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C O M M E N T S    /  H I G H L I G H T S
LL 3rd out of 14 London League Premier Division          
FAC  Pr Sutton United 0-2            
AC 1q Leatherhead 1-4            
LC 1st Bedford Town 1-2            
SSC 1st Walton & Hersham 0-5            
SCS Not Played at all                
President   HH.Maharajah Gaekwar of Baroda            
Chairman   Mr Bert Ruddle (new) W.V.Townsend (vice Chairman)        
Secretary   Mr Sid (SH) Herbert New Secretary replacing Harry (HW) Haw= ke Asst C.E.Bass  
    51 Hazon Way, Epsom. C.E.Bass: 36 Hamlet Court, Hammersmith= . W6.  
Manager   Selection Committee              
Treasurer   L.A.Prince           Asst R.H.Gurr  
H= ome Ground:  West Street, Ewell              
C= lub Colours Light & Dark Blue Halves but res played in red and black v PLA = on 28/8/48.  
Captain   Jack MacDonald              
A= dditional First and second team records in THE BOOK.          
C= helmsford City Reserves left league as did PO Telecom            
= June 48 As a result of PO Telecoms resignation, Epsom sign eight of their players, who= all came over en bloc  
a= long with two Committee members who were co-opted on to the Epsom Committee. New players are:    
Len Bridgman, Norman F Griffiths, Eric D Jenner, Jack MacDonald, Jimmy (WJ) Lawrence, Jim Kaley, and HF Bradley.
= Bridgman and Jenner Rep Honours: Civil Service and were in British PO team that beat t= he French PO team on   
= 3/5/48. Griffiths was also selected but injured for that game. Jimmy Emblem also joins club. Previously with PO and  
N= orthern Command. AW Kelly (Founder and present Chairman) and CE Bass (Secretary) = join Committee.    
= AW Kelly was nicknamed "Ned", and apparently proposed Ray Chenery for member= ship of the Epsom Golf Club.  
H= e was Treasurer there from 1960 to 1983. Ray became Captain of Epsom Golf Club = in 1981.    
P= apers believe it will make the club stronger. The opening prog of season gave t= he following profiles:    
= Jack Macdonald Rep Honours West London Schoolboys, Divisional Army London Scottish, and Beckenham.  
= Len Bridgman previously with Eton Manor, Lyons Club, Clapton Orient with 6 apps for Lo= ndon League, Civil Service,  
A= rmy, Navy and Air Force? Age= 24.                
= Jimmy Emblem was a young utility player from Redhill "= before the war" and army representative p= layer, yet only 22??  
E= ric Jenner previously with Dulwich before PO Telecoms. Rep honours Civil Service. Age 25.    
= Norman Griffiths a strong half back and has a long throw "after the manner = of Sam Weaver"?? Previously with   
= Leytonstone Reserves before PO Telecoms. Age 22. Also Dave Allen PO Engineers trainer, offers his services.  
= Jimmy Lawrence utility player "sound if not brilliant" was with Walthamstow Avenue before PO Telecoms. Age 24.  
A= lso reference to a "boy" Coleman, but he never played for firsts. Joined from Kingstonian. Due for military    
s= ervice at the end of the year but has "a brilliant future".            
1= 4/6/48 AGM Monday evening 7pm at Epsom clubhouse West Street.        
P= resident Maharajah Gaekwar of Baroda is a racehorse owner living in Headley.        
E= psom reform their Supporters club, which had folded with the closure for WW2. Harry H= awke the retiring    
= Secretary, said it would be a valuable asset. Hawke left to become Secretary and Treasurer of the London League.  
V= ice Chairman Bill Townsend praised his efforts, and he was made a life member of the c= lub.    
= Tentative proposals made to reform Supporters club by Mr AT Hall - 50 Woodlands Roa= d, Epsom Common.  
= Reference was made to Tommy Rochester being leading scorer last season. 73 players = used last season.  
= New Chairman Bert Ruddle replacing A Tuck. Publicity Secretary AW Kelly, and LA Prince re-elected Treasurer.  
= Committee: Ted Wheal, Macdonald, Osborne, FM Stewart, WI Bowe, Len Anderson, Sid Bristow, Reg Marlow,  
D= Sims, HL Hayward, Q Budd, R Scott, JE Greenleaf, Thompson, Bass, Gurr, and Kelly.<= /td>      
N= ew Chairman Bert Ruddle was previously associated with Sutton. Club lost £130 says Su= rrey Comet.    
= Club are looking for a professional trainer and a former Huddersfield and Guildford player may be asked to join.  
A= lso the Eton Manor area may be providing another recruit.          
= Club lost £129 last season. Calls made for more support. Harry Hawke made a vice-president, likewise Albert Tuck,   
a= nd C Moffatt, FWB Thwaites, and Miss E Alderton.            
= New Secretary Sid Herbert is 28 and unmarried but very sociable! Native of Ew= ell who spent 5 1/2 years in the   
= submarine service "there is no greater test of a man's sociability". Call= ed up in 1940 L.T.O.Herbert went to Colombo   
= and Australia and was a member of the crew that took over the first German U = Boat to surrender just before VE Day.  
1= 3/7/48 Training starts - 25 present, and 35 present the following Tuesday when footballs were allowed.    
2= 8/7/48 First trials.                  
A= ug 48 Club Secretary advised as Sid Herbert, with Team Secretary as CE Bass.      
= Aug 48 Former Secretary Sid Basford finally becomes a Vice-President of the Sutt= on & District League after being  
= both Secretary and Chairman there in the past. Remains in this position until = he is missing from the 1955/56 handbook  
l= ist, presumably due to his death but not certain..            
= 11/8/48 Weds 8pm First meeting of Supporters Club held at Comrades Club in Epsom and chaired by Mr Hall.  
C= ommittee to be selected there.                
T= raining starts on 13/7/48 and 25 are present with 35 the next Tuesday.        
2= 8/7/48 saw the first official trial with four teams of players available.          
3= 1/7/48 Trial at West Street. No other new players signed yet, but may keep looking.      
= Aug 48 Paper believes that PO effectively amalgamated with Epsom, which might cause a problem between the  
= members of each club, but the committee are really keen and spirit is good it appear= s. 25 players were at   
t= raining on opening night and this raised to 35 the following Thursday.          
A= ug 48 Terracing completed at Tooting & Mitcham. Capacity 15,000.          
A= ug 48 future player Vic Honey signs for both Carshalton Ath and Sutton Utd!        
A= pparently you could do this in those days if the teams were in a different league, which they were.    
1= 1/8/48 Supporters Meeting at the Parade Branch of the British Legion attended by treasurer LA Prince.    
= Chaired by Councillor FD Cunnell (Assistant Sec of Wimbledon!). AT Hall provisional = Sec and Treasurer with support  
t= o be given by Wright Ford and Jones. They received a message wishing them well from Kingstonian FC.    
A= iming to beat Supporters number of 283 which the previous club had.        
C= oaches booked for Bedford and Dorking already and names will be taken on 21st August.      
= 14/8/48 Reference to a public trial match v Redhill 2-2 draw. Many players used. Forward line will still have   
p= roblems, although defence is sound says Advertiser.            
= First half line up: Lowder, MacDonald, Maynard, Minter, Cutter, Lawrence, Davis, Watkins, Emblem, Marshall, Chitty  
= 2nd half Bradley, Simmonds, Hunt, Emblem, Cutter, Watkins, Chitty. Rochester, Gilb= ert, Marshall, Lawrence.  
A= warm sun on the "springy and long-eared West Street ground"          
S= id Faggetter was present for Redhill "idol of the Redhill crowd" A bit slow today.        
2= 1/8/48 Jack MacDonald named club captain.              
According to Ray Chenery, MacDonald was a full back, a= nd a big strong player. Ray thought he was better than Epsom
a= nd should have played at a higher level.              
= Other new players listed as Jackie Collins, brother of pre-war Geoff who was killed= in the war + Fred Chitty (returning)  
B= oth joined from Leatherhead.                
= According to Ray Chenery, Fred Chitty was a good player with a terrific shot, and was a good crosser, although he  
= didn't tackle. He was very fast, and was a gas fitter and then a maintenance engineer. Was also connected with   
= Wandgas Juniors, and was a bit of a comic. He lived in West Street but moved to Middle Lane when he married.  
= He also believes that Jackie Collins is still alive, but wasn't convinced when I = said he was related to Geoff, so may have  
b= een a different Jack Collins.                
= Jackie Collins is alive as of September 2008 as I met him at Ray's funeral at Ep= som Golf Club. He was Geoff's brother.  
N= orman Griffiths was expected to join, but instead went to St Albans. Then retur= ned by October.    
H= e lived in Walthamstow at the time but preferred cricket anyway!          
24/8/48 A promising 4-2 win over Ekco. Les Gilbert put= us ahead after 30 minutes with a shot in off the post after good work by 
Rochester. HT was 1-0 but although we were well on top, they equalised. However Minter put us ahead again almost immediately 
from a Collins pass and then Gilbert got two more to complete his hat trick, the first from a Minter rebound and the second fr= om a 
C= ollins cross to go 4-1 up.                
= 28/8/48 Epsom unfortunate to lose in League Cup v Bedford, as their keeper was excellent. 0-2 HT both goals  
= against the run of play. Fred Chitty injured 60 minutes. Off for treatment for 15 min= utes then Passenger. Att 2,500!  
= Jim Kaley made debut this day. Ex-Eton Manor who scored 4 v Woodford in 15 minutes = last year. Age 28.  
= Home programme for reserve game this day announces the start of an SOS service= as the club will accept urgent  
m= essages for supporters at any time, on Ewell 7077.            
= 28/8/48 Freddie Marshall scores 4 for res. Aged 21 and not deemed ready for first= XI, but got his chance shortly.  
= Had been recovering from typhoid which he got in Palestine! Former Golders Green player recently demobbed. Ginger.  
4= /9/48 Dorking game switched to Epsom as Dorking ground at Pixham Lane still required for cricket.     
= Frank Rawkins makes debut this day. Holder of a Surrey County Cap for 1937 and 1938. Civil Service rep honours,  
= and with Grays when they won SE Combination (when?) and Corinthian League in 1946. Doesn't have a shot to save.  
E= ven so, Herald describes the game as "vague and disappointing".          
4/9/48 Many missed opportunities before Rochester put = us ahead after a "ragged opening". Two early goals in the second h= alf from 
G= ilbert and Chitty ended the match as a contest.            
= Sept 48 Tommy Rochester offered the position of professional coach at Leatherhead, and leaves Epsom. Succeeds  
A= W Smith the ex-Huddersfield pro. Fred Stenning and Eric Bristow are there already.      
= 11/9/48 Woolwich Poly are the oldest club in membership of the London League at t= his time. Epsom defeat them 3-2.  
11/9/48 Epsom had led early through Gilbert but HT was= 1-1 as Woolwich scored just before the break. The second half was very 
good said Herald. Kaley put us ahead before a soft equaliser. Then Gilbert scored a last minute winner after Cutter beat five men 
o= n a run and passed it over to him.                
1= 4/9/48 Supporters meeting attended by only 16, 8 of whom were female!        
= GA Rose is elected Chairman, AT Hall is Treasurer, while Secretary remains vacant for now. Committee Miss O'Brien  
M= iss Clarke, Mrs Ford, Mr Ford, Mr Jones, Mr Wright.            
= Sept 48 Eric Jenner selected by London League v Spartan League at Bishops Stortford on 22/9/48. Is his first  
l= eague rep honours, but previously has played for Civil Service three times.        
1= 8/9/48 Epsom praised by papers for not drastically increasing the entry price for the = FAC game v Sutton.    
= Entry to ground and stand reserved and ticket only. Normally 1s.3d, and it was rai= sed to 1s 6d. Ground only is 9d  
w= ith stand enclosure 6d extra.                
1= 8/9/48 Stand tickets are sold out within ten minutes of going on sale for Sutton FAC.<= /td>      
= 18/9/48 Future players Denis Ford and Vic Honey both score v Epsom in FAC tie at = West Street. A late Collins  
= penalty in extra time (112 mins) earns a replay, after an Ernie Watkins free kick had equalised in the 90 minutes.  
S= utton had International keeper Ralph Carr in their side. "A large crowd" = saw the game.      
= Freddie Marshall made debut this day. Nicknamed "ginger" and ex-Golders Green. Just demobbed and still feeling  
t= he after effects of typhoid contracted in Palestine. Pro scouts will be watching. = Age 21.      
= The crowd "whose hugeness was well complemented by its enthusiasm" Approx 2,500, and described as the biggest  
g= ate at West Street. However, it was the biggest post war gate only.          
= Sept 48 Reference to EBD Arblaster (25) joining from Yorkshire Amateurs. Came to Ewell to take up a teaching post  
= close to West Street (it was an unnamed secondary school) Also played for Birmingh= am Univ, and originally Sutton   
h= ad hoped to sign him. However, he only played one game anyway.           
S= ept 48 A.Payne joins from Erith & Belvedere.              
= 25/9/48 Replay was easy victory for Sutton, and 5-0 wouldn't have flattered them = say papers. Honey and Ford  
= were too good and Rawkins played well to keep the score down. Noel Ball made debut this day. A Warrant Officer   
= recently demobbed from RAF, and played for Grays last season. Utility player who h= as had Welsh International  
t= rials at right back. Age 28.                 
F= reddie Marshall was also injured in 2nd half. Passenger. Attendance was 3,500.      
O= ct 48 Bill Wiles playing for Woking                
O= ct 48 Fred Looseley is Guildford Captain              
= 2/10/48 Jack MacDonald and Fred Chitty unable to play v Chertsey in Amateur Cup. Macdo= nald was on holiday.  
2/10/48 Epsom took the lead after 15 minutes through Emblem but Chertsey won a penalty when their player fell over his team 
mate's leg! At 1-1 Collins hit the post then Griffiths= hit the bar before Minter's shot deflected in for the 2-1 lead at HT. However 
C= hertsey equalised in the second half and extra time couldn't separate them. Replay required.    
= 9/10/48 Jimmy Emblem injures knee after a collision with the keeper after 3 minut= es. 10 men, but still won 2-1.  
9= /10/48 George Inkpen equalised for Chertsey, and relation to future treasurer Bi= ll?      
9= /10/48 Herald says Griffiths scored not Chitty from a direct free kick. BOOK says Chitty scored.    
A= d says Chitty scored from Griffiths' free kick. BOOK is right.          
After looking at the Herald report again it says that Griffiths free kick left the keeper completely deflated and this may have meant 
wrong footed, which leads me to believe that it did ta= ke a deflection and the Herald reporter just couldn't advise who it was.
J= enner played very well "consistently good playing". HT 1-0.          
9/10/48 Freddie Marshall joins Sutton and plays for th= em v Finchley this day, but is back playing for Epsom later in the season.
= Oct 48 Press Secretary AW Kelly says Epsom's all time record gate was 8,044 v Wimbledo= n in 1934 SSC.  
= However, Wimbledon only visited West Street once pre-war, and this was when 4,500 attended for the Amateur  
= Cup 4q tie. This has also been referred to as the biggest ever pre war gate at West Street, and is more reliable.  
= Oct 48 Jenner, & Bridgman (with Griffiths as first reserve) selected to play= for Civil Service, with Colin Batchelor in  
g= oal for the Army at Kingstonian on 10/11/48. Batchelor was the reserve Epsom keeper at this time.    
= Oct 48 Jackie Collins returns to Leatherhead, but from Leatherhead come brothers Frank and Ted Goodall.  
= F Pidgeon also signs, but never graduates from the reserves despite playing for the Royal Navy - Mediterranean Fleet.  
16/10/48 Programme v Leatherhead has Eric Bristow, Reu= ben Leverington, Fred Stenning, and Tommy Rochester all v Epsom
= Stenning scores two. Bryn Evans also plays v Epsom. Tommy Rochester involved in the two last minute goals.  
16/10/48 Leatherhead defeat us 4-1 in the Amateur Cup = at Fetcham Grove. Former player Fred Stenning put them ahead with a 
shot that Rawkins should have saved. HT was 1-0 on a v= ery wet day. Stenning extended the lead before a foul gave us a penalty, 
and although Ernie Watkins' shot was saved by future E= psom keeper Eric Bristow he scored from the rebound. We then let in 
t= wo late goals.                  
= 23/10/48 reference to Eton Manor players having to come up through the junior elev= ens as no-one aged above 16  
c= an join the club. Very odd! Bridgman was ill so Noel Ball took his place and scored.<= /td>      
2= 3/10/48 Epsom defeeat Eton Manor 2-1.              
= 23/10/48 Ken Minter's winning goal hit underside of bar and then crossed line and spun= out like World Cup 66.  
F= red Chitty following up made sure, but the goal was credited to Minter.        
23/10/48 Herald Report of this match doesn't mention Minter hitting the bar at all, just credits him with the goal. Ball had opened 
t= he scoring from a Davis pass after 12 minutes but 1-1 on 24 and Minter's winner was = in the second half.    
= Herald reports on the "sudden dip" at the bottom goal at West St, which caused many players to shoot over the bar!  
= 27/10/48 reported that Ken Wingett, ex-Carshalton Ath Secretary has joined Epsom i= n an official capacity. He has a  
&= quot;long experience in football administration"              
3= 0/10/48 reference to Devas's ground being in Merton Park, but game was switched to Epsom anyway.    
30/10/48 Epsom defeat Devas 4-0 in a one sided game. Minter put us ahead from a Davis cross that Cutter couldn't reach after 20 
minutes then Ernie Watkins dispatched a penalty for ha= nd ball before HT. Cutter made it 3-0 and then 4-0 from a Davis cross. 
G= riffiths and Hunt were "excellent in the half back line".            
= Nov 48 Reference to Eric Jenner partnering Jack Neale (Walton & England) for Civil Service v Army @ Kingstonian  
o= n 10th November. Len Bridgman also playing, and Epsom are the only team with two representatives.    
= Nov 48 LG Handscombe writes in to Herald with reference to the Herald Sports Editors column in a Sunday newspaper  
= where "shamateurism was referred to. Apparently Epsom had an amateur for a trial, and at half time, the triallist asked  
= how he was doing, and it was said that he would fit in well. At this point the trial= list asked for £2 per game plus  
e= xpenses. The club declined. "Well done Epsom!"            
6= /11/48 "Magnificent" winning goal from Ted Goodall who crashed it into= the top corner from 25 yards out.     
= Dartford are a professional club, so London League rules say they can only play 5 pros when playing an amateur side.  
6/11/48 "Dartford came off worse in a battle of w= its, speed and temper" as Epsom edge them out 4-3 at West Street. We were=
0-1 down early but Cutter finished off a Davis cross f= or 1-1 befoe Chitty gave us the lead from a Minter pass. However, Dartford 
were on level terms almost immediately and HT was 2-2. Then 3-2 down but Cutter headed in from Minter's cross before Goodall's 
w= inner that the Herald says was from 20 yards.              
= Nov 48 Freddie Marshall plays for Sutton Res in SIC, but because he had played f= or Epsom previously, he was cup  
t= ied, and Sutton were removed from the competition.            
= 13/11/48 Bedford Reserves keeper carried off after 25 minutes after conceding the = 3rd goal against Epsom. He  
= must have been wrong footed as the goal was a deflected shot. Went to Epsom "County" Hospital where he was  
= visited by committee members, and players brought him cigarettes! He finally left hospital on Monday, and was  
= seen off at the station by Bert Ruddle. Bedford had two penalties at the end of the g= ame, but Rawkins saved  
t= he second one.                  
Watkins put us ahead with a penalty for handball of a Goodall overhead kick. Five minutes later Chitty increased the lead befor= e an
= own goal from a Goodall shot deflected in. Then Minter for 4-0 and Cutter from a Griffiths pass to make it 5-0.  
2= 0/11/48 Coach to Ekco was cancelled due to only 9 booking. Currently only 186 mem= bers of Supp Club    
H= ardly anyone at the game from either side, and the stand was "all but empty"= at Southend.    
= 20/11/48 Referee almost scored for Ekco as an Ernie Watkins clearance hit the ref = and was stopped on the goal  
l= ine by Rawkins. Poor game on a poor pitch, with Epsom lucky to avoid serious inj= ury.      
= Chitty put us ahead after 12 minutes from a Cutter pass and Cutter made it 2-0 after= 53. A clear win but uninspired.  
= 27/11/48 Byfleet only had 10 men for the first half. An available sub took the fie= ld in 2nd half, but it was 5-0 by  
= then. Finished 6-1. Ernie Watkins missed penalty (wide). Byfleet only formed in 1942. Music played before this game  
(= and presumably at HT) and supporters club looking into the hire of equipment = so this can be done again.    
P= rog this day announces no game for xmas day, but Worcester Parkill visit.        
27/11/48 Cakewalk says Herald as Byfleet are beaten 6-= 1 in the Surrey Senior Cup at West Street. Goodall made it 1-0 then 
Griffiths got the second two minutes later from a Chit= ty pass and Minter made it three soon after. Watkins then made it 4-0 before 
a mispen but Chitty made it five from a Davis cross. T= hen 5-1 before Griffiths scored a penalty for handball to complete the scorin= g.
= Nov 48 HV Watkins rejoins from Leatherhead, and AC Graffham also joins from there. Watkins was an engineer.  
= 27/11/48 Future player Gordon Tillyer scores HT for Surrey Youth v Kent Youth in a= 4-0 win. He was playing for  
S= toneleigh Athletic at the time.                
= 4/12/48 Epsom lose 100% London League record after being 2-0 up at Woolwich Polytechnic but losing 3-4.  
Jenner was injured, and it was 2-0 at HT. Chitty put us ahead after just 6 minutes and Cutter from a Davis corner made it 2-0 but 
two goals in three minutes made it 2-2 and although Cu= tter made it 3-2 with a cross shot from 15 yards, two late goals gave 
W= oolwich Poly the win.                  
1= 1/12/48 Game scheduled as an away game at Chingford, but the game was played at West    
= Street, as pitch was unfit at Chingford. Chingford's first season in league, and they had had to move the river Ching 70   
= yards so that the football pitch could be used. It was also a County boundary, so = they had to bury pegs one foot under <= /td>  
= the pitch showing the original course of the river! Pitch still exists in 1996 and = was used then by Chingford United in =  
L= ondon Spartan League.                
= Future Chairman from 1981/82 Peter Smith was a Chingford player for three years = from 1947. Did he play against us?  
1= 1/12/48 Ernie Watkins injured concussion early 2nd half. 10 men.          
11/12/48 Herald advised that we had a poor right wing = this day. Started with ten for a while as Griffiths was late arriving before 
W= atkins was injured. HT 0-0 but two second half goals clinched the points for Chingfo= rd.      
D= ec 48 Ken Wingett appointed to Selection Committee.            
= Dec 48 Eric Jenner and Norman Griffiths both played for Civil Service recently when t= hey lost 1-0 to the RAF. Also  
r= eserve keeper Colin Batchelor has a trial with Brentford.            
18/12/48 Deserved 3-1 victory at Dartford Reserves with the new right wing including HV Watkins. HT was 0-1 with a goal scored "a 
second before the half time whistle" but Cutter equalised straight after HT before Griffiths scored a free kick and Gooda= ll got a third 
w= ith fifteen minutes remaining after Cutter's shot was saved.          
D= ec 48 Ken Scott joins from Sutton. Previously with St Albans and Hendon too.        
25/12/48 Easy 6-1 win for Epsom over Worcester Park. Mostly a Reserve side played says Herald. Not strictly true as 5 first 
t= eamers played. Les Gilbert scored a hat trick.              
27/12/48 An Emblem winner from a MacDonald pass after = 75 minutes was the only goal against Guildford. This game was 
r= eferred to as a Boxing Day fixture but it was definitely played on the 27th as the 2= 6th was a Sunday.    
= 1/1/49 High winds and rain but Epsom come from 2-0 down to win 4-3 in 84th minute. A fortnight later against the  
s= ame opponents, Epsom would lose a 2-0 lead (Woodford 2-3)          
= 8/1/49 Walton are the best team Epsom have played all season, but are consoled w= ith their share of a 3,000 gate.  
= They were also Corinthian League holders and Surrey Senior Cup holders. Coaches the= re were 3 shillings return,  
a= nd left Epsom station at 1.30.                
8= /1/49 Walton programme mentions a knighthood for Stanley Rous, FA Secretary.      
We were a goal behind after 17 minutes and 3-0 by HT. = The third goal was a penalty for handball. A fourth was scored after 63 with<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
a= fifth towards the end as Walton & Hersham won this Surrey Senior Cup tie 5-= 0.        
J= an 49 Ernie Watkins resigns from club, but is talked around "Is too good a man to sit hugging a fire"    
15/1/49 Lost 3-2 at Woodford Town but had gone a goal = up after 7 minutes when Goodall converted a Minter pass. The BOOK 
= says Bill Cutter scored. Check Advertiser before ame= nding. Chitty set up Watkins for the second and it was 2-1= at HT.  
22/1/49 P.Nicholls returns to the club and plays this = day. Had played for Epsom Athletic, Epsom's nursery side at this time. It was<= /td>
= Epsom's first ever win at Leavesden. One goal down early 2nd half, but we equalis= ed on the hour and won 2-1.  
= 22/1/49 Mention of the appointment of a team manager, Sid Bristow. Papers say he joined club in 1929 and was  
= captain for many years. However, it must have been earlier than 1929, as he had stopp= ed playing by 1927/28.  
= He joined from a Kent League side and was recently club trainer, only giving up the position to join selection com.  
= 26/1/49 Civil Service v Royal Navy & Marines sees 3 Epsom players selected for Civil Service. Venue unknown.  
J= enner, Bridgman and Griffiths played.              
2= 9/1/49 Len Bridgman to be rested this week. He had recently played a lot of representative matches.    
2= 9/1/49 Visitors lose their keeper but were 2-0 down by then. Epsom won 5-1. Advertiser then reported an    
&= quot;extraordinary incident" where by Epsom hit the woodwork 5 times in one attack but didn't score!    
Cutter had put us ahead after 25 minutes with a header from Nicholls and then Chitty kicked the ball out of the keeper's hands
to make it 2-0 in the incident where the keeper was hu= rt. Leavesden got it back to 2-1 but Cutter scored his first before HT and he=
got the fourth just afterwards. Herald says Watkins scored the fifth in off the bar but BOOK says Cutter scored. Check Advertiser.
F= eb 49 Freddie Marshall is back with Epsom.              
F= eb 49 Reference in Herald to a new defender Wells, but he never appears to play= for either Epsom team.    
= 5/2/49 Nicholls, Jenner, Griffiths all unavailable with flu. Then Ernie Watkins = had a bad head injury. 10 men. Originally  
= thought to be a  fractured skull, but he is = ok, although out for 4 weeks. Game played at Temple Mills, Stratford.  
E= rnie Watkins had to stay in Hackney Hospital while his wife "celebrated" her birthday without him.    
5/2/49 Epsom fall to a 2-1 defeat at Eton Manor. The h= osts say that Cutter was "the best centre forward we have seen on our 
ground in many years" but we trailed after 62 bef= ore Cutter equalised three minutes later after hitting the woodwork twice from 
C= hitty's pass then finally scoring.                
5= /2/49 Future player Pat Jordan selected for Surrey Juniors v London Juniors @ Bromley<= /td>      
Feb 49 AR Powell joins from Redhill. Goal keeper made first XI debut on 26/2/49 in friendly v Dartford. Listed wrongly as 
A= W Powell in the BOOK Reserve lists.              
F= eb 49 B.Colloff joins. Previously with Leyton Orient and Darlington.          
12/2/49 Late equaliser gets a well earned point at Crittall Athletic. We had led just before HT with a Cutter header from a Bridgman 
cross but we then went 2-1 down before Bridgman equali= sed from a Nicholls pass with ten minutes remaining. Drew 2-2.
F= eb 49 Supporters Club struggling to fill coaches they say.          
= 19/2/49 reference in programme to an FA rule that forbids St John Ambulance from going onto the ground unless  
r= equested by one of the trainers. I wonder how often they kept going out there uninvit= ed!!      
19/2/49 Griffiths suffers a broken rib. 10 men. Won 3-2 and he was out for one week afterwards. We dominated the last 30 minutes<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
of this match at home to Crittall Athletic but were be= hind after 12 minutes before a Cutter header made it 1-1. Then 1-2 before HT 
when Griffiths was injured. Chitty equalised after 47 = from a pass that everyone else missed and near the end Cutter scored the 
w= inner from Chitty's cross.                
2= 4/2/49 Supporters Club Dance at Ebbisham Hall with DIX Dance Band.        
26/2/49 B.Colloff debut for friendly 2-0 loss to Dartf= ord Reserves at West Street. Promoted from Reserves. We conceded a goal in 
each half.                    
March 1949 future Epsom player Robbie Craze and former player Lionel Hanton play in a demonstration of soccer skills against
a= couple of professional players at the Dorking Halls, while members of Dorking F.C.<= /td>      
= 5/3/49 Griffiths penalty saved by keeper, who then saved another shot from him, before Griffiths netted at 3rd try!  
Herald says that the game was an "empty victory&q= uot; as we needed a penalty to win and were poor throughout. Cutter scored from a 
C= olloff pass after 35 minutes then we scored the penalty eventually!          
1= 2/3/49 West Street is used for a London League representative match v Royal Navy & Marines    
= Jack Macdonald, Eric Jenner, Norman Griffiths, and Bill Cutter all selected for London League v Royal Navy   
= while Len Bridgman is named as a reserve but plays too. London League lose 4-0. Big crowd was expected.  
= 5 players selected is a record for Epsom. Programme was = issued - Number 31 - Y. London League played in white  
= The band of the Epsom & Ewell Unit of the Sea Cadet Corps are providing a display= of Bugle marches during the day.  
19/3/49 Epsom play in red and black quarters v RN Depo= t, who also play in blue. Epsom win easily 4-1. Their keeper played well 
and we were behind after 10 minutes but Marshall got t= wo soon after and HT was 2-1 before H.Watkins and Griffiths completed the 
26/3/49 Late consolation for Bill Cutter in a 2-1 defe= at at Edmonton Borough. An earlier header from Marshall had appeared to 
cross the line but wasn't given, and Epsom fell away a= bit after that. Lost 2-1 "Dull game". HT 0-1 after a 38th minute go= al.
= 26/3/49 former player Bill Daragon scores for Carshalton Athletic Reserves in the Surrey Senior League Charity Cup.  
2= /4/49 Epsom led three times, yet Tilbury won 4-3 at West Street.          
A= pr 49 former player Gordon Brogdale is playing for Tufnell Park           
A= pr 49 Reg Madgwick is at Cobham and Eric Bristow is at Leatherhead        
9/4/49 Ken Minter injured early (passenger) in 5-0 win over Chingford who visited West Street for their proper home game this time. 
= Brian Moffatt injured in collision with opposition player Shiel. Both took no further part in game. Treated in hospital.  
= 9/4/49 Rawkins made a pen save in 2nd half at 4-0 up, and he repeated it the following Friday at 0-1 in 1st half.  
9/4/49 Hunt had put us ahead after 10 and two from Cut= ter before HT were added to by Cutter again and Chitty in the second half.
= 15/4/49 Epsom unlucky to lose to Champions Guildford City Res but gain revenge on Easter Monday with 4-1 win,  
= although Ted Goodall fractures his collar bone and never plays for the first team agai= n. Herald says that Epsom  
= are "capricious"! How can they lose to Guildford on Good Friday, yet beat them on Easter Monday with 10 men?!  
A= pr 49 Roy Dymott also playing for Sutton Utd when not playing for Epsom.        
= 20/4/49 Ground is used for a rep match between London League Reserve Division and London District Army XI and  
r= eserve teamer E Telford played. KO 6.30. Programme was issued - Number 37 - Y.      
= 23/4/49 Epsom's first visit to the new Tilbury ground where a fast and clean game= was seen. Lost 0-4. Herald says that  
w= e sent almost entirely a Reserve side but at least 7 regulars played this day. HT for Carmichael (Tilbury).    
25/4/49 Friendly v Hounslow 1-0 up at HT but Rawkins s= aved two penalties in 2nd half before Hounslow equalised. Then
E= rnie Watkins got the winner ten minutes from time.            
2= 7/4/49 Epsom & Ewell League v North Surrey Minor League @ West Street Kick off 7pm= .      
30/4/49 Edmonton Borough are deteated 7-2 at West Stre= et but the papers say it was "a drab game". Minter put us ahead af= ter 20 
minutes from a Chitty pass before Marshall got our sec= ond before HT. Then Griffiths made it 3-0 from the edge of the area and 
Watkins got the next two before two goals for the visi= tos but Chitty made it 6-2 from Minter's pass and Minter made it 7-2 after 
W= atkins header had come back off the post.              
7= /5/49 Epsom & Ewell League Cup Final Westonian v Ewell Athletic @ Epsom 7pm.      
A= lderman GCA Mann to present trophies.              
7= /5/49 Colin Batchelor pensave at 0-3 2nd half, plus a follow up save.          
May 49 report in Epsom Advertiser advises that Charles Pettett our former Chairman is now involved with the Surrey FA. Listed 
a= s being with Carshalton Athletic at this time.              
= 17/5/49 Supporters Club AGM announces a membership of 217 and presented 10 guinea= s to the parent club.  
= Chairman Mr GA Rose reported that they were trying to revive the football-mindedness = in the town that was so  
= prominent before the war. They were also making arrangements for a PA system as they were one of the few  
= clubs without it locally. Supporters are also keen on the proposed move to the Corinthian League. Bill Townsend  
= said that 70% of Corinthian clubs were in favour of their admission. HL Hayward ele= cted President, and all other  
of= ficers re-elected.                   
Reserves:    London League Div 2                
Position   11th out of 14                
SIC 2nd Croydon   2-4            
LLC 2nd Cheshunt   0-3            
2= 1/8/48 Reference to a friendly being played at Redhill Reserves but no result. W= as one played?    
= 28/08/48 Programme Line Up for this match: Frank Rawkins, HH Simmonds, A.Maynard, Brian Moffatt, Don Butcher,   
R= eg Hunt, Alan Davis, WT Johnson, Freddie Marshall. Don Ralph, L.Poole        
R= ay Chenery came in for Hunt.                
= 28/8/48 Freddie Marshall scores 4 for res. Aged 21 and not deemed ready for first= XI, but got his chance shortly.  
= Had been recovering from typhoid which he got in Palestine! Former Golders Green player recently demobbed. Ginger.  
Epsom won this match 6-0 against the Port of London Authority a London League club from Ilford playing in another division.
T= his was a London League Cup first round tie.              
11/9/48 Marshall gets HT (inc pen) v Cheshunt in 3-3 d= raw despite Hunt being kicked in the calf after 5 minutes. 10 men.
= Then midway through second half, Marshall was injured. 9 men Reference to Marshall and Coleman being in the wars.  
W= e were 2-0 down after just ten minutes but 3-2 up by HT.            
= 11/9/48 Only one player was listed in the BOOK for this match. Line ups very patchy in= the BOOK this season.  
1= 8/9/48 No players are listed in the BOOK for this match.            
2= 5/9/48 Just two players and one scorer are listed in the BOOK for this match.        
2= /10/48 Just 5 players are listed in the BOOK for this match plus two other scorers.      
09/10/48 Programme Line Up for this match: Colin Batchelor, HH Simmonds, George Jupp, DR Arblaster, Don Butcher, 
B= rian Moffatt, Alan Davis, Ray Chenery, Les Gilbert, H.Howell, Don Ralph        
W= T Johnson came in for Moffatt                
9/10/48 Late goal in 4-3 loss at Crittall Athletic. We were a goal down but Gilbert equalised from an Arblaster free kick and seven 
minutes later Davis tapped in for a 2-1 lead. However,= we then trailed 2-3 at HT! Johnson equalised for us after 63 minutes from a<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
R= alph pass, but the Crittall winner came in the 85th minute.          
16/10/48 In the return match with Crittall Athletic Ep= som dominated the first half and Johnson put us ahead after 12 minutes after<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
good work from Lawrence and Chenery. They equalised ea= rly in the second half before Lawrence put us ahead again straight after, 
b= ut later on Crittall equalised again on a breakaway.            
= 30/10/48 Res lose 6-0 at Dagenham despite an even game. New players Ronnie Wilson (Carshalton) and the  
= Goodall brothers both played along with a "B.Abson" that THE BOOK has missed. He resigned the following week.  
D= agenham BL would eventually finish bottom of the league, but Epsom weren't much high= er.    
= 30/10/48 Just 8 players are listed in the BOOK for this match. They are supplement= ed by Wilson and Abson.  
6= /11/48 Just 9 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.          
= 13/11/48 Epsom travel to play Croydon in SIC. Game played at Croydon Aerodrome, or= was it across the road at  
P= urley Way, maybe?                  
= 20/11/48 Programme Line Up for this match: Colin Batchelor, HH Simmonds, F.Bridger= , DR Arblaster, Brian Moffatt,   
J= .Sanders, Les Dowding, Frank Goodall, Les Gilbert, WT Johnson, E.Burchell        
T= wo of these three didn't play, WT Johnson, L.Dowding, E.Burchell. Chenery and Minter = came in, but…    
= 20/11/48 Just 10 players are listed in the BOOK for this match. Was the eleventh Burchell, Johnson or Dowding?  
= 20/11/48 UGB defeat Epsom 4-2 at West Street in a League game. They were mostly the Charlton Athletic 'A' team.  
= 27/11/48 Res game in cup at Cheshunt abandoned to fog. Cheshunt were averaging 2,000 f= or gates this year.  
= Not clear whether game even started. Almost certainly postponed. Epsom returned the= re a fortnight later and lost 3-0.  
= The week between the two cup ties they had played their reserves in the league and= won 6-1. This league cup was for   
d= ivision 1 and 2 teams. 4/12/48 Gilbert HT v Cheshunt Res.          
4/12/48 Cheshunt Reserves are defeated 6-1 at West Str= eet with practically a new team. Stubbs (Carshalton Athletic, set up HV 
Watkins (Leatherhead) to Gilbert who headed in before = Ray Chenery made it 2-0 with an efffort that went in off the post. Then 2-1 
but a 45th minute foul of Watkins led to a Graffham penalty and HT was 3-1. With the slope in the second half we were well on top 
= and Telford (Finchley) and Moffatt excelled before Gilbert (2) and Graffham (another = pen) completed the scoring.  
4= /12/48 AC Graffham was wrongly listed as FC Graffham.            
4= /12/48 BOOK says that George Jupp played but this wasn't the case and Telford was in instead.    
11/12/48 Gilbert missed two chances in the first 15 minutes as they took on First Division Cheshunt first team in the London<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
League Cup. Then Graffham injured his knee before Ball= was also injured early in the second half. Passenger. Lost 3-0 to three 
s= econd half goals.                  
1= 1/12/48 Reference to Wilkison, another spelling of Wickerson. More details awaite= d on this player.    
1= 8/12/48 Just 8 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.          
1= /1/49 Just 8 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.          
8= /1/49 Just 7 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.          
1= 5/1/49 Just 3 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.          
= 22/01/49 Programme Line Up for this match: Colin Batchelor, HH Simmonds, Don Ralph= , DR Arblaster, Brian Moffatt,   
E= rnie Telford, WF Smith, H.Watkins, Les Gilbert, Ray Chenery, R.Barrett        
22/1/49 Just 4 players are listed in the BOOK for this match. They are supplemented by Smith and Barrett and the scorer Chenery.=
= 22/1/49 Programme advises of two new reserve players WF Smith resident at Leytonstone, but used to go to school  
= in Hook Road (Pound Lane?). Recently demobbed and with two games for Clapton Reserves.= R Barrett is an RAF  
divisional player, and has an Essex County Junior Cap. Neither ever reached the first team, and both were poor today as
V= ickers win 3-1 at West Street. Don Ralph was absent.            
5= /2/49 12 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.            
12/02/49 Programme Line Up for this match: RW Powell (should be AR), HH Simmonds, Don Ralph, DR Arblaster, Brian Moffatt, 
E= rnie Telford, Alan Davis, Ken Minter, Freddie Marshall, Ray Chenery, Jimmy Lawrence      
B= all came in for Ralph (with the first team) and Lawrence for Johnson.          
12/2/49 Ray Chenery gets HT v Royal Ordnance Factories= in a 7-3 win at West Street. A Moffatt own goal had given ROF the lead 
but Marshall equalised. Then we went 2-1 down after 25 minutes before Marshall headed in a Davis cross for another equaliser. HT 
was 2-2 before Chenery got two and Minter made it 5-2 after a scramble before he got the sixth too. Chenery completed his hat 
trick to make it 7-2 before a late goal for ROF. Herald says Lawrence played at 11 not Johnson. Adver= tiser has no line up. 
B= OOK is not reliable at this point. I will stick with Herald.            
1= 9/2/49 Just 9 players are listed in the BOOK for this match, plus scorer B Colloff who wasn't listed.    
2= 6/2/49 Just 9 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.          
= 26/2/49 Freddie Marshall gets five goals in a 6-1 win at Ford Sports Reserves. Al= an Davis gets the other goal.  
= Advertiser report wrongly says it was 6-0 and Chenery not Davis got the other goal a= nd that HT was 2-0. Because they   
g= ot score wrong, I can't trust the rest of the report.            
5= /3/49 Woodford are defeated 2-0 in a friendly at West Street with goals from Marshall and Chenery.    
1= 2/3/49 No game for Reserves.                
1= 9/3/49 Just 10 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.          
2= 6/3/49 Just 8 players are listed in the BOOK for this match.          
2= /4/49 Port of London Authorities played in Ilford.            
= 23/04/49 Programme Line Up for this match: Colin Batchelor, HH Simmonds, D.Ladd, DR Arblaster, H.Robertson,   
E= rnie Telford, (AN Other), H.Watkins, Les Gilbert, H.Kurr, R.Barrett          
2= 2/1/49 Programme advises of two new reserve players WF Smith resident at Leytonstone, but used to go to school  
P= ractice Matches       Prog?          
= 14/08/1948 Redhill   H 2-2 No Issue          
= Dec 48 EEBC Council told that West Street, Epsom cannot be changed to Lower High Stre= et, and court orders it  
= to be renamed back. The Epsom and Ewell West Streets were believed by council t= o be confusing, and the  
E= psom one was changed as there were only 28 properties as opposed to 136 in the Ewell o= ne.    
= 26/3/49 Corinthian Casuals granted permission to get land for a new ground at Gro= ve Estate, near Cranbrook Drive,  
Es= her. Planning permission was granted in Feb, but they then decided to go to the Oval instead.