ro= n Orford, J.Claxton, Les Gilbert, Dan Digby, R.Sandiford            
O= rford was promoted to the first team, while Allan and Sandiford were absent. J.Clax= ton, Bernard Smith and R.Garner came in.  
15= /12/51 Epsom lose 6-2 at home to Slough Town.              
22/12/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, T.Bellamy, R.Garner (wrongly listed as K) , R.King, J.Claxton, J.Fairhead= ,
?.= Brackenboro, J.Cashman, Les Gilbert, Dan Digby, R.Sandiford          
Br= ackenboro and Sandiford were missing and were replaced by J.Stafford and Bernard Sm= ith.      
22= /12/51 This time Epsom crash 6-1 at home to Chesham.            
26= /12/51 No programme issued for Carshalton reserve game.            
12= /1/52 Former keeper John Cashman plays and scores as an outfield player v Eastbourne R= es in a 2-1 away win.    
19/01/52 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, W.Blunn (or was this Blun?), J.Sapsed, R.Garner, Ray Chenery, J.Fairhead,=
 J.Cashman, P.Davie (wrongly liisted as= W), Les Gilbert, Dan Digby, Tommy Wright (listed wrongly as D).    
Th= is line up was correct.                
19= /1/52 Epsom lose 7-0 at home to Hounslow.              
2/= 2/52 and 9/2/52 gk unknown. Currently listed as Stanley but he was an outside right according to the BOOK.    
1= 6/02/52 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, Bernard Smith, Den Goldsmit= h, Ken Minter, Ray Chenery, R.Garner,  
Pa= ddy Moore, Ivor Hughes, Les Gilbert, P.Davie, T.Wright            
Sa= psed replaced Gilbert in the line up.              
16= /2/52 Epsom get a good 4-4 draw at Maidstone United.            
1/= 3/52 Only ten players listed in BOOK.              
22= /3/52 No game for the Reserves.                
29/= 3/52 Snow but Reserves had no game this day anyway.            
Ju= niors: Epsom & Ewell League Division 1              
Po= sition: 1st Out of 8                  
Manager: Fred Chitty Captain: Bernard Wales          
LC W Sutton Juniors 4-3            
SMC SF Dulwich Hamlet Juniors 1-2            
SM= C First Round bye for the Juniors              
O= ct 51 reported in Epsom Herald that Epsom have won all five league matches so f= ar with a GD of F25 A3. A 6-0 win is missing.  
C= oghlin has 13 goals already! That 6-0 win must have been either before 06/10/51 or on 03/11/51. Bernard Wales is Captain.  
i= nc 08/12/51 Epsom Juniors reported to be unbeaten in 7 league matches. GD F35 A 8. Lo= oks like a 7-2 win is missing.  
15= /12/51 Epsom Juniors defeat Crystal Palace Juniors 5-1 in 2nd Round of Surrey Minor Cu= p      
Re= ported after this game that 5 players have already represented the league, and 1 for Surrey.      
22= /12/51 Scheduled to play Sutton United Juniors but match moved back for a Sutton League Cup tie.    
19= /1/52 Epsom Juniors are down to ten men after 5 minutes through injury, but still beat Molesey Y.C. 5-2    
J= an 52 Reference in Epsom Herald to the Juniors record under Fred Chitty. This y= ear they have played 16, W 15, D 1 F87 A14  
M= any juniors results missing for this season unfortunately, so I cannot check if this = is correct. League record P8 W7 D1 F37 A7.  
Al= l players are local lads.                
9/= 2/52 Epsom Juniors beat Park Albion 3-1 at West Street in 3rd Round of Surrey Minor = Cup at West St    
2= 3/2/52 Epsom Juniors lose 4-1 to Crystal Palace Juniors in 4th round of Surrey Minor Challenge Cup at West Street.  
Th= is appears a different comp to Surrey Minor Cup, as Epsom had already defeated Palace Juniors in it.    
We= don't appear in the first three rounds. Were we exempt, or was it the first rou= nd instead (more likely)?    
F= uture first teamers playing in this game are Johnny Hitchcock, Bernard Wales, Danny Coghlin, Mick Simmonds, Ray Ellis.  
Po= tter mispen in this game.                
T= his was the Juniors first defeat for nearly two years says Herald, but they obviously forgot the Surrey Minor Cup Final last year!  
Di= nner held at Green Man afterwards.              
Th= e Surrey Minor Challenge Cup was an invitation event for those who had done well l= ast year.      
Ma= r 52 reported by Herald that Danny Coghlin has scored 120 goals since the star= t of last season.      
8/= 3/52 Epsom Juniors beat Sutton Juniors 6-1 in League - Venue unknown.        
22= /3/52 Epsom Juniors play Dulwich Juniors in Surrey Minor Cup SF at West Street K.O. 3= .30.      
L= ine Up listed as Ray Ellis, Dave Forbes, Billy Wales, Les Boatfield, Frank Potte= r, Bernard Wales, Jerry Falloon, Roy Taylor,  
Da= nny Coghlin, Mick Simmonds, Johnny Hitchcock.            
W= ales and Forbes were outstanding. Simmonds scored first but Dulwich won with a hot= ly disputed penalty. DH keeper played  
v= ery well "a good display". According to Bernard Smith, David Forbes stop= ped playing football soon after leaving the juniors, and  
no= w plays bowls and golf in 2006. Bernard Wales died a couple of years back (2003-0= 4?).      
Da= vid Forbes now lives in Temple Road, six or so houses down from the Church.        
M= arch 52 Selected for E & E League to play Barnes & District League at West Street: Johnny Weaving (West Ewell), Bernard  
Wa= les, Mick Simmonds, Danny Coghlin, Johnny Hitchcock. Game on 14/4/52        
O= n 19/4/52 E & E League v Croydon Minor Combination at Croydon Gas Sports Ground at Plough Lane, Beddington. Dave  
F= orbes, Frank Potter, Mick Simmonds and Johnny Hitchcock all selected. League Sec GN La= ne 16 Seymour Avenue, Ewell.  
Ma= rch 52 League Cup SF sees Epsom v Rosehill while Sutton play Court Athletic (Div= 2)      
5/= 4/52 Generally on top, and won 1-0 v Rosehill, while Sutton beat Court Ath 10-= 0.        
26= /4/52 Epsom Juniors v Sutton Juniors in E & E League Cup Final. 6.15 k.o. at West Street. Was 2-2 with     
5 = minutes left, then FOWLER was injured and left the field, and Simmonds got the winner.      
Fa= lloon had got the first after 37 minutes HT 1-0. Cup and Medals presented by Sutton Chairman WA Hayden.    
L= ine Up: Ray Ellis, Dave Forbes, W.Wales, Les Boatfield, Frank Potter, Bernard Wales, G Falloon, Taylor, Danny Coghlin,  
Mi= ck Simmonds, Johnny Hitchcock. Sutton equalised after 60 mins, Simmonds (62, 2-1E) Sut= ton (64 - 2-2)    
May 52 Reference in Herald in 1950/51 to L1 D2 W the r= est GD F113 -A21. This year, played 27, with only 2 lost, neither in league
G= D F142-A35. Coghlin got 48 this year.  This w= as revealed at a social at Wandgas in early May, where Fred Chitty was  
p= resented with a wrist watch, and his wife got a large bouquet of flowers. However, unlikely to continue next year due to   
Nat= ional Service calls. It disbanded.              
S= ept 51 Nescot is to be built on a 7 acre site at Priest Hill Farm. Originally me= ant to start in autumn 1949, but post war  
sh= ortages held it up.                  
C O M M E N T S    /  H I G H L I G H T S
CL Position 3rd out of 14                
FAC  Pr Dulwich Hamlet 2-4            
AC 1st Dagenham   3-4            
LC 2nd Uxbridge   1-2            
SSC 2nd Dulwich Hamlet 3-4            
SSS SF Woking   1-3            
Ho= me Ground:  West Street, Ewell              
President   Alderman G.C.A.Mann              
Chairman   Grant (HG) Sherman replacing FM Stewart          
Secretary   Ernest Fletcher              
Manager   Selection Committee              
Treasurer   AM Thompson              
Pl= ayer/Coach Pat Lynch                
C= ommittee elected on 23/6/52: Sid Bristow, JE Greenleaf, RH Gurr, G Osborne, Ted (C= E) Wheal, DD Rice, SJ Rose,   
EJ= Blair, George (GE) Mason, G Deighton, KW Mansey, AE Taylor, VV Tatlock, Bill (WV) Townsend    
Ki= ck off usually 3.30 but sometimes earlier for a big FA Cup tie v Dulwich (3.15) = or in winter (2.30)    
Club Colours   Su= pporters Club Secretary A.G.Bradley            
Su= pporters Club Chairman W.C.Taylor            
H= arold Wright looking after club canteen with his wife, but by Feb is advised as Secret= ary and Treasurer of Supp club.  
Wo= odcote Side Laundry - Official launderers of Epsom FC.            
Ad= ditional First and second team records in THE BOOK            
2= 7/5/52 Supporters Club AGM. New Hon Sec AG Bradley the year before had helped improve matters and the finances  
we= re now healthy. Venue unknown.                
T= here were only 158 members of the Supporters Club, and only 20 of them were at this meeting. Cheque presented to  
C= hairman FM Stewart for 21 guineas, in addition to £10 donated earlier in the season. Relations between the parent  
c= lub and Supporters Club were much better now. In mid 1951, Don Proctor had been appointed as a liaison, but quit =  
m= id season declaring the task "useless". Not enough co-operation. Chairman= WC Taylor was happy with the support   
f= rom Ernest Fletcher in his first year. Also a President of the Supporters Club was appointed, as GE Berridge took the  
<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> post, the first to hold it for three y= ears. Chairman Taylor, Secretary Bradley and Treasurer AT Hall were re-elected.   
Cl= ub balance of £33.                  
Ma= y 52 Future Secretary John Mitchell is Sec of West Ewell Athletic.          
Ma= y 52 Reg Walker leaving for Carshalton Athletic says Herald.          
Ju= ne 52 Pat Lynch (31) joins Epsom after 7 years as captain of Hendon. Rep honours: Athenian League    
H= e had in fact started playing in 1937 for Tufnell Park at the age of 16 in Isthmian League! He had a Schoolboy   
I= nternational trial, captained London and Middlesex Schools and played in two Red Cross finals at Wembley, and was   
a= lso captain of Tufnell Park in the Herts and Middx League before joining Golders Gree= n FC in 1945, before they   
c= hanged their name to Hendon. League scouts came to watch, but were looking for younger players, and he appeared  
 older as he was losing his hair at this time, despite being only 22!. He is 31 now.        
240 appearances and eleven goals for Hendon (Golders Green)          
A= GM 23/6/52 Monday evening. Pat Lynch declares "I will be playing for Epsom next season. I resigned from Hendon   
la= st week and told them I was coming to Epsom"              
G= CA Mann was re-elected as President. Further arguments about the membership fees increase. Supporters Club  
a= re against the idea, but Mr Grant Sherman scoffed at the idea that supporters couldn= 't afford the two guineas required.  
H= e explained that it was also including entry to ground and stand, and that people man= aged to visit the cinema two or   
t= hree times a week. For Chairman, FM Stewart lost the vote to Grant (HG) Sherman. Stewa= rt's re-election was   
op= posed by Mr Mansey, who proposed Mr Sherman instead.          
A= M Thompson (Treasurer) said that in 50/51 the club lost £57 3s 2d and in 51/52 lost = £43 15s 1d, but back in 1938  
w= hen "the average weekly gate was 2,500" the club lost £590 7s 6d. Largely due to ground loans at West Street.  
E= rnest Fletcher and AM Thompson were re-elected with Mr W Mansey (Asst Sec) and = HG Wright (Asst Treasurer),  
wh= ile Mr Mansey was also Publicity Officer. Committee elected above:          
J= uly 52 papers ask whether Pat Lynch can do a "Tommy Lawton" (left Chel= sea for little Notts County and got them  
p= romoted). Pat "has had some very good instructors including Ted Drake and Laur= ie Scott, plus many years of   
fi= rst class football" . "I am very optimistic about the future at Epsom.          
Ji= m Allen, previous club captain assured him of their full support and consideration= .        
O= ther new players are Frank Lee from Walton & H and Jim Crane (27) from Hawker Athletic. Not related to Bob Crane.  
L= ee had scored twice for Walton in the Amateur Cup QF v Crook last season, while Crane Rep honours: Surrey.  
A= ccording to Ray Chenery and Geoff Porter, Crane lived in Kingston Road, and was quiet, but solid and a good worker.  
R= ay Chenery also remembers Pat Lynch as the player who brought down Arsenal's new pla= ying formation, where they  
h= ad used it at Hendon. Geoff Porter says he was a good coach, and is more complimenta= ry about him than of Doug  
Wh= itehead, his successor. Pat would have them running in the streets for ages!        
Pl= ans announced by Supporters Club secretary for a stepped terrace on East side= of West Street    
Al= so more shelter requested. Was this the cover at the South (New Clubhouse) end?      
Re= building of the shelter alongside the dressing rooms required.          
22= /7/52 Training starts at 7pm.                
Ju= ly 52 Epsom are granted permission to use the Borough crest on their shirts.        
Ju= ly 52 Nescot being built.                
Ju= ly 52 Walton & Hersham are very sorry to see Frank Lee leave for Epsom.        
Pr= ivate trial  9/8/52. Public trial 16/8/= 52. No admission for public trial "in accordance with current custom"<= /td>    
Au= g 52 Tommy Rochester appointed captain of the Reserves. He is 42.          
A= ug 52 Reference to Dorking's new ground at Meadowbank, but it isn't ready for another year. Still at Pixham Lane.  
Au= g 52 Lionel Hanton playing for Dorking, while Eric Bristow is at Leatherhead res.        
A= ug 52 Supporters Club talk about erecting a façade at the front of the ground. = FM Stewart is made vice-president  
of= the Supporters Club.                  
1= 6/8/52 At trial, it emerged that ex-Sutton player Reg Walker would be at Epsom inst= ead of Carshalton, as he  
h= ad originally announced. Ken Elbrow also remains with club, despite interest from an unnamed Isthmian club.  
Er= nie Watkins also played at trial after spending part of last season with Leatherhead.=      
A= t the public trial Les Ford and Peter Hayward both played for the possibles v the probables. Both came from   
Ch= eam Village Warriors. Gordon Sanders was another new player who did well. He came from Elmwood OB.    
Da= vid Forbes also played for the possibles, and will play for reserves until he leaves= for National Service.    
Au= g 52 Mention of Epsom High Street being widened further at clock tower end, with post office being moved    
ba= ck, but it would never happen.                
23= /8/52 "One of the best attendances since before the war" say papers. = Pat Lynch and Frank Lee both     
re= ceived telegrams from their previous clubs, wishing them a successful season.        
3= 0/8/52 Ken Elbrow played really well, but Honey and Ford both picked up injuries that reduced their mobility.  
Ho= y hit the post with a penalty, but the ref said that the keeper moved, so he scored from the retake.    
3= 1/8/52 Epsom FC defeat Ewell Court Cricket Club in a friendly by 45 runs. Ernie Watkins got 54 in 45 minutes.  
Ep= som FC 167-9 dec - Ewell Court C.C. 132 All Out.            
S= ept 52 AM Dawe of Hazon Way writes, asking for Pat Lynch to be given a free hand in selection, as there were too  
ma= ny changes last season. "Pat knows best"              
Se= pt 52 Official confirmation that the juniors have discontinued due to National Service.      
6= /9/52 Denis Ford is fit for the match despite an eye injury that is keeping him from = work as a van driver! He got  
th= e black eye at Tilbury the week before.              
S= eptember 52 reference to a reorganised Epsom Football & Athletic Club, which is responsible for the catering and =  
s= ocial amenities at West Street. Has done well, largely due to Harold Wright and George Mason. The clubhouse is   
no= w a comfortable place where members may take their refreshment.          
6/= 9/52 Reg Walker injured ankle. Unavailable, so Jim Crane deputises.          
Fu= ture player Chick Hinshelwood playing for Eastbourne.            
Fo= llowing 6/9/52 game v Eastbourne, Epsom went top of the table on goal average from Hounslow.    
Se= pt 52, Jan Sorensen signs amateur forms for Fulham.            
1= 3/9/52 Epsom are superior to Dulwich but had to settle for a draw. Dulwich helped by 2= 50 supporters in crowd  
ou= t of crowd of 3,000. Hamlet keeper George May had "an excellent game".        
17= /9/52 Dulwich programme refers to Charles Pettitt being around at the Epsom game three days before    
Du= lwich FA Cup replay kicked off at 5.15 on the Tuesday evening.          
20= /9/52 Future keeper Charlie Mutimer played in goal for Devas, and played well.        
27= /9/52 Ernie Watkins suffers an ankle injury and is unavailable for game.        
Fu= ture player Chick Hinshelwood playing for Eastbourne.            
O= ct 52 Ken Elbrow and Reg Walker sign amateur forms for Chelsea and will play when n= ot required by Epsom.  
4/= 10/52 Epsom led Dagenham 3-1 but lost 4-3 at Dagenham Arena. Also denied blatant pena= lty in last    
mi= nutes. Many supporters who made the journey, saw Dagenham then get the winner in the = last seconds.    
T= he Dagenham Arena in Old Dagenham Park still exists, although in poor condition with = no structures left. (May05)  
O= ct 52 L Handscomb writes in to say that Epsom would still be in the Amateur Cup if Jim Allen had played. He feels   
th= at it is Ernie Watkins who is at fault.              
O= ct 52 A rumour does the rounds that Pat Lynch will get sole choice on selection, = but this is crushed the week   
af= ter by Bill Carpenter, who advises no plans to disband the Selection Committee.        
11= /10/52 Harry Saunders joins from Kingstonian in Oct, and makes debut for first team.      
P= apers suggested that he should replace Goddard, even though he had scored 12 go= als in his first 8 matches!  
El= brow dislocates a finger, and has to leave the field for five minutes. John Hoy takes over while finger is put    
b= ack in. Epsom lost game but still remained top. Epsom supporters had rolled up in their hundreds says prog.  
1= 1/10/52 Supporters Club announce that membership is up to 450. They always had a target of 1,000, but it never  
Oc= t 52 Mention of Ken Elbrow losing his touch, but this is put down to his long hours as= a policeman.    
O= ct 52 Herald says that Ernie should be replaced at left half by Jim Crane, who is the better player. He even comes  
an= d supports when he wasn't playing.              
O= ct 52 Bill Carpenter (Press Secretary) advises that the recent move to put Ernie at Centre half is not an experiment,   
a= s he has played there for over 100 games. This would become his regular position, = even though he preferred left-half  
as= it gave him more freedom to play in his opinion.            
Ep= som remained top until a 2-2 draw with Grays on 18/10/52.          
Gr= ays scored in first 90 seconds of match, and right at the end.          
21= /10/52 Supporters Club Whist Drive at Foresters Hall - Tuesday evening. Tickets 2s.6d.      
25= /10/52 Pat Lynch has pulled muscle and is unavailable.            
2= 5/10/52 Stan Scott presented with his Surrey County Badge by President GCA Mann. He ea= rned it whilst with   
25= /10/52 Jim Allen resigns from club after being dropped after the Erith loss. He thou= ght he had played    
we= ll enough in containing International Charlie Fuller throughout the game. Left to play= for Enfield.    
Oc= t 52 Tommy Rochester mentioned as a second team coach.          
25= /10/52 Guildford were the Surrey Senior League side, with no connection to Guild= ford City.      
Th= eir keeper kept the score below double figures. Gordon Sanders debut. "Should develop well" say papers.    
2= 5/10/52 5 goals for Bill Goddard brings his run up to 19 from 11 games, yet he still gets criticism from the crowd.  
O= ct 52 Tommy Wright plays and scores on debut for Walton & Hersham, but within two weeks, he was at Hounslow.  
No= v 52 Supporters Club membership is up to 600 now.            
No= v 52 Ron Digweed (28) joins from Wimbledon. He is brother in law of Bill Goddard a= nd was captain of the     
Re= serve side at Wimbledon, but had played many games for the first team too.        
No= v 52 Herald reports that Ernie Watkins is "the new idol of the West Street fans"        
N= ov 52 Brian Brumwell (25) joins from Clapton after having a dispute with them about training. His appearance  
pr= oved timely as John Hoy suddenly announced his retirement from the game. However he played for a few    
m= ore seasons, mainly for Leatherhead. Programme had said that John Hoy's performance against Guildford was   
&= quot;100% John Hoy, never lacking in guts or determination". It turned out to = have been his last game for the club.  
Su= rrey Charity Shield is the forerunner of the Surrey Senior Shield. The 8 foremost clubs are invited to enter.    
1= /11/52 Papers say that Bill Farrington had helped Epsom out several times in the past, but I make this his debut.  
N= ov 52 Corinthian, Athenian, and Isthmian results announced weekly on Radio Luxembourg at 7pm on Saturdays!  
8= /11/52 Former Champions Hounslow are defeated 4-1 largely due to another Goddard= hat trick. Tommy Wright plays   
ag= ainst Epsom. Five full coaches taken to Hounslow for the return match on 15/11/52. Bri= an Brumwell debut.    
I met Brian Brumwell and his wife Sheila on 31/01/15. Brian is frail and is 87 but remains President of the Ilford & Distri= ct Table Tennis
League, which was and remains his primary sport, despi= te being a good footballer and cricketer too. They believe they were living<= /td>
in Gants Hill in 1952 which was also the year they were married. Brian had difficulties training twice a week with Clapton and someone
at Epsom heard about this and phoned them up, inviting them to come over and have a meal. They were very impressed and decided
to join up. The link probably came from Pat Lynch and = they used to meet up with him on the way to and from games as they came
down by train from Waterloo. Often they stayed late af= ter the game on a Saturday and by the time they got back it was very late.
Sheila remembered Pat and also Bill Goddard quite well. Brian would remain at Epsom for around three seasons before returning to<= /td>
his local area to play Old Boys football (East Ham Gra= mmar School) and cricket for Wanstead. They moved to Loughton where they
cu= rrently reside. Brian played in the 1954 Surrey Senior Cup Final for us.        
1= 5/11/52 Hounslow's greatest defeat in five years in the Corinthian League. Future player and manager Derek Evans  
pl= ayed for Hounslow. Only 2nd time in 5 years that Hounslow had a team do the double over them.    
Ep= som were a goal up after 40 seconds, 3-0 after 14 minutes, and 5-0 after 32 minutes.=      
F= ollowing 15/11/52 games both First team and reserves sat on top of their tables. F= or under 2 weeks  
A= dvertiser says that NEVER BEFORE, even in SSL days in the 20's, had Epsom had both teams at the top  
of= the League at the same time.                
Re= serves would stay top of the table until 20/12/52.            
Po= ssible World Record by Bill Goddard who scored 5 hat tricks in successive games - 25/1= 0 to 22/11    
G= oddard's fifth hat trick, and seventh of the season in just three months took his tally to 32 in 15 games!  
bu= t see Reg Marlow in 1927, who definitely did it too. Herald says that it constitute= s      
 a record in senior professional and se= nior amateur football, but it wasn't even a club record!.    
H= is fifth straight hat trick came in 58, 59, and 80 minutes, and after watching team mate Scott score HT in 1st half!  
2= 2/11/52 Programme refers to gale damage to the roof of the covered accommodation adjoining the dressing room.  
It= had been blown down. Also refers to the club's "atomic diminutives", Stan Scott and Denis Ford!    
C= over will cost £100 to put back, so the club appeal to the FA to be allowed to run a collection. It is granted, and  
ra= ises £11 10s at the game plus another £10, making £21 in total.          
22= /11/52 Future player Bernard Canham playing for Malden Town.          
2= 9/11/52 Two weeks after hammering Hounslow twice, Hounslow win 7-4 at Wimbledon in Lo= ndon Senior Cup.  
29= /11/52 Best game of the season for Ken Elbrow.            
No= v 52 Future player, Tooting & Mitcham's Jock Bryson now awaiting cartilage operat= ion.      
De= c 52 Big appeal for the club's cover. 1000 notices being sent out.          
De= c 52 Andrew Layzell and Jock Mackie both join from Tooting & Mitcham after a tria= l.      
De= c 52 reference to Denis Ford being nicknamed "Dooberry".          
De= c 52 Paddy Moore is 17, and Ron Ruffell is 20, and is a junior member.        
6= /12/52 & 27/12/52 both games postponed by fog. The 6/12 one was the great fog of London that killed 4,000 people.  
Ga= me on 6/12/52 was due to be v Grays (H)(L)              
Ba= nstead Athletic not affected by the fog, and played their match as usual.        
1= 3/12/52 Reg Walker unavailable, as he was getting married. Pat Lynch reported as havi= ng flu, but still played.  
Ep= som were apparently the better side, and missed chances in "wretched weather conditions".      
2= 0/12/52 Ken Elbrow pen save at Chesham. Follow up hits the bar. Frank Lee injured and unavailable for a while.  
Pr= ogramme advises that the Supporters Club are arranging the visit of "The Swa= nee Minstrels" on Jan 15 at    
Fo= resters Hall. Tickets 1s.6d adults, and 9d for children under 14. Eventually move= d to 22/1/53.      
27= /12/52 Match v Carshalton postponed due to fog. A large attendance had come along just= in case!    
Ep= som produced an xmas card for 1952/53 in 3/1/53 programme. I have a copy.        
I= t contains two team pictures, one of the firsts and one of the reserves. The first t= eam picture was taken at West Street  
on= either 8th or 22nd November 1952.              
3= /1/53 Epsom beat Camberley 9-1 in SSC but don't score until 25th minute. Goddard scor= es HT in 5 minutes, and  
fo= ur in nine minutes. Camberley's goal was an 85th minute consolation.          
J= an 53 Ivor Hughes and Bob Crane selected for Cor League Res Section v Isthmian Leagu= e at Edgware on 10/1/53.  
1= 0/1/53 Epsom dominated but missed many chances and lost. Mainly Goddard at fault, but = he was suffering with  
<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> flu, and almost missed the game in the= first place. The game turned on a penalty against Elbrow, who fouled  
a = Tilbury player who was harassing him. The crowd were not happy with the decision.=      
I= n later programmes there is reference to the club being fined £5 5s for a spectat= or assault on the referee after the game.  
10= /1/53 Prog announces that Tommy Rochester is in hospital with pneumonia but recoveri= ng.      
Ja= n 53 Bernard Canham joins from Malden Town. Makes debut on 17.1.53        
B= ernard was nicknamed Butch, according to the papers, and Ray Chenery and Geoff Porter advised that he dropped   
d= ead on the golf course (58)! Apparently, one day, he was going to be booked by the referee who asked for his name,  
a= nd he said it's Canham, but you can call me Butch". Definitely a bit of a character, and his brother Tony Canham also   
pl= ayed for the reserves.                  
1= 7/1/53 Goddard and Ford are to be dropped but Saunders has food poisoning, so Goddard still plays and scores!  
1= 7/1/53 Stan Scott torn ligament 27 minutes. 10 men. However, Grays did not take the l= ead until the 87th minute.  
17= /1/53 prog advises bad sportsmanship by supporters after the last game v Tilbury and gives a warning.    
I= t emerges a few weeks later that Epsom were fined £5.5s as a supporter had assaulted = the referee in this match,  
an= d is not welcome at the ground any more.              
24= /1/53 Reg Walker injured early second half. Passenger.            
24= /1/53 Papers say "Lynch played his best game since joining the club"        
31= /1/53 Epsom 3-2 up with 10 minutes left, but crash out to Dulwich 4-3.        
1/= 2/52 Mrs Mann, wife of President GCA Mann died.            
7/= 2/53 Paddy Moore unable to play as he is called up for National Service. Returns in a couple of years.    
7/= 2/53 Ivor Hughes absent again after selection for third selection for Surrey Juniors this season.    
7= /2/53 Young winger Ron Ruffell (20) gets his debut. Goddard dropped again and misses three games for 1st team.  
F= eb 53 Mention of Ron Ruffell's father and uncle both playing for West Ham. Uncle Jim was one of West Ham's best  
an= d he played in the White Horse FA Cup Final of 1923 for West Ham. Ron has now finished Nat. Service.    
Ac= cording to Geoff Porter, Ron now lives in Ayrshire. Bill Ruffell the Epsom 30s &= 40s player was Ron's dad.    
I= met with Ron and Geoff Porter on Saturday 16th April 2011. Ron is 78 and suffering slightly with dementia, although  
h= e was able to recall quite a bit when I met them. Also there was Ron's first wife Liz who is a daughter of Reg Sperring.  
R= on's father Bill played occasionally before the war and then for a while during the w= ar. His uncle Jim was the West  
H= am appearance record holder with 508 (wikipedia says 548) (born 8/8/1900 died 6/9/89) until his mark was passed by   
Bobby Moore in the early seventies. Bill Ruffell died = in 1987 but wikipedia says 29/4/1905 to March 1988). Ron still lives in 
S= cotland but comes down every now and then to see his daughter Nicola who lives with L= iz around the corner from me in   
Ha= zel Way, Fetcham!                  
R= on was discouraged by his father from joining West Ham as it gave him no career prospects after football. Bill had  
w= orked at the Manor Hospital for many years after leaving West Ham but had an accident while playing football that   
Ro= n said was deliberate. He broke his back and was unable to play again.        
J= im damaged his achilles in 1936 which ended his career and never fully repaired. Jim also played for England. Ron  
wa= sn't sure if he had any descendants. Ron's date of birth is 29/09/32. Jim was born in 1900.      
H= is first International appearance was in April 1926 and after he retired he ran a = pub in Stanford-le-hope, Essex.   
7= /2/53 Three goals in last 8 minutes to beat Maidstone. Maidstone fans were very vociferous, and it is reported that   
th= e stand vibrated when they scored!                
1= 4/02/53 Ernie Watkins was selected for the Corinthian League v Royal Navy at Grays but could not play because   
wo= rk commitments prevented him travelling that far. He played for Epsom instea= d.        
14= /2/53 Printed leaflet included with programme. (Y) asking for more help and donations, and advising     
m= embership of the Epsom Football and Athletic Club at 1 shilling per season, and 1 shil= ling per week for the Tote  
cl= ub. Appeal was from Harold J Wright 13 Elmwood Drive, Ewell          
F= eb 53 Former player Len Bridgman returns to P.O.Engineers. Not sure where he had been since leaving Epsom.  
F= eb 53 As a result of the big London floods, Epsom offer Tilbury and Erith & B the use of their ground at no cost  
sh= ould it be required. Both teams play a friendly here. See below.          
14= /2/53 Maidenhead have more chances, but Epsom win 2-1. Late goal from Vic Honey (85)      
21= /2/53 Pat Lynch knee injury. Unavailable, and Ray Chenery deputises. Poor game, with Epsom marginally    
im= proving in 2nd half. Ex-Epsom keeper Eric Bristow (50/51 - 6 apps) plays for Leatherhead.      
I= t was Leatherhead's first ever Senior Shield match. Programme advises a hope th= at they will meet later in the   
re= gular challenge matches later in the season, but no record of these yet. They were never p= layed.    
Le= atherhead play Dorking, not Epsom in the A L Wells Cup this year. Dorking are at Pi= xham Lane in 1953.    
28= /2/53 Epsom are the better side for 35 minutes, yet lose 4-0.          
A= week later in the return match, Epsom dominate game, but can only win after a penalt= y, as their keeper Tubb  
st= opped everything that came at him. Papers said "best display all season by= a player at West Street"    
Ji= m Crane hit the bar from 50 yards, but his penalty is the only score.          
11= /3/53 Ex-player Roy Dymott scores HT for Sutton Police v RAF Kenley in Croydon Wednesday League.    
M= ar 53 Denis Ford almost leaves club as he was getting a new job at Dagenham, and was going to play for Ford  
Sp= orts, but changed his mind and stayed with Epsom.            
M= ar 53 Young 20 year old Reg Oakes just back from National Service, and playing for Re= s. Previously with Juniors.  
1= 4/3/53 First game at Erith since the flooding in January. Epsom won 2-1 with both from Goddard, the first from 30 yards.  
Fo= llowing 14/3/53 results Epsom went back to the top of the table but were 2nd agai= n by 11/4/53    
21= /3/53 3 goals scored in 90 seconds during second half. Two from Denis Ford and one for Uxbridge.    
A= n Uxbridge supporter remarked that Bill Goddard could play for a professional team on this form. Ernie Watkins was  
be= tter though, according to papers in this 6-2 win at West Street.          
M= ar 53 Bill Goodwin, Boxing Promoter announces that there will be an open air Boxing Evening at West Street  
on= 5/6/53. Only problem is finding a firm who can supply enough chairs!          
M= arch 53 Rumoured that future manager Bill Fraser may resign from Walton & Her= sham after criticism of his players   
f= itness. They had just got to their second straight Amateur Cup semi-final. Surrey Comet supports Fraser, and  
he= remains at the club for now. He had also had a long spell in hospital earlier this season.      
28= /3/53 Brian Brumwell unavailable, so Ken Minter plays instead.          
2= 8/3/53 Jim Crane has a 25 yard free kick saved, but he is first to react, and fired = home the loose ball from 10 yards!  
E= psom play "vastly superior" football, yet lose 3-1. Should have been 4 up= at HT, but Woking go through to SSS =  
Fi= nal where they beat Banstead 2-1 at Woking.              
28= /3/53 Bob Crane getting married. Unavailable.              
3= /4/53 Pat Lynch sent off 77 mins after disputing a penalty decision at Worthing. It= was the winner. They were bottom.  
4/= 4/53 Epsom rebound by beating Carshalton 7-1 in front of a "record crowd"<= /td>      
Od= dly enough, Carshalton then beat Worthing 7-0 on the Easter Monday!        
Bi= ll Goddard breaks Gordon Brogdale's post war scoring record of 44.          
S= upporters Club selling Club ties at 5s.6d and Tubular Fringed Mufflers at 20s.6d! A= lso squares in club colours at  
15= s and 22s.6d each. What were these? Also tote draw held tonight at 7pm after Carshalton match.    
6= /4/53 Friendly v Tilbury held mainly to raise money for Tilbury after big flood= s in the area. Also Erith on 25/4/53.  
Ti= lbury game raised over £40, but not as much was raised for the Erith game.        
D= ebut for Reg Oakes, who is alive and well in 2005 after just having a heart by pass operation. Uncle of current  
T= reasurer, Rob Oakes. Geoff Porter and Ray Chenery recall a Geoff Oakes too, and tho= ught they were related.  
Ge= off was a good player and was older than Reg apparently. The Oakes's lived in Meadow Walk, Ewell.    
6= /4/53 Vic Honey becomes father of a son. His wife is the sister of Sutton and Carshalton player Dennis Dodd, who  
pl= ayed once for Epsom in 1950/51.                
11= /4/53 Friendly v Sutton (H) was too friendly say papers. Tame performance in a = 1-3 loss.      
A= pr 53 Mention of Bill Goddard being on 47 goals with 5 games left and looking unlikely to break Reg Marlow's  
re= cord from the 20's of 62 goals. THE BOOK refers to 83 and 85 goals in consecutive seasons. Check!    
T= he BOOK is looking like it was well out. Marlow hits 65-69 goals in 1926/27, but much less in 1925/26. Both the  
BO= OK and the Herald are wrong!                
1= 8/4/53 A. "Tubby" Braithwaite guested v Worthing. Loaned from Walton & Hersham, where he was a regular.  
Pa= pers say that Worthing are the worst side to have visited West Street this season.=      
1= 8/4/53 A 5-1 win sends Epsom back to the top of the Corinthian League. A win and a dra= w in final matches  
is= not good enough to finish in the top two.              
19= /4/53 Pat Lynch undergoes a hernia operation.              
Er= nie Watkins is captain in Pat Lynch's absence.            
2= 2/4/53 W.Phelps guested at Slough. HT not certain, but Epsom missed a sitter aft= er 40 minutes, when they were   
a= lready 1-0 up. HT 1-1. Slough Observer says Honey scored, not Walker, but I will sti= ck with BOOK as they are more   
li= kely to know the scorer for certain. Slough Express agrees with BOOK too.        
2= 5/4/53 Programme (single sheet - undated) issued for Erith friendly, but dated "25th March 1953". They were a   
mo= nth out! All gate money was handed to Erith & B. A few hundred were present.        
2/= 5/53 Kick off at 6.30 because of FA Cup Final that day. = Was prog issued?        
Ma= y 53 Surbiton Lagoon opens.                
A= fter 7/3/53 results Carshalton Ath were bottom of the League, yet they finished League Champions!!  
S= upporters Club AGM 27/5/53. Announced that membership is a record 420 but nowhere n= ear target of 1000.   
I= nterest in the Whist Drives faded even when the meeting point was moved to Foresters Hall from St Barnabas Hall.  
A = concert was also cancelled due to lack of support.            
Pr= ofessional Boxing programme arranged for Friday June 5th at West Street        
On= 2nd June Coronation evening has a Pony Derby and Amateur Boxing evening planned. S= ee 1953/54 section.  
Reserves:    Corinthian League Reserve Division              
Position   6th out of 14                
Re= serve Manager Tommy Rochester referred to in prog as "that grand= old man of Amateur soccer"  
Neale Trophy 2nd Edgware   1-3            
SIC 1st Met Police   2-4+ Exempt to First Round      
06/09/52 Programme Line Up for this match: Reg Taylor, R.Chenery, Ken Allan, Gordon Sanders, Bob Crane, Ken Minter,
Cy= ril Porter, Ivor Hughes, Les Ford, Jim Crane, Tommy Rochester          
Ja= ck Wood came in for Jim Crane who played for the first team.          
6= /9/52 Epsom defeat Chesham 7-0 at West Street. Hudson the keeper is injured in the se= cond half and they finished with  
t= en men. Ivor Hughes "banged in one of the most spectacular goals ever seen on the West Street ground" says prog.  
13= /9/52 Up to second place following a 2-0 win at Erith & Belvedere.          
20= /9/52 No game for Reserves.                
2= 7/09/52 Programme Line Up for this match: Reg Taylor, Tommy Rochester, Ken Allan, Gordon Sanders, Bob Crane,   
Ke= n Minter, Paddy Moore, Ivor Hughes, Les Ford, Peter Hayward, Jack Wood        
Le= s Ford was missing so Harry Saunders made his debut and would score frequently in the coming months.    
27= /9/52 Epsom core twice in the second half to win 2-0 at Maidstone United.        
4/= 10/52 Harry Saunders scores HT in a 4-2 win over Tilbury in Neale Trophy.        
1= 1/10/52 Lost 6-4 at Edgware, although Epsom "scored" six of the ten goals th= at day! Were 2-0 down after 8 minutes but  
go= t it back to 2-2 quite quickly. Couldn't hold on though.            
1= 8/10/52 Programme Line Up for this match: Reg Taylor, Tommy Rochester, Ken Allan,= Ray Chenery, Bob Crane,   
Ke= n Minter, Paddy Moore, Ivor Hughes, Harry Saunders, Peter Hayward, Peter Neale      
Th= is line up was correct.                  
1= 8/10/52 Grays were top of the table but we defeated them 2-1 at West Street. Ivor Hughes scored "a picture goal".  
Re= serves went top on 25/10/52. Only for a week though, as they had no league game on 01/11/52.    
0= 1/11/52 Programme Line Up for this match: Reg Taylor, Ray Chenery, Tommy Rocheste= r, Gordon Sanders, Bob Crane,   
Ke= n Minter, Paddy Moore, Ivor Hughes, Harry Saunders, Peter Hayward, Les Ford        
Th= is line up was correct.                  
1/= 11/52 instead we lost in the Neale Trophy 3-1 at Edgware Town.          
1= 5/11/52 this result takes Epsom top again but a loss at home to Uxbridge on 20/12/52 l= oses the position.  
15/11/52 defeated Hounslow 3-2 at West Street despite losing Peter Freeman to injury after just 10 minutes. Dave Reed and
Ron Digweed made debuts this day. Reed took Tommy Rochester's place as he was suffering with pneumonia which kept 
hi= m in hospital until January.                
22= /11/52 No game for Reserves.                
1= 3/12/52 Programme Line Up for this match: Reg Taylor, Ray Chenery, Ken Allan, Gor= don Sanders, Andy Layzell,   
Ke= n Minter, Paddy Moore, Ron Digweed, Ivor Hughes, Bill Mackie, Mike Watkins        
Iv= or Hughes was missing but Harry Saunders came in instead.          
1= 3/12/52 Two more new players this day as Andy Layzell and Bill "Jock" Mackie played. Ken Allan is also now available   
ag= ain after injury. Worthing hold us to a 2-2 draw at West Street.          
13= /12/52 This draw does put us top of the table again but only for a week.        
2= 0/12/52 Programme Line Up for this match: Reg Taylor, Ray Chenery, Ken Allan, Gor= don Sanders, Andy Layzell,   
Bo= b Crane, Paddy Moore, Ron Digweed, Ivor Hughes, Bill Mackie, Mike Watkins        
Th= is line up was correct.                  
20= /12/52 Epsom lose 2-4 at home to Uxbridge.              
2= 6/12/52 An unusual day for a debut but Bernard Canham played his first game on the l= eft wing and gave a "most  
pr= omising performance".                  
2= 7/12/52 As with the first team game at West Street, the Reserve game at Colston Aven= ue v Carshalton Athletic is   
po= stponed due to fog.                  
10= /1/53 Maidstone (H) is not played.                
2= 4/1/53 Epsom lose 3-1 to Slough not 3-0. Programme is probably wrong, as this goal is included in the league tables  
fo= r the rest of the season. It also advises that the forwards were "most disappointing".      
31= /1/53 Uxbridge (A) is p-p.                
7= /2/53 Ivor Hughes & Bob Crane selected for Surrey Juniors 1-1 London Juniors @ Sutton on 7/2/53. Hughes scores.  
21= /2/53 No game for Reserves.                
28/2/53 Stan Scott returns from injury and scores twice while Ruffell scored a "real sizzler" and Ken Minter did well in this 
4-= 3 home win over Erith & Belvedere.                
0= 7/03/53 Programme Line Up for this match: Reg Taylor, Ray Chenery, Ken Allan, Gor= don Sanders, Bob Crane,  
G.= Smith, Bernard Canham, Ivor Hughes, Harry Saunders, Ron Digweed, Ron Ruffell        
Ken Minter came in for Allan with Smith dropping to fu= ll back, and Reg Oakes came in for the absent (injured or 1sts reserve?) Hug= hes.
7/= 3/53 Epsom get a pont from a 3-3 draw at Grays Athletic.            
1= 4/3/53 Harry Saunders scores 4 in a 7-3 win over Maidenhead Utd. Programme advises that Minter and Ruffell were   
ou= tstanding while Sanders and Saunders "did well", despite Saunders' four goals.        
28= /3/53 or 3/4/53 Only one programme was issued - number 28 but was it for Edgware or Maidstone?    
4= /4/53 Anthony Canham played and scored in a 3-3 draw at Hounslow Town. Related = to Bernard, probably brother, but  
ne= ver reached the first team. It was the only game he played for the Reserves.        
1= 8/4/53 Despite all tables tallying up, the BOOK says we lost 2-3 at Uxbridge this day when all other records show a 1-2   
lo= ss. The BOOK even advises two scorers. I will amend in records to 2-3 for now. Check f= or reports.    
25/= 4/53 Season ends with a 3-1 defeat at Carshalton Athletic.