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  R E S= E R V E S    E L E V E N    F I X T U R E S    / =    R E S U L T S                                   
Prog? Date Day Comp H/A Opponents F/T 90m H/T Scorers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Booked SUB SUB SUB SUB Att
Y (2) 28/08/1948 Sat LLC 1 H Port of London Authority 6-0   F.Marshall (4) p= lus 2 others F.Rawkins H.Simmonds A.Maynard B.Moffatt D.Butcher W.Johnson A.Davis R.Chenery F.Marshall D.Ralph L.Poole  
  11/09/1948 Sat LL A Cheshunt Reserves 3-3 3-2 F.Marshall (3, 1 = pen) C.Batchelor H.Simmonds A.Maynard K.Minter G.Jupp R.Hunt R.Chenery B.Moffatt F.Marshall K.Colman J.Lawrence  
  18/09/1948 Sat LL A Tilbury Reserves 1-4                            
Missing (6) 25/09/1948 Sat LL H Brentwood & Warley Reserves 1-1   ?.Payne C.Batchelor     D.Arblaster         ?.Payne      
Missing (7) 02/10/1948 Sat LL H Dagenham British Legion Reserves 5-1   L.Gilbert (2), W.= Johnson, D.Butcher, H.Howell C.Batchelor       D.Butcher   W.Johnson A.Davis L.Gilbert R.Chenery H.Howell  
Y 09/10/1948 Sat LL A Crittall Athletic Reserves 3-4 2-3 L.Gilbert, A.Davi= s, W.Johnson C.Batchelor H.Simmonds G.Jupp D.Arblaster D.Butcher R.Chenery W.Johnson A.Davis L.Gilbert D.Ralph H.Howell  
Missing (9) 16/10/1948 Sat LL H Crittall Athletic Reserves 2-2 1-0 W.Johnson, J.Law= rence C.Batchelor H.Simmonds J.Copley D.Arblaster D.Butcher B.Moffatt W.Johnson J.Lawrence R.Hunt R.Chenery L.Poole  
  23/10/1948 Sat LL A Eton Manor 'A' 1-4   L.Gilbert C.Batchelor H.Simmonds G.Borthwick D.Arblaster F.Pidgeon B.Moffatt W.Johnson D.Ralph L.Gilbert R.Chenery W.Squires  
  30/10/1948 Sat LL A Dagenham British Legion Reserves 0-6   C.Batchelor H.Simmonds L.Bridgman B.Abson D.Butcher   T.Goodall D.Ralph F.Goodall R.Chenery R.Wilson  
  06/11/1948 Sat Fr A Manor Hospital 6-2   C.Goodall (3), E= .Telford (2), D.Arblaster C.Batchelor H.Simmonds N.Ball D.Arblaster   B.Moffatt W.Johnson E.Telford F.Goodall R.Chenery    
  13/11/1948 Sat SIC 2 A Croydon 2-4   R.Chenery (2) C.Batchelor H.Simmonds J.Sanders D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford L.Bridgman D.Ralph N.Ball R.Chenery R.Wilson  
Y (14) 20/11/1948 Sat LL H United Glass Bottle Sports 2-4     C.Batchelor H.Simmonds F.Bridger D.Arblaster B.Moffatt J.Sanders K.Minter F.Goodall L.Gilbert R.Chenery    
Missing (16) 04/12/1948 Sat LL H Cheshunt Reserves 6-1   L.Gilbert (3), R.= Chenery, A.Graffham (2 pens) C.Batchelor H.Simmonds H.Watkins D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford N.Ball J.Stubbs L.Gilbert R.Chenery A.Graffham  
  11/12/1948 Sat LLC 2 A Cheshunt First XI 0-3 0-0 C.Batchelor ?.Wickerson H.Watkins D.Arblaster D.Butcher B.Moffatt E.Telford N.Ball L.Gilbert R.Chenery A.Graffham  
Missing (18) 18/12/1948 Sat LL H Ford Sports Reserves 4-1     C.Batchelor H.Simmonds ?.Wickerson   B.Moffatt E.Telford   D.Ralph L.Gilbert K.Minter    
  01/01/1949 Sat LL A Vickers (Weybridge) 1-8   D.Arblaster C.Batchelor H.Simmonds   D.Arblaster   B.Moffatt A.Davis F.Goodall L.Gilbert   A.Graffham  
Missing (22) 08/01/1949 Sat LL H Lea Bridge Gas 1-1     C.Batchelor H.Simmonds   D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford   A.Davis   R.Chenery    
Missing (23) 15/01/1949 Sat LL H Tilbury Reserves 1-2     C.Batchelor     D.Arblaster   E.Telford            
Y (24) 22/01/1949 Sat LL H Vickers (Weybridge) 1-3   R.Chenery C.Batchelor     D.Arblaster   E.Telford W.Smith H.Watkins   R.Chenery R.Barrett  
  29/01/1949 Sat LL A Brentwood & Warley Reserves 2-4   K.Minter (2) C.Batchelor A.Orr P.Farenden D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford W.Johnson A.Davis J.Lawrence K.Minter D.Ralph  
Missing (26) 05/02/1949 Sat LL H Eton Manor 'A' 2-0   K.Minter, F.Mars= hall A.Powell H.Simmonds D.Butcher D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford N.Ball A.Davis F.Marshall L.Gilbert K.Minter P.Farenden listed = too  
Y (27) 12/02/1949 Sat LL H Royal Ordnance Factories 7-3 2-2 R.Chenery (3), K.= Minter (2), F.Marshall (2) A.Powell H.Simmonds K.Minter D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford N.Ball A.Davis F.Marshall R.Chenery J.Lawrence  
  19/02/1949 Sat LL A Lea Bridge Gas 2-2   F.Marshall, B.Col= loff   H.Simmonds D.Ralph D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford B.Colloff A.Davis F.Marshall R.Chenery J.Lawrence  
  26/02/1949 Sat LL A Ford Sports Reserves 6-1   F.Marshall (5), A= .Davis C.Batchelor H.Simmonds   D.Arblaster L.Bridgman E.Telford W.Johnson A.Davis F.Marshall R.Chenery    
Missing (30) 05/03/1949 Sat Fr H Woodford Town 2-0   F.Marshall, R.Che= nery C.Batchelor H.Simmonds E.Watkins D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford W.Johnson A.Davis F.Marshall R.Chenery J.Lawrence  
  19/03/1949 Sat LL A Royal Ordnance Factories 0-3   A.Powell H.Simmonds D.Ralph D.Arblaster B.Moffatt E.Telford W.Johnson A.Davis L.Gilbert   J.Lawrence  
Missing (33) 26/03/1949 Sat LL H Port of London Authority 5-0     A.Powell H.Simmonds D.Ralph D.Arblaster   E.Telford W.Johnson A.Davis L.Gilbert      
  02/04/1949 Sat LL A Port of London Authority 0-4                          
  09/04/1949 Sat LL A Rainham Town 2-5                            
Y (38) 23/04/1949 Sat LL H Rainham Town 3-8                            
  30/04/1949 Sat LL A United Glass Bottle Sports 1-4                            
  31 competitive games                                              
  Fr Friendly  
  LL London League Division Two  
  LLC London League Cup  
  SIC Surrey Intermediate Cup