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C O M M E N T S    /  H I G H L I G H T S
LL Position 2nd out of 13 Premier Division            
FAC  2q Sutton United 2-4 Att 4,600          
AC 2q Redhill   1-4            
LC unfinished and held over to following ye= ar            
SSC SF Dulwich Hamlet 2-3            
LSC 1st  Wealdstone   2-3 Att 2,000          
SCS 1st  Redhill   2-4            
President   Arthur W.Turner              
Chairman   H.C.Pettett   v-c Fred (FG) Talbot-Butler          
Secretary   Harry Hawke See notes in 35/36 season about Fred Talbot-Butler      
Manager   Selection Committee - plus trainer Tim C= oleman ex-professional forward.      
Treasurer   E.H.Flight       All elected at AGM 22/7/37    
Press Sec   D.W.G.Jones              
Pub Sec   Ernest A Taylor              
Home Ground:  West Street, Ewell              
Clu= b Colours Light and Dark Blue Hoops            
Com= mittee - elected at AGM on 22/7/37 at Foresters Hall. Paper says Forster Hall.        
Rev R.J.Matthews, William (WI) Bowe, AE Taylor, W Voll= er, E White, AE Tuck, Ted Wheal, R Herbert, A Easton, C Pritchard,
Bil= l Townsend, P Parr junior, G King, and Ernie Sperring.            
Reserves:     NO RESERVE SIDE due to groundshare with Ewell & Stoneleigh        
Ewe= ll & Stoneleigh were groundsharing at West Street. Even the Supporters Club wa= s      
par= t of the Epsom, Ewell and Stoneleigh Supporters Club at this time, having merged a year earlier.    
Add= itional first team records listed in THE BOOK. <= /span>            
Walton on Thames and Guildford City Reserves are admit= ted into London League to replace Tooting & Mitcham
(At= henian) and West Norwood (SSL).              
18/6/37 reported rule change. An arc was to be added to the penalty area, so that everyone could be ten yards away when a
kic= k was taken.                  
29/= 6/37 Tuesday evening Supporters Club AGM at the Hollies Club, Epsom.        
Chairman AE Oakes presided over meeting with DH Clarke (v-c), SAC Lacey (Secretary), C Measures (Auditor) and HE Border
Supporters club report stated that for the first time = they covered two clubs and commended both on their splendid performance
this season. £22.14s was spent on ground improvements including the provision of separate lockers. Mr Lacey regretted that
th= e social events hadn't been better supported, and the 2 football clubs officials w= ere conspicuous by their absence. "A   
supporters club can exist without a football club, but= no live football club could get on without a supporters club as they could
als= o help financially. Membership was not even close to 500.            
Accounts showed balance of £44.8s.8d so honorariums we= re increased to £5 for Secretary and Treasurer. Officers were all
re-elected with committee of Burrage, Chaffey, Chandle= r, Foulger, Greathurst, B.Lacey, Moss, Suttle and Weal. They were 
given the power to fill a vacancy. Possible new name sought for Supporters club, as current one too cumbersome. Nothing
hap= pens this year though.                
22/= 7/37 Thursday Epsom FC AGM at Foresters Hall, in Epsom            
Charlie Pettett was absent, so vice-chairman F.G.Talbot-Butler took charge. Related to Michael Talbot-Butler 1950/51 4 apps.
Yes= he was. Michael lives up North nowadays and bought a history book.          
Talbot Butler advised that more support was required or the club may not be able to continue. It lost £129.2s.9d in 1936/37 
and a deficiency of £126.12s.3d from 1935-36. He refer= red to general apathy of support. The club had an excellent ground
and the record of the club was good, and could not understand why support was so low. In most places a successful club
was= considered an honour in the town, but it seems that the club was without honour in i= ts own town.      
He continued to appeal most articulately for more supp= ort. League runners up trophies (miniature cups) were presented to all
the players. It was the fourth time Epsom had been run= ners up, and great credit was taken from the fact that they had no
res= erve team, although they regularly used E & S players in a similar capacity, so = not strictly true.      
Club lists its scorers from last year, and there is mu= ch variation from mine. They may have just used THE BOOK, while I have
the= more accurate set of stats now, after checking all three local papers for this era.        
Bobby Gill was captain of London League, and played v Corinthians and Isthmian. Tommy Rochester and Bryn Evans did the
sa= me, and Evans played for Surrey v Herts @ Wimbledon. Jimmy Jones played for London League v Isthmian League.  
DW Lennard played for FA v Navy and Marines, and there= was also reference to Dick Wilson's achievements. Club says he is
now on 326. Wrong, it is 322= . His 300 was reported in the National Press. Thanks to Supporters Club and to Mrs Parr and Mrs 
Easton for their work in the canteens. Also to Mr & Mrs Bert Walker, George King, who addressed the poster wrappers each
wee= k. Club suffered a deficit because of a drop in donations and in cup receipts. Po= or weather can't have helped.    
Expenditure £861 3s.9d including travelling expenses £= 84 9s, Refreshments and charabancs £117 19s.11d, ground and upkeep 
£21= 0 19s 8d, advertising, printing and postage £85 19s, ground rental £85 10s.        
Income was Donations £10, v-p donations £28 11s, season tickets £14 13s 6d, penny on the ball £19 14s.1d, Adverts and 
programme sales £67 13s.1d, catering profit £40 10s.11= d, hire of ground £70 15s.3d, Gate receipts League £219 15s, cup 
£2= 29 9s 10d, less refunds of shares to visiting teams £69 3s.2d =3D £160 6s 8d, friend= lies £59 19s. 6d, less guarantees   
£12= 10s 6d =3D £47 9s. Total liabilities on 15/5/37 were £555 15s. FULL REPORT 23/7/37 HERALD P3.    
27/7/37 Royston Park is opened, after previously being= a refuse dump. This was the main ground used by E&E Supporters
in = the 1990's.                  
2/8/37 Donkey Derby and Fete held at West Street, wher= e J Crouch, the King's Jockey rode one of the donkeys (finished 2nd).
Pic= ture of this in Herald 6/8/37 Page 2.              
18/8/37 Trial saw J Barrs (any connection to J. Barrs = from 1930/31?) also L Wheeler from Clacton, and his brother C Wheeler, 
who had played for Harwich & Parkeston. GW Green (Islington Corinthians), C Preece (Beddington Corner, Wimbledon, 
Carshalton Ath), RA Bale (W Norwood), all 3 of these w= ere g/k's, and RA Bale looked to have played for E & S once last 
season in Nov 36. C Rogerson (Nunhead Res), Edwards (W= elsh club), TC  Chilvers (Tilbury, Bar= king, Carshalton), L Young 
(Ba= rking, PO Engineers). Harry Hawke refereed the trial game.            
Mullard (Redhill, J Spears (Mayfield)(Middx County League), and JF Blanche (Nunhead and Fulham) all expected at trial on 21/= 8.
20/8/37 reported "A critical season for Epsom FC" following the warning given at the AGM about finance. Fortunately the fete
hel= ped reduce the deficit.                
Aug 37 Sid Bristow is now out of the Royal Free Hospit= al after operations for appendicitis, and a double hernia. "His strong<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
con= stitution is responsible for making the quick recovery he did".            
21/8/37 second trial saw most regulars all appearing. Others were LA Austin (Wimbledon Park Ath), Fred Chitty (E & S), Fred=
Copsey (a policeman returning to the club). REDS: J Spears, DW Lennard (seems to have returned), A Mullard, JF Blanche, 
Tommy Winship, TC Chilvers, W Edwards, Tommy Dunne, Ja= ckie Pullen, L Austin, S Ogilvie. BLUES: E James, H Taschon, 
Bobby Gill, Tommy Rochester, Bryn Evans, Dick Wilson, C Staples, L Wheeler, Archie Griffiths, Jimmy Jones, Brian Beglan.
Bal= e and Chitty went on at HT.                
New players signed by Epsom were L and C Wheeler, W Thompson (poss CE?), TC Chilvers, A Mullard, LA Austin, C Preece.
Aug 37 CE Thompson joins from Nunhead, and was on the = roll of Sunderland's players previously. Is a permit player, so is
una= ble to play in Amateur Cup.                
New players Charlie CE Thompson joined from Nunhead, w= hile keeper C.Preece joined from Beddington Corner and A.Mullard
joined from Redhill. Reference also made to Epsom's new trainer/coach Tim Coleman the famous ex-professional forward.
According to Wilf Smith, Charlie Thompson went on to p= lay for Sunderland, playing in a game when their keeper was killed.
This appears wrong, and refers to another Charlie Thom= pson who was club captain up there. However, this one did go on to
pla= y at Sunderland, although looks like only the reserves. This one also played f= or Nunhead a year or two back.    
Aug= 37 Future player F Corby is with Redhill this season.            
Aug= 37 future war time player Tom Ugle joins Vickers from Woking Reserves          
Aug 37 former player Cliff (CV) George joins Wimbledon= . A former Welsh Amateur International has played for Leyland Motors, 
Mar= ine and Dulwich. Played for Wales twice - v England and Scotland in 1934        
27/8/37 reported letter from Mr CB Klasen 33 Courtlands Drive who writes to complain about the lack of publicity at the local
train stations. Ernest Taylor writes the following wee= k to reply that they would like to do it, but cash is the issue. He referred to 
Epsom officials dipping into their own pockets regular= ly, and wants more tradesmen to get involved. Letters were in Herald.
28/8/37 Tilbury team to play Epsom is advised to conta= in the brothers Lemay one of which played for Thames and Clapton Orient
and the other for Chelmsford, Leytonstone and Grays Athletic. In goal will be C.Moon who represented London League in 1936.
28/8/37 Tilbury only started with 9 men for ten minutes and still had ten at half time. Yet Epsom only led 1-0 and Tommy
Rochester missed a penalty (SAVE) early in the second half. No extra time was played in this League Cup match. Drew 1-1.
Reference to Epsom's trainer Tim Coleman "one of = the best inside lefts England has had" He played once for England in 190= 7.
John George "Tim" Coleman. Born Kettering 18= 81. Played for Kettering, Northampton, Woolwich Arsenal, Everton, Sunderland<= /td>
Ful= ham, Nottm Forest and Tunbridge Wells Rangers. One cap in 1-0 win over Ireland on 16/2/1907.      
Tim= Coleman DOB 26/10/1881 in Kettering 1902-07 Woolwich Arsenal 196-0-84, 1907-09 Everton 69-0-30, 1910     
Sunderland 32-0-21,  1911-13 Fulham 94-0-45, 1914 Nottingham Forest, 38-0-14 then Tunbr= idge Wells Rangers. DIED 1940.
htt= p://www.arsenal.com/history/profiles/138/john-coleman            
Dic= k Wilson misses this game, and ends his consecutive run of Epsom games at 214.      
4/9/37 RAMC Aldershot won Aldershot Senior Cup last se= ason but were no match for Epsom who dominated the second half
after the first half had finished goal less. The score flattered Epsom a little, and Thompson was pulled up more than once by 
the referee for elbowing! Beglan is improving, but Jon= es is still the real schemer. Tommy Rochester absent as he is now 
working at Manor Hospital. Not allowed to play in Sutt= on & District League as he has played in more than 3 senior games of 
foo= tball this season.                  
Sep= t 37 former player GR Stokes is at Barnet Reserves.            
3/9= /37 Epsom team photo in Herald P8              
11/= 9/37 Cheam Park opened. Regular home for Epsom & Ewell Supporters F.C. in mid to late 90's.      
Th= ere was however an open space in Malden Road that was used for football from the twenties onwards if not earlier.  
Sept 37 Reference to Epsom drawing Woking in the Surrey Charity Shield, but this is wrong, as Epsom played Redhill not 
Wok= ing. We definitely did not play Woking. Herald got this wrong too.          
11/= 9/37 Bostall Heath scored first but Epsom make it safe in 2nd half. Jimmy Jones was on holiday in Bristol.    
11/9/37 BC Griffiths, AC Griffiths and Brian Beglan all played. They all played for Ewell and Stoneleigh at some point last year.=
Be= glan went on to play for Dulwich, and both Griffiths for Tooting & Mitcham. Preece= pen save early 2nd half at 2-1 up.  
11/= 9/37 reference to a new player CJ Shaw, who is on home leave from India for 9 months.       
He was expected to play this day, and was listed in the programme, but no-one had seen him play, so they didn't want to
tak= e the risk, as this was a cup tie. He watched instead as Epsom won comfortably.        
Sep= t 37 reported that Archie and BC Griffiths are playing for Wandsworth, but this isn't the case, as they     
dec= ide to stay at Epsom. However, they don't stay long.            
Sept 37 Reference to Arsenal players not even handshak= ing after scoring a goal (Henry style!). I is stated that it is part of a stu= nt
to make an effort of reducing the "unseemly scrambles, fussing, and even kissing that go on just because a goal is scored".
18/9/37 FA Cup match at Brookwood. "It is fairly = safe to say that Epsom in the course of their senior football career have 
nev= er met weaker opposition than they did at Brookwood on Saturday." Jimmy Jon= es arrived too late to play.    
This game was intended to be played at West Street as Brookwood couldn't charge a gate, but Brookwood appealed to FA
sa= ying they didn't charge anyway, so the FA allowed it there, under condition that a small charge was made. Obviously  
Epsom lost money on the deal in travel costs. Decision= was made only on the Tuesday, so caused some inconvenience.
Bobby Gill plays, and then goes on holiday in Bishop Auckland for two weeks, but will return next weekend for the Epsom game.<= /td>
Her= ald calls him "a real sportsman".               
Sept 37 Tommy Dunne joins Tooting & Mitcham. Had n= ot played all season for Epsom, and never played again for Epsom.
18/9/37 EH Hannam, a former Epsom player scores HT for Walton on debut v Tooting & Mitcham. Tommy Dunne played for T&M.<= /td>
25/9/37 Epsom struggle in Amateur Cup at home to Banst= ead M.H. They were 1-0 up at HT, but 1-1 soon after. However, a 
Jimmy Jones penalty put Epsom ahead and they looked comfortable. Banstead equalised and although 15 minutes each way 
was played, but play deteriorated and scoring seemed unlikely during extra time. Replay at Epsom, as original game was 
Ban= stead's home game, but was switched.              
Sept 37 Archie Griffiths is selected by Epsom for Walt= on game on 2/10, but Tooting & M also select him, and Epsom protest.
Herald says "such changing and swapping is one of= the least pleasant features of present amateur football". He will play for 
T & M on 2/10 as it is a cup match, but can't play= in Athenian League until protest is dealt with. Never plays again for Epsom.=
2/10/37 First ever match between Epsom and Walton at E= well say papers. Wrong, as Walton visited Ewell in Feb and Oct 1926.
The gate was the biggest this season and "no bett= er football has been seen at Ewell than that seen during the first half"= ;.
 Tommy Rochester included in side in pl= ace of Tot Winship who willingly stood down. Epsom win and now play Sutton.  
CJ = Shaw finally played this week in place of Jackie Pullen, after missing out earlier.        
Ep= som for the winter. Walton include in their side E.Hannam - Ex Kingstonian and Epsom - clearly highly rated by the   
Eps= om reporter.                  
2/1= 0/37 Reference to a new player brought in by Tim Coleman (DG Silbury) but currently injured.      
Eps= om also bring in GS Crane from Gainsborough Trinity, and John and James McDonald = from Scotland.    
Oc= t 37 Epsom's protest over Archie Griffiths is not upheld, so he can go to Tooting & Mitcham. However, the player is <= /td>  
sus= pended for two league matches, although it's not clear why.            
8/1= 0/37 Joe Davis does an exhibition at the Nelson Billiard Hall in Epsom. Where?        
9/10/37 A big crowd saw an exciting match. Epsom should have won by more than 3-2 though. Jimmy Jones mispen (WIDE)
37 = minutes Jackie Pullen (pen) 40 minutes scored.            
16/10/37 Future player Basil Solly played for Sutton v Epsom in FAC. Epsom are 2-0 down but recover to 2-2 only to let them 
get= away again. Papers say that Epsom were disappointing, although Thompson played his be= st game so far.    
Fu= ture Epsom Town wartime player Jack Lock (ex-Wimbledon) scores twice for Sutton. A "very friendly sporting game".  
An enormous crowd was expected, and the figure of "just over 4,600" (Herald) was only ever once been exceeded on = the West
Street ground. Total receipts were £130 and after expenses, each side got between £50 and £60. Herald says it was very 
ne= arly a record crowd, and "only once had Saturday's attendance been exceeded= at a match on the Epsom ground".   
16/10/37 DG Silbury scored on debut. Near end of game, Dick Wilson sprained an ankle, and will miss the next 2 or 3 matches.
23/10/37 Future players Ken Holliday, Roy Dymott, and = Roy Marlow as a reserve are selected for Epsom, Leatherhead & 
Di= strict Schools for a 16-0 win over Dorking & District Schools at Court Rec. = They won the Hood Shield three years in   
suc= cession in 34-35-36, and four times in total. Programmes were on sale.          
23/10/37 JG Crane, and LJ McAuliffe (Beddington Corner= ) to play in AC v Barclays Bank, says Herald, but neither ever play.
23/10/37 "Plenty of exciting and amusing incident= s to keep the large crowd in happy vein" Half time the score was 4-4!!. E= psom
fielded a slightly weakened team and CE Thompson was a permit player, so unable to compete in Amateur Cup, Shield or SSC
Win= ship took Thompson's place, and Rooney took Winship's position. Rooney had joined f= rom Nunhead Reserves.    
Wilson & Silbury injured so Chilvers and Pullen to= ok their places, and Pullen scored a HT, as did Head for Barclays Bank. In
fac= t Head also missed a penalty (POST) at 5-4 to Epsom in 2nd half.           
Herald says Pullen (2), Beglan, not Pullen (3) as in T= HE BOOK. Beglan's goal came from Jones "a perfect centre". Check A= d!
Ad = says Pullen got a HT including one from a centre from Jones. I will stay with the BOO= K on this one.    
Dick Wilson was at the match watching. Rain ceased at = half time. Pullen almost scored another goal, when he hit the post and 
the ball went in the net off the post, but the referee gave a corner after consulting his linesman. Maybe it went through the ne= t?
or = maybe it went out of play earlier? This may be why THE BOOK thinks Pullen got 3 but I'll stay with it for now.    
30/10/37 Epsom had more of the play v Redhill but Redh= ill took their chances better and won easily. AJ Bruce made his debut 
and= had joined from Harrods works team! Halfway through game there was a perfect rainbow over the      
gr= ound, and a swan flew over the ground. Then Redhill scored and a Redhill official said that it was Epsom's swansong!  
Thi= s story was reported in the Advertiser and the Herald.              
30/= 10/37 Future players Sid Faggetter played and scored twice for Redhill and HS Pratt sc= ored once.      
Oct 37 Faggetter had only just returned after a while = out after a motorcycle accident. Gordon Brogdale had been filling in, and
app= lied to join Epsom again. Would start playing again in November.          
30/10/37 After match, at Marshall Street Baths W.C. (?) Swimming relay match between Epsom FC and P.O.Engineers FC. 
AF Curtis was in the PO side, while Epsom's side was Maurice and Bobby Gill, Tot Winship, and Bowe junior. The race was 
lev= el until the last leg, when Bobby Gill pulled away and Epsom won by two lengths!         
The Marshall Street Baths were in Westminster, in Mars= hall Street W1F 7EL. They opened in 1850 but were rebuilt in 1931. 
Then they closed in 1997 but reopened after much refurbishment on 27/7/10. It is a Grade II listed building so the façade remains 
sim= ilar to the original and it still has the original marble lined swimming pool. It is = now owned by Nuffield Health.    
Nov= 37 Fred Stenning is at Cobham              
6/11/37 a.m. k.o. Epsom, Leatherhead & District Schools v Woolwich Schools in English Schools Cup 2nd round. Drew 1-1
and= replay in Woolwich on 13/11/37. Game was at West Street.            
6/11/37 Only 2nd league game of the season as Epsom fo= rced a late draw with Leavesden. David Wesley makes his debut
after joining from Northfleet Amateurs and saves a pen= alty in the second half. Gordon Brogdale returns and T Temlett (debut)
in this game too, Brogdale promoted from the reserves = and Temlett from Ashtead Albion. Paper isn't impressed with either.
&qu= ot;Brogdale has got the dash but not the centre forward ability" How wrong they were!        
Lea= vesden scored 86 minutes, but late Brogdale tap in equaliser after 88 saves the point.        
Dav= id Wesley was a rugby blue and very "well to do". Unfortunately killed in April 41 whilst serving for the RAF.    
13/11/37 Epsom are 3-0 down after 15 minutes and it co= uld have been 6. Epsom fought back for a draw against Tilbury, in LC
replay but only two minutes of extra time are played d= ue to fading light. Epsom had arrived 30 minutes late. To avoid extra
time, it could be argued that Epsom may have deliberat= ely arrived late, but the papers refer to a long and tedious journey, so
thi= s was unlikely. A second replay is arranged for Tilbury say papers but it was eventually played at Epsom.    
Sil= bury and Brogdale did well, while Wilson was not yet at 100%.            
19/11/37 Ewell Boys 2-1 Epsom Central. Roy Marlow scor= ed for Ewell @ West Street. Had previously beaten Leatherhead 
Cen= tral 4-1 and won 9-0 at Bookham.              
20= /11/37 Papers say Epsom's forwards have never all played so well together. Guild= ford City Reserves (Amateurs) had   
started so badly this year that they had 6 new players= in their line up, mostly from Southall, and Stewart (gk, Scottish Junior
Int= ernational). Epsom still 4-0 up after 25 minutes and win 8-1.            
Tim Coleman is delighted with performance. A Dempsey is listed as the new captain, but hasn't played yet. See 4/12. Pullen
is now playing at outside right. Brogdale got two in t= wo minutes. Herald says Brogdale 3 Jones 2. AD agrees. BOOK is wrong.
27/11/37 Billy Heal makes debut - joined from Barnet a= nd a Welsh Amateur International. Also had rep honours for Middlesex.
Fred Chitty played this day for Carshalton Athletic v Epsom. However, he damaged a leg muscle after 20 minutes and they 
were down to 10 men. Even then Carshalton were ahead u= ntil an hour had elapsed before Epsom fought back and won it. 
It was a dull game brightened only by the Carshalton keeper's performance. Beglan's winner was probably a cross, that found
the top corner of the net. Carshalton keeper was FA Clarke. Occasionally referred to as S.A. Clarke and nicknamed Nobby!
Heal had been with Barnet for the last three years. He= rald feels that Jackie Pullen is now past his best. Game was nearly
blotted out by fog, so a collection for Sid Bristow, w= ho has been unable to work recently, was postponed, and held when a
big= ger crowd is present. "A small attendance" Ironically the fog lifted as the = game started!      
27/11/37 Roy Marlow plays for Epsom, Leatherhead and District Schools in Hood Shield QF 7-2 win over Caterham Boys @
Lea= therhead United.                  
Nov= 37 reported that subject to sanction from F.A., Epsom will travel to Dunkirk for a friendly on 5/12/37.    
3/12/37 Roy Marlow and Roy Dymott both score for Ewell School in an 11-0 win over Stoneleigh East (now Auriol) school.
4/12/37 Dempsey made debut - had played for Irish Free State XI recently. Also CE Thompson played up front as Epsom won
10-= 1 against RN Depot (Chatham). Papers said it was the best balanced side Epsom had prod= uced all season.    
4/1= 2/37 Trial at West Street for Surrey Juniors.            
5/12/37 Epsom travelled to Dunkerque for a friendly!. = Lost 0-7. FA Clarke (Carshalton Ath) guests for Epsom, as Wesley is
un= available. Rough crossing. "Hopelessly outplayed", but Epsom had played the day before, so some excuse for this.  
The French side included Griffiths (Cardiff and Everto= n, and a former International, and Hillier (Dagenham), and Jordan the former=
Scottish International. All play regularly for this professional team. Evans (cut eye) and Pullen (knee cartilage) could not play, nor
could Silbury owing to night work. A gale blew from en= d to end, and with heavy rain, the ground was in a terrible state. Epsom
played well for 25 minutes, but were gradually worn do= wn. First goal from 25 yards after 25 minutes from their outside right,
then two in two minutes before HT 3-0. Rogerson had injured his knee, and so at HT permission was given for Epsom to field 
Maurice Gill at right back, with Thompson moving forwa= rd to c-f. Epsom didn't improve though and further goals followed on
50, and 60 minutes, with two late goals also. Clarke played a magnificent game, and other outstanding players were Bobby Gill<= /td>
Bil= ly Heal, Brian Beglan, and Jimmy Jones.              
At the start of the game, a band played both National Anthems and a presentation of a silk sash was made to Bobby Gill from
the Dunkerque captain. It was engraved "Olympiad-Dunkerque, 1937". After the match a reception was hel= d at which the 
President of the French Football Federation welcomed t= he players and invited them to return. In response, v-c Mr Talbot-Butler
han= ded 18 neckties in Dunkerque colours to the French club.            
11/= 12/37 Pat Lynch plays for Tufnell Park Res at Ilford L 3-7            
11/12/37 Gordon Brogdale transfers to Wandsworth United where within hours he played and scored in their 3-1 win at Bostall Heath= .
11/12/37 Thompson unavailable (permit) and Pulen is injured. Then Bobby Gill got injured in the first half and Epsom could no= t
hold on to their lead. Future player Sid Faggetter mis= pen 2nd half at 1-0 to Epsom. 2 winning goals came in the last 20 minutes
aft= er the injury. Beglan scored first goal after 51 minutes, with Jones putting Eps= om back in the lead at 2-1.    
WJ = Toleman is ex-Barking, while G Harmon works with CE Thompson at Samuel Jones.        
18/= 12/37 Epsom win 2-0 at Athenian League Wealdstone in LSC.            
Wealdstone had been unbeaten in all competitions all season. Rochester scored after 36 minutes after keeper fumbled a Beglan
shot, and Epsom remained on top throughout, with Beglan got a second goal after 60 minutes after a Jones run and cross.
Acc= ording to The Times Dempsey scored the second, not Beglan. Check!          
How= ever Wealdstone lodged an appeal based on Tommy Rochester          
be= ing native of County Durham, working more than 12 miles outside London, and hadn't played in 5 games that year.  
Ga= me replayed 1/1/38 Wealdstone won 3-2. Epsom were also fined 5 guineas at appeal of London FA on 28/12/37.  
Herald says that the London FA can't have considered it too serious, as they could have removed Epsom or refused them a 
sha= re of the gate, but just ordered the replay, due to this "technical breach&quo= t; of the rules.        
The draw for the second round had already been made an= d we were away to Ilford but of course the match never happened.
18/12/37 Friendly at West Street saw a 3-3 draw between Ewell Boys and Badshot Lea XI. Sir Arthur Glyn entertained the boys
to = tea at Rectory House afterwards. E Thorpe (2) and Roy Marlow were the scorer.        
25/= 12/37 Lots and lots of fog led to many postponements and some abandonments across the East London area.    
26/12/37 11.15pm A two car accident in Epsom Road, just over the borough border into Ashtead, saw 9 people injured,
inc= luding 2 who later died. One of these was famous old player Jack Parr, who suffered internal injuries    
and died in Epsom County Hospital on Thursday 6th Janu= ary. The second was Frank Allen, who died between 3pm 
and= 4pm on Saturday 8th January. Both were buried in a joint funeral on 12th January=      
Ja= ck Parr was one of the original players and founder members in 1917, and played regul= arly until about 2  
ye= ars ago, even coming out of retirement occasionally. Mrs Parr still runs the cante= ens at the football club.  
Funeral service was held at Christ Church, Epsom, and = was well supported. The bodies had been lying at the
Rai= lway Inn for a few days, and they were buried at Epsom Cemetery. Secretary Harry Hawke= was    
present, as was Ernest A Taylor, and Ernest H Flight, while wreaths were sent by the club, and Supporters Club, and.
PO = Engineers F.C. too. Another former player Harold Keeling was also in the accident, = but survived.    
Herald reports the death of Jack Parr, one of the orig= inal founders and members of the Epsom Juniors. Slightly
built, but with wonderful stamina. Usually inside left. Had ceased to play before last season, but played once when
short. Played for Epsom C.C. after the folding of Epsom Rovers C.C. not bad at billiards. Black armbands are to be
worn on 8/1/38 v Leavesden. Herald says the other eight are improving, but shortly afterwards, Frank Allen died.
Her= ald reports on the funeral in 14/1/38 issue: Heading "EPSOM'S SAD WEEK"        
Their car was being driven by Cecil Frederick Chinn of= the RAC Country Club, Woodcote, and they were proceeding 
to a dance at the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Jack Pa= rr lived at Providence Place, Epsom, while Frank Allen, and
brother Stanley were sons of the licensee of the Railw= ay Inn, High Street, Epsom, which was demolished later that
year in the widening of the High Street. "The pas= sing has more stirred the sympathy of the whole of the inhabitants
of the Epsom district than has perhaps any local happe= ning of recent years". Frank Allen had a fiancée Miss Hilda
Waight. He had been stable, but on Friday 7th, a haemorrhage set in. Efforts to save life included a blood transfusion
say= s Herald.                  
Jack Parr and Harold Keeling had been the closest of friends, going back to when they, along with Ernie and Reg 
Sperring, and Bob and Charlie Aldridge set up the Epsom Juniors FC in 1918 and played their first matches at 
Alexandra Rec. "Some of the committee meetings us= ed to be held round pillar boxes or under lamp posts". Some
too= k place on the premises of WJ Keeling, on the old side of the High Street. "and here were     
made and painted the goal posts". The parents of = the players gave them much support. Fred Keeling joined the
pla= yers following his demobilisation after World War 1.            
Jack Parr had been a Committee member at one point, but was no longer a member, although he attended all the
matches, often with the Allens and Harold Keeling. Parr and Keeling were also members of Epsom Rovers Cricket 
Club before it disbanded, and subsequently they became members of Epsom Cricket Club. Both deceased were also
members of the Epsom Conservative Club, and Parr played billiards and snooker for them. "He had a sunny equable 
nature, and quite a sense of fun". Frank Allen was the eldest son of CJ Allen (Railway Inn), who died in 1932. Licensee
is now Frank's mother. Frank had "a quiet but very genuine modest nature". Frank had also captained a Tradesman's
XI in the annual match against the Police (cricket). Played for Epsom Brotherhood, and occasionally appeared for 
Ep= som Town at Horton in the early 20's. He was a Vice-President of the Epsom FC at the = time of his death.  
The Leavesden programme (8/1/38) stated "It was w= ith deep and very sincere regret that on Thursday evening-just
as we were going to press-we heard that our old player, committee man, and friend, Jack Parr had passed away a 
few hours earlier. Jack was one of a party involved in= a motor smash on Boxing Night and since the accident, had 
been in a critical state throughout. Jack was a thorou= gh sportsman in every sense of the word, and his lamentable 
death at such an early age leaves a gap in Epsom sport= ing circles it will be difficult to fill. The club and its supporters 
join in expressing profound sympathies to Jack's relatives, particularly Mrs Parr, his mother, the lady in charge of our 
tea canteens. Today, immediately prior to the kick off, there will be a period of silence as a mark of respect for our 
old= friend, while the Epsom players will be wearing mourning bands"          
The Committee also stated that "It is perhaps one= of the hardest of tasks to put pen to paper and to write of friends-
real friends-in the past tense. And it is undoubtedly = more difficult still to realise that those friends with whom one was 
speaking and laughing as recently as a fortnight previously have passed over into the Great Beyond. Therefore the 
feelings of the Epsom Football Club can possibly be appreciated in so far as concerns the recent death in such 
terribly tragic circumstances of Jack Parr and Frank Allen. Jack and Frank were close friends, and much of their 
spare time was taken up with the happenings of the football club. Jack, an old player. One of the best inside 
forwards Epsom ever possessed, and a member of the Committee after his playing days had finished. Frank, not an 
Epsom player, and not a member of the Committee. Yet in his own way, and without ostentation, a great worker on 
behalf of the club. At most home matches and many away games one could confidently expect to see Jack and 
Frank together on the touchline, following every kick = of the ball and not missing a single incident of note. True 
sportsmen and ardent supporters of Epsom, they epitomi= sed all that could be desired by the club in the way of actual 
and moral help. To talk to them individually or jointl= y on matters pertaining to the club's, and football's welfare was 
always an illuminating and interesting experience. They both fully appreciated and lived up to the meaning of 
playing the game. Whether at the football ground or in their home lives, one could always expect, and get a straight 
deal from them, actually and metaphorically. They were= in short, two typical and clean living British sportsmen, 
who were accepted as such without question by all with whom they came into contact. That the Epsom Football Club 
is much poorer in spirit by their lamented and tragic death is a mere statement of fact. But this can, in no way, 
adequately express the grief that is felt by the playe= rs and the Committee at the loss of two of the finest friends the 
club ever knew. To Mrs Parr and Mrs Allen, and other relatives, our very deepest sympathies are extended. And 
although this may be of little consolation to them in their grievous and irreparable loss they have sustained, the fact 
rem= ains that in Epsom football circles the names of Jack Parr and Frank Allen will never = be forgotten.    
The funeral on 12th January: "The Epsom High Stre= et was lined with people on Wednesday afternoon, when the 
funeral, a joint one, of Frank Allen and Jack Parr took place". "A large number of people were present at the service
at Christ Church and at the interment at Epsom Cemetery". Overnight the two coffins had rested at the Railway Inn.<= /td>
The Vicar at the funeral was Rev JE Matthews, himself a playing member of the Epsom Cricket Club, and he was 
assisted by Rev E Davies with Leslie Brown at the orga= n. Hymns "Rock of Ages" and Jesus lives! No longer now".
The= graves were selected so as to be not  too far= apart from each other.        
At the funeral, amongst many others, were Albert E Tuc= k, FG Talbot-Butler, EA Taylor (also representing the Hollies
Club), Harry Hawke, Ernest H Flight, George Mackesy, T= om Kirk, Sid Bristow, Billy Green (currently Margate Secretary)
WH Challis, Mr & Mrs S Prett, Q Budd. Wreaths rece= ived from Harold Keeling, and from "members of Epsom Juniors
1917", Epsom FC, canteen ladies at the football c= lub, the Supporters Club, and Epsom Wednesday Club, and many, 
many others. A Memorial Service was then held on the Wednesday evening by JE Matthews. The Choir sang "Blest 
are the departed" "Jesu, lover of my soul&qu= ot;, and "Let Saints on earth in concert sing". Many representatives present. 
Fiv= e of the other seven injured persons remain in hospital, but are all stable.        
27/12/37 Gordon Brogdale now playing with Wandsworth United and played v Epsom in friendly on 27/12/37 and league match
on 15/1/38. He scored in the friendly against Epsom. Q= uite a good sized crowd and a good match too. Wandsworth were 
previously known as Streatham Town, but are now playin= g at the Wandsworth Stadium. Epsom went ahead 3-2 in 48th minute, and
stayed ahead. Herald says "Epsom believe in havin= g no game on Christmas Day, thinking that their players, some of whom have
homes far off are entitled to complete freedom on that= day of festivity". Former Epsom player and Stockport and Notts County 
pro= fessional Leslie Caiels also played.              
Wer= e Wandsworth connected to Streatham. I believe so.            
It transpires that Wandsworth already existed at the Greyhound Stadium for a few seasons and replaced Streatham Town in the
London League. There was no connection except that one replaced the other but Wandsworth wouldn't survive long and were
missing from the London League constitution by 1939/40. Wandsworth were not previously known as Streatham even though 
som= e players and even officials may have moved over following Streatham's demise.        
However I have uncovered a report from the season that refers to Wandsworth as the late Streatham Town team so there must
hav= e been a connection of some description. Epsom Herald - copy taken          
I also have a copy of a South London Press report advi= sing that effectively it was the same team but at a different ground.
1/1/38 Epsom unlucky to lose replay of LSC i.e. at Wealdstone. Epsom were the better side, but let in two goals in the last three 
minutes. "After a doubtful judgement by the referee". Wealdstone were an early goal up in 2nd half, but Rooney levelled it up, 
then Beglan put them 2-1 up, before the ref gave a cor= ner, when it appeared clear that it was a goal kick. Wealdstone scored 
fro= m it, and then won with a "possibly offside" goal at the end. Gate was ne= arly 3,000 and receipts were £80.    
We = would have been away to Ilford in the next round if we'd qualified.          
Jan 38 Brian Beglan signs amateur forms for Tottenham. Epsom are now the only unbeaten team in London League, after Eton
Man= or lose at Tilbury.                  
8/1/38 Epsom defeat Leavesden 3-2 deservedly. A minutes silence is held for Jack Parr, and a bugler plays the last post. Tommy
Rochester scored after 10 minutes, but 1-1 at HT. A debatable penalty from Jones but Epsom 2-1 up before Collins scored a 
hea= der from a Jones cross. Late consolation for visitors on 80 minutes.          
Jan 38 reference to future club official A.W. "Ned" Kelly being the Press Secretary of the London League at t= his time. Has strong
con= nections with the PO Engineers.              
15/1/38 Game played at the grandly named Wandsworth Stadium on a very windy day. Wandsworth scored from over 40
yards out and Jimmy Jones scored the winner direct fro= m a corner that was blown in by the wind on 89 minutes. Epsom 
des= erved the win though. If Wandsworth had won, they would have gone top.          
Jan= 38 reference to W.Neal former Clapton now at Ilford            
Jan 38 Basil Solly appears to have resigned from Sutton United and denies that he is joining anyone else. Sutton supporters
organise a protest meeting and over 200 attend. Solly reconsiders briefly, but within a few days of Sutton losing to Leytonston= e
in = the Amateur Cup in February, he is playing for Epsom.            
Her= ald prophetically says that if Solly leaves, "he will be seen wearing the colours of Epsom".      
22/1/38 One of the most exhilarating games ever played= at Ewell. Large crowd too as Met Police came to visit as leaders of
the= Spartan League. However Epsom won comfortably in the end after recovering from an early 3rd minute penalty.    
22/1/38 Thompson again unable to play (permit), and Toleman had trouble with footwear, as he miskicked often. This was sorted=
 out at HT. Be= glan equalised after 12 minutes, with a great goal from 30 yards by Jones maki= ng it 2-1 after 25 minutes. "A =
magnificent shot". 55 minutes saw 3-1 as Rochester scored from a rebound after Jones had hit the bar, and Rochester scored 
aga= in a minute later. David Wesley played well and is "a born goalkeeper" says Herald.        
Jan 38 Surrey FA dealt with a complaint from Manor Hospital about illegal approaches from Epsom for two of their players, one 
of which was Tommy Rochester. This was dismissed as "frivolous" by SCFA and Manor lost their guinea fee. Also Epsom= FC
of= ficials wrote to the London County Council Mental Health Department. "In rep= ly to your letter, no employees in LCC  
hospitals are compelled to play football or cricket for the institution. Their spare time is their own". Looks like Rochester worked
at = the Manor Hospital, and they weren't happy with him playing for Epsom instead of th= em.      
29/1/38 Gale blowing across RN Depot's "splendid" pitch at Chatham. RN had a stronger side out to that which lost 10-1
earlier in the season, and led twice in this game befo= re Epsom won 3-2. 1-0 down after 13 minutes, but at 1-1 the wind then 
dropped at half time, when Epsom were expecting it to = help them, and they went 2-1 down, but Beglan scored his second a 
min= ute later, and Rochester got the winner after 85 minutes. RN Depot played at the Dep= ot itself in Chatham.     
5/2/38 Epsom's display against Tilbury was "proba= bly their most effective and spectacular ever". Epsom won this second 
rep= lay 8-1 and Tilbury only scored when Epsom were briefly down to ten men, as Rochester= was looked at.    
This was a very one sided game, and Herald thinks that= the players are now benefitting from Tim Coleman's care and advice.
Feb 38 future wartime player Bill Ridgers joins Wimble= don but broke his leg and retired after breaking down in comeback in Sept 39.=
Wou= ld still join us later though.                
12/= 2/38 Headline in Advertiser says" Epsom make Nunhead look rather small fry".        
12= /2/38 Isthmian League Nunhead beaten 5-1 easily and it could have been more but Mulley saved them a lot of times.   
Nunhead had started well and even led as a result of a rare David Wesley error, when he dropped the ball. "It is impossible to 
pra= ise too highly Epsom's performance". Herald says Rochester got a hat trick + Jones and Beglan. Check Ad!    
Comet says Beglan, o.g. in scramble, Rochester, Collins and Jones. Advertiser says the o.g. was Rochester's in a melee which 
was= "a bit of a fluke". I will go with Advertiser as it is better described. Rochester (2), Beglan, Jones and Collins.    
Epsom were 2-1 up at HT and just got better with the w= ind. Beglan's fifth was from a wide angle. Just before the end Rochester
inj= ured himself and had to leave the field. 10 men.            
A c= ollection was held at the game for Mrs Parr which raised £7 3s.6d. She is in charge= of the canteens.    
Referee AA Horwood said after the Nunhead game that Ep= som were "the finest amateur team I have seen this season". He also=
ref= ereed in the Football League top divisions.              
Men= tion of London Sporting Press. Worth a look at some point.            
19/= 2/38 Basil Solly makes debut for Epsom v Finchley and scores in a 6-1 win. Biggest League gate of the year,    
in= clusive of some Sutton fans who went to cheer him on, even though they were at home = to Wealdstone themselves!  
Her= ald says that Solly may return to Sutton next year if certain people there leave. = He stays at Epsom.    
Also says that people believe that Solly has "ame= nds to make" as he knocked Epsom out of the Amateur Cup earlier in the 
season whilst with Sutton! Herald says this game wasn'= t as good as the week before. Thompson took Rochester's place up front
 and got a hat trick, but was offside often. Jones mispen (SAVE) at 1-0 up. HT 1-0 thank= s to Beglan's 15th minute goal. Former 
player CW Milne played for Finchley, who he joined aft= er leaving Ewell & Stoneleigh at the end of last season. HE was "fu= ll
of tricks". Epsom were 3-0 up before Finchley scored, and won 6-1. It w= as Finchley's fifth straight defeat.    
19/2/38 Tommy Rochester unable to play through injury,= and would be out for three weeks. Papers say that Epsom are playing
bet= ter than at any time in the last three years.              
21/= 2/38 Founder of Herald William Pile dies aged 95.            
26/2/38 A week after defeating Finchley 6-1 Epsom suff= er their first League defeat of the season at Finchley 5-0! Finchley's 
first win in 5 games. David Wesley was away with scholastic duties, and possibly Epsom were looking ahead to the SSC SF.
Wesley was attending the opening of a grammar school. Rochester was still out with an injured foot, while Toleman arrived ten
minutes too late to play. Herald says Wesley would have saved two of the goals, but Finchley were still much better than Epsom.
2-0 down after "a very few moments" and just= an individually bad day. Jones hit the bar at 1-0 down, but "like a good bottle of 
cha= mpagne gone flat; they had lost their sparkle. Lewins HT for Finchley.          
Feb 38 Coaches for Dulwich game at Wimbledon were to l= eave the Capitol Epsom, and Green Man, Ewell at 2.15 and the return 
far= e is only "17 pence". Can be booked at regular offices and Supporters Club office at the ground too.    
26/2/38 former long serving Captain George Mackesy is = sent off this day playing for Dagenham Town v Tilbury in a local cup match.
26/2/38 Ray Chenery and Roy Marlow were selected for E= psom Schools to play this day v Dorking Schools at Stoneleigh West
Cen= tral School ground in Stoneleigh. Wood Cup 2nd round.            
5/3/38 Epsom are 2-1 up with 7 minutes to play at Wimbledon v Dulwich in SSC SF. Papers said that you were left wondering
why Dulwich had 5 amateur internationals in their side= and Epsom had none. Both keepers played well in this game and a 
replay was required. It would not be played for over a month though. Herald says Epsom gave Hamlet "a gruelling game".=
The goals scored were the first against Dulwich in SSC= all season, and they won it last year without conceding! Rochester
was back but not at 100%, while Basil Solly and CE Thompson were ineligible. Brian Beglan was outstanding, but Jones
was= not too good. 1-0 down after 12 minutes as Epsom had "brilliant sun" in their eyes, but "tenaciously held on".    
HT 0-1 then Bruce scored his first goal for the club a= fter 49 minutes and as Epsom got on top, Rochester scored after 62
min= utes, but Dulwich equalised after 79. "The result will considerably raise Epso= m's reputation".      
Attendance is unknown, but total gate was £219. Massiv= e, bearing in mind Epsom's game at Wealdstone saw nearly 3,000 and
ye= t receipts were only £80. Even allowing for higher ticket prices for a semi final, it must have been well over 6,000.  
Mar= ch 38 Gordon Brogdale is at Wimbledon Reserves now from Wandsworth.          
10/3/38 Cecil Frederick Chinn is fined £5 with costs, = and is banned from driving for a year for dangerous driving. He was the drive= r
of = the car containing Jack Parr and Frank Allen, that crashed on 26/12/37.          
He went round a bend in the road, but lost control and crossed the road into the path of an oncoming car. He was driving a Morri= s.
He was driving towards Ashtead, and on arriving at the bridge (?, where), he said he drew to the left to make room, but this was 
proven to be wrong. CF Chinn was the lawn tennis and squash professional at the RAC Country Club in Epsom. His costs were 
£9 = 2s.11d. Judge said the fine was lower, because the costs were so high.          
12/3/38 Future player FD Rawkins replaced in goal by another future Epsom keeper Harry Tiffany for PO Engineers. Judge
also played as Epsom lost a 1-0 HT lead , losing 2-1. = Rare defeat at Wallington for Epsom who had a good record there.
Bobby Gill had flu, so Merrick (Dagenham) came in for = his debut with Toleman moved back to full back. Jones put Epsom 1-0 up
after 30 minutes, but 60 minutes saw the equaliser, an= d PO Engineers scored again after 80 minutes "to the disappointment of
Eps= om's followers, who formed the largest part of the onlookers".            
12/3/38 Epsom, Leatherhead & District Schools win = 4-1 v Farnham in Hood Shield SF @ Leatherhead United. Ken Holliday from
Epsom Central School played, as did Roy Marlow from Ew= ell Boys school. Juniors are in the Wood Cup SF v St Helier one week
lat= er @ Stoneleigh West School.                
12/= 3/38 Tom Ogle, Harry Payton and T.Pierce all play            
for= Epsom Manor in SICC SF at Woking but lose 5-1.            
19= /3/38 Bobby Gill still has flu and cannot captain the London League v Royal Navy and Marines @ Guildford this day.  
Fut= ure players Judge and Tiffany both play, and Judge scores the first goal in a 2-1 win= .        
Ra= ndall was also unavailable for Epsom, due to working in Alton, while Pullen has a damaged (displaced) cartilage.  
He= rald says "these misfortunes illustrate the handicaps with which a secretary is confronted without a reserve eleven."  
19/3/38 3 goals in the first 10 minutes saw Epsom 2-1 = up. David Wesley knocked out briefly in 1st half. A half back, Chapman
played in goal for Grays as their keeper did not make = the journey. The best goal of the match was scored by Cheventre, who
had= been playing for Ewell and Stoneleigh. He played well but never played again f= or the club. HT 3-1.    
Epsom were 3-1 up at HT but the ref blew for half time, just as a Grays player was about to score! A fine day but poor game
London League v Surrey Senior League will be played at= PO Engineers this year, provisionally 16/4, although this date is put
bac= k. Bobby Gill and Jimmy Jones are selected for this game.            
25/3/38 Ewell Boys 2-0 Epsom Central School. Finished League fixtures. Pld 10 W9 D1 F76 A7. Ray Chenery and Roy Marlow
wer= e in the side.                  
26/3/38 PO Engineers suffered an injury to Ferguson and were down to ten men after 60 minutes. Epsom would have won
any= way, say papers. Again Tiffany and Judge played v Epsom.            
This was a much better game and Jimmy Jones "shone like a star" and "was the inspiration of the attack". Solly put Epsom 
ahead after 30 minutes. HT 1-0 "Game was packed w= ith thrills". Jones made it two and then Collins got the third from a low 
Beg= lan cross after 85 minutes.                
26/= 3/38 Former player Cecil (CB) Weller makes debut for Sutton and had joined from Wokin= g.      
Mar 38 Jimmy Jones has strained his back and is underg= oing "electrical treatment". Jackie Pullen is now fit after cartilag= e
Mar= 38 Fare to Kingstonian for the SSC SF replay is 18 pence from Capitol Cinema Epsom.<= /td>      
Apr= 38 Cecil Weller iss at Sutton                
2/4/38 Epsom win 1-0 in Welling v Bostall Heath, who t= his season are "a lowly team". Basil Solly scored after 20 minutes,= but
not much else happened in a fairly close game. Billy H= eal played well while the referee blocked a goal bound shot from Geoff
Col= lins, when he had an open goal! What was ref doing there!! Jimmy Jones is still not = 100% fit.      
Gam= e was played at Wickham Street, Welling in front of less that 100.          
8/4/38 reported that Epsom FC have terminated the groundshare agreement with Ewell & Stoneleigh. WHY? My guess is that<= /td>
it is purely monetary, as Epsom also announce that they have arranged another groundshare with Venners Sports for next
season. This was virtually a death sentence for Ewell & Stoneleigh. Venners are a London League Division 1 team, and will b= e
moving to the SSL for next season. Ewell & Stonele= igh arrange an EGM on 11/4/38 at the Stoneleigh Hotel to consider their
pos= ition. Epsom allow E & S to complete their fixtures this season, so it appears tha= t it is not acrimonious.    
9/4/38 Epsom beat Tilbury comfortably 5-2. Solly 1-0 a= fter 10 minutes, but Tilbury fought back, and led 2-1 at HT. Downhill in the
sec= ond half, Epsom improved, and Jimmy Jones got all four! (1 penalty).          
Apr 38 Former player Tommy Dunne scores first goal for Tooting & Mitcham v Wimbledon in SSC SF @ Dulwich. W3-0.
13/4/38 Papers refer to a match between PO Engineers a= nd Epsom being cancelled this day. Must have been a friendly.
Also London League v SSL is also postponed at PO Engineers. It had already been moved to 23/4 and may not have taken place= .
15/= 4/38 Good Friday Walton game was a 2-2 draw - HT 1-0. Jones scored direct from a co= rner again.      
It was a decent game to start with in front of 2,500 present. Dougan then got injured for Walton. HT 1-0. Jones scored after 75 
min= utes, and Epsom were well on top, but eight minutes later it was 2-2.          
After the game, H May for Walton had to go to hospital, and it turned out that the old Crystal Palace player had pleurisy!
15/= 4/38 Epsom, Leatherhead & District Schools win Hood Shield again, defeating Mitch= am 2-1 at West Street.    
15/4/38 Elved Evans (21) brother of Bryn, is killed at Burford, Oxfordshire after his motorcycle collides with another vehicle. = He
was travelling home to Treorchy in Wales. Had lived in Surrey for 2 1/2 years, mainly with his brother in Ashtead, before moving=
to = Pimlico. Occasional player for PO Engineers 'A' team.            
16/= 4/38 Epsom 2-0 up on Wandsworth after 15 minutes before Gray was injured for the visitors. Epsom won 6-1.    
Epsom score three in each half. Pullen returns but is = not his old self, say papers. "Will never again be the same Pullen he was".
Bryn Evans played despite the death of his brother the= day before. He believed that the club interests came first, and he would
try= to do his best. "One of the largest league gates of the season".          
16/= 4/38 Tommy Dunne and Archie Griffiths both score for Tooting & Mitcham as they b= eat Wimbledon 3-0     
in = SSC SF at Dulwich. Attendance 7,200.              
18/4/38 Epsom play well and defeat Walton comfortably = 2-0 at West Street. The first 15 minutes was exciting, but the teams 
couldn't keep the pace up. 1-0 through Jones after 25 minutes and Rochester made it two from a Beglan pass. 2,600 attended, 
says Herald, which was the biggest gate this season fo= r a league match. Comet says over 3,000, as does Mitcham News..
23/4/38 Jackie Pullen misses an easy chance four minut= es from time to win SSC SF v Dulwich, but the tie goes to extra time
where Epsom lose 3-2 in front of over 6,000 spectators= at Kingstonian. One onlooker was Harry Westlake, who was Epsom's
ca= ptain in 1929 when Epsom last won a SSC SF v Wimbledon at Kingstonian. (Lost at Guildford to Redhill in the final)  
Herald calls Pullen's miss "a tragedy" after= 85 minutes. Also says crowd was between 5 and 6 thousand. 20 minutes 0-1, BA= LL,
and HT 0-1. The first 20 minutes of the second half we= re all Dulwich, but Epsom hung on tenaciously again, then W Toleman
collided with a Dulwich player and had to leave the fi= eld, yet returned five minutes later, playing as well as ever. 75 minutes saw<= /td>
a Jones equaliser to take it into extra time. 97 minut= es played and Wesley fumbled an Anderson shot, which Jover scored, but
Pul= len equalised, only to see BALL get his second. A fair result. Surrey Adverti= ser says about 5000 watched.    
26/4/38 Epsom are unlucky to lose 1-0 to Eton Manor. Shepherd (Redhill) on his debut, did not live up to expectations. HT unk.=
Supporters Club conclude their social calendar with a dance at Ebbisham Hall on 4/5/38, even though Epsom have a game at 
Car= shalton Ath. The Barwynne School of dancing will put on a display.          
27/= 4/38 Epsom lose 4-2 at Tilbury. Epsom were 2-1 up at HT, but let three in the second half.      
30/4/38 Epsom score in first minute through an o.g. (T= HE BOOK is wrong to say Rochester) at Grays but are held to a draw.
The own goal was scored by Boatman which was a bad back pass under pressure by Rochester and Beglan. 15 mins 1-1.
In = Grays side was G Webb who played ten years ago in the game when Epsom won the London League in 1928.    
2/5/38 Title chances gone after a 4-1 home defeat on Monday evening to Eton Manor. Only 40 minutes each way due to the light,<= /td>
and the game started in light drizzle. Epsom nearly we= nt behind in first minute, but HT was goalless. Eton Manor scored after 53
minutes, but Solly equalised three minutes later, and = it was a good finish, as both sides "went for it" and missed chanc= es, but 
goa= ls after 67, 69 and 80 won it for Manor. First home league defeat of season.        
4/5/38 Epsom's 6-1 win over Carshalton is flattering, although no-one doubted that the better team won. "Tipper" Pratt guested
for Epsom (Redhill & Sutton). Carshalton held the scores level at HT (1-1) but went down to ten men in the second half and<= /td>
los= t 6-1. Herald says Solly (4), Evans and o.g. v Carshalton. Ad agrees. BOOK is wr= ong.        
7/= 5/38 Ex player A.C.Griffiths scores 6 for Surrey v Somerset as they win the final= of the Southern Counties Amateur   
Cha= mpionship 10-0 v Somerset at Wimbledon.              
7/5/38 Epsom make certain of runners up spot with a 5-1 win over Guildford City Res. Thompson (ill) and Rochester (injured) 
were missing, while Wesley was also absent. Jones put Epsom 1-0 up after 90 seconds, then Collins made it 2-0 after 35
minutes. HT 2-0. Then 4 goals in ten minutes in second half from  Bruce and Solly and Be= glan, plus one for Guildford, then Evans
had one disallowed for offside. Herald says Bruce and Solly scored, not Solly (2). Ad agrees. Bruce scored the 4th which
was "spectacular". BOOK is wrong. Jones scored first "and every Epsom forward followed suit".      
Wesley was in the first round of the Middlesex tennis tournament and representing Tottenham Hard Court Tennis Club, but would
hav= e played for Epsom, if Neave (Dagenham) had not been able to play.          
14/5/38 AC Griffiths plays and scores for Tooting & Mitcham as they win SSC for the first time v Dulwich (2-1) at Selhurst Pa= rk
in = front of an attendance of 9,200.                
Walt= on had now moved to Stompond Lane.              
2/7/37 Burtons opens in High Street Epsom. One of the first buildings used after the 1st stage of widening of the High Street.<= /td>
13/= 10/37 4th Worcester Park Scouts is opened. I went to cubs there!          
9/4= /38 Cheam Baths opened by Mayor of Sutton & Cheam Alderman GR Glegg.        
11= /4/38 Mr Auriol Allan Henry Auriol-Barker dies aged 89. Auriol School and park was named after him. The school was  
sti= ll Stoneleigh East at this time. He was a well known sportsman.          
May= 38 Nonsuch School opens.