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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
LL Position 10th out of 14                
FAC Pr Met Police   0-5            
AC 2q Redhill   0-5            
LC 1st Ekco   1-2            
SSC 1q Devas Institute 1-4            
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell              
Cl= ub Colours Light & Dark Blue Quarters and Ligh= t and Dark Blue Halves      
President No President it appears              
Chairman Albert E Tuck v-c Bill (WV) Townsend          
Secretary Harry Hawke 45 Montague Avenue, Sanderstead Tel: Sanderstead 2319    
Pr= ess Secretary EA Taylor "Treize" West Hill, Epsom. Te= l: Epsom 9036        
Manager Selection Committee of Charlie Aldridge= , Reg Olney, and Ernest Taylor      
Treasurer Leonard Arthur (LA) Prince 22 Holman Road, Cox Lane, West Ewell      
Trainer Sid Bristow                
Co= mmittee: Len (LJ) Anderson, Charlie Aldridge, N = Bruce, WI Bowe, H.Darch, FC Hutchins, E.Johns,  
    George King, HE Macdonald, Reg (RH) Oln= ey, CJ Pritchard, H Ruddle, AE Shelbert= ,  
    FM Stewart, Ernest (EA) Taylor, WV Thom= pson, Ted (CE) Wheal      
Pr= ogramme Notes         Reg Olney credited in Surrey Comet Dec = 46.  
Mr= Darch in the Supporters Club Hut              
Cl= ub Captain: Ernie Watkins Assistant: Fred Chitty        
M= ay 46 Advertiser says that speakers urged Epsom Town to amalgamate with Epsom at their agm.  
S= ee 45/46 comments for further details, but it is reported on 4th Sept that Epsom T= own "were now  
de= funct because of a lack of a ground"              
E= psom Town drawn at Kingstonian in FA Cup but scratched as a result of amalgamation/folding.  
Ad= ditional First and second team records in THE BOOK          
Lo= ndon League re-constituted with a Premier and First Division this year.        
E= dgware, Uxbridge and Carshalton Ath left for the Corinthian League, which Epsom T= own had just  
wi= thdrawn from. Vickers Armstrong left for Surrey Senior League, and Walton & H= Res also left.    
I was contacted in November 2012 by John Prince (70), living in Seaford now, but formerly living in West Ewell, Epsom
and Bookham. His father was Leonard Arthur Prince. He = was born in Teddington and married in about 1936, moving to
Kendall Avenue where they lived for four years. In 194= 0 it appears that they moved to 22 Holman Road, off Ruxley Lane
a= nd also lived in Burnett Grove, near Court Rec. He was Treasurer for three years before becoming assistant to  
A.M.Thompson who succeeded him, because he took a more active role with the Epsom & Ewell Youth League from
1= 949, the year our Juniors reformed and played in its first division. He was a bank clerk and was ideally suited to the  
Tr= easurer role. He died in 1972 aged 64.              
John was born in 1942 and spent many times at the grou= nd when he was young. He described the old ground in much
detail, referring to a urinal at the back of the Main stand, a wooden hut near the big main entrance, which was in West
Street but it was the entrance near the dressing rooms. This was where Leonard Prince would spend much of his time.
He also referred to a gate between the covered banking= at the West Street end and the dressing rooms. He said there
w= ere steps running down to West Street from outside the entrance. This gate had been replaced by more corrugated  
fencing by the time I started watching, and of course = the banking was replaced by a club house. It is likely that it was a
players and officials entrance, with the big entrance = used by coaches and the smaller, main entrance with the turnstiles,
a= s there would have been so many watching in those days, it made sense to accommod= ate them separately.  
He used to know the Gill family as he went to school w= ith one or other of Bobby and Pat Gill's children, either Ann or
John Robert Gill, who lost an arm in an explosion whil= e he and a friend were playing in a shed with flammable items. He
lost touch with them in 1953 but believes Bobby had di= ed by then. He is certain he didn't live to be very old, yet there is
no mention in any of the club programmes or the local papers, which I would have expected. He originally thought he'd
died in 1948 but I advised he had played a match that season aged 44, so he thought it may have been later. However,
John was very lucid and was able to explain also that Bobby's brother Maurice (Morrie) moved to Australia in the early
fifties and was fairer haired than Bobby. The Gill's u= sed to live in a road that "runs parallel to Ruxley Lane and crossed the=
H= ogsmill". Maurice lived nearby and occasionally popped into the Prince's as Leonard wasn't a fan of DIY but Morrie  
wo= uld do some decorating for him. Clearly they were quite close. John's mother died in 1970.    
John also became Chairman of Bookham FC for a few year= s in the 80s and had connections with them until he moved
to= Seaford in 2007. Email: jbprince3@gmail.com            
J= une 46 Corinthian Casuals are allowed to remain in Surrey FA despite now playing= in Chiswick, Middlesex.  
19/6/46 Epsom write to Surrey FA asking to be allowed = to enter the London Senior Cup, but permission was refused.
T= hey try again on 26/3/47 and again on 20/11/52. Each time they are rejected for b= eing outside the 12 mile area,  
de= spite having been in the competition pre-war. They would have to wait for another 30 y= ears to enter it.    
Su= rrey Senior League to restart from this autumn.            
Ek= co played in Southend                
la= te Aug 46 P.O. Engineers became London Telecoms.            
Aug 46 Lionel Hanton, Alan Redman, and J Youdale are a= ll at Dorking FC this season. Redman joins from Epsom Town.
Ha= nton would be offered trials with Brentford and Wimbledon but chose to stay with Dorking.      
21= /6/46 Surrey Intermediate League sees Epsom Reserves elected in.        
A= ug 46 Former Secretary Sid (WS) Basford retires as Secretary of the Sutton & Distr= ict League. Had been  
Se= cretary of this League since before 1930 say papers. Yes, he had.        
A= ug 46 Epsom Athletic reform after the war. Founded 1921, would briefly become Epsom's nursery side in future.  
Au= g 46 Leyland Motors are not at Dysart Avenue this year but will continue.        
Au= g 46 Banstead Juniors change name to Banstead Athletic and join Surrey Intermediate League.    
Au= g 46 Cliff Banham plays for Leytonstone v Woking            
A= ug 46 Cobham Avorians are leaving Fairmile Lane in 1948. The football side has now mer= ged with Cobham FC,  
bu= t the sports side remains separate and have a new ground at the Burhill Estate, off Portsmouth Road.    
C= obham FC will play cup matches at Fairmile, because a gate is required, but they w= ill use Cobham Rec and a  
co= llecting box for their league games as attendances are better.          
2= 4/8/46 Friendly trial match with Redhill 4-4 draw, but Minter and Ralph were 2nd half passengers, and Redhill  
ma= de 3 subs at HT. Gordon Brogdale HT and Fred Chitty the scorers. Prog issued      
2= 8/8/46 trial match with Carshalton Ath. 5-5 draw, Fair crowd turned out, money going t= o SC Benevolent Fund.  
Pr= ogramme issued for this game.                
Au= g 46 Season tickets advised as Ground and enclosure 21s, ground only 10s 6d.      
3= 1/8/46 Old Epsom Town keeper HC Brown is selected for Rest of the Corinthian League v Champions Grays  
At= hletic @ Grays. Grays Athletic won 4-2.              
31/8/46 Reference in programme to "old friend&quo= t; Harry Payton returning to play for the club, yet they spelt his name Pato= n!
3= 1/8/46 Minter unavailable due to injury in trial match. Don Ralph joins from St Albans and makes debut scoring 4!  
4= /9/46 reference to old Epsom Town player H Williams (Bill?) playing for Chelmsf= ord. Joe Priestley is now with  
K= ingstonian Reserves, along with M Forbes. Hardly any Epsom Town players appear to be= at Epsom FC this year.  
Bo= th Priestley and Forbes saw service in India during the war and played a lot of service football.    
Se= pt 46 future President Alderman G.C.A. Mann is President of the Epsom & Ewell Youth League.    
Se= pt 46 future players Les Dowding, Sid Faggetter and Colin Grimshaw are all at Redhill<= /td>      
Se= pt 46 Fred Stenning at Vickers with his brother C.Stenning          
7/= 9/46 New style programme issued. Number 4 for season.          
7= /9/46 Epsom fortunate to win against Ekco say papers. Epsom were outclassed and Ekco missed two pens.  
7/9/46 only Watkins, Marlow and Tiffany played well say papers. However, Ernie was injured and missed the next 4 matches.
7= /9/46 First ever match for Leatherhead FC v Walton & Hersham Res. Many players wi= th past or future Epsom  
co= nnections play. Reuben Leverington, Tommy Temlett, Bryn Evans, Jackie Collins, Tommy Rochester.    
1= 4/9/46 Ernie Watkins, Harry Payton, Ken Minter all unavailable for LC match v Ekco. Fr= ed Chitty captain in  
Ernie's absence. Jack Stackhouse promoted from Reserves for this game. 32 seater Coach leaving from Epsom Station at
1.= 15 must be booked at Supporters Club Hut. Membership of Supporters Club is 1s.      
14= /9/46 PO Engineers have changed their name to London Telecoms.        
S= ept 46 Future player coach Bill Whittaker playing occasionally for Kingstonian t= his year after a spell with  
B= rentford. Also in Kingstonian side was future FA Secretary Ted Croker, who eventual= ly left for Charlton with  
hi= s brother Peter.                  
21/9/46 Ken Minter returns from injury for 5-0 home FA= Cup loss to Met Police. They visit Sutton United in next round.
2= 1/9/46 Gordon Brogdale has two goals disallowed and dominate 1st half, although = Met Police miss a penalty.  
H= owever, Epsom lose 5-0 with all goals in the second half. Referee WE Dellow. Was = this Bill Dellow - Southern  
Le= ague Secretary in future years. Probably, as he was a regular referee in those days.      
2= 1/9/46 Reference to an old West Street chant E-P-S-O-M which deafened West Stree= t in the past, and almost  
co= mpelled the Bowling Club to seek alternative accommodation further away!        
2= 8/9/46 "Large crowd" v Tottenham. Papers say a draw would have been fairer. Epsom were 0-3 down after 25  
mi= ns but fought back to 3-3 before losing two goals on breakaways near the end.        
1= 0 amateurs and 1 pro G Skinner made up the Spurs side. Brogdale was average as he was suffering from  
&= quot;a carbuncle on the ear". W Notman made debut, and had joined from Whit= by in the Northern League. Showed  
si= gns of promise.                  
T= his game was refereed by former player and future top class referee Charlie Holliday a= nd his brother Ken scored for  
Ep= som this day!                  
O= ct 46 Reference in Surrey Comet to the number of games played by Epsom against Tottenham in recent years,  
a= nd suggesting that Spurs may have more than just an academic interest, but E= psom state that they are not a  
n= ursery club. Epsom's former President Arthur Turner is Managing Director at Tottenham, hence the interest.  
O= ct Also reference to "any possibility of a link up between Epsom FC and Epsom Town - is now gone" Epsom  
s= ay that Epsom Town made their approach much too late, by which time, their fixtur= es had been arranged.  
5/= 10/46 32 seater coach arranged for the trip to Leavesden. Leaving Epsom Station at 1.15. Fare 4s 6d.    
E= psom score first but lose at Leavesden, despite Harry Tiffany playing "a fine game". Minter, Watkins and Gill  
al= so played well.                  
Oc= t 46 Bill Parker now at Leatherhead with B Evans and Tommy Rochester.        
Oc= t 46 Future keeper Fred De Vries is at Kingstonian Reserves.          
Oc= t 46 Fred Stenning still at Vickers with brother C Stenning. Would shortly leave for Leatherhead.    
19= /10/46 Friendly at Barclays Bank was played in Purley. They were a good AFA side= at the time.    
19= /10/46 Prog issued for home game v Trojan (number 9) but number 8 was issued on 2nd N= ov v Devas!    
T= hen another programme 9 was issued on 9/11/46 v Bedford Town. Reserve programmes were= n't regularly issued  
an= d I think there was just a simple confusion of numbers.          
2= 6/10/46 "Coaches" leaving Epsom Station for Redhill, even though the 406 bus went from door to door. Att 3,000.  
T= ickets needed to be booked through the supporters club on Ewell 3886. Epsom Hera= ld said that the National  
pr= ess reported on this game. Don't know which paper though.          
Mi= ck Colwell, Sid Faggetter and Colin Grimshaw, all future players, play for Redhill v Epsom.      
Pa= per says Epsom played splendidly especially in first half, yet still lost 5-0!        
3= 0/10/46 at 3pm Leatherhead & District Schools v Reading Schools @ West Street in= Sun Shield first round.  
N= ov 46 Redhill removed from AC after playing ineligible players, who hadn't been with the club for 14 days.  
2= /11/46 Den Goldsmith makes his debut. Formerly with Shrewsbury Town and Army. He is = 25, 6ft and 12 1/2 stone.  
De= vas are a Fulham club side in SSL. They have played at West St before but not v Epsom.    
Go= ldsmith had joined from Vickers.              
O= ct 46 Reference in Surrey Comet to Gordon Brogdale joining Epsom at the age of = 16. Also referring to Roy  
M= arlow's dad Reg, as "one of the best in Surrey" when he was with Epsom in t= he 20's. Roy had made 5 escapes  
du= ring the war, and was at liberty for 9 months before Italy collapsed.        
1= 2 of the recognised First XI squad served in the forces during the war, while 12 Committee members served in  
th= e 1914-18 conflict.                  
A= ccording to Ray Chenery, Roy Marlow went to school with him. He was very fast, but no= t as good as people  
t= hought at football. He could hit a long ball into the middle as well as anyone, but= not much else, said Ray.  
H= e was good at most sports, but his war time experiences meant he was not the same af= ter the war. Apparently, he  
wr= ote a book, but died in 2003 or 2004 around xmas aged 80. Maybe called Beyond the Wir= e. Yes    
Oc= t 46 Ted Drake now advising London University instead of Golders Green, where he w= as in April.    
Ke= n Elbrow unavailable with appendicitis. Operated on last Tuesday 29th Oct and is f= ine.      
2= /11/46 Sweeping changes expected after a shock loss to Devas Institute in SSC. F= red Chitty was dropped after  
t= his game, and was allowed to leave, but reconsiders and stays, and he is virtually = ever present for rest of season.  
9/= 11/46 Press say this was one of Epsom's best displays of the season v Bedford Reserve= s. Won 5-3    
9= /11/46 Roy Bostock (17) joins temporarily from C.Palace. Colin Grimshaw also joins f= rom Redhill. Previously with  
P= alace too. Grimshaw was 21, nearly 12 stone, and 6ft 1, and had scored over 90 goals= for Crystal Palace  
p= resumably reserves, and is refusing the opportunity to turn pro and concentrating o= n a business career in Epsom.  
Bo= stock is a nippy winger from Palace's ground staff and is nicknamed Ginger. Aged 17.=      
A= lso reference to a new keeper Arthur Roome, but he never reaches the first te= am. Previously with Bath City.  
1= 6/11/46 Harry Payton is 20 minutes late arriving for the game. As he stepped on t= he field, Colin Grimshaw was  
i= njured. Passenger once he rejoined in 2nd half. Also, Bobby Gill was injured, and this was all due to tough  
t= ackling from Woolwich Poly. Epsom played with 10 players throughout, and some of the t= ime with 9, yet  
W= oolwich didn't score until 60 minutes. Game played at Kidbrooke Lane, Well Hall, Eltham. Nearest station is  
W= ell Hall (BR). KO2.45. Ground still exists (with same stand apparently!), and is n= ow home to Thames Poly.  
No= v 46 Johnny Hoy joins Epsom after being recommended by Palace.        
2= 3/11/46 Jim Chennell makes debut. Had previously played for Portsmouth during the war (amateur), and joined  
fr= om Long Grove Hospital. Also L.Richley joins club.            
2= 3/11/46 Epsom "hoodoo" over PO Engineers/London Telecoms continues. Only one loss in 18 years to them.  
2= 3/11/46 Future players Eric D Jenner, Len Bridgman and Jim Kaley all play for PO Eng/Lon Telecoms v Epsom  
3= 0/11/46 Roy Marlow plays well, but is helpless as Chelmsford win 7-1. Surrey Comet sa= ys "it must be rare that  
a= team are beaten 7-1 and yet are able to claim they should have won."!! Looks = like Epsom were unlucky.  
E= rnie Watkins moving up to join the forwards was a fatal mistake in the second half. Pa= per says Chelmsford  
w= ere disappointing!! McLellan got 4 for them. Chelmsford manager was Arthur Ro= we, who would go on to great  
t= hings with Tottenham in the early 50's. He wrote in to complain about the unsportsmanlike attitude of some of the  
Ep= som spectators, who were very hard on their own players.          
Th= is is also referred to in a future Epsom programme. (11 or 12)          
N= ov 46 Fred Chitty and future player Len Bridgman are selected for the London League v Isthmian League @  
Le= ytonstone on 4/12/46.                
De= c 46 Stan Scott has left for Sutton.              
De= c 46 Gordon Cairns is at Carshalton Aathletic            
De= c 46 former Youth player Brewis is at Beddington.            
7= /12/46 Gordon Brogdale scores from 30 yards. The shot was so hard it took the ke= eper into the net with it!!.  
7/= 12/46 Ray Allsop (17) sea cadet makes debut in "appalling conditions" cau= sed by torrential rain.    
Al= lsop is shortly to join the ground staff at Crystal Palace.          
1= 4/12/46 Eton Manor play at Temple Mills, Leyton. Epsom unlucky to lose 5-0 and 2-0 wou= ld have been fairer.  
14= /12/46 Colin Grimshaw unavailable. Ankle injury.            
1= 4/12/46 AJ "Joe" Jordan makes debut, but only plays one game. Was an Engla= nd International, and came from  
Ba= rnet. Also there is reference to a well known half back joining shortly.        
D= ec 46 Fred Chitty missed his chance to make his debut for London League as his tube = to Leytonstone broke  
do= wn, and he was 5 minutes late. Would have been his first rep honour.        
1= 4/12/46 Dick Chester playing and scoring for Leatherhead Res v Epsom Res in a 7-1 Leatherhead win, which the  
p= apers said was harsh. Both Goodalls were playing for Leatherhead, while Tommy (TG) Temlett, Reuben Leverington  
an= d Cecil (CB) Weller were all playing for Leatherhead first XI at the time.        
21= /12/46 Debut for future player and manager Ray Chenery. Lived at the bottom of West Street, at Hards    
C= ottages. Now replaced by flats. Didn't play many games for the first team, but a regul= ar for the reserves for  
m= any years. 600 present at this game and two inches of snow too. Epsom were 3-1 down = but got two in two  
m= inutes in the second half to take a 3-3 draw. Surrey Times says Chitty scored, not Brogdale, but I will stick  
wi= th Epsom papers on this. It also says Jordan and Grimshaw played, not Chenery and Chennell.    
I = met Ray Chenery at Geoff Porter's house on 31st October 2005. Ray is        
n= ow 80, but remembers quite a bit! He served on HMS Sheffield during the war, and was= on a tank landing craft on  
D= Day in June 1944. He was a signalman, and also played four times for the Navy. Once played against Tommy  
La= wton at Ipswich, when the England centre forward was playing for the Army.        
H= e was Head Boy at Ewell Boys School "because he had too much on DWG Jones"= . He said Jones would often  
return back to West Street from the Spring Hotel and t= ap Ray on the head and ask him to "look after the boys for him"
Th= e Ewell Boys often used to use the London Fire Brigade ground apparently.        
Ray was the youngest of seven, 4 boys and 3 girls. Old= er brothers Fred (Ewell Athletic - 1925) and Ron (Ewell Boys
- = 1929) played football too, but the other brother didn't play.          
H= e met wife Glenys in 1942 when she moved to the area to work at Lloyds Bank, and wen= t to see the football. She  
al= so worked at Bourne Hall as its first receptionist from 1970 - 82.          
Re= grettably Ray passed away in the early hours of September 22nd 2008 - aged 83.      
2= 5/12/46 Epsom draw 2-2 at Plough Lane against Wimbledon's full Isthmian side in a friendly. Wimbledon would  
go= on to play in the Amateur Cup final v Leytonstone at the end of this season.        
2= 6/12/46 HT 2-0 to Epsom, and they win 6-0 v Crawley in front of a "large crowd" which "showed appreciation".  
Dec 46 reference to many injuries - Watkins, Goldsmith, Tiffany and Taylor are listed yet three of these don't miss a game.
J= an 47 Ernie Watkins relinquishes the captaincy as he feels it is affecting his form. = It is passed to Den Goldsmith  
Er= nie worked for the electric company, while Fred Chitty worked for the gas company.      
J= an 47 Epsom are offered the opportunity to attend lectures on team tactics by C.Palace captain Fred Dawes,  
a= nd Jimmy Guthrie (ex international). No improvement in results. This was sponsored= by Com member Reg Olney.  
4= /1/47 Admission charge increase by 2d. Necessary says prog to cover incidental expenses. No change for  
re= serve games, and no increase for youngsters.            
4/= 1/47 K.Simpson (triallist) makes debut. First game in Senior football, but did= n't play for Epsom again.    
4/= 1/47 Ref criticised in papers for allowing Dartford's rough tactics to go unpunish= ed. Lucky there were no    
se= rious injuries as Epsom rose above it. Epsom Herald says this match was brought forward.    
4= /1/47 Programme says no fixture on 11/1 but hoping for West Ham Reserves. Ended= up going to Tilbury instead!  
Ja= n 47 W Peacock selected for Surrey Juniors v Kent @ Tunbridge Wells on 1/2/47      
1= 1/1/47 2,500 at Tilbury. Lost 1-0, but a Brogdale shot from distance was said to have crossed the line. Ref was  
u= ncertain so played on. John Hoy debut. Died about 4 years ago according to Ray Chenery and Bernard Smith  
(2= 001-2002?). He was a builder, and his wife was Ken Allan's first wife, June, apparent= ly.      
1= 8/1/47 "Large crowd" for the Palace game which was won 9-2. Advertiser calls match a fiasco, and says it was  
no= more than a trial match for some Palace players. Roy "ginger" Bostock plays= for Palace v Epsom.    
1= 8/1/47 Gordon Brogdale celebrated becoming a father by scoring four goals. Almost certainly Prog H(13)x.  
A= lso H Wigham makes debut. Papers said he was a little slow, but he got a HT so can't h= ave been too bad!  
25= /1/47 Coach leaves Epsom Station at 1.30 for the trip to Woodford.        
2= 5/1/47 snow covered pitch deeply rutted and frozen, but referee played it, mainly bec= ause Epsom had made  
th= e journey by then. Drew 2-2.                
Ja= n 47 Darts match arranged for after Guildford match between Epsom Fc and Supporters.=      
1/= 2/47 Game at RN Depot postponed. Coach was due to leave at 12.30.        
8= /2/47 Early in 2nd half Harry Tiffany makes a brave save and lost 5 teeth in the proc= ess! He continued playing  
an= d Epsom won 1-0 at Crittall Athletic in a bitter north east wind and with snow underf= oot.      
T= iffany was at a social function in the evening and the menu included turkey. He had "to look the other way!"  
8= /2/47 First home (league?) defeat for Crittall this season. 3 hour coach journey to g= et there. H Thompson debut.  
Th= ompson was also associated with Crystal Palace.            
F= eb 47 Leatherhead have challenged Epsom to a match. Was planned for February, b= ut wiped out in "big freeze".  
Fe= b 47 Sid Faggetter acting Secretary and Committee Member of the Pirbright Social C= lub      
15= /2/47 Bill Peacock selected for Surrey Juniors v Kent Juniors @ Bromley on 22/2/47.<= /td>      
1= 5/2/47 Future player Bill Wiles plays and scores HT for Guildford City against E= psom who were 2-0 down after  
6= minutes. Epsom had started with 9 men, but not rearranged their line up to cover absences, so they started  
wi= thout a right back! Bill Wiles is ex-QPR.              
Feb 47 Surrey Comet refers to Reg Madgwick being a "grand club man". Previously with Kingstonian and Hawker Ath,
a= nd may be asked to coach reserves say papers. Reg Madgwick eventually spent most of= his career and life at  
Co= bham, and when he died he donated all his worldly possessions to the club.        
2= 1/2/47 Reported a letter from CH Ayling, now living in Braintree and very suppor= tive of Epsom's win at Crittall on  
8t= h Feb. Refers to the old side of the 20's with Keeling, Sperring, Jack Parr, "Buster" (Bronk) Challis etc.    
No= games between 22/2 and 15/3. Three weeks. Rumour of a match v Leatherhead but wasn't    
p= layed on 22/2/47 due to the weather. Programme also refers to the Surrey Comet bei= ng well worth its 1d in  
fo= otball circles. Better than Advertiser maybe? Almost, but not totally convinced = so far.      
Su= rrey Comet is impressed and prints article in full!            
P= rogramme finished with an appeal for the first eleven to get some more shorts, and appealed for coupons.  
F= eb 47 reference to Wimbledon's South Stand being damaged by enemy bomb during t= he war. It had originally  
b= een transferred from Clapton Orient's Millfield ground, and was repaired in fifties (2 to 3k) and there at the end  
wh= en Plough Lane was demolished in 2002.              
2= 2/2 Leatherhead, 1/3 Crawley, and 8/3 Dartford all postponed due to "sev= ere weather". Worst winter for football  
s= ince 1888 says programme. The FA announce that the season can finish later than 17th May if necessary.  
It= would prove to be the second worst season that century after 1962/63.        
M= arch 47 A disagreement in club policy leads to the resignation of some officials and players. EA Taylor (Press  
S= ec + Selection Committee), Reg Olney (Selection Committee), Ewan Johns (Asst Treasurer) and Asst Sec  
A= .M.Thompson, who would return eventually to become Treasurer. Players leaving were Gor= don Brogdale,  
and L Richley. Programme refers to a n= ew Selection Committee and D Rose makes his debut on 15/3.    
S= urrey Comet says that the disagreement had been existing for "the past few months" and was brought to a  
h= ead by an approach from Sutton for three players, who resigned, but the club would = not accept their resignations.  
Ch= airman AE Tuck considered resigning, but as a trustee, he decided to remain.        
Cl= ub officials decide in March to set up an investigation committee, but no official rep= ort will be issued.    
M= arch 47 AA Davis joins from Sutton. VP Deeks also joins, and plays for reserves. He = is a Squadron Leader, and  
ha= d previously played for the AFA.              
1= 2/3/47 Surrey Senior League v London University @ Kingstonian. Future player Reu= ben Leverington, and older  
pl= ayer Tommy Rochester selected, but match was postponed anyway in the flood after the= big freeze.    
Ma= rch 47 Doug Whitehead (future coach) resigns from Kingstonian selection committee.      
Ma= rch 47 Sid Faggetter at Redhill                
1= 5/3/47 6 new players required for the Leavesden game. Also Harry Tiffany injured, so K= en Elbrow played.  
G= ame played in a blizzard from end to end. 0-3 HT. First visit since 1938 says progra= mme. Actually May 1939.  
1= 5/3/47 Fred Chitty unavailable as he was selected for Surrey v Berks & Bucks @ Maidenhead that day + played.  
P= rogramme announces a son for Mr & Mrs Roy Marlow. "Another footballer for= the club we hope" Never plays.  
15= /3/47 Epsom field ten locals against Leavesden. Also appealing for coupons. D.Rose de= but.    
Ma= r 47 Roy Dymott has been assisting St Ebba's too this year.          
19/3/47 Final of Kingston & District Charity Cup between Long Grove Hospital and Teddington Rovers @ West St - 4pm.
22/3/47 RN Depot game postponed again. Kent Amateur Cu= p SF commitments for RN Depot who lost 6-0 at Erith & B.
2= 9/3/47 Woodford make their first visit to West St, and trainer and coach was ex-player Billy Williams (early 30's).  
L= ots of damage to Woodford's ground after flooding after spending "hundreds" last year on ground improvements.  
Roy Dymott returns to the side for first time in 6 mon= ths. Job changes helped. Is he still a policeman? Maybe railways?
29= /3/47 Bill Peacock, diminutive left winger gets married today.          
A= pril 47 Gordon Brogdale signs amateur forms for Crystal Palace, having played the= re back in 39/40, when he  
pl= ayed in every reserve game and was top scorer. Still only in his late 20's.        
Ap= r 47 L Richley leaves for Sutton. Was one of the original three approached by th= em earlier in the year.    
R= oy Bostock is also at Sutton now, while the third player approached, Gordon Brogdale= may go to Carshalton Ath.  
7/= 4/47 Epsom lose in front of a "large holiday crowd" on Easter Monday. Crit= tall mispen at 1-3 2nd half.    
Th= is penalty was conceded by Tiffany, who rugby tackled Jones around the neck, only to then save it!    
A= pril 47 Epsom announce that they are to move their Reserve side from the Surrey Intermediate League to a  
ne= w London League division (Div 2) from next season.            
1= 9/4/47 Epsom & Ewell League Cup Final at West Street saw Banstead Juniors 4-2 Leatherhead Juniors.  
2= 6/4/47 Epsom 3-0 down after a 15 minute hat trick from F Horsley. Fred Chitty got two back, but also a mispen.  
D= ebut for Alan Davis. He was good friends with Ray Chenery, who used to see him unt= il a year or two back (2004).  
26= /4/47 Dance arranged at Drill Hall, Ewell. 7.30 start. Tickets 3s.          
3= 0/4/47 Fire at Plough Lane Wallington. Grandstand, dressing rooms, bathrooms and cant= een totally destroyed.  
A= s a result, Epsom allow London Telecoms side= to play their final league match v Woodford to be played  
at= West Street on 10/5/47.                
3/= 5/47 Programme also announces the birth of a son for Mr & Mrs Fred Chitty.        
3= /5/47 Epsom had most of the play but are 1-0 down at HT and had two penalties awarded against them in 2nd half.  
&q= uot;Football never reached a very high standard" say papers.          
5= /5/47 Committee meeting. One of the oldest members said he could not recall Eps= om having such a poor side.  
S= uggestions about a paid coach had not been well received in the past, but seemed more acceptable now.  
7/= 5/47 Sutton Hospital Cup Final ko 7pm @ West St - Epsom Methodians v Cheam Warriors.<= /td>    
7= /5/47 London League meeting rejects plans by some clubs to increase the number of pros allowed in a team  
f= rom 5 to 7, although all pro sides are allowed when pro teams play each other. Also rejected was Epsom's  
p= roposal to reduce the number of pros from 5 to 3. Only 4 pro teams Guildford, Bedfor= d, Dartford, and Chelmsford.  
8= /5/47 Surrey Intermediate League Worcester Park Res v Croydon O.B. Probably needed due= to cricket at W Pk.  
1= 0/5/47 In front of approx 2,500 crowd says prog, (Herald says 3,000) Epsom take a 2= -0 lead at Chelmsford in five  
m= inutes, including an overhead kick from Don Ralph after 2 mins. Although Chelmsfo= rd equalised by HT, Epsom  
held on for a draw.                  
10/5/47 Also that day + following London Telecoms Leag= ue game v Woodford Town, at 6.45 ko Epsom & Ewell Lge v
Su= rbiton & District Lge. 3-3 draw.                
O= ne of the Linesmen was former player and future top class referee Charlie Holliday,= who lists the result as 1-1.  
1= 7/5/47 v Woolwich. Ken Minter injured midway through first half. Passenger. Woolwi= ch Poly are oldest members  
<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>of London League (nearly 50 years). Fi= rst season in Premier Division. Spectators asked to leave straight after  
en= d of game, so that arrangements can be made for the evening match!        
T= eam photo taken at this game. I have a copy. Order of players was Dymott, Minter, Goldsmith, Elbrow,  
Marlow, Watkins, Ralph, Chenery, Davis, Butcher (Ray a= nd Bernard Smith called him Jim, not Don), Chitty.
1= 7/5/47 Surrey County League Charity Cup Final Dorking v Leatherhead at West St 6.30ko. 2-1 to Leatherhead.  
C= hairman Albert Tuck and Mr Ayris (SCFA President) attended. Dorking scored all th= ree goals in the match!!  
T= ommy Rochester also playing for Leatherhead in addition to others already list= ed above. Attendance 3,000.  
May 1947 reference this season in Leatherhead archive = to a new Reserve team Manager Mr Homer taking over from our former
pl= ayer John Coppin.                  
M= ay 47 Epsom Methodians beat Cheam Warr 2-1 in the final replay of Sutton & Cheam Hospital Cup at West St.  
2= 9/5/47 Reg Olney dies aged 42. Had been a member of Selection Committee until March.= It was after a long  
p= eriod of indifferent health. Lived at The Brambles, Dorking Road. Funeral on 2/6/47 attended by Chairman, and  
Be= rt Ruddle, EA Taylor, AM Thompson, Ewan Johns all attended.          
3= 1/5/47 Season finally finishes with a 5-0 disaster at Chatham against the Royal Naval Depot. Carnelly got all 5.  
25= /6/47 London League AGM sees a new reserve division added, and the Reserves are accept= ed.    
Fu= ture manager Jimmy Smith plays 22 times for Orient this season, scoring three goals. Previously with Burnley.  
Reserves: <= /td> Surrey Intermediate League (Eastern Div= ision)            
Position 11th out of 15                
SIC 2q Banstead Athletic 2-4            
3= 1/8/46 friendly v Walton & Hersham's Surrey Senior League side. C Webster injured in 2nd half. 10 men. 0-0  
Sept 46 Reference to Don Butcher shoeing fine form at centre half. Balding but still a youngster. Both Ray Chenery and John
Pr= ince the Treasurer's son called him Jim Butcher but I don't know why. Nickname?      
21= /9/46 Epsom win 3-2 at Carshalton Athletic Res. Keeper not clear. Adey perhaps?      
28= /9/46 Epsom draw 2-2 at Warlingham. Keeper not clear. Adey perhaps?        
12= /10/46 Only 10 players listed in the BOOK.            
1= 9/10/46 Programme Line Up for this match: Ken Elbrow, R.Harper, Bobby Gill, GE Hi= ll, SG Mannin, CL Webster  
FH= Taylor, RA Hinton, J.Bailey, AJ Cripps, R.Easton            
19/10/46 Bailey "scores five" v Trojan Athle= tic who are beaten 7-1 at West Street in a League match according to Epsom Herald.
1= 9/10/46 However the BOOK says he got just three and lists four other scorers. I w= ill go with the BOOK for now.  
19= /10/46 Prog issued for home game v Trojan (number 9) but number 8 was issued on 2nd N= ov v Devas!    
T= hen another programme 9 was issued on 9/11/46 v Bedford Town. Reserve programmes were= n't regularly issued  
an= d I think there was just a simple confusion of numbers.          
26= /10/46 Bailey scores HT v Croydon OB in SIC            
2/= 11/46 Don Ralph scores HT v Guards Depot at Caterham.          
9/= 11/46 Friendly at home to Bomber Command does not take place.          
16= /11/46 Programme Line Up for this match: Frank Adey, R.Harper, Jack Stackhouse, R.Stanford,    
SG= Mannin (listed as F.Mannin), CL Webster, FH Taylor, GE Hill, Don Ralph, J.Bailey, S.Stone    
16= /11/46 Banstead knock Epsom out of Surrey Intermediate Cup 4-2 at West Street.      
16= /11/46 Adey did indeed play in goal.              
2= 3/11/46 Lost friendly at home to London Telecoms Reserves 3-4 . They are currently in = the Nemean League but  
pr= ogramme reports the performance was a distinct improvement.          
Advertiser report says Don Ralph scored yet the BOOK doesn't even have him in the line up and says Bailey scored the
se= cond goal instead. As this was an London Telecoms report I will stick with the BOOK= on this.    
30/11/46 Thornville (A) is p-p. Flooded. Rearranged for 18/01/47 but that fixture would then be moved back to 15/02/47.
0= 7/12/46 Programme Line Up for this match: Frank Adey, Jack Stackhouse, CL Webster (listed as E.Webster),  
Ray Chenery, Johnny Hoy (listed as R.Hoy), Don Butcher= , FH Taylor (listed as J.Taylor), Ken Minter, J.Bailey, Ken Holliday,
R.= Easton. However, FJ Wright replaced FH Taylor.            
7/= 12/46 Epsom win 5-3 at Dorking. Presume at Pixham Lane? Certainly pre-Meadowbank.      
Herald advises scorers as Holliday (2), Easton (2), Ba= iley but BOOK says K.Holliday (2), R.Easton, J.Bailey, D.Butcher
21= /12/46 Only 9 players listed in BOOK.              
26= /12/46 Only ten players listed in BOOK.              
28= /12/46 Keeper unknown, possibly R.Easton?            
4/= 1/47 4 newcomers in line up for the trip to Banstead Athletic. Lost 4-2. The BOOK lists 12 players.    
1= 8/1/47 Epsom Reserves lose at Thornville 3-2. Bailey hurt 5 minutes. 10 men. Also Thornville were short, so  
dr= afted in two German prisoners of war to play, who were very good.          
25= /1/47 Only ten players listed in BOOK.              
1/= 2/47 Croydon (A) is p-p - Lots of snow! Arranged for 07/04/47.          
8/= 2/47 Banstead (H) is p-p. Snow still around. Arranged for 30/04/47.        
15= /2/47 Trojan (A) is p-p. Snow. Arranged for 05/04/47.            
5/= 4/47 Trojan Sports play at Purley Way.              
3/5= /47 Decision made by club to apply for London League Div 2 for Reserves. Accepted at A= GM 25/6/47.    
2= 5/12/46 RS Goddard owner and founder of Chessington Zoo (Burnt Stub Zoo, originally) dies in Cambridge.  
T= he Zoo was opened in 1931 and was a huge success. He was previously in charge of billiard saloons in Kingston!  
2= 5/1/47 Plane crash at Croydon Airport 12 killed on a flight to South Africa including = four members of the same  
fa= mily and three nuns. 11 survivors.              
1= 9/3/47 Large flooding of the Thames at Walton Bridge after the thaw. Unequalled for ov= er 50 years say papers,  
and= thousands are evacuated. An awful winter.