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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
LL 4th out of 14 Premier Division                
FAC 2q Mitcham Wanderers     1-3          
AC 1st Ilford     2-5          
SSC QF Mitcham Wanderers     1-2          
SCS Withdrew after winning one match. Fixtu= re congestion.          
WHC F probably shared with Mitcham Wanderers<= /td>          
President   Sir Arthur Glyn J.P. (Bart)     re-elected          
Chairman   Charles (HC) Pettett     re-elected v-c AP Baker      
Secretary   Billy (W.E.) Green   re-elected 65 Lower Court Road, Epsom    
Manager   Selection Committee                
Treasurer   HE Stevens     replacing AP Baker        
Press Secretar= y   DWG Jones     re-elected          
Co= mmittee as elected at AGM 11/6/30:         Collins, TN Young, AE Chaney, W Voller,= Ted (CE) Wheal, FA Duplock, WJ Gilbert, Bill Townsend.  
Trainer   Sid Bristow     Reserves: George Keen      
Home Ground:   West Street, Ewell                
Club Colours   Light and Dark Blue Hoops                
Ep= som Town Supporters Club H.Q. is at the Wellington Hotel, High Street, Epsom          
A= fter lots of research, on the Wilson Hospital Cup. I am now prepared to state that no replay ever      
o= ccurred and the Cup was shared, after the original tie on 3rd Sept was drawn. I am al= so comfortable with    
t= he fact that the new season's match between the two clubs did not take place. It could= n't have      
h= appened until after 18th April, and both MW and ET were too busy at the end of the season to play it.      
11= /6/30 AGM at Foresters Hall Epsom on Wednesday evening.                
Ch= aired by Charlie Pettett with outgoing Treasurer AP Baker and Secretary Billy Gree= n          
Re= port stated that last season was moderately successful. Midtable in London League. In Cups, the club      
re= ached the divisional final of FA Cup and the final of the Wilson Hospital Cup which= was to be held this      
se= ason against Mitcham Wanderers.                  
Re= serves were "wonderfully successful, winning the Surrey Intermediate Cup. Financ= es finished with a balance      
"on the r= ight side".                    
Pr= esident, Chairman, and Secretary all re-elected. New Treasurer H.Stevens, Trainers= Sid Bristow and G Keen.      
Ju= ne 30 Trevor Jones joins club. Had played once at the end of the season. A Welsh trial= list last year.        
Ep= som do not enter the East Surrey Hospital Cup again.                
Wa= lthamstow Grange played at Chingford Road, Walthamstow. Last season though before selling the ground to      
Wa= lthamstow Greyhound Company, and folding. The greyhound company is still there.          
SC= FA AGM 18/6/30 saw the Surrey FA spilt into 4 geographical divisions. Epsom are = in Division 2.        
Me= eting was at Battersea Town Hall, Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction.                
W = Burgess Referees Secretary resigned after 27 years.                
As= mentioned at AGM Wilson Hospital Cup Final between Epsom Town and Mitcham Wanderers= is held over to      
this season.                    
Su= tton & District AGM 4/7/30 with Sid Basford as Secretary. Epsom Town Juniors rem= ain in Division 3.      
12= /7/30 Epsom & District Scouts Association Sports Day at West Street. 11 troops entered and 1st Bookham      
re= tained the Rover Trophy, while they also won the Scouts event, and 1st West Ewell won the Cubs event.      
Di= strict Commissioner SA Bailey thanked the club and presented trophies.                
9/= 8/30 WH Challis top scores with 46 for Epsom C.C. v East Molesey batting at numbe= r 5.        
11= /8/30 Amateur Cup Draw - District 15 West Norwood (A)                
Fo= rmer player J.Meldrum is at Whyteleafe Albion this season.                
Au= g 30 "The banking at the ground has been extended and there is now room on the ground for a crowd of 10,000      
sp= ectators" says Herald. Also over 50 applications for trials. Sid Bristow is the new trainer, replacing Tom Kirk who    
re= signed mid-season. First trials are on 16/8 + 20/8 + 23/8 followed by a practice game on 27/8 says Herald.      
Mi= tcham Wanderers cup final is to be held on 3/9/30.                
16= /8/30 First trial had nearly 200 spectators! None of the new men did badly, but none shone brilliantly either.      
Pa= ttemore caught the eye, while Houston also did well and Behn and Jones linked wel= l on the right.. Fred Behn      
dr= opped out of the side towards the end of last season, and it looked like he may be cea= sing to play serious football,    
bu= t he is back this year. Marlow now prefers playing inside-left, while George Mackesy w= as also at the trial.      
23= /8/30 Second trial. So many wanted to play that at half time, many changes were made. L Birch did well, but is no    
re= lation to Terry Birch. Herald says there is a good balance of youth and experience = this year.        
30= /8/30 Lost 2-1 to West Norwood in Friendly. Advertiser says that all 22 players are = back from last year, and also    
Re= g Marlow, who spent some time at Sutton during most of last season. New players are Brockett and Gold      
(H= alves), Elkins (Carshalton Athletic), Baird, Terry Birch, H Pattemore, and Trevor Jones (forwards).        
Pa= ttemore and "Tich" Jones are well known Welsh players. However, the only new player in the side for the West<= /td>      
No= rwood game was L Birch from Tooting. He played briefly, then reappeared again in a f= ew years time.        
Ch= allis and Harvey were unavailable for this match. L Birch played well as did Trevor Jones, despite his height.      
No= t a great performance, but then not an important match either. "Just a tryout".          
3/= 9/30 Final of Wilson Hospital Cup held over from last year is played, and Epsom play= ed much better in holding      
Mi= tcham Wanderers to a draw in an even game. "A fine crowd" said Mitcham News, but no goals. Unlikely to have    
be= en extra time, due to the September evening k.o., and it looks like the Cup was intended to be replayed, but      
wa= s probably shared. See comments at top in blue.                
Ba= lham & Tooting Gazette advises a disappointing game, but Forster did well in goal and he twice stopped a penalty,    
wh= ile Westlake and Gates were the stumbling blocks for Mitcham Wanderers, who continued = to press to the      
fi= nal whistle. Mitcham played in blue and this game was at Streatham Road. "A large crowd."        
Se= pt 30 Reference to the Evening News (London) being worth a look.                
Sept 30 A young Welshman Trevor Jones joins the club s= ays Herald, but he already played in our final match at Erith & Belvedere= on 3/5/30.
6/= 9/30 All the players did duty with Epsom last year, and the familiarity showed as Epsom went up 3-0 at HT, but      
Ch= elmsford fought back for a 3-3 draw. Referee blew his whistle for full time ten minutes early, but was informed, and    
re= commenced the game! Chelmsford missed a penalty at 3-3 says Chelmsford Chronicle!          
10= /9/30 Epsom win 5-0 at Whyteleafe Albion in SCS 1st round. (NR)                
E = Matkin scored 4 goals with Terry Birch getting the other (3rd) goal.                
Se= pt 30 Epsom drawn to meet Mitcham W in SF of this year's Wilson Hospital Cup.          
On= ly 4 entries. See comments at top in blue.                  
Se= pt 30 Epsom Weds v West Park M.H. in Sutton Midweek Hospital Cup 1st round on or befo= re 22/10.      
13= /9/30 Epsom have an easy victory at Erith & Belvedere, who were missing two regul= ar players, but the rest put up    
a = poor show. Same team as Chelmsford game except Jack Parr for Reg Marlow (holiday). Matkin often offside.      
1s= t half T.Jones and Cross (Erith & B) started kicking each other instead of t= he ball, and both were sent off.      
Jo= nes had scored the first goal after 5 minutes, while Fred (FEJ) Behn was club cap= tain this day. Game spoiled by    
heavy rain and= strong wind.                    
17= /9/30 Croydon Boot Trades Association 1-2 Epsom Weds. First game of season and a real surprise.        
20= /9/30 George Mackesy now elected club captain. Emphatic 4-1 win over Tooting Town who = were "overwhelmed".    
To= oting did get an equaliser with Beavan scoring from an awkward angle, and he actual= ly dislocated his hip in the      
pr= ocess, as he collided with the goalpost. Taken to Cottage Hospital. 10 men after 20 minutes. Papers say that      
Ep= som would have won anyway. A Jack Parr goal was disallowed by the referee for offsi= de (not the linesman), just    
af= ter the injury, but he did score before HT which was 2-1. "One of the finest= cup ties yet played on Epsom's ground.    
Ex= -Epsom player E Hill played for Tooting.                  
27= /9/30 Epsom win 3-0 v Whyteleafe, but the score flatters Epsom, who are no better that their opponents except in    
ex= perience which made the difference. Herbert Etheridge played for Fred Behn who was away on business. Also      
Er= nie Sperring was injured so Jack Forster took his place and played well. Game was mean= t to be against Bostall    
He= ath at home, but they were involved in a cup tie.                
Se= pt 30 Trevor Jones is suspended for three weeks after his sending off. Erith player on= ly gets a one week suspension.    
Al= so reference to RW Earl returning to the side after suffering an injury in the early p= art of the previous season.      
SS= C 2q BYE - drawn at Camberley & Yorktown (A) in 3q. Despite reaching the final in 1929, Epsom had to qualify      
wh= ile 12 other sides are exempted, including Aquarius and Tooting Town. Why?          
He= rald says that Epsom Town are "indignant" at not being exempted from the Surrey Senior Cup qualifying rounds      
an= d they withdraw from the Surrey Charity Shield quoting a congested fixture list.          
Oc= t 30 Future player EH Hannam at Kingstonian this year.                
1/= 10/30 or possibly 8/10/30 Epsom Wednesday lose 5-1 at Mitcham Common v Greenbroom = Ath.        
On= the other date Epsom Weds appear to have won a match in CWL by 5-4 but don't know w= ho yet.        
4/= 10/30 Paper says that Sutton have never done well at Epsom's ground, and a record gat= e is expected for the FAC    
ma= tch. In the event, Epsom were the better side and won fairly easily. Sutton injury 2nd half. Passenger.      
Al= so, early 2nd half at 1-0, George Mackesy and Lever (Sutton) are sent off for "rough play". Presume fighting.      
Th= e game then became very scrappy from this point. Paper refers to Sutton finishing with two players sent off, but      
no= mention in two reports and is wrong. Jones is ineligible (suspended). "An unpleasant game". Comet described      
the sendings off: "Mackesy and Le= ver had a "difference of opinion" which led the referee to require = them to leave!"      
Sp= orts notes in the paper wonder why there is ill feeling between these clubs every ti= me they meet, but it has      
al= ways been the case since they started meeting as Senior teams. Both clubs are equal= ly at fault. 2 or 3 years ago    
Su= tton had a player injured so badly, that he never played top flight football again. Often these problems are caused    
by= the supporters of both sides!                  
Bo= th George Mackesy and Lever are suspended for 14 days from Tuesday 14/10/30. Regular reference in the papers    
to= a strong home advantage caused by the slope at West Street. Nothing changes!          
Su= rrey Midweek Cup 1st round on 8/10 sees Greenbroom Ath v Epsom Weds but Epsom were out= by third round.      
11= /10/30 West Norwood were superior to Epsom as a whole, and Epsom were lucky to win, d= ue to a last minute      
Ma= ckesy penalty, his 11th in succession apparently. Harry Westlake, and FEJ Behn = were the best players on the      
pi= tch. Game was switched to West Street, and two minutes silence was held in respect = of the R101 airship disaster.    
18= /10/30 About 3,000 spectators see Mitcham knock Epsom out of the FAC. Future player Ja= ckie Pullen scores 2.    
Ep= som were 1-1 for a while, but not for long, losing 3-1. Mackesy and Jones suspended wh= ich didn't help. New      
pl= ayer H Pattemore had previously been a pro for Llanelli and Swansea, but had been given permission by the Welsh    
FA= to play as an amateur. However, his debut was disappointing. Future player Jackie Pu= llen scored twice for Mitcham.    
He= rald says Marlow scored from 30 yards out on the left wing, but this is more likely= to have been Challis's position.    
Ho= wever, Advertiser agrees and says Marlow sent in a high shot from the left. MARL= OW.          
Pa= ttemore actually played twice in the Football League for Swansea City on 6th and = 13th October 1928.      
We= would have met Kingstonian (H) in the next round.                
18= /10/30 @ West Street Epsom, Leatherhead & District Schools 1-6 Surbiton & District Schools in English Schools    
Sh= ield 1st Round. "A big shock".                  
22= /10/30 C Harvey is chosen for Surrey Juniors v London Juniors @ Kingstonian this d= ay. He was introduced      
to= the club by a club member Mr JD Dougherty.                
Oc= t 30 reference to former player Jack Pearman's son now playing for Sutton Unit= ed.          
25= /10/30 Strong wind at Carshalton Athletic, who suffered an injury to their left wing, as Watson and Weston were      
bo= th injured and limp through the remainder of the game. Trevor Jones scored after 15 minutes and Epsom never look    
back, winning = 6-1 in AC.                    
Ca= rshalton keeper injured in collision at 5-1, and carried off. 10 men.                
Co= met said Pattemore was ineligible for AC, yet had played in FAC the week before. Played for Res instead.      
Lo= ndon League lost to Paris League 6-3 on 1/11/30 in Paris. No Epsom Town players selec= ted.        
1/= 11/30 Epsom at the top of their form in a 3-0 win at Dagenham Town. RW Earl returned = from injury, and Mackesy    
re= turned from suspension. Half way through 1st half saw an injury to Dagenham player Br= own. 10 men. Epsom      
wo= uld have won anyway say papers. Last 15 minutes were in poor light. Dagenham finished = with 9 near the end.      
5/= 11/30 Epsom Police 3-8 Epsom Wednesday - Police first match - played at Epsom Recreat= ion Ground.      
7/= 11/30 Ewell Boys beat Benhilton 3-0 in Sutton & District Schools Cup 2nd round. R.Chenery (related), R Sutton, and    
T.Sainsby scor= ed.                    
8/= 11/30 "One of the hardest, closest and most exciting games in ages". After 90 minutes, it was too dark to play ET.    
Cr= owd of 2,500 were quite pleased with the football with plenty of thrills. Both sides w= ere at full strength except      
wh= en Uden replaced the injured Etheridge. Jackie Pullen played for Mitcham and coll= ided with keeper Jack Forster    
on= three occasions, leaving him with cuts around the eye and cheek. Forster was a = very tough player though, as      
he= regularly boxed, and he continued. FEJ Behn scored from 25 yards after 43 minutes, = but in the second half, there    
wa= s another collision between Forster and Pullen, which ended with both players down,= and the ball in the net. The    
re= feree consulted with both linesmen, and disallowed the goal, but straight after= (2 seconds say papers) he awarded    
Mi= tcham a penalty, "for alleged obstruction by Westlake" which the injured Pullen then scored past the injured Forster!    
Herald says &q= uot;over 2,500".                    
12/11/30 Ewell Boys defeat Crown Road, Sutton 5-0 at W= est Street. Both teams had won all their matches previously. Don Butcher scor= ed four
an= d R.Sutton got the other. Record so far: Pld 9 W9 F50 A5.                
15= /11/30 Epsom play well in AC replay against Mitcham, winning 5-1. Pullen scored yet ag= ain for Mitcham.      
Af= ter Epsom had gone 5-1 up, Shoesmith the experienced keeper lost his temper with a spectator, and left the pitch    
an= d assaulted him. The ref had no alternative but to send him off on 75 minutes. As in = the first match, there had been    
an= oddly awarded penalty for no apparent reason, which Mackesy converted for his 1= 2th straight success. No one      
se= emed to know why it was given though. Epsom had a goal disallowed as the Mitcham lines= man said that the      
ba= ll had gone out of play. Papers refer to the need for neutral linesmen in these sort = of matches! Large crowd in      
sp= ite of wet weather. After the keeper's sending off, the game was very tame, and a Forster pensave from Pullen      
su= mmed it up, as he gained revenge for the week before.                
Mitcham News advises that the penalty was given when a Mitcham player "intercepted" an Epsom forward while Shoesmith w= as clearing the ball.
Herald says that referee advised he had not sent Shoes= mith off, but had stopped him from re-entering the field of play! Nightingale = went in goal.
Re= feree also reported the Mitcham linesman F Farrer, and the FA decided he was not to = run the line or referee again!    
Sh= oesmith was suspended for one month.                  
No= v 30 Terry Birch and Corby were selected for Surrey Juniors v Kent Juniors @ Margate= on 22/11/30. EG Matkin also    
se= lected but couldn't get there, so had to withdraw.                
Nov 30 Reg Stimson selected for London League v Isthmi= an League on 27/11/30. Also selected are three from Leavesden and two from P= ark Royal
de= spite them being in the lower division. Played at Leytonstone.                
22= /11/30 "As was generally expected" Epsom won at Whyteleafe Albion in AC 4q, but Whyteleafe were very      
un= lucky not to draw. G Carmichael replaced Behn (injured knee). Whyteleafe were a goal d= own, but "scored" right      
as= the referee blew the whistle for Half time. The goal was not allowed. Lucky break!. E= psom went further ahead in      
2nd half and w= on 2-1.                    
22= /11/30 Amazing SSC 3q game sees Dorking 7-8 Godalming!!!                
27= /11/30 Biannual match between London League and Isthmian League takes place at Leytonstone. No further details.    
28= /11/30 Ewell Boys defeated New Town (Sutton) 5-1 at Ewell on a Friday afternoon in a League match. The scorers    
we= re D.Butcher (2), R.Sutton (2) and Fred Chitty.                
29/11/30 Reference to the tie this day against Camberl= ey & Yorktown being "oft postponed". This must have been due to the Amateur Cup run and this was
I = believe the third consecutive Saturday that it was scheduled for.                
29= /11/30 RJ Stimson missing. He had played for London League v Isthmian League on 27/= 11, and had a strained groin    
mu= scle. He "played a great game" on the Thursday according to the Herald.<= /td>                
Be= hn played again, but for 75 minutes, his knee gave him trouble again. Camberley had most of the play, but Epsom    
to= ok an early lead. However, Camberley led 2-1 by HT partly because George Mackesy miss= ed his first penalty in    
th= irteen attempts. 2nd half was more for Epsom, who went 3-2 up, but an 86th minute equaliser forced extra time,      
wh= ich only lasted 2 minutes before it was abandoned for bad light. Why did ref start= it? C & Y had scored 11 last week.    
29= /11/30 Epsom, Leatherhead & District Schools 4-1 Wimbledon. Reuben Leveringt= on (Junior) played. This was in      
th= e Surrey Schools County Championships which Epsom won last year.                
Il= ford crowd trouble v Brentford on 29/11/30                  
Gr= ound closed for 14 days so any Epsom AC replay                
wo= uld have not been played at Ilford                  
No= v 30 Mr JH Robb of St James' Avenue, Ewell, writes in to complain about some of the Epsom supporters referring    
to "incidents of an unpleasant character".                  
De= c 30 Shearer was playing for Woking - is he the Epsom one? WH Shearer joined Epsom in August 1932.      
4/= 12/30 Harry Westlake played for Surrey v Essex.                
6/= 12/30 In the replay we had another exhibition of "poor and uninteresting football". T Jones scored after one minute,    
an= d Epsom pressed for the next 40 minutes without scoring, as Earl missed "thr= ee or four glorious chances". 2-0 at    
HT= , but Camberley scored after 46 minutes to make it interesting. After 65 minute= s, Harry Westlake disagreed with    
th= e referee on a decision and was sent off "to the surprise of all". Finally t= wo goals from Earl made it safe. Won 4-1.    
He= rald was very critical of the referee for this game, and Westlake doesn't serve any suspension in the end.      
10= /12/30 PC Fred Copsey scored HT for Epsom Police v Epsom Traders to turn the game around. Police had trailed    
0-= 3 at HT and 2-4 with ten minutes remaining, before the HT @ Court Rec.                
13= /12/30 Epsom draw the holders Ilford in Amateur Cup 1st round proper. "Epsom have= an outside chance of a draw"    
sa= ys Comet. Not sure where that draw would have been though, as Ilford had their grou= nd closed for 14 days on      
9/= 12/30 following an incident in the Cup tie with Brentford.                
13= /12/30 Big gate of over 3,000 for Ilford's visit in the Amateur Cup. It was the first time Epsom had reached      
th= is stage, and they had drawn the holders in the last 64. However, Epsom led after 5 minutes through        
Ma= rlow, and were the better team for over an hour. Epsom went 2-0 up with a Jones goal after 49 minutes,      
bu= t a quick reply, and then two in a minute (including a penalty) took Ilford ahead, eventually winning 5-2.      
Wo= uld have played Casuals (A) in 2nd round. Herald says Behn and Earl were below for= m, and Behn wasn't      
fu= lly fit. Should not have played. Also says only 2,500 attended.                
Ep= som should have been 2-0 up by HT as Jones scored from a backwards pass from Marlow,= but he was      
gi= ven offside! An honest mistake said Herald. Would have been away to Casuals in Second Round.        
20= /12/30 Tooting (H) is not played as the county cup tie v Egham takes priority.          
20= /12/30 Egham SSC tie abandoned in second period of extra time after bad light. 1-1 at = 90 minutes, but both teams    
sc= ored again in extra time before the game was abandoned with 6 minutes remaining. Egh= am were ahead twice, but    
go= als from Etheridge and Birch earned the replay. Pleasant but not brilliant football.          
26= /12/30 Friendly with Luton Amateurs, who were "very amateur". Epsom led 5-0 at HT and cruised to an 8-1 win.      
Lu= ton had got a 1-1 draw with Wimbledon the day before though. The Luton side contained former and future player    
C = Harvey. Pattemore and Dayman played well this day, while Sperring couldn't play a= s he has "face trouble", and      
Ja= ck Forster was in Newcastle for the holidays, and Etheridge and Stimson were also aw= ay. It was also a poor      
at= tendance for a Boxing Day, even allowing for the poor weather. John Coppin went in goa= l. It would normally have been    
We= stlake, but he crushed a finger the day before. Game refereed by Sid Basford, future = Club Secretary.      
27= /12/30 Replay v Egham. Forster and Sperring unavailable, so last years reserve keeper A Walker played instead.    
78= minutes Egham injury. 10 men. After 80 minutes it was 1-1 then Jones had a shot w= hich crossed the line      
(a= dmitted by Egham defender Shelcott) but the referee wasn't sure and played on. In ex= tra time, Epsom went 3-1 up    
bu= t Egham scored again near the end. Won 3-2. George Prestoe was Egham's best playe= r.        
Dec 30 Harry Westlake wasn't suspended after his sendi= ng off in December v Camberley & Y. Surrey FA decide there is no case to answer.
De= c 30 Including 27th Dec, Comet says Epsom have played 18 games with only two losses, which implied that Epsom    
ha= dn't played Mitcham in WHC F yet. However, Comet missed this game as it was minor, and played on 3/9/30.      
Ja= n 31 George Prestoe signed from Egham after impressing in Surrey Senior Cup matches v Epsom. Debut to be      
on= 10th Jan as he is playing in one last big game for Egham. He is young and dashing according to the Epsom Herald.    
Ja= n 31 At this stage, Epsom have only played 4 matches in the League, and it will be no easy task to finish the      
heavy league p= rogramme.                    
3/= 1/31 Epsom lose unbeaten league record with an 8-1 defeat at Chelmsford! Papers say = that 8-1 is a little harsh,      
bu= t Epsom were clearly outclassed. Jack Forster had a good game. Large & sporting cr= owd at Chelmsford, saw      
th= e game played for only 80 minutes, which was probably just as well! They would n= ot be so fortunate in Feb 1948!    
Ep= som ran the show for ten minutes, but were 5-0 down at HT!                
7/= 1/31 Epsom Weds draw 1-1 at South Croydon Weds. Epsom mispen in first half at 0-0 but then led after 80, only    
to= concede a last minute penalty equaliser. Foggy day and hard ground.                
10= /1/31 Poor game v Mitcham, even allowing for the weather. Pullen scored twice v Epso= m, while George Prestoe      
ma= de his debut in relief of W Dayman. Lost at home 3-0. Papers refer to having played 4 = cup ties already this      
se= ason, one was in FAC, and two were in AC, so the other must have been Wilson Hospit= al Cup, which was      
dr= awn 0-0 on 3/9/30. Clearly the new season's= cup had not been played at this date.          
Pi= tch was jagged and frozen, and day was quite foggy. Game only lasted for 80 minut= es with no HT interval. Herald    
bl= ames the London League for arranging these games with a 3pm k.o. in winter!! This = must be wrong!        
Ja= n 31 Fred Watts transfers from Epsom Town to Caarshalton Athletic.                
14= /1/31 Croydon BTA defeat Epsom Weds 9-0. Edmondson got 7. HT 4-0.                
17= /1/31 Improvement in form as Epsom win at last year's champions Grays. Epsom we= re 4-1 up at HT, before      
wi= nning 4-3. Grays had led 4 minutes, but after 6 minutes, Epsom were 2-1 up. At 4-3 Mackesy hit the bar in fading    
li= ght. Grays fans constantly barracked Westlake, who "played one of the best game= s of his life". He is "a personality".    
24= /1/31 "The ease with which Epsom won should have been indicated by a much greater margin" as Epsom beat      
Du= lwich Hamlet at Champion Hill 3-2 in front of 5,000 spectators. "Never have Epsom triumphed over a team of      
su= ch repute so conclusively". "Even Dulwich fans seemed to glory in Epsom's success". Challis was unavailable      
th= rough injury, while Pattemore (ex-pro) and Prestoe (cup tied) were ineligible, = so Behn, Parr and Matkin all played.    
He= rbert Etheridge was playing against his old club. Dulwich were 3-1 down and got= a late goal to make the score      
cl= oser than it really was. Comet said "Never have Dulwich been so surprisingly beaten" First ever meeting with them.    
28= /1/31 Reg Stimson plays for F.A. v Navy this day.                
30= /1/31 reported that Challis has discovered that two small pieces of bone have b= een chipped from his right knee. He    
wi= ll require an operation, and will be out for the rest of the season.                
31= /1/31 Epsom win 7-3 at Carshalton Athletic, after being 2-2 at HT. Carshalton had 3 ex-Epsom players Fred Watts,    
G = Wood and A Mackesy, George's brother. "The brother of Epsom's captain".              
Et= heridge was away at a Welsh International trial so Terry Birch came in to the side.          
6/= 2/31 reported that Epsom have been struck out of the SCS, despite advising that they would withdraw back in      
Se= ptember. They were asked to play Sutton Utd in 2nd round, but couldn't agree a date because of their fixture list.    
Th= e Epsom Cottage Hospital will receive no donation from the competition as a resul= t. Club are not worried about      
be= ing removed, but are angry that the hospital will get no money, especially as they participated last year, and the<= /td>    
Co= ttage got no money then either.                  
7/= 2/31 In return match, Epsom made it three big wins over Carshalton Athletic with a 7-1 win. Prestoe and Pattemore    
bo= th got hat tricks in both matches. A Mackesy played for Carshalton Athletic again, w= hile Fred Watts scored a      
pe= nalty for Carshalton. Trevor Jones is injured and cannot play this day. G Wood play= ed for Carshalton Athletic. "One    
of= the best halves Epsom ever had". In second half Harry Westlake went on the le= ft wing, as passengers often do, but    
&q= uot;didn't play like an injured player"!                  
Fe= b 31 future player L.Caiels is playing in the Isthmian League for Clapton.                
13= /2/31 reported in Herald that there was no report of the game on 31/1, and this week, he received one from each      
team, just to = make sure!                    
14= /2/31 Mitcham W pay another visit to Epsom in SSC. They are fortunate to win 2-1 say papers. Jack Forster is      
ch= arged into the net for the first goal, and both Forster and Mason (Mitcham W) were knocked out for a while. Pullen    
sc= ored the second goal. Both Prestoe and Pattemore ineligible for game. Herald right= ly says this is their 6th meeting.    
Mi= tcham won mainly through "their aggressiveness and thrustfulness". "Tactics were more than vigorous". Future      
pl= ayers Dick Wilson and Jackie Pullen played for Mitcham W.                
Fe= b 31 Ewell Boys still unbeaten this season and won 3-0 against Belmont School @ Belm= ont. Scorers were R.      
Ch= enery, R Sutton, and Don Butcher.                  
18= /2/31 No CWL game for Epsom Weds.                  
19/2/31 Sutton Advertiser reports that Mitcham Wandere= rs and Epsom Town will have to replay their Wilson Hospital Cup tie, so it clearly hadn't
be= en played by now, nor was it agreed to be shared at the time of the first draw.          
21= /2/31 Well contested sporting draw with Romford. Bronk Challis injured, so replaced = by Jack Parr. Epsom scored    
fi= rst through a good own goal from Russell, when the Romford player miskicked under pressure and it went in off the post!    
25= /2/31 R.Chenery scores HT for Ewell Boys. Was this an older brother, as Ray say= s he was born in 1924? Yes!      
25= /2/31 Croydon Albion defeat Epsom Weds 6-2 at Plough Lane Wallington. They led early but trailed 2-1 at HT.      
28= /2/31 Bostall Heath game played in Welling, Kent. If Epsom had won, they would = have had a chance at the title      
sa= y papers, but they lose 2-1 despite dominating the first 30 minutes. Most of the 2nd half was played in a      
sn= owstorm!. Epsom scored an Etheridge consolation with the last kick of the game.          
28= /2/31 Surrey Schools Shield (Hook Shield) SF 2nd replay between Croydon and Surbiton. = Drew 0-0, and would      
ne= ed a 4th replay at Epsom on 14/3/31 before Surbiton were victorious 3-0.                
7/= 3/31 A few spectators for the Dagenham match in freezing conditions. Epsom went 2-0 = up in first 25 minutes,      
wh= ich was just as well, as Mackesy and Jones suffered injuries, and were both passengers. Epsom hung on to win    
2-1. My records and the Advertiser report show Marlow = and Pattemore as the scorers even though Times online says it was Prestoe not Pattemore.
14= /3/31 Disaster at Romford where the score was 0-0 after 60 minutes yet lost 7-0= !! Debut for R Williams (Sutton)      
T = Jones was unavailable through injury, and Pattemore was ill, so Behn and Williams played instead.        
af= ter a very even first half at Brooklands. Attendance 3,000. HT for Webb (Romford)          
14= /3/31 Carshalton Athletic beat Mitcham Wanderers 2-0. Carsh had Fred Watts, J.J= ones (Jimmy?) A.Mackesy,      
wh= ile Mitcham had Jackie Pullen and Dick Wilson playing for them this day.                
Ma= r 31 Future keeper E James playing for Barking Town.                
18= /3/31 No CWL game for Epsom Weds.                  
21= /3/31 R Coleman was promoted from reserves but didn't play well. Newcomer R Andre= ws debut, and Ernie Sperring    
re= placed Jack Forster as Epsom tried to get out of a bad patch. Erith scored 7 minutes = and led at HT, but Epsom      
fo= ught back in 2nd half and should have won the game, but had to settle for a 1-1 draw. = Poor game that "didn't deserve    
mu= ch description"! G Bennett (Sutton & Redhill) was expected to play,= but didn't show, and never did play for Epsom in the end.    
Ma= r 31 George Prestoe has returned to Egham following the Romford defeat.                
25= /3/31 @ West Street the Sutton and District League Schools Final between Ewell and Hackbridge. Drew 1-1 so      
th= ey are joint holders. HT 1-0, scorer: Nash.                  
25= /3/31 A goalless first half but Croydon Wanderers beat Epsom Weds 3-1, It was Croydon's last game of the season.    
2= 8/3/31 We pinched a 1-1 draw with Bostall Heath, as a result of a 90th minute equal= iser from Harry Westlake. Debut for H Styles  
an= d J Richards both promoted from the reserves, and played well enough. Reserves at home afterwards v UGBM k.o. 4.45.    
31= /3/31 League Shield Final sees Hackbridge end Ewell Boys unbeaten run with a 90th minu= te winner 1-0. First loss    
in= 2 years. @ Carshalton Athletic.                  
3/= 4/31 Lost 3-5 on Good Friday v bottom club Walthamstow Grange at Chingford Road. H.Pattemore played but      
Ep= som went 1-0 down after 15 minutes. Bob Gates played against his old team. 2-0 down af= ter 30 but Trevor Jones    
scored before HT, then Walthamstow sco= red a third. HT 3-1. Marlow then scored from Richards pass, but two more    
go= als for the hosts rendered R.Williams' goal a consolation.                
Ap= r 31 future Club Saviour and Crystal Palace Chairman Ray Bloye playes for Carshalton = at Romford - beaten 9-1.      
4/= 4/31 Biggest number of goals conceded by an Epsom team at West St, as Grays visit and = win 8-1. Harvey played    
fo= r Grays wearing his usual black skull cap! And scored twice. Tomlinson got 5 more. Sperring had a bad day. HT unk.    
J "Snowy" Goddard made his debut from Redhill. Did he play against Epsom in SSC F 1929? Yes he did.      
Ep= som were a goal down in the first minute, then fairly even for twenty minutes, befor= e HT 1-3. Lost 8-1      
6/= 4/31 J Barrs (Kingstonian) and Richards (West Park) make debuts v Walthamstow Grange a= nd win 7-3. Forster took    
Sp= erring's place, as he was injured, but may have been about to be dropped anyway. 6= -3 up at HT. Walthamstow's    
ke= eper was injured in second half, and Epsom sportingly didn't push or charge him.          
So= uth London Press advises that Barrs had in fact gone to Nunhead from Kingstonian so = must have joined us from Nunhead.    
6/= 4/31 Barnes Albion 6-1 Warlingham Surrey Minor Cup Final at West Street. Ko 11.15          
Cu= p had been presented by the late Sir Conan Doyle, and was awarded by FR Gulland.          
8/= 4/31 No League game for Epsom Weds.                  
8/= 4/31 Friendly at West Street saw Surrey Schoolboys v Middlesex Schoolboys draw 1-1.          
10= /4/31 Herald reports that they have many midweek games to play now.                
11= /4/31 Dull game with Finchley saw Epsom scrape through 2-1. All the goals were score= d in the second half, while    
Th= e winning goal against Finchley "was the result of a movement which for pretti= ness and smartness is not likely      
to= be surpassed on Epsom Town's ground". Great goal by Pattemore, after th= ree previous passes from Parr, Jones    
an= d Mackesy, which led to an excellent first time strike. J Barrs was unavailable as he was playing for his works team    
this day. Etheridge and Mackesy were up front for this game.                
18= /4/31 Return game with Finchley saw Mackesy and Jones out injured, and replaced by Carmichael and Behn. Ref    
mi= ssed Bob Gates punching the ball out from on the goal line, but Finchley still led after 44 minutes and won 2-0.      
20= /4/31 Monday evening game saw many reserves playing for both sides as Tooting beat Eps= om 2-0.        
Th= is broke their 7 game losing run. Tooting had recently been censured by the Surrey F.A. over irregular payments,    
an= d their treasurer was suspended "sine die". Ted Pullen played for Tooti= ng, who was apparently no relation to      
Ja= ckie, the Mitcham and future Epsom player. The goals were in the 10th and 13th minu= tes.        
It= is clear that by 18th April the Wilson Hospital Cup semi between Epsom & Mitch= am has not yet been played.      
an= d the original final was probably never replayed either. Certainly hadn't been played by 14/2/31. Carshalton      
At= hletic await the victors in the final. Not sure that this game was ever played. See comments in blue at top.      
Lo= ts of midweek games were played as Epsom's first and reserve teams had games to catch up.        
Ap= r 31 SCFA advise a possible Surrey Midweek league, depending on interest.            
22= /4/31 A good 2-1 win at Mitcham on a Wednesday evening for the league match. Marlow ge= ts both in 2nd half.      
Mi= tcham News calls it "a strenuous and vigorous game ended in a win for Epsom&quo= t;. Ht was 0-0, but Reg Marlow      
sc= ored after 55 minutes, and again after Mitcham pressure. The game then got rough, and Jackie Pullen was kicked    
af= ter scoring a penalty for Mitcham. T.Sealey (future wartime Epsom Town player) was th= en kicked and carried off.      
Th= e crowd were very angry with Harry Westlake about this, and held a demonstration after= the game. "The Mitcham    
Wa= nderers officials and the police are to be commended on the tactful way in which = they dealt with the situation".      
25= /4/31 Cray are dispatched 6-2. Game kicked off after 4pm, as Cray got lost on their = way. 6-2 was harsh on Cray.    
Bo= b Gates missed this game injured, and watched while Etheridge took his place, but= he was a bit slow. George      
M= ackesy is troubled by a leg injury and may not play again this season says Herald. = He does though. Very wet and muddy day.  
27/4/31 3rd win at Whyteleafe Albion this season. 2-1. Herald says there are three reserves in the line up this day but does not name them.
28= /4/31 Rural Council 5-3 Urban Council at West Street. Scorers for Rural Council were = Keen (3), Stimson and o.g (Parker)    
30= /4/31 2 late goals ensure that Epsom beat Tooting 2-1 on a Thursday evening.          
Ma= y 31 Tooting Town FC to change name to Tooting FC it is advised in Balham and Tooting Gazette.        
2/= 5/31 1-0 win over Cray means that Epsom finished with 5 straight wins to end the seaso= n. Epsom were lucky to win,    
as= Cray had 90% of the possession but were too cautious. 82nd minute winner for Behn.=          
20/= 5/31 SCFA AGM at Adult School Hall, Park Lane, Croydon.                
Reserves: London League Division 1                
Position 8th out of 14                  
SIC 3rd Wills Sports   0-3          
Su= rrey Intermediate Cup 1st round bye.                  
Wi= lls sports reached final. They played at Hill Farm on the St Helier Estate.                
30/8/30 Res lose 6-0 at Leavesden in opening league ga= me of the season. The "wing halves were the great weakness" said t= he Herald.
6/= 9/30 Reserves unlucky to concede an equaliser in the last minutes. D 4-4 at Chelmsford. Epsom were 1-0 down after    
2 = minutes but went 2-1 up, then 2-2 then Epsom mispen. HT 2-2. Res went ahead twice mor= e in the game, but were    
pegged back ea= ch time.                    
13/9/30 Fred Watts mispen for reserves at 0-0, but won anyway 6-1 v Erith & Belvedere. Two goals each for Parker & Thomas with an own goal and one unknown.
20= /9/30 Appears no game for Reserves.                  
27= /9/30 Quite a large gate for the friendly at Sutton, which Epsom lost 3-2 after leadi= ng 2-1 at HT.        
4/10/30 reference to a new keeper A.Carter who played = and did well as we beat Erith & Belvedere 2-1 this day. He is a London Policeman.
11= /10/30 CF Harvey and EG Matkin both played and scored for Surrey Juniors in a 3-3 d= raw with London Juniors      
at Kingstonian= .                    
25/10/30 H Pattemore played for Res in 4-1 London Leag= ue win over Mitcham Wanderers. Carter was unavailable so A.Fripp went in goa= l. Facing us was H.Barber
wh= o had been with us recently but this was his debut for Mitcham Wanderers!              
Mitcham News provides the teams and includes C Williams ahead of Sayers but they also included Carter who was not playing so it l= ooks like they were unaware
of Fripp coming in so would likewise be unaware of Williams being replaced by Sayers. Pattemore mispen (POST) at 0-0 in first half. HT 0-0.
1/= 11/30 Reference in Advertiser to "A.Player?" who scored HT v Romford = in 5-2 home win. They were playing at inside left.    
Co= met doesn't know either. Quite possibly Edwards (Walton Heath) who made his debut this day.        
Or= iginally due to play Carshalton Ath in SIC on 1st Nov, but postponed to 29th.            
8/= 11/30 Another new player is expected to play this day, Stowers (Tufnell Park). = They lose 3-0 at Hendon, but this is<= /td>    
ha= rsh says Herald and should have been nearer 1-0. "A clean, well contested match".          
15= /11/30 Epsom win 1-0 at Mitcham Wanderers.                
22= /11/30 Reserves lost 2-0 at new up and coming team Park Royal. Cowey and Birch w= ere missing, as they were      
pl= aying for Surrey Juniors v Kent Juniors @ Margate. Described as two of our best players.        
I= don't have a Cowey in my records but do have a J.Corby was that him?                
22= /11/30 original date of SIC tie at Wills, but Carshalton tie had not been played yet.          
6/= 12/30 Due to visit UGBM in a League match but not played. Rearranged for 14/2/31.          
13= /12/30 Appears no game for res.                  
20= /12/30 Due to have a friendly at home to Epsom Athletic. Was this played?              
27/12/30 Scheduled to play at Mitcham Wanderers in the League but the match had already been brought forward to 15th November.
3/= 1/31 A Carter (a policeman) was injured, so A Fripp went in goal for res. A "general utility man".        
17/1/31 Reserves become the first team to take a point from Beckenham in 1-1 draw. Parr and Behn both played well against a teeam with a 100% record but
Ba= tes for Beckenham did break his leg during the match..                
31= /1/31 Epsom lose 3-8 to Brentwood MH, yet were 2-0 up at HT! H Styles injured in this game.        
21= /2/31 No game for reserves. Beckenham hand Park Royal their only loss of the season 2-1.        
28/2/31 Ernie Sperring pensave 5 minutes from time v Standard Telephones in 1-1 draw. New player J Williamson. Terry Birch (pe= n) scored our goal.
7/3/31 No game= for Reserves                    
21= /3/31 Probable no game for Reserves                  
28= /3/31 KO 4.45 at West Street v UGBM Sports (Charlton). Drew 2-2 after the first te= am match.        
24= /4/31 Game v Leavesden definitely takes place on the Friday evening.                
24/4/31 Res lose 7-1 to Leavesden MH says Herald not 1= -8 according to BOOK. Checked Herald which advises a score of "seven go= als to one".
Th= e Epsom line up represented "a fairly scratch lot". However, Epsom Advertiser says the score was 8-1!      
Af= ter doing table tracking using many leageu tables I can confirm that the score was definitely 7-1.        
30/4/31 Epsom Reserves lose to Beckenham on a Thursday evening. Score unknown but table tracking confirms score as 3-1. BOOK is wrong.
2/5= /31 C Harvey and E Mathieu scored for Reserves v Woolwich Poly in a 2-0 win.          
Juniors Sutton & District League Division 3=                
Position 3rd out of 11                  
L= eague Handbook from 1930/31 states the following:                
  Secretary and address     Colours     Ground    
Bryant Athlet= ic G.E.Birks - 4 Bryant Cottages, Merton = SW19     Red and white, striped jerseys Number 1, Three Kings Green, Mitcham
          white knickers   Common    
                Dressing Rooms on Ground
Carshalton Hi= ll Reserves S.H.Allison - 40 Cranfield Road, Carsh= alton     Black jerseys, Amber V, Stanley Park Recreation Ground, Carshalton
          white knickers   on the Hill    
                Dressing Rooms on Ground
Epsom Athleti= c III S.C.Martin - 10 Pikes Hill, Epsom     Claret and Light Blue Quarters Alexandra Road Recreation Ground
                Dressing Rooms on Ground
Epsom Town Ju= niors J.Murphy - 5 Mill Road, Epsom Common     Light and Dark Blue   Court Recreation Ground, Epsom
  Phone: Epsom 773           Dressing Rooms on Ground
Fetcham J.W.Stevens - Stoke Road, Fetcham     Red jerseys, white knickers Fetcham Recreation Ground
                Dressing Rooms on Ground
Manor Rovers = Res K.Hook (staff), The Manor Institution,= Epsom     Blue and White   Manor Institution
                Dressing Rooms on Ground
Mitcham Green= Res R.W. Gore - 6 Whitford Gardens, Mitcha= m     Green with White V jerseys, Rosehill, Sutton  
          white knickers   Dressing Rooms on Ground
Mitcham St Ma= rk's E.W.Harler - 5 Lavender Avenue, Mitcha= m     White shirts, Black Knickers Number 1, The Three Kings pub, Mitcham
                Dressing Room adjoining ground
Rosehill Rese= rves S.H.Gray - 12 Horseshoe Green, Sutton<= /td>     Light and Dark Blue Jerseys, Rosehill, Sutton  
          White Knickers   Dressing Rooms on ground
Sutton Town H.C.Richardson - 13 Benhilton Gardens,=     Red and Black striped jerseys, Sutton & Cheam Recreation Grounds
  Benhilton       Blue Knickers   Dressing Rooms ?
Wallington Ho= ly Trinity OB E.Wilson - 12 Highland Cottages, Bute = Road,     Blue with Amber V jerseys Wallington Recreation Ground, Stafford Road
  Wallington             Dressing Rooms on Ground
6/= 9/30 Large crowd stay behind after Chelmsford LL game to watch Juniors beat Sutton T= own 10-2 in S & D match.    
Ju= niors went behind early but were ahead soon after the setback. Sutton made it 2-2. HT 6-2.        
27= /9/30 Juniors defeat Carshalton Hill Res 6-2 at Court Rec H). 2-0 up after 5 minutes, and HT was 4-1. A keen and    
cleanly fought game. Scorers B Spring (2), Clement (2), Nash, and G Watts. Herald said Watts and Spring excelled on the left wing= .
11= /10/30 Juniors 5-0 Mitcham Green Res (H) @ Court Rec. Third straight win in leag= ue. Scorers were E Clement (3),    
B = Spring, and G Watts. This was harsh on Mitcham Green who played better than the score indicates.        
18= /10/30 projected line up for game at Wallington Holy Trinity OB: C Pearch, J Spr= ing, W Gubby, John Murphy,      
K = Nash, R Webb, J Wheal, James Murphy, E Clement, G Watts, B Spring. Lost 2-3.          
25/10/30 Juniors beat Rose Hill Reserves 5-3. Mackley = got HT for Rose Hill. We were 2-1 down at HT and 3-1 down before fighting bac= k.
8/= 11/30 Mitcham St Mark's 4-3 Epsom Juniors in SDL.                
15/11/30 Juniors bounce back with a 5-3 win at Mitcham Green Reserves in a League match. Mitcham report says that the game was m= ore in Epsom's
fa= vour than the 5-0 earlier in the season when they had been the better side! HT 3-2 = up.          
29= /11/30 Bryant Ath v ET Jun p-p                  
13= /12/30 ET Jun v Epsom Athletic III p-p                  
20/12/30 Juniors won 4-2 at Fetcham. HT 1-0 but 2-1 do= wn soon after. J Spring in 1st half, then B Spring and E Clement (2) in seco= nd half.
Be= rnard Spring's free kick aws excellent and "turned the match around".=                
Ex= pected line up for 27/12/30 is C Pearch, E Stredwick, R Webb, J Wheal, K Nash, John Murphy, J Spring,      
Ge= orge Watts, E Clement, James Murphy, B Spring, P Staplehurst                
26= /12/30 Juniors 0-4 Epsom Athletic III @ Alexandra Rec. Epsom Athletic were "good value" for their win.      
27/12/30 Manor Rovers Reserves 6-3 Epsom Juniors @ Man= or Hospital. Scorers were Watts (2), and B Spring. "Rovers too heavy for Juniors".
J = Wheal was in goal and saved a penalty, and many other good saves.                
17= /1/31 Juniors 6-2 Fetcham. Clement (2), Watts (2), B Spring (2).                
7/= 2/31 Juniors get a 3-3 draw at Bryant Athletic in the Sutton & District League.          
14= /2/31 One week later the two teams meet again, this time Epsom win 5-0.                
21= /2/31 Juniors defeat Rosehill Reserves 13-0 in a League game.                
14= /3/31 Juniors lose 6-0 at home to Wallington Holy Trinity Old Boys in a League match.          
21= /3/31 Juniors v Mitcham St Mark's p-p                  
28/3/31 Juniors win 4-1 at Sutton Town in a League mat= ch. HT 0-0 but scored five minutes into the second half. Town equalised but E= psom then ran away with it.
4/= 4/31 Juniors lose 3-1 at Epsom Athletic III in a League match.                
11= /4/31 Juniors defeat Manor Rovers Reserves 5-2 in the League.                
18= /4/31 Juniors win 10-2 at Carshalton Hill Reserves in a League match.                
2/= 5/31 Juniors win 18-1 v Mitcham St Mark's in final game of season.                
Other affiliated Local Teams:   Secretary     From SCFA Handbook       Affiliated
Epsom Ass Rov= er Scouts   AJ Treadway (junior)     52 Long Grove Road, Epsom     Aug 1926
Epsom Athleti= c   L Miller     43 Spelman Street, London E9     July 1922
Epsom Wednesd= ay   W Wales     3 Adelphi Road       Sept 1923
Epsom Rambler= s   AT Blackman     47 Albert Road, Epsom     ??
Ewell Colony   R Horsman     Colony Mental Hospital     Nov 1927
29= /7/30 Ewell By Pass given approval by Surrey County Council and granted 75% of the co= sts. 43,000 total cost.    
Au= g 30 CRAGANOUR dies. This horse won the 1913 Epsom Derby, but was later disqualified for bumping and the      
ra= ce was awarded to ABOYEUR at odds of 100-1. That Derby was also famous for the actions of Emily Davison, who    
th= rew herself in front of the King's Horse AMNER, and died a few days later.                
Au= g 30 Reference to the Epsom County School For Boys being at 1 Church Street, Epsom.        
30= /9/30 Proposal submitted for widening of Epsom High Street, which is brought ab= out by an application from      
Wo= olworths to rebuild their store at 48 High Street. Both sides were considered, but it= was felt that the North side      
sh= ould be the one demolished, although a grant would be required. Reference to an earli= er consideration and earlier    
pl= an submitted in 1913, but not followed through (maybe WW1?).                
26/= 2/31 Streatham Ice Rink opened.