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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
CL Position 13th out of 14                
FAC Not Entered                
AC 4q Dagenham   0-1            
LC 2nd Hounslow   1-5            
SSC 1st Corinthian Casuals 1-7            
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell              
Cl= ub Colours Light and Dark Blue quarters            
President   Alderman G.C.A.Mann              
Chairman Mr Bill (W.V.) Townsend v-c Mr F.M Stewart Nicknamed "Mac"= ; ?      
Manager   Selection Committee              
Secretary Mr Sid (S.H.) Herbert asst Mr R.J.Scott Herbert address 51 Hazon Way, Epsom  
Treasurer Mr A.M.Thompson asst Mr W.J.Bowe          
Pu= blicity Secretary Mr A.R. Amos              
Committee   WJ Johnson, Sid Bristow, Ted Wheal, G S= tringer, RH Gurr, LA Prince, D Rice, HG Wright  
    Fred Chitty, B Evans, GJ Osborne, H "Don" Proctor, JE Greenleaf, DM Lane    
    B Evans expelled at meeting 10/7/50, re= placed by J.Thompson      
Al= l the above were elected at the AGM on 21/6/50.            
Re= serves Manager Ron Stringer                
Ju= niors Manager: Fred Chitty                
Ad= ditional First and second team records in THE BOOK          
Ma= y 50 Epsom have to apply for re-election for the first time in (33 year, say papers) history.    
Wa= lton & Hersham and Windsor & Eton left league, replaced by Maidstone United = and Tilbury    
Ju= ne 50 Sid Herbert, Secretary, is also President of new Junior club Court Athletic.<= /td>      
J= une 50 New coach is to be joining Epsom. Billy Williams, ex-Sheff Wed, Southend and Leyton Orient player  
wh= o was until recently coach at St Albans. Has recently completed 2 FA coaching courses= and is due    
fo= r another this season with Walter Winterbottom.            
AG= M Annual Report is dated 12th June 1950 - To be held at the Clubhouse - Copy Y      
AG= M 21/6/50 reveals a last minute hitch over the coach position, and Williams will no= t be joining.    
Apparently he declined for personal reasons. Williams would end up as Manager of Barking and Leyton over the years to come.
Sy= d Faggetter, formerly with Redhill, Sutton, and Erith will be joining as player/coach = says Chairman.    
He= was described as "a ginger fellow"              
A= GM announces that a club deficit of 204 has been reduced to 18. A.M.Thompson referre= d to losing about  
3= 0-40 on friendly matches, advising that "they would always be a liability&qu= ot;        
Ha= rry Hawke presided over meeting.                
2= 1/6/50 AGM invited Mayor of Epsom & Ewell Alderman G.C.A. Mann to become Preside= nt of the Club. He was  
a= lready a Vice-president, and accepted position in July. Knew former Chairman Albert Tuck, as they were in a firm  
o= f Solicitors Tuck & Mann, who were situated over Lloyds Bank in the Epsom High Str= eet, and very near to where  
Ch= arles Pettett worked at 58-62 High Street, where Southern Counties Radio now is= .      
Actually, George Mann's grandson Michael advises that = he had no connection with Tuck and Mann, who still exist today as part of TW= M
Solicitors with branches across Surrey. This Mann was Sidney Edgar Mann and I think I may have put two and two together here an= d
got five!                    
A= lso at AGM it was advised that finance was low partly because the London League fined them 50 for leaving  
I= presume they must have left for Corinthian League late in season. Attendances of 4,000 were expected regularly!  
M= oney received this year was 615 for cup and friendly gates, Programmes 125, League gates 476, and  
s= eason tickets 64. Payments out were player refreshments 217, cup and friendly matches 257, Stationery  
1= 79, and travel expenses 111                
Th= anks were also given to Len Anderson, Mrs Hicks, Mrs Parr, Mr & Mrs Stewart and= Ted Wheal.    
C= hairman Bill Townsend was a long serving member of the club. According to Ray Chenery = and Geoff Porter, he  
u= sed to live at Woodcote Side, and worked at West Park Hospital (probably - not totally certain which hospital).  
H= e wore glasses, and did a lot of scouting for Epsom. He scouted Geoff Porter whi= le he was with Epsom Old  
Sc= holars, and brought him to Epsom.              
A= ccording to Ray Chenery, Syd Faggetter was bald by the time he joined, so it was hard= to tell if he was ginger or  
n= ot! He told Ray off once for scoring one of his two goals this season, as he was in a better position. Was Syd  
on= a bonus?                  
Alderman George Charles Adrian Mann - Mayor of Epsom &= amp; Ewell in 1951. Freeman of the Borough in 1967 and also a Justice of the
Peace in the fifties. Married Hilda Chance in the fift= ies after his first wife died in February 1952. Chance was connected with the
ironmongers and they advertised in many programmes. He lived at "the big house on the Hill" which was Grove House in W= est Street
and his descendants lived there until 2016. He then li= ved in 116 Stoneleigh Park Road and also lived in Angmering and Tayles Hill,<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
Ewell. He had connections with Epsom & Ewell Harri= ers and covered a large area of sporting interests. Mann died on 22/10/1977 in
Ew= ell and was born in Camberwell on 09/07/1891.            
In= formation provided by Michael Mann his grandson who now lives in Luxembourg.      
Ma= nn was also the first Chairman of the Governors at NESCOT in 1963 remaining as Govern= or Emeritus.    
SC= FA AGM at Wimbledon on 22/6/50 mentions Bill Cutter being selected for Surrey in previous year, and    
re= ceiving his County cap and badge. Also a long service award given to Charlie (HC) Pet= titt for Epsom.    
No= t sure why, as he doesn't appear to still be involved at this stage.          
Ju= ne 50 Following stormy Supporters AGM, ATJ Hall 50 Woodlands Road is to be Temporary Secretary    
al= though WC Taylor is still around, and he was Sec before and after, so not sure here= .      
2= officers resigned and some committee members too, blaming lack of support from the parent club. However  
no= -one wanted their jobs. Only 9 were there in total. Bill Townsend offered his support, and was very    
co= urteous in spite of some harsh questioning from WC Taylor.          
H= .L.Hayward a v-c of the club writes in response to H Lattimer's letter published 19/5/= 50 complaining about  
th= e standard of the ground, but this was blamed on Epsom Town and the war time situati= on.      
J= uly 50 W Bromley, D Rice, and H Wright (2 of which were committee members) explain= ed why they were  
se= ason ticket holders yet not members of the supporters club. Clearly there was a big divide here.    
J= uly 50 Reference to Tooting & M President 82 year old George Mather being Chairman of Mitcham Wanderers  
fo= r ten years before they merged with Tooting Town.            
Ju= ly 50 Freddie Boatwright joins club from Erith to remain with Faggetter.        
Ju= ly 50 New player Bobby Musto (18).              
A= ccording to Ray Chenery, Musto was a popular player, and along with Fred Aldred were = the characters of the  
s= ide. Also, Ray remembered he was "well endowed", and along with Reg Walker, and Ken Elbrow, had no trouble  
wi= th the ladies!                  
J= uly 50 Jan Sorensen quite football for business reasons, but ends up at Sutton. Stan Scott also leaves, and his  
fa= ther Gordon leaves the Committee.              
Ju= ly 50 Mick Colwell joins from Southall or Redhill and becomes club captain.        
Au= g 50 Pat Jordan joins from Surbiton Town.              
Pu= blic trials on 1/8/50 - 3/8/50 - 10/8/50              
J= uly 50 Banstead complete move to Merland Rise from Tattenham Way. Rented. First = game 16/9/50 beat  
Wo= rcester Park 4-2. 18/11/50 Official opening of ground in a 7-2 win over Malden Town.      
12= /8/50 Possibles v Probables "A sizeable crowd" at the trial.          
1= 9/8/50 Ray Chenery scores Epsom's second goal and the Tilbury keeper collided with t= he post and knocked  
hi= mself out, but recovered to continue.              
Au= g 50 Colin Batchelor leaves for Colchester, but is in goal for Grays Athletic by November!.      
Au= g 50 Croydon Rovers move to the Mitcham Stadium. They only survive one season before folding.    
Of= ficial inauguration of ground on 23/9/50 lost 0-4 to Headington: Att 2,500.        
L= en Lowder plays in first game for Croydon Rovers, and Ken Elbrow played regularly f= or them before re-joining Epsom  
n= ext season. Future player Reg Walker was also listead as an original member having jo= ined from Sutton United.  
A= ug 50 New white concrete posts are completed and now surround the ground. Probably = the same posts that  
w= ere there at the end. The work had taken a while to replace wooden palings around the ground sometimes  
w= ork had even been done by torchlight. The posts had steel tubing inside them and were planted by Chalky White!  
Aug 50 Jackie Collins leaves for Kingstonian after a couple of years. Aged 30. He is referred to in Surrey Comet as P.Collins.=
Au= g 50 mention of new Chairman for Supporters club Mr Aikman. New Treasurer Mr Ayling.      
1= 9/8/50 Reference to Treasurer AM Thompson being in the club office on Saturday afternoons. This was next to  
th= e old changing rooms.                
26= /8/50 a coach and a half runs to Slough.              
26= /8/50 Malden Town's first home game at their new ground in Manor Park. Also their first SSL match.    
Se= pt 50 Kingstonian disown their own Supporters Club!            
Se= pt 50 future player Johnny Blizzard is still at Kingstonian          
2= /9/50 FA Cup this day but Epsom do not appear to have entered for some reason, despite= big crowds recently. Why?  
2= /9/50 Player Profile (Number 2) on Ray Chenery. Was born, attended school, and played football all in West  
St= reet! Joined in 46/47 and proved a useful utility player. A very reliable player and a good club man.    
9/= 9/50 Future player Bill Goddard scores twice for Edgware v Epsom.          
No= club notes in Edgware programme due to a printing dispute          
1= 6/9/50 Player Profile (Number 3) on Ernie Watkins. Longest serving player joined straight after the war, and  
p= layed centre half for the first three seasons. Can play wing half or centre forward. A very consistent player and  
to= ugh tackler, Ernie can be relied upon to play a clean and sporting game.        
23= /9/50 Tommy Rochester scores twice for Surbiton Town v Epsom.          
23/9/50 Devas Institute play Worcester Park in an Amat= eur Cup tie at West Street this day. K.O. unknown as Reserves were at home.
3= 0/9/50 Player Profile (Number 5) on Jack MacDonald. Joined from PO Engineers in = Aug 48. Originally an inside  
f= orward, he has become a very useful full back. A deliberate footballer who remains c= alm and collected under  
t= he heaviest pressure. Was club captain until this year when Mick Colwell took over. R= ep Honours: London League.  
3= 0/9/50 Heavy rainfall and a soggy day saw Epsom edge past Maidenhead 3-2 after being 1= -1 at HT. Epsom  
w= ent a goal behind on 30 minutes, but Musto equalised right on HT, and although Syd Faggetter mispen (SAVE)  
o= n 48, Musto scored again on 51, with Tommy Wright on 71 minutes, and a late consolati= on for the visitors.  
Re= feree was future World Cup referee Ken Aston (Ilford).            
Se= pt 50 Bill Wiles is at Guildford FC                
Oc= t 50 Roy Dymott is at Leatherhead              
Oc= t 50 Printing dispute - limited reports in Advertiser and Herald, and Epsom programmes too.    
21= /10/50 Epsom trailed Chertsey 4-1 at HT but recover to win 5-4 with Wright getting the winner.    
28= /10/50 Epsom lead Devas 3-0 at HT but they fight back. Finishes 3-2. Devas play in Mer= ton.    
N= ov 50 Carshalton Ath had originally protested to the FA regarding Pat Jordan's eligibility during the AC 3q  
ma= tch that Epsom won. Turns out it was a different Jordan, and Carshalton withdrew t= he protest in a    
sp= ortsmanlike manner, and also wrote to Epsom to let them know.          
No= v 50 First time in Amateur Cup 4q since the mid thirties.          
1= 1/11/50 Epsom hold Hounslow to 2-1 for a while, until three goals in ten minutes midway through second half.  
18= /11/50 Lots of chances for both sides but Dagenham scrape through by the only goal.      
2= 5/11/50 Future players Trevor Hall and Alan Parker both play for Tooting & M v Brighton in FAC 1. Lost 2-3.  
25= /11/50 Surrey Comet says that Hawkers will be tough opponents because of their permit player Alex    
Da= vidson, a former Chelsea and Palace inside forward, but he is ineligible anyway!      
25= /11/50 Game v Hawkers abandoned after 81 minutes due to fog.          
S= urrey Comet says that game should never have been abandoned with the score at 6-1 with only 9 minutes left,  
an= d that Epsom were robbed. Advertiser says just seven minutes remained.        
T= he Hawker Sports Centre was the same site that Leyland Motors used in the twenties until 1948 when Hawkers  
t= ook it back over. It was also used for first class cricket occasionally and although there has been development  
on= the site of the Aircraft Factory which was demolished in 1990, the sports ground rema= ins in 2012.    
Fr= om 7/10/50 to 9/12/50 inc Epsom remained unchanged for 10 straight games!        
No= v 50 Frank and Ted Goodall are both at Ashtead in the Sutton & District League      
Dec 50 Reference to Handbook of Amateur Football by No= rman Acland containing profile of Harry Hawke who is Secretary and Treasurer <= span style=3D'display:none'>of London League
De= c 50 Gordon Brogdale plays for Erith & Belvedere            
De= c 50 Gerry Saffery promoted from Reserves. Formerly with Southall.        
D= ec 50 reference to future player Frank Vernon being the third team centre forwa= rd at Kingastonian. Aged 19.  
Sc= oring list in 16/12/50 programme. Correct according to my records.          
16= /12/50 Bobby Musto injured rib 20 minutes. 10 men, and out for a while afterwards.      
16= /12/50 Epsom very unlucky and almost deserved a draw say papers. However, they lost 7-= 1!    
25= /12/50 Kick offs at 11am for firsts and reserves            
2= 5/12/50 Bill Cutter requires 4 stitches in a head wound and is absent for half of the = game returning in the last 15  
mi= nutes. Carshalton mispen (post) in 1st half, and Gordon Cairns scored their fifth goal.      
2= 6/12/50 Cutter still injured but still played inside right instead. Cairns scored= 2nd goal for Carshalton Ath.  
2= 6/12/50 Arguments in stand between Carshalton fans and Epsom supporters. Papers s= ay it was Carshalton's  
fa= ult, as they were losing!                
6= /1/51 Corinthian Casuals visit and win 7-1. Their first season at the Oval, but this game was at West Street.  
Ja= n 51 Norman Ambrose is at Kingstonian.              
6= /1/51 Tommy Wright and Boatwright both hit the bar. Also debut for Michael Talbot-But= ler whose father was a  
p= re war Vice Chairman. See 35/36 notes. Michael write in to local papers in Nov 82. Li= ving in Northwich aged 51.  
6= /1/51 Papers say Disborough is poor and should be replaced in goal by Bristow. He is t= hen replaced. Papers  
sa= y this highlights the problem between the supporters and the Selection Committee= .      
J= an 51 "NO LITTLE WEMBLEY AT EWELL" The Council drops plans for a large sport centre to be build at  
C= herry Orchard, London Road. It was to have 6,000 capacity and grandstand for 80= 0, including tennis courts  
bo= wling green and hockey pitch. Plan submitted 4 years ago, but stopped by green belt restrictions.    
No= mention of who would have used the ground.            
J= an 51 ATJ Hall Supporters Club Treasurer says that there are very few coaches becau= se of lack of interest.  
T= here are only 200 in the supporters club and he would like to know why the other 1= ,000 aren't members. This  
in= dicates an average attendance of 1,200 at the time.            
J= an 51 Advertiser jokes that thieves who broke in to Sutton United would not have been looking for trophies as  
it= is some years since they won any.              
J= an 51 Eddie Francis signs from Leatherhead. Had also played for Sutton, Bishop Auckla= nd and Blackpool as an  
am= ateur. Had been captain at Leatherhead.              
J= an 51 Mick Colwell leaves the club after a disagreement with the management. Den Goldsmith is captain now.  
1= 3/1/51 Tommy Wright scored v Grays, only for the referee to consult with the linesman = and change his mind.  
1= 3/1/51 Ernie Watkins injured 2nd half. 10 men. Prog says it was surprising there were = not more goals than 11!  
Ep= som had pulled it back to 4-5 before two more late goals for Grays.          
Ja= n 51 former player and future Manager Fred Chitty playing for Dorking.        
2= 0/1/51 fixture confusion as both Epsom and Carshalton thought they were travelli= ng to Worthing this day, but  
Ep= som were in fact due to travel to Tilbury instead.            
20= /1/51 Bobby Musto returns after his rib injury. Don Goldsmith takes over as Captain f= or this trip.    
Ja= n 51 Les Keen joins from RAF but only plays three games. Scores four goals though.=      
Ja= n 51 Epsom Stable Lads (1)2 - (0)3 Newmarket Stable lads. Played at West Street.      
At= tended by Mayor and Mayoress.                
27/1/51 John Cashman makes first appearance in goal for firsts this season. Occasionally but wrongly referred to as T.Cashman.
J= an 51 Edgar E Jeffery died. He was a regular in the Ewell side of the late 1890's alo= ng with many others listed.  
H= e originally played for Epsom on the field with his brother Evan, but was at Ewell in = the mid 1890's as a keeper.  
He was listed as 30 years old in the 1901 census, so m= ust have been 79 or 80 when he died. Cremated at Streatham 17/01/51.
O= nly a couple of months before this, another occasional Ewell full back Reverend EV Bond died too. Had been  
Cu= rate of Ewell and was eventually Rector of Beddington.          
Ja= n 51 Fred Stenning joins Malden Town from Leatherhead            
J= an 51 Cecil B Weller (39) is new Coach at Leatherhead replacing Bill Whittaker - form= er WIM, SUT, WOK and Epsom  
Fe= b 51 Fred Chitty is at Dorking                
F= eb 51 Gordon Brogdale leaves for Faversham but returns later in season. Johnson also leaves, while Cashman  
th= ought about it but stayed. Dukelow and Graham also leave, as they share a car!      
C= ashman had joined from Hendon in 1949, while Brogdale had joined Epsom at 15 and been the youngest  
ce= ntre forward in senior football at that age. They are referring to Epsom reserves in London League Div 1.    
Fe= b 51 Frank Adey leaves for Carshalton Athletic, and Johnny O'Brien joins from Erith & Belvedere.    
Fe= b 51 Future player Bill Wiles is at Woking.              
Fe= b 51 Reference to Gordon Cairns joining Epsom at the age of 14 during War time= .      
3= /2/51 First win of the new year. Described as an amateur freak result as higher placed Worthing are beaten 10-0  
Fi= rst double figure score since the war and a Corinthian League record.        
1= 0/2/51 Future players Bill Goddard and Bill Nuth are in the programme line up for visiting Edgware but Epsom still win 3-1.  
10/2/51 Also this day, presumably before this match the Epsom Racing Lads had a football match at West Street this day with
Alderman George Charles Adrian Mann our President doing the ceremonial kick off. I have a picture of this provided by his son
Mi= chael. He was Mayor this year too.              
M= ore problems with supporters club, as 12 year old Alan Virgo says he has been told he = is too young to become  
a= member. Kevin Henriques suffers the same problem. The case is taken up by Mr W Sutherland who is the  
Ch= airman of the National Federation of Supporters Clubs.            
M= aybe as a result, 4 coaches are taken to Maidstone for the 3-3 draw. HT for Dennis Bower of Maidstone.  
1= 7/2/51 Maidstone - Maidstone captain was Gordon Jago, who would eventually sign Trevor Lee and Phil Walker  
24= /2/51 Wernell HT for Maidenhead in 1st half.              
Ma= rch 51 Future player Henryk Mikrut is at Wycombe.            
Ma= r 51 R.Francis and F.Chitty are at Dorking              
10= /3/51 Only one coach goes to Chesham, and it isn't full.            
10= /3/51 Tommy Cashman pensave 2nd half v Chesham, but still lost 8-3!        
10= /3/51 Supporters Club Dance at Granada Cinema 4 shillings or 4 shillings and sixpence at the door.    
17= /3/51 Tommy Cashman fractured finger. Ernie Watkins went in goal. Brentford 'A' had 10 pros playing.    
17/3/51 Future Epsom players Pat Lynch, Glyn Hinshelwo= od and Bobby Avis all play for Hendon in SF of Amateur Cup this day
v= the mighty Pegasus at Highbury and draw 1-1 but miss a penalty awarded in the last moments for a foul on Avis.  
Pe= gasus would win the replay and go on to win the Cup in front of 100,000 at Wembley.      
M= ar 51 emergency meeting of first and second team players held at club and addre= ssed by Mac Stewart and  
Ro= n Stringer.                  
M= ar 51 mention of a cup final being played between Carshalton St Andrews and Wallington around the turn of the  
ce= ntury at Harcourt Road, Wallington but in 1951 it had been covered by flats.        
Ma= r 51 Mention of Bill Cutter, being sandy haired.            
23/3/51 Hounslow (H)(L) postponed for flooding, yet an "interleague" match took place that afternoon! (see Juniors comments)
I = believe programmes were issued for both games (33) + (34). I have seen neither though.      
2= 4/3/51 Epsom lose 7-1 at Hounslow BOOK says 12/5/51 but it has the games the wrong way around. Probably  
co= nfused by the postponement of the day before.            
2= 4/3/51 Den Goldsmith was injured as was a passenger, although he went in goal for a while as Cashman  
re= injured his finger.                  
26= /3/51 Due to travel to Grays but fixtures rearranged and we went to Edgware instead.      
26= /3/51 HT unk v Edgware, but they scored two in each half. When did Epsom score theirs?=      
31= /3/51 Epsom pitch beats Erith say papers. Lowder played NOT Cashman as BOOK says.    
7/4/51 Epsom arrive twenty minutes late, and start with ten men, as O'Brien is a further ten minutes late. Committee not happy.
1= 1/4/51 Easy win for Eastbourne even though they were down to ten men shortly after HT= , by which time, it was  
a= lready 2-0. Paper has a LU, but it is a little unreliable. They say Musto scored, and= LU was: Cashman, Watkins,  
Al= len, Rochester, Cutter, Cummings, Chamberlain, Coleman, Faggetter, Musto, Wrig= ht.      
I= am happy with Cashman, Watkins, Cutter, Faggetter, Musto and Wright. Chamberlain is probably Chenery, and  
A= llen may well have played. However, Rochester was at Surbiton and I've never seen Cummings or Coleman,  
Ch= eck BOOK again. I will put Allen and Faggetter in for now.          
17= /4/51 and 19/4/51 Epsom hold more trials.<= /td>              
18= /4/51 No programme issued for Leatherhead Friendly this day.          
A= pr 51 Pitch problems at West Street put down to the unpredictable rising of the Bourn= e. "Happily a rarity."  
Ap= r 51 E Hill joins from Dorking, and makes debut on 28/4/51.          
2= 1/4/51 Surrey Comet and Eastbourne Gazette says Faggetter (2), Wright and Musto scored, not Boatwright.  
BO= OK is wrong. He did not even play in the game as BOOK suggests.        
Mu= sto mispen near the end, after Wright's 88th minute goal. Hookham booked for Eastbou= rne.    
25= /4/51 Epsom Challenge Cup match v Leatherhead was a double header. No mention in THE = BOOK of    
e= ither game, and papers only mention one of them at Epsom. Prog (39) mentions the first one, a 2-2 draw on 18/4.  
D= orking & Leatherhead Advertiser refers to the other one, a 1-0 win for Leatherhead= at Fetcham Grove on 25/4  
S= urrey Advertiser refers to a 1-1 draw at Leatherhead on the 18/04/51 but this m= atch was 2-2 it appears and was at Epsom.  
Th= is is a completely different report! Bizarre!              
28= /4/51 Epsom beat Guildford in Sportsmans Cup 3-1 and Alderman G.C.A.Mann presents tro= phy.    
5/= 5/51 No Boatwright or Musto v Slough. Both unavailable.            
5= /5/51 Epsom & Ewell Lge v Croydon Minor Combination at West Street - won 4-1 with Evans, Wales, Hitchcock  
an= d Coghlin selected from Youth team.              
Ma= y 51 Possible re-election again Ground is not one of the best and attendances = are disappointing.    
12= /5/51 Epsom finish second from bottom and have to apply for re-election for the second straight year.    
Do= dd, Boatwright, Faggetter and Sorensen played.            
No= away wins all season, yet scored at least one goal in every one of them.      
Ma= idstone were reserve champions, but were bottom of the main league!        
1= 2/5/51 Epsom & Ewell League Cup Final between Sutton Juniors and West Ewell Junior= s. Sutton win 4-2 aet.  
G= ame played at West Street at 6.15. Epsom Juniors won League though, and received med= als afterwards.  
Be= rnard Wales captains League representative side through season. A class player says Bernard Smith.    
Ap= parently died a year or two back (2003-04?) and had been a plumber.        
1= 9/5/51 Festival of Britain Match v Surbiton Town sees Hill mispen (post) and Low= der pensave in 1st half too.  
Qu= ery on Sorensen playing. BOOK says he played, yet papers have him playing for Su= tton on same day.    
So= rensen actually guested the week before with Dennis Dodd. Hill played on 19/5 instead.      
B= OOK had a complete line up for 12/5 but was missing Sorensen. I believe (although i= t is not certain) that it  
wa= s Tommy Wright who didn't play on 12/5, and should have been Sorensen instead.      
P= redicted line up (19/5) was Lowder, Watson, Hoy, Farringdon, Baker (replaced by Steffens), Wales, Hill, Coghlin,  
Cu= tter, Simmonds, Hitchcock. Simmonds was a West Ewell Ath Junior not an Epsom Junior.    
I = don't yet know if a programme was issued for this match, but its possible and if it was, it would have been 42.  
Reserves: Corinthian League Reserve Division              
Position 11th out of 14                
Neale Cup 1st Maidenhead Utd 1-4            
SICC 1st Croydon Adults 0-3            
SIC 1st Haslemere & S 0-2            
26= /8/50 All played well against Slough with two goals in each half of our 4-0 win.        
30/8/50 two semi-finals of the Carshalton War Memorial= Cup were due to be played this day. Epsom drew 1-1 with Old Westminster
Ci= tizens while Beddington Corner played Devas.<= /td>            
Th= e Epsom Herald is missing for this week (08-09-50) at Bourne Hall so check British Library.    
0= 2/09/50 Programme Line Up for this match: John Cashman (listed as T), Eric Dukelo= w, Ken Allan, Reg Hunt, Ray Chenery,  
Wa= lly Warwick, Alec Graham, Frank Adey, Gordon Brogdale, Bobby Musto, Tommy Wright      
Th= is line up was correct.                
2= /9/50 Res are 3-0 down at HT v Grays but win 4-3 with two from Gordon Brogdale, + Graham and Adey (winner).  
9/= 9/50 Johnny Hoy makes first appearance for the club, wrongly listed as G.Hoy.        
1= 6/09/50 Programme Line Up for this match: John Cashman, Eric Dukelow, Ken Allan, = Vic Legrand, Ray Chenery,  
Re= g Hunt, Ron Orford, Mike Talbot-Butler, Gordon Brogdale, Alec Graham, Frank Adey      
Th= is line up was correct.                
1= 6/9/50 Chesham United are defeated 4-0 at West Street. Frank Adey scores for the sixth straight match.  
23/9/50 Newcomers Ivor Hughes and Peter Norman both sc= ore in our 3-0 home win over Edgware. Hughes played briefly last season.
1= 4/10/50 Programme Line Up for this match: John Cashman, Eric Dukelow, Ken Allan, = Reg Hunt, Ray Chenery,  
Wa= lly Warwick, Ron Orford, Alec Graham, Les Gilbert, Ivor Hughes, Vic Legrand        
Fr= ank Adey came in for Warwick.                
14= /10/50 Epsom are defeated 2-1 at Maidstone United.            
1= 1/11/50 Epsom defeat Erith & Belvedere 1-0 with a first half goal from Alec Graham and some great keeping from Bristow.  
25= /11/50 League game v Maidenhead abandoned 82 minutes due to heavy fog. Leading 4= -0      
02/12/50 Programme Line Up for this match: John Cashma= n, Eric Dukelow, Ken Allan, Wally Warwick, Ray Chenery, Frank Adey,
Al= an Davis, Mike Talbot Butler, Ivor Hughes, Alec Graham, Peter Norman        
Th= is line up was correct.                
2/= 12/50 Tilbury win 2-0 at West Street.              
9/12/50 16 year old Ray Ellis promoted from Juniors to Reserves and played well in 2-1 defeat v Maidstone. "Shows promise".
16/12/50 Programme Line Up for this match: Eric Bristo= w, Eric Dukelow, Ken Allan, Reg Hunt, Ray Chenery, Wally Warwick,
Ge= rry Saffery, Alec Graham, Ivor Hughes, Mike Talbot-Butler, Peter Norman        
W.= Johnson, A.Davis and F.Adey come in for Dukelow, Allan (first team call up) and Graham.    
16= /12/50 Epsom draw 1-1 at home to Croydon Adults at West Street in Surrey Intermediate Charity Cup.    
25= /12/50 Kick offs at 11am for firsts and reserves            
26= /12/50 Lost 2-4 at Carshalton Athletic. BOOK says it was 27th December but I think th= is is an error.    
30= /12/50 Croydon Adults (A) at Lloyd Park in SICC replay is not played this day.        
2= 0/01/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, Eric Dukelow, Ken Allan, Reg Hunt, Bill Cutter, Wally Warwick,  
Iv= or Hughes, Ray Chenery, A.Peachey, Les Keen, Peter Norman          
Le= s Keen was called up for the first team and was replaced by E.Rudman.        
2= 0/1/51 Epsom draw 0-0 at home to Maidenhead United who played with ten men throughout = due to illness and injuries.  
27/1/51 Both Len Lowder and Gordon Disborough were lis= ted as playing this day in the BOOK. I have put the latter on the wing for
no= w but will check reports in locals.                
3/= 2/51 Reserves only field ten men v Croydon Adults and lose 3-0.          
3/= 2/51 Only 7 players are listed in the BOOK.              
17= /2/51 Eastbourne deserved their victory at West Street but the conditions preve= nted any good football.    
24/02/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Gordon Disborough, Eric Dukelow, Ken Allan, Ken Minter, Ray Chenery, R.Garner,
Al= an Davis, Mike Talbot-Butler, Reg Hunt, Pat Jordan, Tommy Wright          
Ken Minter, Pat Jordan and Tommy Wright are replaced by Hunt, R.Claxton and Peter Norman. Wright had a first team call up.
24= /2/51 Hounslow crush Epsom 8-1 at West Street on the same day the firsts get be= aten 7-1 over there!    
3/= 3/51 No game for Reserves.                
1= 0/03/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Len Lowder, Eric Dukelow, Ken Allan, Ken Minter, Reg Hunt, R.Garner,  
Al= an Davis, Mike Talbot-Butler, Gordon Brogdale, Don Ralph, Tommy Wright        
Ke= n Minter and Don Ralph were replaced by Ivor Hughes and Peter Norman.        
1= 0/3/51 Epsom lose a friendly 4-3 at home to Barking Reserves. The BOOK says it was on 3/3/51 but this was an error.  
17/3/51 Epsom Herald and Eastbourne Gazette say Eastbo= urne won 2-0 at the Saffrons but the BOOK says 3-1 and provides
Wa= rwick as the scorer but is wrong. Eastbourne Gazette confirms score as 2-0 with a repo= rt. HT 1-0.    
2= 4/3/51 Only 5 players are listed in the BOOK v Eastbourne and the date of the match w= as wrong. It was 17/03/51.  
24= /3/51 Actually due to be at home to Worthing this day but fixture was p-p.        
31= /3/51 Only 8 players are listed in the BOOK.              
7/= 4/51 Only 6 players are listed in the BOOK.              
1= 4/4/51 Only 8 players are listed in the BOOK supplemented by scorer K.Colman who was = not listed in the lineups.  
14/4/51 I now have a copy report from the Maidenhead Advertiser (thanks to Mark Smith) who advises the result was actually a
2-3 loss. It advises our goalscorers as Tommy Wright a= nd Ferdinando, but advises that all three players that THE BOOK advised
as scorers did all play. I will use this line up as it= is more reliable than mine, although if I add the score of 3-2 then Epsom's League
ta= lly doesn't balance any more. However, it does look right so I will amend. Epsom led = 2-0 at HT.    
Th= e BOOK wrongly listed the "three" scorers as Hunt, Colman and Talbot-Butler.        
2= 1/4/51 Only 5 players are listed in the BOOK for Corinthian Casuals match that was not played on this date (see below).  
2= 1/4/51 programme advises that we defeated Eastbourne in the afternoon and follow= ed it up with a 1-1 draw  
wi= th Worthing in the evening, but this looked wrong as BOOK advised that we played Wort= hing on 7/4.    
Advertiser confirms that we DID play Worthing on 21/04= /51 after the Eastbourne game. The Corinthian Casuals friendly was NOT
played on that date. Maybe 7/4, maybe 28/4? There is n= ow an issue 36 missing unless we were at home on the 7th April so that
is= where I will place the Casuals match for now.              
Worthing Herald also confirms that we will host Worthi= ng on 21/04/51 and they played Eastbourne on 07/04/51. BOOK is wrong.
21= /04/51 Worthing (H) kick off at 5.30pm following the First team match at home to Eastbourne.    
2/= 5/51 Only 6 players are listed in the BOOK supplemented by scorer Haines who is not listed.    
= 2/5/51 Epsom lose 7-1 at Slough according to my records, but the tables tally if it we= re 7-0. It may have been  
r= eported wrongly. The BOOK provides a scorer but is unreliable at this stage.      
E= psom Herald says it was 7-0. The BOOK is wrong.            
3/5/51 final game of the season and E.Drake makes a de= but. This was the famous Ted Drake's son Edward, who would play a first team
game in a few years. He scores in a 3-2 win at Chesham United which was originally scheduled for 28/04/51 but moved back.
3/5/51 I have a full line up for this 3-2 in at Chesham United but Bucks Examiner says that Epsom arrived with seven and were lent four
pl= ayers, one of whom scored! Check match report.            
Ju= niors: Epsom & Ewell League Division 1              
Po= sition 1st out of 10                  
SMC F Chase of Chertsey 0-2 Surrey FA Handbook has this as a 4-1 de= feat. Wrong  
LC 2nd West Ewell Juniors 4-8+            
11= /11/50 No game for Juniors as Sutton (L)(A) is p-p.            
18= /11/50 Wandle Athletic were previous holders of Surrey Minor Cup.          
9/= 12/50 Pear Tree were unbeaten Redhill league leaders.            
2= 5/12/50 Bernard Wales plays for Epsom & Ewell League v Mitcham, Merton and Mo= rden League @ Mitcham  
St= adium 11am. Danny Evans was also previously selected.          
D= ec 50 Evans and Bernard Wales are selected for the E & E League v Mitcham and Mor= den League @ Croydon  
Ro= vers on 25/12/50. Won 3-1                
6/1/51 Reference to Epsom Juniors still winning and ha= ve 11 wins and a draw from their 12 matches. They won this day but v who?
13= /1/51 Reference in prog to Juniors record. Current leaders of league, only drop= ping one point.    
24= /2/51 Juniors win 5-1 at Banstead Juniors. HT 1-1. Coghlin (2), Blake, Smith, o= .g.      
3= /3/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Ray Ellis, D.Forbes, William Wales, Dan= ny Evans, F.Potter, Bernard Wales,  
Be= rnard Smith, R.Taylor, Danny Coghlin, A.Blake, Johnny Hitchcock          
3/3/51 Surrey Minor Cup SF @ West Street Epsom Juniors= v Ham and win 3-1. Prog 30 Y. Ham scored after 10 minutes but
Co= ghlin and Evans made it 2-1 at HT and Coghlin added a third after 77 minutes.        
2= 3/3/51 Epsom & Ewell League v Barnes and District. Evans, Wales and Coghlin select= ed. Won 5-1 at West St.  
D= anny Evans is living in Kent and recently celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary, according to Bernard Smith.  
B= ernard Smith is 72 or 73, born in 1933, and I met him at Geoff Porter's house in March 2006. He is also the uncle  
of= Chris Kelly, future player with Epsom, Leatherhead, Tooting and Millwall. Very successful.    
26= /3/51 Probable Easter Monday friendly with Sutton United. Was this played?        
3= 1/3/51 Juniors win 19-0 v Bookham. Frost gets 6 and Coghlin gets 4, one of which= is his 50th of the season.  
Pr= obably a record all time score for an Epsom team of any description.        
1= 4/04/51 Programme Line Up for this match: Ray Ellis, D.Forbes, William Wales, Dan= ny Evans, F.Potter, Bernard Wales,  
Be= rnard Smith, R.Taylor, Danny Coghlin, A.Blake, Johnny Hitchcock          
1= 4/4/51 SMC Final Game originally planned for Dulwich on 5/5/51, but played at Epsom. Lost 2-0 Prog =3D Y(37)  
V= isiting full back fractured a leg too. Allen Batsford, future Walton & Wimbledon manager was rumoured to play for=  
Ch= ase, but he isn't listed in the programme line up.            
Ch= ase were rumoured to be a nursery side for Arsenal.            
Al= derman Mann presented the trophies. I h= ave a couple of pictures.          
Ap= ril 51 Johnny Hitchcock (16) gets trial with Fulham Juniors this week        
5/5/51 Epsom & Ewell Lge v Croydon Minor Combinati= on at West Street - 6.15pm k.o. - won 4-1 with Evans, Wales, Hitchcock
an= d Coghlin selected from Youth team.              
1= 2/5/51 Epsom & Ewell League Cup Final between Sutton Juniors and West Ewell Junior= s. Sutton win 4-2 aet.  
G= ame played at West Street at 6.15. Epsom Juniors won League though, and received med= als afterwards.  
Be= rnard Wales captains League representative side through season. A class player says Bernard Smith.    
App= arently died a year or two back (2003-04?) and had been a plumber.        
N= OTE: Reference to Hurst Park. It is rumoured that the West Street stand came f= rom there, and it was in  
G= raburn Way, East Molesey, with New Road very close to it. I have found no evidence to support this story and  
have also read that it was constructed in 1925 when Ep= som went to West Street. Without doubt though a Hurst Park
gra= ndstand would see service for many years at Mansfield Town's Field Mill ground.