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C O M M E N T S††† /H I G H L I G H T S
  3rd out of 15 Premier Division            
FAC 1q Redhill   1-4            
AC Pr Redhill   1-2+            
LC Either not entered, or not run this yea= r. All three of Epsom's matches were in last year's competition.  
LC F Walton on Thames 0-2            
SSC 1st Tooting & Mitcham Utd 2-3+            
SCS 1st Sutton United 1-5            
LSC 2nd Wood Green Town 0-1            
President   Arthur W.Turner              
Chairman   H.C. (Charles) Pettett   v-c G.King        
    Pettett wasformerly of Williams, Pettett and Gardner, Architects.      
Secretary   Harry Hawke              
Manager   Selection Committee              
Treasurer   Len Anderson   Asst Bill Townsend Len's address "The Summit" Do= wns Wood,  
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell         Epsom Downs  
Cl= ub Colours Light and dark blue hoops            
Pu= blicity Secretary Ernest A Taylor              
Pr= ess Secretary DWG Jones              
Trainer   Sid Bristow - replacing Tim Coleman          
Committee - elected at AGM on 21/7/38F.G. Talbot-Butler, William (WI) Bowe= , A Easton, Fred Darch, Ted Wheal,
F= rank Hutchins E White, P Parr (senior & junior), Albert Tuck, C Sproat, C Pritchard, Ernie Sperring and W Voller.  
Ad= ditional First Team records in THE BOOK. No reserve team this year        
Ep= som were landlords at West Street to Venner Sports this season having discontinued their    
ar= rangement with Ewell and Stoneleigh F.C. See 8/10/38 entry.          
Ve= nners were in the Surrey Senior League and finished 8th out of 14.        
J= une 38 Banstead FC "reform". No Chairman appointed but Mr Powell elect= ed President, and HB Ellis Secretary  
wi= th EW Case Treasurer.                
J= une 38 mention of a complete overhaul of Sutton's ground complete with concrete stand for 1,000. Never happens.  
1= 4/7/38 AGM of Supporters Club. Decide to rename as Epsom F.C. Supporters Club again = as a result of the  
d= iscontinuation of the agreement for Ewell and Stoneleigh to share the ground. Honorary Auditor Mr C Measures  
ju= nior asked whether it was possible to continue supporting both, to which Sid Basford said that    
t= his was not possible as home games would now clash on occasions. Epsom Supp club to w= rite accordingly, but  
th= at they would give support in every way possible.            
Ew= ell & Stoneleigh were not represented at the meeting, despite receiving detail = s of the annual report.    
AE Oakes re-elected Chairman of SC, with SAC Lacey Secretary and HE Border Treasurer and CH Head President.
Co= mmittee: Burrage, Sadler, Chandler, Foulger, Burgess, B Lacey, Moss, Suttle and We= al (Wheal?)    
C= hairman Oakes said that the club had had a good season and was now on a level with any amateur club in the  
c= ountry. The supporters must now ensure that the ground was packed, and then they coul= d be sure that they had  
do= ne their bit towards brightening Epsom football.            
A= ccording to Herald, the AGM stated that "it was with regret that Ewell & Stoneleigh have had to cancel their  
ag= reement to share with Epsom FC" "We feel we are losing very good friends a= nd wish them luck"    
Bryn Evans also received a presentation to commemorate= his wedding. Supporters club also celebrated winning the
Stoneleigh Snooker Club cup, but this was tempered with sadness for Messrs Allen and Parr who were in the team,
an= d were killed last Christmas in a car accident.            
21/7/38 AGM at Hollies Club Epsom where replica cups w= ere presented to Epsom players by Chairman HC Pettett.
Club lost £34.12s last year but outstanding liabilities now totals £590.7s.6d. Financial position not good but Venners
S= ports would be paying expenses this year and "not land Epsom with the lot".= Was this a possible reference to  
th= e previous arrangement with Ewell & Stoneleigh?            
Pl= aying membership remained at one shilling and non playing members reduced from 2s.6d to 1s.    
C= hairman and Secretary re-elected. Secretary Harry Hawke had travelled from Felixstowe= to be at the meeting.  
Tr= easurer EH Flight declined to stand as Treasurer, so Len Anderson stood.        
Re= plica Cups were given to all players to commemorate their runners up position in the London League.    
S= eason report said43 matches were played W26 = D7 L10 F 139 A 75, Jones highest scorer with 36, Brian Beglan  
got 20, Rochester 17, Basil Solly 14, and Jackie Pullen 12. This all agrees with my records except that I have another
ma= tch away v Dunkerque which was lost 0-7. This doesn't appear to be covered by the cl= ub.      
Bryn Evans and Brian Beglan were ever present (Evans missed game in Dunkerque though). Bobby Gill was captain,
wh= ile Frank Allen and Jackie Parr were remembered at the meeting.          
21= /7/38 trials announced for 17/8, 20/8 and 24/8.            
1= 5/8/38 SC Treasurer HE Border summoned to Epsom Petty Sessions and charged with "causing to be used a  
m= otor vehicle as an express carriage otherwise than under a road service licence". Basically, on 23/4/38 Epsom  
t= ravelled to Kingstonian for the SSC SF v Dulwich, and ran a coach over for the fare o= f 1s 6d. Some however were  
n= ot asked whether they were members, and the London Passenger Transport Board were already running extra  
v= ehicles on that route. Because there was an advertisement, announcing the coach, it could be argued that this  
w= as not being run for a private party, which it needed to be, otherwise it was effectiv= ely a public bus, for which  
t= hey had no licence. Case was dismissed, as it was not the fault of the Treasurer, an= d it was deemed a special  
ca= se, although an application for costs was refused.            
Aug 38 Brian Beglan leaves for Dulwich Hamlet, where he remains for over a decade. Also signed Amateur forms for
To= ttenham while he is at Epsom. Probably due to the influence of the current Presid= ent Arthur Turner.    
A= ug 38 Herald says Ewell & Stoneleigh are now playing at another ground close to We= st Street, which indicates  
t= hat they probably continued, and only left Epsom because of the rental costs. Where did they play, and in which  
Le= ague? Sutton & District? Surrey Intermediate? Definitely not Surrey Senior League though.    
Au= g 38 Newly formed Epsom & Ewell League. CW Bromley President.        
Au= g 38 AF Curtis joins from PO Engineers, and R Forbes joins from Dartford.        
Fu= ture player Freddie Boatwright joins Redhill from Enfield. Formerly with Leyton.        
1= 7/8/38 Trial was good. Only Rochester, Randall and Toleman were regulars. Reference to= CE Thompson returning  
from holiday in Jersey if required, while David Wesley will return from a cricketing tour on 19/8. Approx 100 applicants
for trials.                    
1= 9/8/38 AGM of Epsom Wednesday. Hon Sec N Salter. President Mr Pendarves had died, so= Mr Herbert Smyth  
wa= s elected new President. They are to play at West Street again.          
Trial on 24th August. Chairman F Salter, Sec address 57 Links Road, Ashtead. Treasurer Mr C Greentree. They are
in= the Kingston & District Wednesday League and various county cups.        
20/8/38 Trial on this day against Venners Sports the n= ew tenants. New players at trial were: BLUE: E Holmes (Army),
J Elfred (g/k 2nd half) (23) 5ft 10 1/2 and 13st (loca= l), EW Pierce (17) (local), S Tingey (Wandgas) (23) 5 ft 9 1/2 and
10st, W Sullivan (20) 5ft 10 10st 2lbs, F Curry (Winchester) A Riches (Bishops Stortford for 3 years) (outside right),
S= Straughan (20) 5ft 9 (Hersham), J Attwell (Irish Free State League), J Hastie (20)(Berwick Senior League),  
R= Fulford (Wimbledon), W or TG Temlett (Ashtead) (played once last season). W Willi= ams (Manor Hospital). RED:  
TJ Cains (23) 5ft 10 1/2 (Balham League), T Pierce (Ma= nor Hospital and ex-player), W Toleman (regular), A Dempsey
(regular), W Randall, Tommy Rochester, T Laker (24) 5f= t 8 1/2 (Wimbledon), T Waltham, T Coombes (20) 5ft 9 10st
1= 0lbs, (Tooting & M, West Norwood, Wandsworth, Streatham), HT Nicholls (Corn= ish League), A Chattem (Army),  
A= F Curtis (P.O.Engineers and Army) Proceeds to Surrey County Benevolent Fund, Royal Free Hospital, and the  
Lo= ndon FA Benevolent Fund.                
Paper also states that there is no truth in the rumour linking Bobby Gill with Hersham. Epsom won 4-1 v Venners in
the trial. Venners come from New Malden and are a works side. HT 1-0 Jones, while F Morgan (ex EpsomReserves)
p= layed for Venners. Pullen scored for 2-0, then 2-1 while Wesley was temporarily replaced in goal by W Thairs  
(D= undee). Curtis and Pierce got the other two goals.            
24/8/38 trial saw J O'Donnell and G Magee who were both from the Army and had recently returned from Egypt. Not
enough players at the trial so only 8 a side game. Reference to Temlett having scored 60 goals for Ashtead 2 seasons
ago. Others at trial included E Holmes, (g/k), A MacDonald, A Walthew, A Chattem, R Fulford, and R Forbes (24) who
l= ived in Brixton and works at Darenth Hospital, and had previously played v Epsom = for Banstead Hospital in the  
Am= ateur Cup.                  
Aug 38 reference to Len Anderson "the new and energetic Honorary Treasurer" says vice president donations and subs=
to= tal over£26 compared with £5 14s 6d for all of last season.          
2= 7/8/38 Epsom 4-0 PO Engineers. This was a League Cup 2nd round tie held over from last season. There was no  
separate competition for 1938/39. Epsom then played Gr= ays in SF and Walton in Final of 37/38 comp. Final was on 22/4/39.
Ep= som played mainly regulars v PO Eng, although Jimmy Jones and CE Thompson were both = on holiday.    
An exceptionally big crowd for this game "It is seldom that Epsom have opened their season so auspiciously" the  
En= gineers were completely outclassed. FD Rawkins playing for PO Engineers.        
Au= g 38 Venners Sports play at Morden v Sutton Strollers.            
3= /9/38 Epsom take lead but lose 5-1 at Dagenham. Scoreline is harsh on Epsom. Billy Williams (ex-Epsom)  
playing for Dagenham. Also Billy Neave played for Dagenham, but would play during the war for Epsom. H.Smith HT.
Epsom player W Toleman was an ex-Dagenham player and B= obby Gill was captain this season. H.Smith HT for Dagenham.
3/= 9/38 Future war time player J Judge now with PO Engineers. Formerly with Park Royal.<= /td>      
3/9/38 Venners Sports draw 0-0 in their first home SSL match with West Norwood. Reference to them being unable to
fi= nd suitable accommodation locally.              
V= enners line up this day was R Sumner, W Pearson, F Heaysman, E George, W Scott, RF Hutcheson, FB Rolfe,  
G = Frewin, J Gould, FW Simpson, E Bigg              
3/= 9/38 Banstead's first ever match at Tattenham Way lost 4-1 to Epsom Athletic.<= /td>        
L= ots of Epsom based sides at this time. Epsom Athletic, Epsom Spartans, Epsom Blues, No= rth Ewell, and  
S= toneleigh Park (playing at Cuddington Rec). However, no mention of Ewell and Stonel= eigh who may have folded.  
7/= 9/38 Venners lose at home 1-4 to Met Police in a game shortened to 40 minutes each way= .    
7/9/38 Also this day Epsom Wednesday win 10-2 against Malden Athletic in a friendly. They start in K & D League on
7= /9/38 Epsom fortunate to win 2-1 at Carshalton Athletic in near darkness on a Wednesd= ay evening. A large  
a= ttendance saw Epsom go 1-0 down in first half, but an o.g. that the reporter couldn= 't see in the darkness and late  
wi= nner by Billy Heal ensure a 2-1 win. "Almost a total blackout by the end of = the game"      
Sept 38 Hugh Pratt rumoured to be joining Woking but s= tays at Sutton - Pratt guests for Epsom later in the season.
1= 0/9/38 Epsom unable to play Sutton in SCS match due to a rearranged London League matc= h v Eton Manor.  
Su= rrey Charity Shield Draw - 8 teams Sutton v Epsom            
Nu= nhead v PO Engineers                
To= oting & Mitcham v Met Police                
Wo= king v Walton on Thames                
1= 0/9/38 Another reference to a "big crowd" at Epsom for an easy 2-1 win over last year's Champions Eton Manor.  
Not reflective of Epsom's superiority. Dick Wilson sco= res the first goal of his career (exc penalties) from a free kick,
an= d receives an ovation from the crowd for it!              
Herald sayst= here was "a fair crowd, but fewer present than expected". Wilson's g= oal was a free kick just inside Eton
Ma= nor's half, which was floated in but missed by everyone and crept in. Keeper was distracted by Forbes.    
Se= pt 38 SSC Exempt to 1st round after SF performance last season.          
1= 4/9/38 Carshalton Ath start with ten men, but by the time Price takes the field Epsom are 2-0 up and win 6-0.  
16/9/38 Mr Reg Heathorn of 104 Green Lanes, Ewell writ= es in to ask why Epsom can't have a reserve team. He wanted
a = trial, but wasn't allowed, and has since joined a club further away.          
1= 7/9/38 Epsom have comfortable win over West Norwood in FAC. Epsom have only lost one F= AC tie with West  
N= orwood, and that was their first ever tie in 1925. Jimmy Jones mispen in 2nd half at = 2-0, but scored one earlier.  
We= st Norwood were sharing at Hersham this year. Quite a distance away from Norwood!      
2= 4/9/38 Programme numbered "7", but it was only the 5th home game of the season. Were Venners Sports  
pr= ogrammes numbered, or even produced in the first place? Were a couple issued for trials? More likely.    
2= 4/9/38 "A Huge crowd" at Epsom for Redhill in AC. "One of the most exciting cup ties ever played at Ewell"  
A= ll three goals in extra time. Epsom well on top in 1st half, but Redhill more domi= nant in 2nd. Redhill scored  
f= irst in extra time, then Epsom scored, only for referee to rule it out and award a penalty. This was scored, but  
r= eferee ordered a retake for "some slight infringement". The retake was saved, but it fell to the penalty taker  
B= illy Heal who then finally scored! Future player Sid Faggetter scored a second time= for Redhill with 4 minutes left.  
Lo= cal lad Fred Chitty tried out, and played well but tired and became a virtual passenge= r by the end.    
Fu= ture post war player Fred Boatwright also playing for Redhill.          
2= 4/9/38 Before game in the morning, captain Bobby Gill got married. He is one of = the best backs in the game and  
mi= ssed out on an International Cap three years previously due to injury.        
2= 4/9/38 reference to David Wesley being unavailable for 17/9/38 win in FAC due to tennis commitments. He was  
a = "star performer at cricket, rugger, heavyweight boxing and tennis" says programme. He and his sister    
wo= n a mixed doubles competition and had trophies presented by Bunny Austin the famous English player.    
Oct 38 future player Jim (JH) Stubbs is at Wimbledon Reserves. Leaves for Tooting & Mitcham in October but is with us by April.
1/= 10/38 Redhill visit again, this time for FAC, and win more easily than last tim= e. Faggetter scored again.    
A= F Curtis and Redhill captain ED Colwell resorted to blows near the end of the game, but fortunately, the referee  
was lenient and allowed them to stay on the field. Dav= id Wesley (gk) unavailable "duty's call". Jones scored a second
ha= lf consolation from 30 yards.                
B= OOK says SA Clarke played in his place, but was this FA Clarke, ex-Carshalton who pla= yed at Dunkerque?  
I= can't prove it, and have to assume they were two different people. SA Clarke lived in Ealing in 1938, so playing for  
Ca= rshalton is unlikely, but I can't say for certain.            
1/10/38 Venners beat Aquarius 4-1 in AC replay but had drawn away from home the week before so where was this played,
as= Epsom were at home again?                
Oc= t 38 J Kinsela joined from Cobham.              
Oc= t 38 HS Pratt joins Woking from Sutton United. Formerly with Redhill and Epsom.      
Oc= t 38 former Ewell & Stoneleigh and future Epsom player Reg (EJ) Hunt joins Wimble= don. Would    
ma= ke occasional first team appearances.              
8= /10/38 Epsom were due to play Uxbridge in the league, but waived their right so that Venner Sports could play  
PO= Engineers in the AC at West Street, winning 4-0. A big surprise.          
Ep= som then played a friendly at Kingstonian and beat their Isthmian counterparts 4-2= .      
Curtis's second goal was from 40 yards but the keeper = let it through his hands. Jones did not play, as he had an injured
le= g and a chill. Epsom were 4-1 up with a minute left at Kingstonian.          
A= programme was issued for this friendly. Epsom had only played at Kingstonian twice before. Both in SSC SF's  
19= 29 beat Wimbledon and 1938 lost to Dulwich Hamlet.            
15= /10/38 Banstead MH 4-1 Venners.              
1= 5/10/38 Wesley ill Strudwick deputised. This is H Strudwick, not Fred (FEJ), who played in 1932 and 35/36.  
Du= ll game in some parts v Woolwich. Epsom were 5-2 up but let two late goals in. HT 2-= 2      
Oct 38 reference to AC and BC Griffiths playing for Tooting & Mitcham. They were with Epsom for the last two years.
22/10/38 Ray Chenery and Roy Marlow selected for Epsom & District Schools (no Leatherhead in title) in Hood Shield (which
they won the year before) v Dorking & District at Epsom Central School, Lintons Lane. Epsom won 9-0 and Marlow played
in= goal, never requiring to touch the ball! He didn't even have a goal kick to take!        
22= /10/38 David Wesley pensave late in 2nd half (WIDE) from Gray says Herald..        
Wa= ndsworth United are defeated 5-0 at West Street. Henry A.Allingham was in        
go= al for Wandsworth. He was the old Ewell and Stoneleigh keeper. M.Snowball debut "A strapping young    
pl= ayer in his teens" Previously played for Carlisle United Res and Ashtead.        
27/10/38 Jimmy Jones and Tommy Rochester selected for Surrey XI this day v Sussex at Horsham - 3pm. Also Archie Griffiths.
29= /10/38 Epsom's first ever match with Uxbridge who moved over from the Athenian League.      
29= /10/38 game played at RAF Stadium Uxbridge. Uxbridge pen miss (wide) in 2nd half at 4= -2 to Epsom.    
&= quot;Epsom have not given such a thrilling display since they met Dulwich last seaso= n in SSC". Perfect conditions.  
Epsom did well in first half, which was just as well, = as Uxbridge fought back. They were 1-0 down after 12 minutes, but
Curtis (12) and Collins (20) took Epsom 2-1 up and they then dominated, with a Snowball header from a Solly cross
after 44 minutes 3-1 HT. Kinsela was injured so Jones played inside left this day. David Wesley was briefly knocked
out during the game, and his first words to trainer Sid Bristow after regaining consciousness were "they didn't score,
did they"= !                    
The Times says Snowball got a HT while Collins only got one but this appears wrong. Herald agrees that Snowball and
Co= llins both got two. What does BOOK say? Check!            
A= fter the game, Epsom FC won the Royal Free Hospital Cup for swimming again, and th= ey were represented by  
Bobby Gill, Charlie Thompson, Billy Heal and AF Curtis, beating PO Engineers for the second season. RN Depot also
co= mpeted this time.                  
29/10/38 Venners beat Cranleigh 5-1 in SSL at West Str= eet. EL George has now left Venners (business commitments).
R= eference in report to a match programme being produced this day so assume they were regularly produced.  
29/10/38 English Schools Shield match @ Epsom. Epsom Schools beat Tooting 2-1. Roy Marlow was injured in 1st
half, and was a semi passenger, but he still scored bo= th goals! During play a rabbit appeared and ran down the wing!
Ra= y Chenery also played.                
Oct 38 Charlie Thompson is leaving the club, because w= ork is transferring him to Birmingham, but he will try to play
oc= casionally. Toleman is an adequate replacement, but Herald says he is a little too ol= d.      
5/11/38 Epsom lose to a penalty at Wood Green Town in = LSC. Not too many spectators see Wood Green just about
deserve to wi= n. Final qualifying round. It was a listless display, and the penalty was ju= st before HT and was awarded
for pushing by Heal, although Herald thought it was ha= rsh. AF Curtis had earlier "scored", but the ref "without neutral
linesmen" wasn't up with play, and felt that the = ball hadn't crossed the line, even though Herald said it was over by a
fo= ot. Then Jimmy Jones missed an easy chance. Only David Wesley played well.      
We would have been at home to Aldsmede in the First Ro= und Proper. Never heard of them but Wood Green beat them 3-1.
5/= 11/38 Venner Sports 4-5 Vickers - SSL.              
1= 1/11/38 reported that Tommy Rochester has undergone a successful operation for cartilage trouble, but is not  
ex= pected to play before xmas. He returned in February.            
1= 2/11/38 Epsom led 2-0 at Leavesden but lose 4-3 "One of the best London Leag= ue encounters of recent times"  
12/11/38 George Knight makes debut from Enfield, but played as a right back instead of his usual left half. Does not
play again for the club, but not sure if positioning w= as the reason. He was a friend of Billy Heal and had been at Enfield
fo= r four years. 5ft 10 1/2 and 11 stone.              
12/11/38 Epsom's third goal may have been an og by JEA= RROD who put the ball in after "a perfect centre by Solly". As
THE BOOK credits Solly with the goal, I will do likewi= se. The Times agrees with the own goal crediting it to Gerrard.
12= /11/38 Venners 3-4 Vickers in SSC. 3-1 HT. Had also lost to them on 5/11 in SSL.=      
19/11/38 RW Luchford to make debut. Played for Colches= ter, Dagenham & Chelmsford, and is ex-West Ham amateur.
He= is 21, and 5ft 9 and 11stone. Also GW Baker makes debut. He had played twice for Kent last season,    
†and had also played for London Paper M= ills in Kent League..          
His son Brian has been in touch in 2010. George went o= n to play for Littlebrook Sports and Social after the war before
m= oving on to Gravesend and Northfleet, where his career ended following a clash of hea= ds with an opponent. He  
d= eveloped a blood clot and spent seven months in hospital before making a full recove= ry, but he died in 1979.  
A Solly winner after 88 minutes edged Guildford City o= ut after 90 minutes of "gruelling football, in which the initiative
swung from side to side and thrilled the crowd". Debutants did well. Collins scored after 9 minutes, and it was 2-0 after<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>†
17, but a minute later it was 2-1, and 35 minutes 2-2.= HT 2-2. Downhill second half "Curtis centred and Solly took the
b= all out of a crowd of players and twisting around, scored a brilliant goal". Bobby Gill pulled a thigh muscle says<= /td>  
H= erald but he continued to play. Not sure about the severity of this injury, as Gill pl= ayed the week after too.  
1= 9/11/38 North v South final trial for Surrey Boys at West Street at 10.30. Roy Ma= rlow is selected. Epsom,  
L= eatherhead and District Schools play v Greenwich in 3rd Round of English Schools Shi= eld at Goldsmiths College  
Ground, New Cross on 26/11/38. Mr J Gregory, their secretary thanks Epsom FC for the regular use of their ground,
es= pecially as so many amateur clubs will not tolerate boys football on their ground the= se days.    
No= v 38 Basil Solly selected for London League v Isthmian @ Dulwich on 30/11. Jimmy Jon= es is a reserve.    
19= /11/38 Venners win 3-1 at Leyland Motors - SSL.            
26= /11/38 former and future player Gordon Brogdale playing for Wandsworth v Tilbury= in London League    
2= 6/11/38 Venners beat Banstead MH in SSL LC after extra time. HT 0-1 90 mins 1-1. = The winner was scored in  
cl= osing stages "almost in darkness".              
26= /11/38 Epsom win 4-1 at RN Depot in Chatham. All goals scored in first 30 minutes! Bas= il Solly mispen.    
L= ondon League also played Isthmian League at Dulwich on 30/11/38. Basil Solly represent= ed League here too.  
I = have programme for this game. Billy Heal also picked. Did he play?          
Epsom were 1-0 down after a short while, but were 2-1 = up two minutes later. Right at the end, Forbes was fouled, but
So= lly missed the penalty.                
2/= 12/38 reported that Epsom have purchased their ground for £1,550.        
T= he bank have advanced the bulk of the cash, and Chairman Charlie Pettett, G.King (v-c)= , WI Bowe (one of the  
o= ldest members of the club) and AE Tuck have been declared trustees of the groun= d. It is 13 years since the late  
p= resident of the club Mr R Bradshaw purchased the ground for the benefit of the club. = He expended a great sum of  
mo= ney and gave the club the option to purchase it within 21 years. They have now done th= is.    
Herald reports on 2/12/38 that Albert E Tuck was appoi= nted last year as a member of a sub-committee to look into the
m= atter. He reported not as a lawyer, but as an old footballer and one who liked the game. He took a keen interest  
b= ecause he used to play football for a team (35 years ago, but not sure about this) = that was at the same level as  
E= psom, and who played at Nunhead, but had to disband as they were behind on rent. He also refers to Nunhead's  
lease expiring in 1940. Rent is £85 10s a year and interest on a purchase loan would be less. Also they will be able to
undertake advertising at the ground. Mr Tuck wrote to = the two trustees for Robert Bradshaw, Mr Eggar, and Mr Jackson,
<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>†who were prepared to resign. Charles P= ettett tried to get a reduction in the cost, but was advised that this wasn't  
possible, as the estate was in trust for his children. Money was owing for rent, and the trustees accepted £100 for this.
The Bank agreed to lend "a certain sum" and = Mr Pettett and Mr King covered the balance. Unanimously voted for at
m= eeting at Hollies Club, Church Street on 28/11/38. Proposed by WI Bowe, and Seconde= d by P Parr (senior).  
2/12/38 Mr SV Holingsworth writes to Herald asking if = the club will now do something about the car parking around the
area. He lives at Spring Cottage, The Mount, Ewell. Sa= ys it is impossible to even get in and out of your own garage.
Su= ggests that the club should have a car park, but if it is too small for one, that is = not the residents fault.    
3/= 12/38 No game for Epsom this day.              
3/= 12/38 Venners 2-4 Banstead MH - SSL. J Morgan playing for Venners.        
D= ec 38 mention of Ewell Boys School FC. Captain is Roy Marlow, son of Reg, and future player for Epsom, along  
with future Player and Manager Ray Chenery, who was al= so in the boys side, and both regularly feature in the District side.
Ma= rlow is rumoured to be in line for his County cap and possibly even an Internatio= nal trial.      
10= /12/38 Epsom beat Grays in LC SF 5-1 which is a flattering scoreline. Mention of League Cup being a    
comparatively recent institution. Excellent football in this match though, and Epsom got three near the end in fading
l= ight. Fred Stenning made his debut from Cobham and scored a hat trick. He repeated t= his the following week.  
He had already scored 25 for Cobham this year, and got= 57 a couple of seasons ago. Aged 23 5ft 11, and 12 stone,
with Rep Honours for SSL v London University. It was a very muddy game, but Epsom fully merited their victory. All
Stenning's goals were easy ones according to Herald. Curtis scored first after 10 minutes after numerous escapes for
Epsom, then Stenning got his first after 22 minutes. HT 2-0 Grays got it back to 2-1 after 67 mins, but two in the last
†five minutes helped to flatter the scoreline.              
Th= e Times says Stenning only got two and that Jones got two instead of one. Check!      
16/12/38 SV Hollingsworth writes again, as he felt that Press Secretary Ernest Taylor had described him as a moaner,
a= nd was very disappointed with the remarks by the club. Taylor responds the next week = to state that he wasn't  
describing them as moaners, but that people at Arsenal= did not moan if cars were left outside their ground. Also says
t= hat Hollingsworth should have written to club first, not the press. He also states that the committee supports the†<= /span>  
c= omments, and all of them have an interest in sport in the district. Response is a litt= le harsh, but it probably was  
wr= ong to go to the press first.                
16/12/38 Herald says that Bryn Evans kicks the ball ou= t a lot, and if he was on the opposition, the supporters would
ha= ve been shouting "Redhill!"                
1= 7/12/38 Stenning's hat trick is eclipsed by the fact that Epsom were 5-0 up at ha= lf time v Bostall Heath, only to  
d= raw the game 5-5!!! Epsom were very over confident at the start of the second half, and the visitors scored two  
q= uick goals and grew in confidence. Dick Wilson returned to the side, but is beginnin= g to struggle with the pace of  
the game. Herald says that the first half was a scintillating performance. Stenning scored first after 15 minutes, and
al= l ten goals were in the bottom goal! Prog Y.              
2= 4/12/38 Game at Walton postponed, as was the friendly on 27/12/38 with Canterbury Waverley, a pro side from  
the Kent League who had made the first round of FA Cup this year. Heavy snow and ice blamed for the postponements.
Canterbury Waverley were an unofficial Arsenal nursery side. All major non league football was called off on 24/12 said Times.
27/12/38 At 4pm on 26th Dec the game v Canterbury Wave= rley was postponed as the snow covered the ground to such
a great depth that even if a big thaw set in, it would= be impossible to play the next day. Epsom then tried to get the
BBC to announce the postponement, but they couldn't he= lp. They were able to let the visitors know, but Ernest Taylor
w= as the only official there, as the Secretary and Chairman were both away for Christma= s. Harry Hawke was in  
F= elixtowe. Programmes had been printed for the match, which meant a financial loss on the game. Canterbury  
Wa= verley offered to travel at a later stage in the season if fixtures allowed, but= it never happened.    
31= /12/38 No game could be arranged this day.              
31= /12/38 Hersham 4-0 Venners - SSL.              
D= ec 38 Roy Marlow selected and played for Surrey Schools v Kent @ Epsom on 31/12/38.= Won 3-2 Ht 1-2.  
De= c 38 Basil Solly reported as having offered his services to Sutton as they were havi= ng a bad season.    
7/1/39 Venners 1-3 Leyland Motors. Venners had won 3-1= at Leyland earlier in season. Both SSL games. EG Eggboro
th= e former Ewell & Stoneleigh player played for Leyland. HT 0-2.          
7= /1/39 Eton Manor had the best forward line Epsom had met this season. HT 0-2, and 3-0 down before Jones got a  
p= enalty. Press said it was "a grand game" on a "maximum size" pitch. A late consolation for Curtis (89). Lost 2-4.  
1= 4/1/39 Epsom should have been 3 up at the interval and forced 5 corners in the first 10 minutes. Randall injured  
a= fter collision with opponent left him with a fractured arm midway through the first half. 10 men. HT 0-0. In 2nd half  
Dagenham scored a goal even though linesman flagged for offside. First home league defeat of season. Jimmy Jones
unavailable due to playing in a Welsh International tr= ial match at Pontypool. Epsom were very unlucky according to the
He= rald, and Basil Solly played his best game to date.            
2= 0/1/39 reported that Wales are only interested in Jimmy Jones now because it tur= ns out that he was not born in  
B= ristol as originally assumed, but he was born in LLIPIA in Wales, and moved to Bris= tol at an early age. Epsom  
th= ought he was a Bristolian, as he spent his holidays there. Can't have had much of a We= lsh accent!    
21= /1/39 T&M v Epsom (SSC) p-p for their Amateur Cup replay that day        
2= 1/1/39 Attractive game despite muddy conditions. Reference to Finchley player Chaventre previously playing for=  
Ewell and Stoneleigh and Epsom. Epsom dominate game and miss two open goals as Stenning hits post and Curtis
he= aded wide. Charlie Thompson made a rare appearance this day. Finchley won 2-0.      
H= erald refers to Finchley's ground being almost "an exact copy" of Epsom's, including the slope. Hard to believe if  
you've seen Finchley's ground. Herald disputes that Ge= off Collins is a left half, having only played briefly there when
Ra= ndall broke his arm (on 14/1/39), and he is a better winger.          
Randall has now had the bone reset at Royal Free Hospi= tal but won't be able to resume work as a furniture salesman
fo= r another 5 weeks.                  
2= 1/1/39 Venners 0-2 Met Police in SF of SSL LC. Met had won at West Street 4-1 in= SSL earlier this season.  
2= 8/1/39 A good crowd at Tooting & Mitcham for SSC tie. T & M mispen 1st half but still cross over 2-0 up at HT.  
E= psom fight back and force extra time (only 10 minutes each way decreed by referee and Tooting & M score 3  
mi= nutes from time. Winner would have been home to Woking or Dulwich in next round.      
"During the course of their football career, Epsom have rarely made such an impressive and promising rally as they did
at Mitcham". Evans was out with flu, so Heal played in his position, and Snowball came in to Heal's place.    
T & M mispen (POST) but ex-Epsom Archie Griffiths scores one for them. 3,000 present. Stenning also missing with
a = septic leg.                  
28= /1/39 Club says at 1939 AGM that Evans played every game this season, yet this day, Snowball plays    
in= his absence. Club is wrong.                
28= /1/39 Met Police 2-1 Venners - SSL.              
Me= t Police also have a team in the Spartan League. First and Reserves or a different location?    
Ja= n 39 GR Blake joins club (Tufnell Park, and West Norwood) 5ft 11 1/2 11stone 6lbs= . He is an attacker.    
4/2/39 Epsom fortunate to get late (75 mins) winner at= PO Engineers. Future players Judge and Rawkins played for
t= he Engineers, and again on 25/3/39. They were behind after 11 minutes, but S= olly equalised with a free kick, and<= /td>  
Ep= som were comfortable after scoring the winner. Not a high standard of football.        
4/= 2/39 Roy Marlow plays for South v Midlands @ Gillingham and scores the first goal = in a 4-0 win.    
A leading daily paper (unknown) said: " A well bu= ilt player, the Epsom lad was a thrustful leader and brought his wings
in= to the game with well judged passes. Quick of the mark, he also got good power behind= his shots".    
4/= 2/39 Venners 6-1 Guildford @ West Street. First win for a while in SSL.        
Fe= b 39 Roy Marlow selected for South v North International trial @ Golders Green on 4/3/39. Won 6-1    
1= 1/2/39 Epsom just about deserved their 2-1 win over Tilbury. After 15 mins Jones mispe= n, but retake ordered  
a= fter linesman spotted an infringement by the keeper. Tommy Rochester took the penalty and scored it in his first  
a= ppearance after injury for some weeks. He could have scored a second but hit the goalkeeper in the head and  
kn= ocked him out late in 2nd half! WH Calvert makes debut - Promising say papers.      
Af= ter the penalty the crowd encouraged Epsom "to get a real one", which t= hey did!      
Feb 39 C Langley joins from Invicta (a South London Le= ague Team). Recommended by Tottenham. WH Calvert is also
fr= om London Paper Mills.                
11= /2/39 Cobham 4-2 Venners - SSL.              
1= 5/2/39 Representative Match between London League and Surrey Senior League at Ep= som. Won 10-2 (4-1HT)  
E= psom players Jimmy Jones, Basil Solly, and Billy Heal and Tommy Rochester represent the London League  
J= ones scored twice, Solly once and Heal also scored from long range. Rochester played = at the back. Prog Y.  
Former player Tommy "Tot" Winship (Hersham) = and Stockinger (Venners - groundsharing at West St) play for SSL.
Th= ird match in total having had one in 35/36 won 1-0 and 36/37 lost 7-3.        
35= /36 game was at Epsom but not sure if 36/37 one was too.          
Ga= me being used as a trial match for April's match against the Paris League in Paris=      
On= e other trial match against Royal Navy and Marines at Guildford on 18/3/39 before= the Paris game.    
I = can trace no record of the Paris game. Did it go ahead, and if so, who played from Eps= om?      
1= 8/2/39 Epsom lucky to beat Grays 1-0, as they missed two pens, one at the end of each = half (HIGH) then (BAR)  
De= buts for P Blake (from Tufnell Park) and C Langley. Langley did not play well, but neither played again.    
H= erald was harsher, saying that Langley "did absolutely nothing". Collins (flu) Rochester (working) and Stenning†<= /span>  
(detained at work) were unavailable. Calvert played at centre forward and did ok. 30 minutes had passed before Calvert
hit the bar with a shot and Jimmy Jones scored from the rebound. First penalty awarded after 43 for handball, although
the ball had hit Heal in the face!. The second penalty= was given for a great diving save from Baker after 89 minutes.
Th= is penalty came back off the bar and hit the taker before he could get out of the wa= y!      
18= /2/39 Venners 3-1 Brookwood Hospital - SSL.            
25/2/39 Epsom defeat Wandsworth United 2-1 at West Str= eet in a Wandsworth home match switched due to their ground loss.
25/2/39 Forbes the ex-Epsom player, engineered the goal that put Wandsworth ahead just after HT, and Epsom had to work
h= ard to win the game, after Wandsworth had dominated the first half. Not a very confi= dent performance, but Solly  
levelled it up on 60 minutes and Stenning chested it i= n to the net after 75 minutes. Curtis was injured early, and was a
pa= ssenger for most of the game.                
25= /2/39 Godalming 0-4 Venners - SSL.              
Feb 39 More arguments about Rochester's eligibility, as Manor Hospital believe that they have first call on his services.
4= /3/39 After shock just before xmas, Epsom have easy 4-1 win at Bostall Heath this tim= e. Curtis was injured and  
unavailable so Morgan played instead. Tommy Rochester played at centre forward and "his liveliness, aggressiveness
and football skill are certainly a contrast to Fred Stenning's slow and stodgy style of play" The papers did not appear<= /td>
to= like Stenning much but he would score often enough against them in future.        
Solly scored after 20 minutes, and Epsom never looked back. Morgan was playing for Venners this season too. Just
be= fore HT Jones and Solly hit the post in exactly the same place with good drives "almost uprooted!".    
4/= 3/39 Venners 3-1 Cobham - SSL.                
11/3/39 Roy Marlow selected for England Schools v The = Rest in final trial @ Chesterfield. He scores 3 as they win 6-2.
Roy is now a pupil at West Central School in Ruxley La= ne which opened this year, after being transferred from Ewell
Boys School last December. Is only 14 and is being wat= ched by scouts from Wolves, Arsenal and Tottenham. Picture
in= 17/3/39 Herald near back.                
Ma= r 39 Fred Chitty now playing with Sutton United Reserves.          
Ma= rch 39 Pat Lynch at Tufnell Park still. Playe for them at Kingstonian in April.        
11= /3/39 Vickers 2-1 Venners - SSL.                
11= /3/39 Another easy win over Uxbridge and could have won 6-0, but Rochester kept being offside!    
Ux= bridge "were spiritless", but Epsom suffered from over-elaboration. Jo= nes penalty was for handball.    
15= /3/39 Epsom Baths opened by Mayoress Mrs HW Cushine. Cost £65,000.        
1= 5/3/39 3.30 ko at West Street. Surrey Midweek Cup SF between Kingston Weds and Reigate & Redhill Weds.  
17/3/39 reported that Epsom may give a debut to J Lewis (Hitchin Town) in a friendly. However, no game takes place.
A= lso reported that "Epsom supporters are becoming well acquainted with that mythic= al player A NEWMAN whose  
name occasionally appears on the programme" like = his partner AN OTHER, he gets around!. The club nearly signed
John (JH) Newman this week, but chose to play for Wandsworth instead, and the deadline was 28/2 for transfers anyway. He
h= ad played for Enfield and Finchley previously and Standard Telephones before that, moving to Finchley in 1931.  
1= 8/3/39 Bobby Gill, Billy Heal, Jimmy Jones all selected for London League v Royal Navy= and Marines @ Guildford  
J= immy Jones was captain, but Bobby Gill was unwell so Bryn Evans played instead. Won = 2-0. No first team game.  
Bo= bby Gill had a boil on the back of his neck but will be fit for game on 25/3/39.        
18= /3/39 As a result Epsom had no game this day.            
18= /3/39 Venners 4-1 Egham in SSL at West Street.            
2= 4/3/39 reported that another new right winger is to play on 25/3. J Stubbs has played for Sutton and Wimbledon.=  
T= he club is struggling for right wingers (a traditional problem). They had looked at R Osborne, but he left Northfleet  
fo= r Enfield instead.                  
2= 5/3/39 Epsom's third win over PO Engineers this season, and this was the most convincing. Epsom did go a goal  
d= own (30), but equalised very quickly (within a few seconds) through Rochester. J St= ubbs makes promising debut.  
Ep= som went 3-1 up and held on at 3-2.              
R= oy Marlow played for England Schools v Ireland Schools @ Stoke on 1/4/39. England w= in 2-0 but Ireland are the  
be= tter side say papers. Advertiser has a report but it is a really poor copy - almost unreadable. Copy - N.    
1= /4/39 Epsom defeated easily by Sutton in Surrey Senior Charity Shield 5-1. Bobby Gill= was playing for Surrey, so  
Basil Solly was captain against his old club. He scored Epsom's goal and was the best player on the pitch. Overall
though, Epsom were feeble. J Cooper cautioned for Sutt= on. J Stubbs was not eligible for this SCS game as he hadn't
been signed for 28 days. Herald remarks that normally = Bryn Evans creates little, but is usually an effective stopper.
Not today! HT for future war time player Jack Lock. Solly's goal for Epsom was kicked off the line, but the linesman
flagged for a goal. However the referee allowed play to continue for nearly a minute before he consulted the linesman
upon Epsom appeals and allowed the goal. Hugh "Tipper" Pratt who guested once for Epsom, scored the other two
Su= tton goals. Bobby Gill was missing with flu.              
1/= 4/39 Venners 3-1 Godalming - SSL.              
7/4/39 On Good Friday Epsom are unfortunate to gain a point at Walton in front of a large crowd. Charlie Thompson
made a rare appearance, but is out of training. 5 minu= tes 0-1, but Jones equalised a minute later. HT 1-1 Calvert injured
2n= d half. Passenger. L1-2                
7= /4/39 Novelty match at West Street as Epsom Weds play a team of local trainers = and jockeys. Herbert Smyth  
(= Epsom Weds President) was to have kicked off, but wasn't present, so his brother A "Monty" Smyth did instead.  
Epsom Weds were 1-0 up at HT and won 4-1. E Weds manag= er EE Thornton refereed the game, and 500 attended,
wi= th receipts going to Epsom Cottage Hospital. Entry 4d.            
8= /4/39 Epsom lose to Tilbury deservedly, although they improved in the second half. Bo= th Gill and Rochester were  
missing for all three Easter games through sickness. D= ebut for D Brooks who had played for West Ham in Combination
on 7/4/39, but didn't play well. T Pierce played for E= psom again. The second Tilbury goal from 20 yards out "slammed
in= to the net like a ball from a cannon".              
8/= 4/39 West Norwood 1-4 Venners Sports - SSL.            
Apr 39 Reg (EJ) Hunt (17) makes debut for Wimbledon fi= rst XI. - Joined from local football said the Wimbledon Borough News.
1= 0/4/39 Epsom win a thrilling game 5-3 against Walton on Easter Monday with plenty of s= kill and vigour displayed.  
Ep= som led 3-0 early and 4-2 at HT. Jimmy Jones mispen (POST) in 2nd half.        
10/4/39 Hersham win Surrey Senior League Cup 3-0 over = Met Police Reserves at Kingstonian. Former players Tommy Dunne
and Bill Ruffell played for them that day while future keeper Harry Tiffany also played. M.Snowball was also a Hersham player
th= is season but didn't play in the final. Tot Winship also part of the squad.        
5/4/39 or 12/4/39 Surrey Boys 2-4 Middlesex Boys @ Cry= stal Palace (Selhurst Park). Roy Marlow played for Surrey
b= ut "his International cap can have done him no good" as he was poor and ineffective. "It is a pity he is so small"  
14/4/39 reported that Gill is out with flu and T Pierce (Manor Hospital) had been playing. Stubbs was missing, as he is
best man at a wedding, and Rochester will be absent to= o. As it turns out, Gill would return for game on 15/4/39. David
Wesley will play, but has to miss the following Saturd= ay, as he returns from Paris that day, and will miss the cup final.
1= 5/4/39 Comfortable win over Grays but the game was far from interesting and typi= cal end of season fare. "Herald  
s= ays that "a small crowd witnessed the poorest display all season". Colli= ns scored after 22 minutes, and Stenning  
s= cored five minutes later. The second half started with a goal from the kick off. Stenning gave it to Jones, who ran  
straight through the centre of the pitch and then shot= . It wasn't that strong, but the keeper still couldn't keep it out. 55
m= inutes 4-0, but 4-1 with 15 left through the Grays Club Secretary G McCarthy, who was= an ex-Grays player, but  
ha= dn't played seriously for ten years!. Grays had many injuries.          
15= /4/39 Guildford 2-5 Venners - SSL.              
Ap= ril 39 Roy Marlow selected for Surrey Boys v Kent @ Selhurst Park on 1/5/39        
20= /4/39 Marlow played for Surrey Boys and scored 2 in a 4-0 win over Sussex @ Horsham.      
Ap= ril 39 Mention of Tommy 'Tot' Winship an ex-Epsom player, now at Hersham        
In fact, he played at Hersham in their charity cup fin= al along with future players Harry Tiffany and Bill Ruffell in 38/39.
22/4/39 1937/38 League Cup Final @ Walton in rain, win= d, sun and hail! Epsom deserved to lose because of
their lifeless end of season attitude. David Wesley was unavailable - scholastic duties in Paris! So H Welch
p= layed as a guest from Northfleet Amateurs and played well, as did Collins, but that = was it. Holmes (40)  
a= nd Mitchell (55) scored for Walton. Epsom never looked like getting back into the gam= e, although they  
sh= ould have been 2-0 up after 5 minutes.              
He= rald says that the game was "as flat as dishwater", and the game conclude= d in a hailstorm!    
E= psom actually turned down an offer of help from Ralph Carr the future International, as they were  
co= ncerned about a slight injury that he had!!            
22= /4/39 Venners 1-0 Hersham - SSL.              
29= /4/39 Easiest victory of the season as Epsom score 5 but have three others disallowed for odd reasons.    
Guildford's goal was scored by Todd, their old trainer, who hadn't played for ten seasons. Very odd co-incidence with
th= e Grays game of 15/4/39.                
29= /4/39 Venners 1-2 Camberley & Yorktown - SSL.            
30/4/39 A service for Sportsmen is held at the Epsom Brotherhood Club. David Wesley was invited to read the lesson in front
of other notable sportsmen HH Whitlock the world famous walker and Jack Crump, President of Epsom Harriers and future
En= gland Athletics team Manager at the 1948 Olympics. Arthur Glyn was also present= .      
May 39 reference in Wimbledon Borough News to former player Charley Preece who is listed as trainer of Wimbledon Strollers.
Ma= de an outfield appearance for the Wimbledon Reserves on 01/05/39.        
3/5/39 Leavesden needed a win to take League title but= are beaten by Epsom 2-0. Leavesden were in charge for the
f= irst 15 minutes, but were never in it after that. Goldsack concedes penalty for Leavesden - was this the same  
Goldsack that played for Epsom when Leavesden when Eps= om were short on 21/2/48?? No, but they may have been
re= lated, as the 1948 one was only 16.              
5= /5/39 reported in Herald that there is a possibility of a new team in Epsom, Ep= som Town, who would play at West  
Street when Epsom FC are away. The agreement with Venn= ers is unlikely to be renewed. The Herald thinks that it will
be= a good thing to have a virtual reserve team, but it doesn't quite work out like that.      
6= /5/39 Epsom require a 13 goal win to take second place, but have to settle for 4-0 and third place, despite being  
2-0 up after 5 minutes. Herald says Rochester got the first two, the first with the aid of a slight deflection, then Jones
sc= ored from a Collins shot, and Bryn Evans got the fourth. BOOK disagrees. Check Ad!      
Comet says o.g from a Collins shot, then Rochester hea= der from Stubbs cross, Jones got the third following up from
a Collins shot, and Heal got the fourth when he netted following a keeper clearance. Also says four were disallowed!
Mitcham News says Jones scored from Collins shot, and = o.g. from Stubbs shot, a Rochester header and a Jones goal.
A= d says o.g. from Sanders from Stubbs shot for 1st goal, then Rochester header from St= ubbs cross. HT 2-0. third  
was a shot from Collins that was half saved, and Jones scored it, the Rochester disallowed for offside on 65th minute,
w= ith Heal returning the ball in to the area "and Epsom's fourth goal was the outcome". Check BOOK again.  
BO= OK says Jones, Rochester, Collins, Heal. I will go with o.g., Rochester, Jones, Heal      
Ti= mes agrees with BOOK so I will amend the o.g. to Collins.          
12/5/39 Herald says that Epsom have done well this sea= son, especially Bobby Gill, and David Wesley. G Baker did well
as a successor to Charlie Thompson. Herald also refers= to Epsom's "breezily produced programme". Did they mean it
was upbeat, or just created quickly. Calvert may be the replacement for Dick Wilson, but Herald cannot have realised
th= at Wilson had already played his last game for the club.            
May 39 Bostall Heath leave London League, as their gro= und has been taken over by Woolwich and Bexley Council for
to= wn planning purposes.                
M= ay 39 Epsom Town and Epsom Manor both apply for membership of the Surrey Senior Leagu= e, and both are  
accepted. Brentwood and Wembley apply for the London League and Wembley are accepted in Bostall Heath's place.
18= /5/39 SCFA AGM at Sutton Adult School. Harry Hawke present.          
20/5/39 Roy Marlow makes second appearance for England= v Wales @Aston Villa and scored a HT. Alex James the
f= ormer Arsenal and Scotland star did the report in the News of the World. He was also selected for England v  
Sc= otland @ Edinburgh on 27/5/39. I have a programme for the England v Wales match.      
25/5/39 Epsom Town and Epsom Manor are accepted to SSL. Guildford were re-elected and Cranleigh dropped out.
Ep= som now have three senior teams for the season 1939/40.          
2= 6/5/39 reported that Epsom Town will be neither the nursery, nor a reserve team,= but entirely separate from the  
Epsom FC club, with exception of Chairman Charles Pett= ett, who is the Epsom Town sponsor and it's first President.
T= heir ground share is dependent on them being accepted by SSL (they were), and that Ep= som are not elected to  
Ath= enian or Isthmian League, where a reserve team would be a requirement (they weren'= t).      
Jan 39 Note regarding Wallington FC who had a sports d= ay in 1909 at Mr Hayden's field, which is now Lavender Road.
C O M M E N T S††† /H I G H L I G H T S
LL     Not Completed            
FAC     Not Completed            
AC     Not Completed            
LC     Not Started            
SCS     Not Completed            
President   Arthur W.Turner     All re-elected      
Chairman   Herbert Charles Pettett     All re-elected      
Secretary   Harry Hawke       All re-elected      
Manager   Selection Committee     All re-elected      
Treasurer   Len Anderson   Asst Bill Townsend All re-elected      
SE= ASON SUSPENDED FOR WORLD WAR II - Declared 3rd September 1939        
THE BOOK confirms that there was no Reserve Team again= for 39/40 as Epsom Town were groundsharing with
Ep= som FC this season, following Venners Sports decision to return to New Malden.      
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell              
Woodford and Hersham are new teams in the London League this year. Bostall Heath and Finchley have now left league.
May 39 Epsom are rejected by Athenian League again, but Finchley are accepted. Bostall Heath lose ground for housing
and fold. They played at Wickham Street, Welling. Wandsworth also lose their ground and leave. Wembley Town were
originally accepted but problems with the Council led = to an issue with the ground and the League withdrew the offer.
Ju= ne 39 It is reported that the Committee are keen on reforming a Reserve Team, but this doesn't happen.    
This is because of the formation of a new team, Epsom Town. They are separate to Epsom F.C. but will share West
St= reet on alternate Saturdays.                
Ju= ne 39 Reference to Epsom Harriers now using Gibraltar Rec.          
June 39 Tufnell Park Leave Isthmian League, as their ground is to be lost in September. London Caledonians, who share
with Tufnell Park are left with no alternative but to fold, while Park groundshare with Golders Green for the war years, at
Claremont Road, now home to Hendon F.C. who were originally Golders Green F.C. Caledonians had tried Walton, but
fo= und it too expensive.                
June 39 Attempts to form a "real" Surrey Cou= nty League are proposed at Walton's Annual Dinner. Proposed to include
Ep= som, Walton, Carshalton and Hersham.              
30/6/39 reported that Roy Marlow has signed for Aston Villa. He now holds three International Caps. He is currently 14 1/2
and helping dad Reg, the former 20's and 30's Epsom go= al scorer in his grocery business at Ruxley Lane. He will play
fo= r a local club until he is 16, but will get trips up to Villa Park for special trai= ning from time to time.    
1= /7/39 Marriage of Dick Wilson, regular Epsom FC player for seven seasons, to Be= rtha Smith, who was a keen  
su= pporter of the club. Bertha was sister of future Committee member Wilf Smith.        
8/7/39 Sports Day for Goblin Sports and Social Club at West Street. Prog Y. It was their first and probably last Sports Day.
Many events listed in the programme, but no recognisab= le names connected with the club. Just a private hire it appears.
AG= M 17/7/39 announced a profit of £24.16s.4d            
Vice-Chairman G.King presided in the absence of Chairm= an Charles Pettett. Reference to 1938/39 season with Pld: 39
W25, D1, L13= F 103 A 67. It says top scorers were Jones (18), Solly (17), Collins (16), Curt= is (13), Stenning (10).
My records agree with most of this, but have Jones 2 extra, with Solly and Collins one less. Club is often wrong on this.
Jones was selected for International trials for Wales,= and rep matches for London League v Surrey Senior League, and v
Royal Navy and Marines. Basil Solly, Billy Heal, Bryn Evans and Tommy Rochester also had rep matches this year.
Stated that Bryn Evans hadn't missed a game in 2 1/2 y= ears since joining, yet appears to have missed the Dunkerque
away game in 37/38 and the T & M game on 28/1/39. = He did. Club is wrong. Bobby Gill was club captain last season.
Du= ring 1938/39 Venners Sports had been co-tenants, but they are returning to their old ground.      
Epsom's new co-tenants are Epsom Town football club, w= ho are in the Surrey Senior League this year, and are a new club.
"A new club which has no official connection whatsoever to this club" "Quite separate" Very unusual statements, indicating
possible hostility towards the club, the root of which might be found in Herald between Jan-Jun 1939 (currently missing).
Income and Expenditure: Total Income £775 9s.7d inclus= ive of v-p donations £48 16s, Members subs and season tickets
£30 9s.7d, Adverts and programmes £66 0s. 6d, Catering profit £29, League matches £289 16s cup comps £158 16s.6d,
Sh= are of gates £21 18s. 9d. Rent received £125.            
Expenditure: £750 13s. 3d inclusive of players expenses and refreshments £231 6s.10d, ground upkeep and cost of
groundsman £136 0s. 10d, Adverts, stationery and posta= ge £100 6s. 8d. Last years deficiency was £590 7s 6d, which has
now been reduced to £542 6s.8d. Non-playing members co= sts are up from 1s to 2s 6d, but players costs remain at 1s.
Arthur W Turner re-elected as President. Harry Hawke advised that although Charles Pettett was President of the new
Epsom Town club, he should remain as Chairman, and the members agreed. Len Anderson (Treasurer) and Bill Townsend
(Asst Trees), Harry Hawke (Sec), EA Taylor (Publicity)= and DWG Jones (Press). Committee re-elected except P.Parr,
E White, and EA Taylor, but addition of JW Hockley, AE Shelbert and one vacancy to be filled by co-option. Hunt, Denyer
an= d Co are elected Auditors, and Harry Cottee is still groundsman, while Mrs Parr st= ill helps at the canteen.    
July 39 Epsom, Leatherhead & District Schools FA meeting Sec JW Gregory said that Epsom had been put on the
football map by Roy Marlow of Ewell Central School and= had 3 Internationals. Thanked Epsom for loan of the ground
at= Christmas 1938 for Surrey v Kent and other matches.            
July 39 reference to PO Engineers who offered the use = of their ground to London Caledonians, but they disbanded after the
loss of their ground. Their opening FA Cup tie on 2/9 = is Camberley & Y (H) but it is not played. Ned Kelly was their founder
in= 1932, and he would come over to Epsom in the late 40's. Harry Tiffany and J.Judge a= re there currently.    
Ho= wever Kelly resigns from PO Engineers in Aug 39 citing "official business" - presume war related.    
Aug 39 Roy Marlow signs for Sutton. David Wesley leaves Epsom for Sutton. Roy Marlow is on Aston Villa's books too.
Bo= th Epsom sides will have trials shortly and on different days says Herald.        
David Wesley gives the club plenty of notice, and Epsom are grateful for this. Wesley said it was not an easy decision,
&q= uot;but it is only human that players have personal ambitions" and London League football wasn't helping.    
Au= gust 39 Corinthians and Casuals have now merged, and will play in Isthmian League= as Corinthian Casuals.    
Aug 39 Prospects for Epsom FC. Trial was held on 19/8/= 39 - Probables v Possibles. Welch remains in goal, after playing
in last year's held over cup final, and Hook joined fr= om Bostall Heath. Reference to the loss of Wesley "one of the best
goalkeepers Epsom ever had". Calvert will remain despite travelling from Dartford. H Underdown would also have joined
from Bostall Heath, but he doesn't finish work in Arse= nal until 2pm on Saturdays! Calvert was from London Paper Mills.
FA Cup draw sees Epsom FC drawn at home to Hersham, wi= th the winners to play Sutton or Redhill (venue unknown).
Ep= som have drawn Sutton United in the Surrey Charity Shield and they are the holders (venue unknown).    
23/8/39 Practice trial match v Malden 6.30 k.o. Prince (prob LA) joins committee. G Bolton will now train the club,
in succession to Sid Bristow, who was looking to stop. Ground improved due to Mr Cottee. Likely line up at trial on 19/8 is
P= robables: H Welch, G Baker, Bobby Gill, Billy Heal, Bryn Evans, Geoff Collins, HE Hoo= k, Basil Solly, Tommy  
Rochester, Jimmy Jones, AF Curtis. Possibles: J Doe (local), RC Parminster (local), VE Curd (Worthing), (age 23 6ft 1 in),
Bombardier C Whitehouse, J Stubbs (current), R John (Lovells Athletic & Swansea, a Welsh International triallist, who had=
also had trials with Liverpool, WH Haines (Kingston Le= ague team), H Ruckin (Nunhead, Clapton, Southend), AH Firth
(W= orcester Park, Ewell & Stoneleigh), Fred Stenning (current).          
Au= g 39 Tot Winship is now at Hersham.              
Aug 39 Amateur Cup draw has Epsom v Reigate Priory with Epsom Town v Banstead Hospital both at home in Group 17.
19/8/39 Instead of a Probables v Possibles trial, it w= as a sort of Epsom FC v Epsom Town trial, which Epsom won 7-1. It
was a hot day, even for cricket said the papers! Fred Stenning got a HT whilst Solly and Curtis were amongst the scorers.
Paper says that Dick Wilson's team showed promise with= his brother T Wilson and four other youngsters, including RWF
Munns (Chelmsford Res) Ham, H Eason, J Dodswell. Also Williamson and Billy Neave (ex Dagenham g/k) played. Ham
was replaced at HT by WH Haines, while TG Temlett play= ed well, while Welch replaced Bywater, and VE Curd replaced
Dodswell. Probables: Welch, Baker, J Bruce, Billy Heal, Bryn Evans. Tommy Rochester, HE Hook, Basil Solly, Fred
Stenning, Jimmy Jones, AF Curtis. Possibles: WJ Neave,= A Williamson, JE Morgan, H Easton, J Dodswell, D Wilson,
By= water, Ham, RWF Munns, TG Temlett, T Wilson.            
21/8/39 Further trial for Epsom Town with further new players inc Purdie (19) 6ft 2in and over 12st. goalkeeper who came
from a local Carshalton postal team. Outside left Lloyd came from a junior team in Twickenham. Don Butcher came from
Wandgas, and played at left back. Would become an Epsom regular after the war. Wandgas were a London League
Division 1 team. Roy Marlow also played in this trial, despite having left Epsom for Sutton, while WH "Bronk" Challis<= /td>
was at left back, but wouldn't play regularly, as he w= as getting on a bit by now. Further trial planned for 26/8 after Epsom's
ga= me with Eton Manor.                
23/8/39 Epsom FC trial v Malden: H Welch, Bruce, Gill, Rochester, Evans, H Liddicoat, Hook, ST Reynolds, Stenning,
R John, AF Curtis. Malden were in the top division of = the Surrey Intermediate League, but Epsom beat them 7-0 with
Fred Stenning getting four. Reynolds was ex Clapton and Ilford, while Liddicoat was from the Streatham League. 6.30 k.o.
Au= g 39 Billy Heal reported to be leaving the club.            
26/8/39 Epsom win 4-3 v Eton Manor, but after a goalle= ss first half, they were 3-0 up before Eton Manor levelled it up. In the
first half, there was a handball by an Eton Manor play= er, but to players surprise, the referee just threw the ball up and
carried on! 2 almost identical goals from Hook put Eps= om 2-0 up after three minutes of the second half, and Jimmy Jones
ma= de it three, but Hook scrambled a winner near the end for his hat trick.          
26/8/39 Future players J Judge and Harry Tiffany are w= ith P.O.Engineers this day who are beaten 7-0 at Hersham in a friendly.
It was meant to be a league match but PO had player shortages so match changed to a friendly! They withdraw from FA Cup
th= e following week at Camberley & Yorktown for the same reason.          
30/8/39 Epsom had another practice match with West Norwood. Hook, Bruce, and Reynolds were late absentees, so
West Norwood, despite being the away side, lent Martin= to Epsom so they had 11! McDonald (keeper) from Bexleyheath,
D'= Arcy at right back, while Osborne was also promising. Drew 1-1.          
Sept 39 reported that Eton Manor had lost their ground= at Temple Mills "taken over for national purposes" and may close d= own.
Th= ey would restart after the war though.              
2/9/39 Provisional friendly away at Enfield, but this = was postponed, and Epsom FC would not play another game for 6
2/= 9/39 Other FA Cup ties p-p this day Wimbledon v Venners and Kingstonian v Banstead Hospital.    
3/= 9/39 World War II declared. All competitions suspended.          
15/9/39 reported that the Epsom Committee were to meet= the following week to discuss what to do next, but Secretary
Ha= rry Hawke had already been called away on "government business".          
It was also reported at this time that Charles Pettett= was now Chairman of Epsom Town FC, and stated that the Town
cl= ub hopes to continue, as only 4 call ups so far.            
23= /9/39 Epsom FC decide to close down for the duration of the war.          
Charles Pettett is not happy with this, even though on= ly he and one other were in favour of continuing. Epsom Town may
well continue, but agreement will need to be reached w= ith the Epsom FC Committee, as the ground is not currently open.
Epsom FC players were generally older than Epsom Town,= so have not been called up yet, with exception of Jimmy Jones,
who was on reserve at the time. The FA declares that permit players are now unrestricted, and that players may also sign
for another club, near where they are stationed, but t= hey may not sign for a third club. The FA also talks about an
emergency County war league, but this doesn't start as= the South East Combination takes many of the bigger clubs,
like Dulwich, Sutton, Tooting, Wimbledon and Woking. However, the League idea was not totally shelved at that meeting,
an= d one would eventually start later in 1939, with Epsom Town in its line up.        
6/10/39 reported that 7 Committee members wrote to the Herald on 4/10/39 to dispute comments made by Charles Pettett
regarding the closure of the club. There had been a meeting on 5/9/39 but Pettett had missed this. They disputed his
Epsom-Eton remark which reminded them of the "sto= ry of the invisible man who was hit on the head with a handful of
nothing". They state quite clearly that Epsom clo= sed down purely because they could not see how the club could pay its
way, especially with the debts that they already had. = It was struggling to do it in peace time, and it was felt that it was
no= t right that the club should incur more costs at this particular time.          
13/10/39 reported Charles Pettett responds in Herald providing written confirmation of his remarks. He defended his
absence at the meeting, as it was two days after war w= as declared, and like many others, was very busy. What he wants
is to get the game going again, and says that cinemas = are open, so why not football? He felt that he was at least trying
to= do something, while the old club wasn't.              
Oct 39 Future player Reuben Leverington at Leatherhead United this year along with Tommy (TG) Temlett and Jackie Collins,
ju= st playing friendlies.                
An= other former player Cecil Weller plays for Leatherhead Rose throughout the war.        
Epsom's centre half Bryn Evans played for Ashtead in a friendly v Leatherhead Rose L 3-8 at Green Lane, Ashtead.
14/10/39 Future player Jack Lock (Sutton) and Sid Faggetter (Redhill) both play in a friendly at Sutton v Redhill (won 2-1)= .
Basil Solly is reported to be rejoining them too. Prio= r to his original spell with Sutton, he was with Newport County in the
Football League, where he was their only Amateur in the 3rd division side. Before then, was with Dulwich and Wimbledon.
Oct 39 Sutton play another friendly v Venners, losing = 2-3 but had former players Reg Marlow (38) and Maurice Gill in their side.
4/11/39 Erith & Belvedere draw 1-1 with Sutton Uni= ted in the opening match of the South Eastern Combination. Epsom Town
wo= uld join it next season. In the Sutton side were David Wesley, Bobby Gill and Basil Solly.      
2/12/39 Cobham Avorians v Leatherhead Rose in Kingston & District League Premier Division. Fred Stenning played for
Co= bham, and Bryn Evans for Leatherhead Rose.            
19= /12/39 EGM at Hollies Club, Church Street, for Epsom F.C. Only about ten present.      
7 of these were Committee members. W.Voller the acting Secretary in the absence of Harry Hawke said "the Committee
are anxious to inform those who have supported the club that a new club has been formed (fairly obvious by now, I would
have thought!) Apart from the rental of the ground, th= is new club has no connection with Epsom FC. Certain supporters
have been approached for subscriptions and they wanted= to clarify the situation. The club currently has debts of £186 of
which £30 are pressing and the Committee have raised £= 11 of this with further help welcomed. Albert E Tuck was
appointed into the Chair for this meeting and stated t= hat it was wrong for the club to incur further losses "for amusement".
Charles Pettett was still Chairman, but despite being present, had declined to Chair this meeting, and Tuck asked him
why, but Pettett said that with his views it was not appropriate at this time. Effectively, this is the date at which he resigns,
you could argue. Tuck said that he thought Epsom Town's formation was to foster and help Epsom FC, which Pettett sort
of= agreed with, and said would have happened had the club not closed down.        
David WG Jones said that Epsom FC was not against war = time football, but they didn't feel that they could "pay their way".=
Er= nest Taylor felt that ex-Epsom FC members should put the reduction of debts ahead of = fund raising. Former    
Vice-Chairman G King was named as the person doing mos= t of the appealing. Mr Parry felt that people were adopting the
attitude of "leaving a sinking ship" and goi= ng over to a club with a similar name, and asked why Epsom Town was chosen
as the name. Pettett was rather defensive about this, = and said that there was nothing to prevent him from doing this.
Albert Tuck advised that since the last meeting, the c= lub had raised £58, and debts were now £69, which was less than
they had been for a while. The Committee again stated = that they were in favour of continuing but couldn't justify the
expense. The new club is paying rent to the old club. = Len Anderson suggested that the matter was to be left to the
Finance Committee to consider ways of raising more mon= ey and report back later. This was seconded by Ernest Taylor.
Jan 40 reference to WJ Keeling's shop at 15 High St, Epsom. He is a house furnisher and was father of Fred and Harold.
10/2/40 Tom Ogle made his debut, and papers refer to t= here only being 14 players in Epsom Town's ranks. Tom had
pl= ayed briefly in the mid-thirties for Epsom FC.              
24/2/40 Former player in the 20's Harold Keeling is be= st man at the wedding of SE Allen, who was the younger brother of
Frank Allen, who was killed in the car crash at xmas 1= 937 that also killed Jack Parr. Harold Keeling had also been in the
c= rash but survived. The reception was at Nore Yacht Club in Westcliffe, Essex where= the wedding had also been.  
Ma= rch 40 DWG Jones is still headmaster of Ewell Boys School and attends the annual pri= ze giving.    
13/4/40 Worcester Park v Fetcham OB @ Epsom in Final of Sutton & Cheam Hospital Cup. W Park won 4-3. A second ball
was required when a first ball was impaled on a corrug= ated iron fence. This match was followed by the Junior Hospital Cup
Final where Cuddington beat Epsom Spartans 5-0. K.O. 6= pm after the earlier match at 3.30. There was a fair crowd and
la= rge number of ladies present for the Worcester Park v Fetcham game          
Ap= ril 40 reference to Basil Solly, Bobby Gill and brother Maurice Gill playing for Sutton.        
11/5/40 former Epsom keeper David Wesley plays at cent= re forward for Sutton United in a 2-2 draw with Walton on Thames
at = Gander Green Lane.