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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
W= INNERS of London League Premier Division in first season since transferring from Su= rrey Senior League.  
LL   1st out of 13 Premier Division CHAMPIONS!        
FA= C 3q Wimbledon 2-3          
AC   3q Met Police 0-3          
SSC   2nd Summerstown 1-5          
ES= HC reached final - held over to next seaso= n v Lloyds Bank. Eventually lost 2-4 in Sept 1928  
Pr= esident Robert Bradshaw            
Ch= airman Hugh C Bradley            
Se= cretary Billy (WE) Green            
Pr= ess Secretary DWG Jones              
Tr= easurer SR Prett              
Ho= me Ground: West Street, Ewell            
Tr= ainer Tom Kirk              
Cl= ub Colours Light and dark blue            
AG= M late May? No record yet              
2= 6/5 Dinner Dance at Foresters Hall on Thursday evening. Robert Bradshaw presiding. M= r T Collins a (v-p) proposed "The Club"  
F= irst XI scored 178 against 69, while seconds scored 92 against 62. David WG Jones paid tribute to the ground calling it "largely  
un= ique in the annals of amateur football" Not entirely = clear why the ground was so special though. Check!    
S= R Prett (Treasurer) and SJ Ayris (President of SCFA) were present, and arrangemen= ts were made by Billy Green and HE (AE?)  
Ch= aney (Supporters Club Secretary)                
J= uly 27 Robert Bradshaw unable to be at the annual match between Police and Tradesmen, after a recent serious car accident.  
Th= is would lead to his eventual death in May 1928.            
C= allender Athletic and Edmonton are promoted up from the First Division, while Epsom replace the Leyton (Athenian League).  
8/= 6/27 SCFA AGM at Battersea Town Hall              
2= 2/6/27 Epsom Town's letter of resignation is read out at the Surrey Senior League meet= ing. They decided to withhold the 2  
s= ubscription and deposit and fined them an additional 3. As of 25/10/27 it had not be= en paid, so the SSL threatened to report  
th= em to SCFA if not paid within 7 days. It was paid shortly after, it was reported at = the meeting on 5/12/27.    
27= /6/27 Sutton & District League AGM at Sutton Adult School. WS Basford - League Secretary - re-elected    
Re= ference to many teams withdrawing in 26/27 - very poor. Juniors placed in 3rd Divisi= on in their first season.    
No= Premier Division this year, just Divisions One to Three.          
Au= g 27 Future player J "Snowy" Goddard has trial for Swansea. Currently with Sutton Utd.      
Au= g 27 C Davis and J Coppen leave for Dorking.            
2= 6/8/27 reported "A new Adventure". All players remain from last year a= nd a new player H Andrews who is a friend of George  
M= ackesy. Custom House are the first opponents tomorrow, and their ground is between Plaistow (underground) and Custom  
H= ouse (LNER). T Edwards will still play when required. Another new player is G Dale (Colchester) but he doesn't play many  
g= ames. Reg Marlow is missing this first= game as his brother is away and he has to look after the business. In later years,  
R= eg's son helps out at a grocer's in Ruxley Lane, so it's possible that this is what the business is. Plays for reserves this day.  
2= 6/8/27 reported by Herald that the stand has been increased, and there is now ro= om for 500, 200 more than last year.  
Th= e work was done by the Supporters Club.            
To= m Kirk remains as trainer, while Sid Bristow will work with the reserves.        
2= 7/8/27 Won 4-2 at Custom House. 2 new players H Andrews and Dale. T Edwards will play occasionally this season, so was  
r= eplaced. Will still play when required. Paper refers to several new players this d= ay. Team is still capable of being strengthened .  
T= his was Custom House's last season at this ground before moving to the Vernons Sp= orts Ground which was nearby.  
This old ground was in Bingley Road, also known as Pri= nce Regent Lane which ran at right angles to it and was known as the Custom H= ouse Sports
Gr= ound. Attendance was 500. Dale was ex-Colchester in Spartan League. Challis pla= yed well and      
w= as "very good". The Custom House ground was a good one but its environment and surroundings are entirely different from  
wh= at Epsom have been accustomed to in the past. 1-0 up 5 minutes. Herald says pleasa= nt game, easy victory.    
J= ack Parr scored after 5 minutes, but it was 1-1 after 10. HT was 2-1 up, but after Custom House equalised, two more goals for  
E= psom in two minutes did the damage. Custom House were the only side to beat last year= 's Champions, Grays last year.  
A= ug 27 reference to Dorking FC's opening friendly of season (v Guards Depot) at Pippbrook being filmed and shown at Playhouse.  
A= ug 27 Reference to W Dunwoody leaving Sutton. Ex-Schoolboy international. Was he connected to Danny (regular  
su= pporter) and Steve (brother of Danny, and first team future player in early 60's). Che= ck!        
3= /9/27 Reg Marlow returns for friendly at Summerstown. Comet says he got 80 goals la= st season, but is wrong, as it was between  
<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>65 and 69. W Parker was in goal, as Er= nie Sperring and Freddie Behn were ill. A 1-1 draw would have been fairer, bu= t a late  
w= inner after 85 minutes gave the hosts the win. Attendance was 1,000. Ernie Sperring played for the reserves this day.  
E= psom kicked off towards the Columbia Gramophone works end! 2 goals just before HT whi= ch was 1-1. Reg Sperring was injured  
an= d may miss the next game says Herald.              
Re= ference to former player T Edwards being named "Poughy" as he was in need = of more exercise.      
Se= pt 27 Reference to Wallington having a new ground. Was this Plough Lane? Yes!        
1= 0/9/27 2,000 present at Chelmsford who got a late equaliser. However, Epsom were fortunate, and were outclassed at times.  
E= rnie Sperring "wonderful goalkeeping", while Westlake, was also good. Reg Marlow and Reg Sperring were absent injured.  
T= hey were replaced by Dale and J Robertson. According to Chelmsford it was "the best game of football that had been witnessed  
t= here for years". Fred Watts scored against his old club (four years ago), and Behn had a goal disallowed at 1-0 up.  
1= 7/9/27 Game full of excitement and fortune ebbed and flowed from start to finish. Gro= und was sticky after heavy rains. Jack  
Parr scored after 5 mins, and then again for a 2-0 lead after 25 minutes, but Mitcham fought back to equalise, before a late Marlow
w= inner saw Epsom through in the FA Cup in front of 1,600. Herald says Epsom were luc= ky to win, and that they should also have<= /span>  
ne= utral linesmen in cup matches.                
2= 1/9/27 Epsom Weds 4-2 Croydon Police in Croydon & District Weds League. HT 3-2. Th= is was Epsom Wednesdays first  
ma= tch of the season in their first season in this league.            
2= 4/9/27 Very interesting and well fought encounter between the two new teams to the Lo= ndon League, Epsom and Callender  
A= thletic, who scored in the first minute. HT was 3-3 before Epsom won 6-4, despite losi= ng Ernie Sperring to an 80th minute  
i= njury. Fred Watts went in goal until the end of the game. 10 men. T Edwards first game this season. Reg Sperring missing,  
g= olfing in France, which may keep him out for a while. Ashen HT for Callender, who w= ere promoted from Div 1 last season.  
R= eg Sperring's golfing commitments start in Lille on 1st Nov (presume assista= nt pro or similar) Reg and Ernie are identical twins.  
R= eg missed this game and was replaced by reserve Cecil Taylor. Debut. Reg's dad was a former steward at Epsom Golf Club.  
Pi= cture of Reg Sperring - P5 5/10/1927 Surrey Comet            
Ca= llender Athletic were a works side dealing in cable construction, and played in Belvedere.      
They were at the Callender's Sports Ground, Church Manorway, Belvedere and had been promoted up from the Erith Junior League which they had
jo= ined in 1922. Their last two seasons were spent in Division One of the London Lea= gue which they won in 1926/27.    
28= /9/27 Epsom Weds 13-1 Epsom Postal. Budd (5), Staplehurst (4)        
3= 0/9/27 reported that Herald queried whether T Edwards would be leaving the club,= as he wasn't selected for firsts or reserves  
th= is week. He stays. Was probably just unavailable that week.          
S= ept 27 Reference to regular rivals West Norwood being without a ground of their = own after building operations. They shared<= /span>  
w= ith Tooting at their old ground, and then last season at their new ground, but since leaving the Athenian League this season,  
t= hey have been groundless. Played Epsom in FAC at Epsom, even though drawn at home.= On 1/10/27, Epsom won easily  
4-1 without playing well. Papers said it was a tame ga= me, and Ernie Sperring and Jack Parr were both ill. Parker deputised in goal.=
Ep= som went uphill in the first half "as is usual for Epsom".          
Oc= t 27 SSC draw Leyland Motors (A) in 2q, then Aquarius or Guildford (H) in 3q on 12/11/27.      
Oc= t 27 AC 1q BYE to 2q.                  
5/= 10/27 Epsom Weds v South Suburban Co-operators (Penge) in Croydon Midweek League. No result yet.    
8/= 10/27 League match at Callender drawn 0-0.              
C= allender play in Belvedere. Both sides disappointed in this match. Parr was ill so= S Jackman played. A "scratchy" game.  
1= 2/10/27 Surrey Midweek Cup 1st round Epsom Wednesday v North Park Wanderers (H) -= Won 4-2 at Epsom Rec (Alexandra).  
1= 5/10/27 Epsom at full strength knock Sutton out of FAC 2-0 at West St in front of over 2,500 spectators in fine weather. Not  
t= oo much good football in first half, before Reg Marlow opened the scoring on 53 minute= s. After 58 minutes a Sutton player was  
i= njured . 10 men. "Epsom were the better team, being quicker on the ball, sound in defence and quick in attack" + "were  
t= ireless and concerted in their movements". About half of the crowd came from Sut= ton, and about 400 by ordinary train.  
T= he crush was so great that the carriage springs were forced down so the train made a grating sound and went slowly. Train  
c= ompany not good enough say papers. Inadequate provision made. Comet says attendance = was 3,000., best gate of season.  
F= ootball was of a "robust" nature in first half, but in the second "Epsom have never played such attracti= ve football as they did in  
p= art two of the game". Herald gives official attendance as 2,981. During the game Ernie Sperring kicked wildly and missed his kick  
co= mpletely, and saw the ball just go wide of his own posts!          
2= 2/10/27 Epsom expected to beat Reigate Priory in AC 10-0, but won 7-1 after a tig= ht first half that was only 1-1. The stands  
w= ere full but the attendance was small, after having it switched from Reigate. Bad weat= her didn't help either. Reigate scored  
fi= rst after 10 minutes, but Epsom equalised through Behn, and ran away with it in 2nd ha= lf, scoring 6 more, although    
t= he keeper was not at fault for any of them. Less than 400 present due to wet weathe= r. Parr got the third says Herald.  
O= ct 27 Reference to Frederick Evelyn James Behn was born in Rhodesia and moved to Ewell in the early part of the century.  
Li= ved in Ewell since 1923.                  
2= 9/10/27 A good game and good gate are certainties say papers, as Epsom travelled to Wimbledon in the FA Cup. They are  
r= ight about both, as "about 8,000" watched this entertaining game. Epsom ju= st weren't quite good enough, and an early goal  
fo= r Wimbledon was added to before HT. Lost 3-2. Epsom had been unchanged for the third straight week.    
The attendance was in fact the record gate that season= for Plough Lane, but this was exceeded later in the season. We'd have been at
ho= me to London Caledonians in the next round.            
He= rald says that the official attendance was 7,631.            
2/= 11/27 Epsom Wednesday v Croydon Boot Traders (A) in Surrey Mid week Cup 2nd Round. Lo= st.      
4= /11/27 Ewell Boys 6-1 New Town School in Sutton & Dist Schools League. Res win 5-2= in reverse fixture the same day.  
5= /11/27 Not a good crowd or game for the visit of Leyland Motors in another switched ga= me. Epsom didn't deserve a 2-0 lead.  
J= ack Parr was injured, so Reg Sperring took his place with S Perry coming into the side, and he scored the third goal from 40  
y= ards out. "Somewhat scrappy" game says Comet. SCFA Secretary WJ Wilson wa= s at the game, and Herald says it was=  
unfortunate that he chose this game to attend. Origina= lly drawn to be played at Leyland but presume Kingstonian had a game that day
as= they shared Richmond Road at the time.              
No= v 27 Epsom Wednesday are not in Kingston & District League this season.        
N= ov 27 Club captain Reg Sperring has to sever his connections with the club at the en= d of the month, due to a golfing  
a= ppointment in France - pro?. Papers say he has played, like his brother since 1917, = and in ten years since, has done his  
p= art towards raising the status of the premier team in the district and his departure = will mean losing a very old friend of local  
f= ootball enthusiasts. A presentation will be made and a collection was taken on 5/= 11 at the Leyland game which raised 6 and  
th= e total in hand in now around 10.                
1= 2/11/27 Met Police too big and strong for Epsom in AC and win 3-0. Harry Westlake was unavailable through injury, which was  
u= nfortunate, as he was tall and would have been ideal for the opponents. Fred Watts to= ok his place, with T Evans coming in  
Watts' position. Epsom were also very unlucky this day= . As an example Fred Behn was clean through but the referee blew for offside
before realising his mistake. Despite acknowledging his error he had no choice but to restart with a drop ball. We were 1-0 down after 5
mi= nutes to a shot that went in off the post and we had no joy going down the hill in t= he second half.      
1= 2/11/27 Jack Weaver, an old pro joins Epsom from Carshalton Athletic, and can play in = all games as he is a reinstated  
a= mateur. "He started his career at Epsom and wants to finish it here" sa= ys Herald. Must have been an earlier Epsom side.  
He= doesn't get back to the first team, only playing for the reserves.        
1= 9/11/27 Home SSC game with Aquarius postponed until next week, which will be Reg Sperring's last game for the club. As a  
r= esult of this, a league match was arranged at Bostall Heath, which was lost 3-0. George Mackesy was injured in the first half.  
In fact the injury was reported by the Advertiser as occurring "as soon as he got on the field". With a strained ligament he went to outside-right as a
passenger. Watts went to right half.Herbert Etheridge (Dulwich) made his debut in Reg Sperring's place this week. Had played for Wales v England
A= mateur in 1925. Played ok on debut, but opposition were much the better side and are more direct. Game finished in  
cr= eeping fog and fading light.                  
T= he game was postponed for "unusual circumstances" which was that Epsom Rese= rves had not had a home game in 10 weeks!  
2= 6/11/27 Reg Sperring's last game. Played one of his best games in a 7-3 win over Aqua= rius in SSC which was a "crowning  
c= onclusion to his career". Presented with gifts after the game. George Mackesy sti= ll injured, so "useful reserve" Perry played  
again. Reg had been captain for the last three years, = and the Presentation was made by AC Williams (a v-p) in Robert Bradshaw's
a= bsence through illness. The club gave him a golf bag, and a gold watch with inscription, while the players gave him a cigarette  
c= ase with all the players names (and trainer) written on it. "Rounds of cheering&q= uot; He said he would not say goodbye, but "au revoir".  
Th= ere was a dinner in his honour at the Spread Eagle that evening.        
Bo= th George and Liz Sperring, Reg's son and daughter (but not the only offspring) say= Reg went to Italy not France.    
3/= 12/27 No game for first XI, as Mitcham Wanderers were in the SCS v Wimbledon. Were= due to be away to MW.    
3= /12/27 Reference to former player DB Pentycross being with Epsom Athletic this season, and scoring many goals.  
De= c 27 Reference to DWG Jones being Hon Sec of Sutton & District Elementary Schools Sports Association.    
3/= 12/27 500 watch Epsom & District Schools 7-3 Lewisham in English Schools Shield= 1st round.      
7/= 12/27 Epsom Wednesday 3-4 Dorking Wednesday            
1= 0/12/27 Reference to an 8-3 loss at home to Woking in SSC last season partly aven= ged in Epsom's first visit to Woking for  
a= friendly which was won 6-2 with Marlow's second straight HT. GE Wood (from Botwell Mission, nowadays Hayes) debut.  
M= ackesy still injured but E Olley blocked out Woking's famous international W Price. Wo= king keeper Montgomery not well  
at= HT, so captain Turner went in goal. 10 men. Ernie Sperring pen save at 3-2 up in= 2nd half. Great performance.    
Ma= rlow had a goal disallowed after just 2 minutes but scored after 6 minutes instead!<= /td>        
1= 7/12/27 Same eleven as the week before but the frozen surface was a leveller as Epsom edged past Aquarius 1-0 in the East  
East Surrey Hospital Cup 1st round. Will play Redhill = (H) in SF. Behn winner 80 minutes. He trapped a pass from Challis before scor= ing.
A= fter game the teams and officials had a dinner at the Green Man Hotel. ESH Presiden= t RE Neale thanked the clubs for  
e= ntering. 1600 contributed over 6 years since inception in 1921. Redhill won it ev= ery year until this one, when Epsom would  
b= eat them in the SF in March 1928. Both Chairmen were present as was DWJG Jones and William Green, plus FJ Lewis  
th= e London League Secretary who congratulated Epsom on their fine start to the seaso= n.        
De= c 27 Epsom Town Supporters Club draw is held. Winning number D263. Other results adv= ised in Epsom Herald.    
2= 3/12/27 reported that Freddie Behn plays for Civil Service @ Chiswick in a 5-1 win and scored twice. Opponents unknown.  
D= ec 27 George Mackesy still out with a sprained groin. Also reference to "Poughey" Edwards, who is referred to later in season  
as "Puffy" Edwards. Maybe a heavy smoker? Just a guess!          
2= 3/12/27 reported that Etheridge will be unavailable and replaced by W Record from res, but Mackesy is fit and plays instead  
ag= ainst Carshalton on 24/12/27. W Record never plays for the first team.        
2= 4/12/27 3-3 draw with Carshalton Athletic. Ernie Sperring has saved Epsom before, but never more so than on this day, as  
E= psom were leading 3-1 but lost H Andrews after 65 minutes. 10 men. George Mackesy returned after injury. Earlier in the 2nd  
h= alf, Andrews had been in goal for Sperring while he had treatment, but as soon as he returned to the outfield, he was injured!  
N Jones had been moved up to the first team after gett= ing two goals for the reserves the week before, but ended up running the line= !
D= ec 27 T.Meakings joins club from Farnham United Breweries. Not sure if that club were actually playing that year having quit the  
Su= rrey Senior League in May 1927 when the brewery was taken over.        
26= /12/27 Return match with Carshalton rendered impossible by the heavy snow which stayed for a few days.    
2= 8/12/27 Reference to a Croydon Wednesday League game between Redhill Wednesday and Epsom Wednesday. Postponed.  
3= 1/12/27 No first team game today - heavy snow all week. Snow drifts 10ft high on Rei= gate Road. Postponed for frost though!  
Ag= ain this match was away to Mitcham Wanderers!            
As= New Year started, Epsom were 10th out of 14.            
4= /1/28 English Schools Shield 2nd round saw Epsom & District beat Canterbury 3-0. Game originally scheduled for 27/12.  
F= uture players Don Goldsmith and Jim Chennell played in this game at West Street. Lost at Dartford in next round 5-3 on 21/1/28.  
Pl= ayers were entertained to tea at Rectory House by Sir Arthur Glyn afterwards.        
7/1/28 First visit to Tooting's Sandy Lane ground and = won 2-0 in a London League match. Game brought forward from 06/04/28. Ernie
S= perring and H Andrews were present but still unable to play. Replaced by W Parker (res keeper) and T Meakings, who had  
j= oined from Farnham United. Both played well, and Meakings hadn't actually played sin= ce November. Future player G  
Ca= rmichael played for Tooting and missed chances against Epsom. Meakings had also pl= ayed for Woking.    
J= an 28 Epsom reached the SSC 1 after their win v Aquarius, then in first round receive= d a bye, as there were only 15 teams in  
c= ompetition. Odd! QF sees them paired away at Summerstown who are bottom of the Atheni= an League right now and would  
lo= se their ground and fold at the end of the season. Ground was in Earlsfield, South West London.      
He= rald calls EJ Olley a short burly figure!              
1= 4/1/28 record league attendance for the game with Bostall Heath which was won 10= -3. Reg Marlow scored 6 and Fred Watts  
a= lso got HT and 4 of Marlow's goals were from Watts' assists. Parker and Meakings pla= yed again, while E Olley was dropped  
to= include Etheridge, and he did not play for the first team again. Mackesy made his debut in a new position of    
c= entre half. Despite all the goals, there were none for 20 minutes, and it was only 2-= 1 at HT, which was ended prematurely by  
t= he referee after 40 minutes. Once back at the dressing room he realised his error, a= nd brought the players out again for the  
la= st five minutes!. 10 goals were scored in 2nd half. Epsom's ground was "in a fearful state" says Herald.    
H= erald says that George Mackesy may have scored one of Watts' goals with a long shot although it "may just have touched  
s= omeone's head during its flight" as "the bobbing down of an Epsom forwar= d to let the ball go over him deceived the visitors  
d= efenders. While the Herald is not sure, Advertiser confirms that the credit goes to Mackesy, the ball just skimming Watts' head  
on= the way in. Definitely Watts' goal.                
1= 4/1/28 Former tenants of West St, Old Citizens, defeat Reigate Priory in a frien= dly played at their current ground in New Eltham.  
20= /1/28 reported in Herald that "Epsom look like occupying a good position in the table at the finish"      
J= an 28 mention of Wallington FC having been resuscitated in 1919. Played at Plou= gh Lane Wallington before PO Engineers.  
2= 1/1/28 The ground at West Street is getting muddier at Epsom's prettily situated gro= und. Mitcham were 2-0 down but fought  
b= ack and pushed Epsom for a draw as they tired in front of over 1,000 spectators. Epsom hung on to win 2-1. H Andrews was  
st= ill injured, and T Edwards comes in to play right back, as he had played there the previous season.      
W= e were lucky with our first goal as a defender slipped while in the act of clearing the ball and our second goal came after  
ab= out ten minutes of the second half.              
21/1/28 Epsom and Leatherhead and Dristrict Schools De= part the Endlish Shield at the Third Round, Divisional Final stage 5-3 at Dartford.
2= 7/1/28 reported that the Epsom Committee are annoyed that several match balls ha= ve been stolen on match days this season,  
an= d will involve the police court if they find anyone else doing it.          
28= /1/28 SSC 2 Bye this day as for some reason 15 clubs reached this stage! We are in the QF's as a result.    
28/1/28 Herald says that Epsom go top of the League af= ter a 5-1 win at home to Finchley. They didn't and were just second on GA.
H= Andrews returned but didn't play well nor did Westlake. However "Epsom's half back line is surely the best in the League"  
I= t was Wood, Mackesy and Etheridge at the time. Epsom were 2-1 up at HT against the sl= ope, and got three more down the  
hi= ll, although Ernie Sperring pensave at 4-1 in 2nd half. "A sea of mud!"        
3= /2/28 Herald questions why RW Earl isn't being moved into the first team, especially w= ith a friendly on 4th Feb. After scoring 5  
fo= r Res on 4/2/28 he would make his debut the following week.          
4/= 2/28 Chelmsford lose and Epsom go top of the table without playing a match!        
4= /2/28 Friendly against Sutton expected by papers to be the best game of the sea= son, although this was always unlikely due  
t= o the important fixtures that both teams had to come. Neither team went "a= ll out", and high wind and a driving rain didn't help,  
a= lthough 1,500 were present to see the game which was full of incident. Sutton went 1-0 up in the 2nd half, at which point  
l= ittle fouls kept happening, then after a scramble in the Epsom box, a Sutton player, Russ, was knocked out. After treatment  
t= he referee gave a penalty which was hotly disputed by players from both sides! As a result, the Sutton captain, George Long,  
t= old Ernie Sperring to get ready to catch it, and he chipped it into his arms. Very sporting. Reg Marlow then equalised and the  
ga= me finished 1-1. Sutton just edged the tie on possession, and "that" penalt= y.        
10= /2/28 G Stokes joins (Finchley).                
1= 1/2/28 Awful conditions at Walthamstow Grange led to a farcical state of play and Epsom just edged the game 2-1. T Edwards  
r= eplaced H Andrews and G Wood and Jack Parr were both ill so replaced by debutants L Goossens (Sutton) and RW Earl.  
B= oth were promoted from the reserves. Late consolation for Walthamstow in 85th minu= te. Future player Bob Gates played for  
W= althamstow v Epsom this day. Herald says that the ground was almost fit for water polo= ! GE Wood is suffering with SYNOVITIS  
a= nd also has a bad knee. Marlow opened the scoring after 15 minutes from a Challis cro= ss and Behn made it 2-0 after 55 minutes  
af= ter good work by Earl.                  
M= itcham News advises that Walthamstow Grange were producing programmes back in this season. I've never seen one.  
Fe= b 28 G.Carmichael joins club from Tooting Town.            
Feb 28 although not an Epsom player AG Shoesmith joins Mitcham Wanderers from Custom House. Would play against us many times.
Fu= ture player Jackie Pullen is also at Mitcham Wanderers although another, Dick Wilson doesn't appear to be yet.    
1= 8/2/28 Summerstown had a poor record, not having won a home game in the Athenian League this season, and Epsom took  
e= arly advantage after 2 minutes with a Fred Watts goal. Then Reg Marlow hit the post, as Epsom dominated to start with.  
H= owever, they were 3-1 down at HT and ended up losing this SSC QF 5-1 in front of just = over 2,000. It was just one of those  
d= ays, although the pitch was hard "It was truly a pity that such an interesting and important game should have been played on  
s= uch a bad ground" Summerstown also had 5 reserves in the side due to qualifica= tion restrictions. Future player J Holland  
pl= ayed for Summerstown as did T Freeman, who almost came to Epsom at the start of 1928/29.      
C= omet said "Nothing is more detrimental to Epsom's style of play than a heavy a= nd muddy ground". Herald says "Epsom  
th= ought their ground was bad enough". Players "never had to wade through so m= uch mud as in this match".    
Su= mmerstown will now play Dulwich Hamlet or Redhill in the Semi Final.        
Fe= b 28 Former player DB Pentycross has now scored 55 for Epsom Athletic this season.        
1= 8/2/28 Epsom & District Schools beat Woking & District @ West Street 2-1 in Ho= od Shield QF. SF v Mitcham scheduled  
fo= r West Street, then Mitcham, and eventually to be played on the pitch of Epsom Brotherhood on March 17.    
22= /2/28 Epsom Weds 2-0 Croydon Albion in a Croydon Wednesday League match.        
2= 4/2/28 Ewell Boys win 6-2 v West Street Sutton in Sutton & District Schools Cup SF= @ West Street. The final is v Hackbridge  
B= oys School. Future Press Secretary Ken Knowlson scored once, while DWG Jones and Sir Arthur Glyn are officers.  
2= 5/2/28 Epsom edge a 2-1 win over Tooting at West Street after a goalless first half. Stokes (Finchley) given debut, but is not  
good enough say papers. Westlake penalty after 60 minutes required to break the deadlock and Marlow increased the lead after 66
but Mitcham pulled one back almost immediately and we = hung on nervously.. Parr is fit again but misses this game, and is missed.
29= /2/28 Redhill Weds v Epsom Weds in Croydon League. Probably the original Dec 27 tie.      
3= /3/28 E Hill joins from Millwall United and has also played for Cray Wanderers. Debut = for res today, but will play for firsts soon.  
Ma= r 28 former player F.Ryding is at Hounslow              
3= /3/28 The biggest league gate of the season (over 1,500) see the reappearance of Ja= ck Parr, who scores twice, along with a  
R= eg Marlow HT in a 5-2 win over Custom House. WH "Bronk" Challis is said to be playing his last game for the club, as<= /span>  
&= quot;reasons of employment" mean that he has to go to Woking where he signs for t= hem. Challis and Parr were said to have  
p= layed on the left wing "for some years". 15 minutes saw an injury to the Cus= tom House left back Patterson. 10 men. Prog Y.  
Co= met says there is no better half back line in the League than Goossens, Mackesy and Etheridge.      
Parr opened the scoring after 10 minutes when he conve= rted a Watts cross and he made it 2-0 from a Marlow pass after he had been
set up by Mackesy. Then Marlow got two more before HT,= one from a rebound of a Parr shot and the second from a Behn pass. HT 4-0 but 4-1
straight after interval and 4-2 soon after but Watts h= it the post and Goossesns passed the ball back to him and he set up Behn who
cr= ossed for Marlow to complete his HT and conclude the scoring at 5-2.        
1= 0/3/28 "Splendid attendance" at Ewell to see Redhill, current leaders = of the Athenian League defeated 7-2 in East Surrey  
H= ospital Cup SF. First defeat in this competition for Redhill. Papers remarked on the wonderful "classic display". "The local  
t= eam has never played a finer game since it's inception in 1917" Challis is replaced by Fred Watts while newcomer Ted (EJ) Hill  
(= Millwall United) takes Watts' place on the right wing. Reg Marlow scored 3 minutes= . 5 minutes 2-0 and 3-0 after 15 with  
t= he HT score of 5-0. At HT an H Edwards injury meant that Redhill took the field in 2nd half with 10 men. However, the damage  
wa= s done already, and the 2nd half finished 2-2! Comet report is the same as the Advertiser's.      
1= 0/3/28 Epsom destroy Redhill in East Surrey Hospital Cup. First time Redhill had lost = in this competition Epsom qualify for final.  
Bi= g meal afterwards at Green Man Hotel. Harry Westlake was captain at this point, presumably since Reg had left.    
He= rald says that "the light and dark blues played really great". They were = 6-0 up before Redhill scored.    
ES= HC was the Le Bas Cup, donated by Sir Hedley Le Bas. "There was a splendid attendance".      
M= ar 28 Mention of WH Challis moving from Woking to Watford, and playing in London Combination matches v Fulham and=  
Cr= ystal Palace on 8/3 and 10/3 respectively and scoring in the latter match.        
Ma= r 28 Former player Reg Coleman playing for Dorking.            
Ma= rch 28 R.Wilcox joins from Tufnell Park. A former Wimbledon player.        
1= 7/3/28 Hood Shield SF played at Epsom Brotherhood, after a date could not be reached = to play it at Epsom or Mitcham W.  
Ep= som & District Schools beat Mitcham & District 2-0 and will play Guildford = in the final.        
1= 7/3/28 Epsom "snatched" victory in the last ten minutes as Chelmsford led 1-= 0 at HT. It needed a 30 yard equaliser from Behn  
an= d a late winner from Hill to take the points. Hill should have had another goal ri= ght at the end, but just missed.    
2= 1/3/28 Edmund Marie Marcel Van Neste (18) who had played for the reserves on sev= eral occasions, was charged in court of  
&= quot;being an unregistered alien" and "entering the UK without permission. Gave address as Upper Court Road Epsom, and  
a= dmitted being a Belgian who came from Le Havre to London with the assistance of t= he crew and knowledge of the captain of  
t= he ship. The bench ordered him to be deported, and landlord Arthur Henry Crook was also summoned, but this was dismissed.  
2= 4/3/28 A dropped point as Epsom were easily the better side but drew 2-2 at Finchl= ey, due largely to Behn and Parr missing  
a= bsolute sitters, and Harry Westlake missed a penalty after 43 minutes when 1-0 up, which may well have sealed the game.  
I= n the second half after 48 minutes Westlake was kicked in the ear and had to leave. 10 men. Finchley then turned the game  
a= round and led 2-1, but Epsom fought back for the draw. G Stokes was the best player= on the field against his old team.  
Ga= me was NOT played at Summers Lane as they didn't move there until 1929. It was playe= d at the Gun Station.    
as the Christmas 1928 one was played there. However the Gun Station wasn't far away and appears to have been in Summers Lane!
24/3/28 Challis makes debut for Woking and plays a few matches. Was outside Johnny Price the England Amateur International who
wo= uld join Fulham soon after this. Challis did not play in Woking's SSC triumph this season as he was cup tied.    
3= 0/3/28 Future Press Secretary Ken Knowlson plays in the final of the Sutton & District Schools Cup @ Carshalton Ath, where  
E= well Boys beat Hackbridge 2-1. Also playing - relatives of future players Don Ralph= (G Ralph) and Roy Dymott (F Dymott) HT 1-1.  
= 30/3/28 Team photo appears in the Herald. I do NOT yet have a good copy of this, just a blurred photo. However, it has Challis in it  
so must have been taken a few weeks previously. It contained Back Row: Tom Kirk (Trainer), unk, Challis, Sperring, unk, Behn, A.Puddock (linesman).
F= ront Row: Reg Marlow, unk, Westlake, Mackesy, Parr, unk          
I believe that the picture was probably taken at a home game, and with Jack Parr in the picture it must have been 3/3/28 as the previous home game
t= hat he played in was 28/1/28 and the papers wouldn't have waited so long to print it. If so,      
it would have been on 3/3/28 v Custom House and the missing four players would have been Goossens, Stokes, Etheridge and Watt= s.
I= may be able to find a picture of Goossens in the Sutton history books.        
3= 1/3/28 Such heavy rain at Millwall United that the start is delayed until 3.50. Even = then there are large pools of water all over  
th= e pitch. Epsom led 1-0 at HT but were much better in the second half and won 2-0. = No grass either!      
S.Moore the English Amateur International played well = for Millwall United on the left wing but Parr scored the opening goal from a = Hill cross
a= fter 20 minutes and Marlow finished off another Hill cross after 80 minutes. We missed many chances with the score at 1-0 but it  
fo= rtunately wasn't costly.                  
Future opponents Millwall United listed as playing at Lockes Sports Ground in 1922/23. Are they still there in 1927/28? Adverti= ser doesn't help.
M= itcham News advises that Millwall United played in East Ferry Lane, which is on the I= sle of Dogs and is quite a long road!  
It now transpires that this was Locke's Sports ground which was actually in Millwall, not South London. It was in Westferry Road and existed until
the 30s at least. Locke's Lancaster Lead Works was acr= oss the road from the ground. They had their own team in the 34/35 season.
4= /4/28 Hackbridge get revenge over Ewell Boys in League Shield in identical 2-1 circumstances. This time, Epsom were 1-0 up  
at= HT. HT 1-1 and a late winner for Hackbridge. Game played at Sutton Utd.        
4= /4/28 @ West Street Guildford defeat Epsom, Leatherhead & District Schools 2-0 in = Hood Shield. HT 1-0. Sir Arthur Glyn was  
th= ere to present medals and cup to Guildford players and entertained afterwards.        
6= /4 and 7/4 Epsom put 9 past Cray over two days (3-1)+(6-0) but should have had twice= as many. For a team near the top  
C= ray were easier to beat than expected. They also put a weakened team out on the Saturday as they had a big cup tie at  
D= over on the Monday. Epsom went 1-0 down to a penalty on the Friday, but a "remarkable" goal from distance from Behn  
le= velled it up, and Epsom went on to win easily. Marlow HT in the Easter Saturday game (7/4).      
Ap= r 28 future player Les (LW) Urpeth still playing occasionally for Woking.        
9= /4/28 Behn injured a leg (strained muscle) after 50 minutes, but Epsom were already comfortably ahead against Walthamstow  
Gr= ange and won 4-0. 3-0 HT. A large crowd watched the game.          
Ap= r 28 Future player EJ McBirney is at Walton.            
1= 4/4/28 Epsom go top again after a 2-0 win at Mitcham Wanderers in front of 2,000, while Grays lost at Millwall Utd.  
Be= hn still absent with leg injury, so Fred Watts moved into his place and was replac= ed by R Wilcox      
w= ho had joined from Tufnell Park. He played well and scored one of the goals, described by the papers as "a thing of beauty" as  
h= e first timed a Parr pass straight into the net. Mitcham had most of the play in = the first 30 minutes, but chances were missed,  
a= nd after a scoreless first half, Epsom improved with Marlow getting the other goal. Future player Jackie Pullen plays v Epsom.  
14/4/28 Alfred Keeling gets married to Ethel Lock this day. Harold Keeling, Micky Smith, Ernie Sperring and Jack Parr are all in attendance
18/4/28 Final dance of the season helf by the Epsom To= wn Supporters Club at St Barnabas Hall, Hook Road. Dancing from 8pm to
1a= m under the regular Glenister's Dance Band. Admission 3 shillings.        
2= 1/4/28 Just as Epsom were looking good for the title, they stumbled to a 2-1 deserved defeat at Carshalton Athletic. "Serious  
d= oubts" about the title now. Epsom need a win over Millwall plus at least two poi= nts from the two Grays matches. "Epsom have  
ne= ver played this badly in league football" including their other defeat at Bosta= ll Heath. Wilcox was weak, as were    
W= atts and Westlake. Even taking all this into account, Marlow reduced the arrears to 2-1 and should have equalised.  
D= uring this game, Ernie Sperring complained that someone had thrown a missile at him!= Not clear if it hit him or not.  
2= 8/4/28 Epsom lose again to an 80th minute goal at home to title rivals Grays Athletic.= A large crowd were present to  
w= itness Epsom's first home London League defeat. It was also the finest league ga= me seen on Epsom's ground this season.  
2= /5/28 Epsom defeat Millwall United 7-3 at West Street. Both Advertiser and Herald say 8-3, but there are only seven scorers  
i= n the Herald report, and this ties in with the league tables. Watts scored from a Parr cross after 6 minutes, but 1-1 after 8 minutes  
a= lthough Hill made it 2-1 before HT, but again Millwall equalised. HT 2-2. Marlow 3-2, Etheridge 4-2, then 4-3, before Etheridge,  
Ma= rlow and Etheridge again (HT) made it 7-3.              
5= /5/28 Epsom win London League after an exciting 2-1 victory at Grays Athletic in fron= t of over 5,000 spectators.  
I = have one of the winners medals, awarded to G.E.Wood.          
Gr= ays Athletic played at the Recreation Ground, Bridge Road, where they remained until 2= 010.      
I= t was their most exciting and most eventful game of the season say papers. Epsom are apparently the first team since the  
i= naugural season of the London League to win it in their first season of entry. W Challis reappeared for this match, while club  
c= aptain Harry Westlake was very prominent despite missing a penalty. Fred Watts got two goals to recover from a 1-0 deficit  
an= d he was carried off shoulder high. Weather was "glorious".          
E= ven start to the game, before Grays took the lead, but only three minutes later, Epsom= had a penalty. After this was missed,  
(= POST) it apparently came back to Hill in an offside position, but this is not actu= ally possible! Fortunately, Epsom did not have  
t= o wait too long, as two minutes later, Fred Watts scored from a Jack Parr pass. 2nd = half saw Epsom on top and pushing for  
t= he goal that would take the title, and it came along after 52 minutes, when Parr misse= d a Challis cross, but Watts got there  
i= nstead and scored. Grays fought back but without success, and Epsom finished the stronger, with Marlow missing a good  
ch= ance at the end, which fortunately didn't matter.            
9= /5/28 Death of the Club President and main benefactor, Mr Robert Bradshaw in the early hours of Wednesday.  
H= e lived at "Downs View" in Alexandra Road, Epsom, where he died. His health had suffered following a car accident in which two  
r= ibs were broken last summer. Aged only 54. Had been for a holiday to California la= st December, and when he returned in  
M= arch, he appeared in quite a robust state. He caught a cold which revived old lung trouble. For some days his life was  
d= espaired of, before dying on 9/5. He was one of 4 sons of Admiral Bradshaw and his wif= e, who came from Steeple Aston,  
a= nd came to Epsom about 24 years ago. 20 years ago he married Miss O'Beirne, daughter= of Major O'Beirne, who survives  
h= im, although there were no children. He was a principal of the brewing firm Taylor Wal= ker & Co, and when driving back<= /td>  
f= rom Hastings after an employees annual outing that he had his accident. As a thanks for his recovery, he donated oak choir  
st= alls to the Parish Church, and they were used for the first time on the second Sunday after Easter.      
T= all and with a commanding appearance, combined with a genial disposition, Mr Bradshaw loved sport, particularly football and<= /span>  
r= acing, and later golf. He was generous to a degree, and the football club have much = to thank him for, as they were playing all  
t= heir home matches on the ground of the Horton Mental Hospital through the kindness = of Colonel Lord but no entrance fee  
c= ould be charged and lack of gate money was a serious drawback to cover expenses. About 3 years ago "the Ewell football  
g= round" came on to the market and was bought by Mr Bradshaw for 1,250. He lent t= he club 800 and the club gave him  
a= deposit of 500 and was given the use of the ground for payment of interest which wo= uld be reduced on payment of  
i= nstalments over 21 years. At last year's annual dinner, Mr Bradshaw said he would fo= rgo the next two years interest. This  
l= ed to the acceptance into the Surrey Senior League. Was also the secretary of Epsom Golf Club after the death of J Smith in  
1= 925. He had also been a contributor to the Epsom Brotherhood building fund. He was a = keen and active conservative, and was  
Ch= airman of the Conservative Club and the Epsom Men's Constitutional Association.        
1= 2/5/28 Funeral of Robert Bradshaw. He was buried at Epsom Cemetery, where the gr= ave had been lined by flowers by  
h= is gardener. Although no flowers had been requested, there were several floral tribute= s, including one from William Bradford  
a= nd Sons, members of the Epsom Town F.C. Also Mr SR Prett represented the club, and= HS Stevens represented the  
Su= pporters Club. His grave is very close to the church in the centre of the cemetery, and is a big high cross.    
23/= 5/28 Sutton & District League Presentation evening at Sutton Adult School. Juniors were runners up in Div 3.    
Re= serves: London League Division 1          
Po= sition 8th out of 13              
2= 7/8/27 Reg Marlow couldn't travel this day, so played for the reserves. Several men = got trials for the reserves, including 3 new  
halves as they lost 4-2 v Hay's Wharf. Several hundred watched says Herald and Evans scored one of our goals from the penalty sp= ot.
N= ew players for the reserves including J Robertson (Merton Town), J Shaw (Farnham UB), and D Luxford, are all half backs. At  
o= utside right S Jackman (West Norwood Res) and H Kitch at inside left (London Business Houses League). Also F Ottway joined  
f= rom Epsom Brotherhood. Is a friend of Jack Pearman, and lives near to him. Tommy Ev= ans and Terry Birch are still here.  
Sh= aw doesn't last long, as he wants first team football, and won't get it. Jackman pla= yed well against Hay's Wharf.    
3= /9/27 Res lose to Tate Institute. Line Up: Ernie Sperring, F Otway, J Robertson, R Coleman, George Keen, S Jackman,  
A= Mackesy, C Taylor, Terry Birch, Tommy Evans. Well below usual form. Ernie wasn't due= to play, and hadn't travelled with the  
f= irst, as he had a stiff neck, but there was no other keeper available. Tate come from Silvertown, East London. Only ten listed.  
R= eserves are likely to have 7 changes for next game says Herald, as Bristow is missed currently. Tate were all employees at  
the sugar works, and the Institute was donated by the = Tate family. They played at Tidal Basin, also known as South West Ham Cricket Club.
We were a goal down at half time in front of a large attendance according to the Stratford Express. We went 2-0 down before scoring but lost 4-1.
1= 0/9/27 Lost 3-2 at home to Chelmsford. There are many changes this day. Joe Burrage a= nd Reg Coleman were the scorers.  
I= n fact, only four remain from the previous week says Herald, although this was a better performance. Burrage put us ahead with a  
free kick that went over everyone while Coleman got the other with a fast first time shot. Bristow is now fit and there was a reference
to= a new player A.Perry. SH Perry seemed to have disappeared but returns next week= .        
17= /9/27 Definitely no match for reserves, and they will watch the first team.        
2= 4/9/27 Away to Erith in league this day. Bristow is now healthy and there will be a t= rial for A Perry (no connection to S Perry).  
R= es draw 2-2 with debutant RW Earl scoring both. He is a brother of the West Ham back. Late penalty for Erith to get the draw.  
1/= 10/27 Two new names appear in the line up for the match with Siemens: Trisler and Harman.      
1/= 10/27 Res lost 4-2 at Siemens. Res have not yet won this season.        
8= /10/27 A former player Billie Kent is to rejoin the club and will play at Colliers Wood in the SIC (Group C) this day. W5-3.  
15= /10/27 Possible no game for reserves.              
22= /10/27 Res lose to Fulham 'A' by only one goal. Score unknown.        
I= t transpires that the res have to replay SIC v Colliers Wood as they protested about Reynolds not having been with the club for at  
le= ast a month. Game to be replayed on 29/10/27.            
2= 9/10/27 Game replayed at Colliers Wood and 5-3 scoreline is repeated! Sid Bristow plays this week, and Earl again plays well.  
5/= 11/27 Originally duue to host Beckenham in London League but p-p for SIC.        
R.= J. Coleman debut for Dorking 5/11/27 - Reg              
No= v 27 J.Coppin at Dorking                  
5/11/27 Sutton the better side says Advertiser as Sutt= on are defeated 4-3 in SIC at Sutton. "They had two thirds of the game = but frittered away
chance after chance". We were behind after 8 minu= tes but 2-1 up at HT and we went 4-1 up but with 15 remaining it was narrowed= to 4-3. Epsom
al= so hit the post twice. "Quite a good crowd."              
1= 2/11/27 Jack Weaver, an old pro joins Epsom from Carshalton Athletic, and can play in = all games as he is a reinstated  
a= mateur. "He started his career at Epsom and wants to finish it here" sa= ys Herald. Must have been an earlier Epsom side.  
I= t was. He played for Epsom Juniors (eventually Epsom Athletic), then Epsom St Barna= bas. Also Epsom White Rose before they  
be= came Epsom Wednesday. Also played once for Epsom on 6/4/12, although may have played others.    
H= e doesn't get back to the first team, only playing for the reserves. He was "f= or a time, a very prominent player in the district".  
12= /11/27 Reserves lose 4-2 at Hounslow. A friend of Earl's is C.Watson and he will play next week v Hendon.    
1= 9/11/27 Res play well in a 2-2 draw with Hendon Town. First home match in ten weeks. = Bob Earl scores both goals HT 1-1.  
2= 6/11/27 Herbert Etheridge is listed in the Reserves line up for the match with Walthamstow Borough. This was to accommodate  
Re= g Sperring in his last game.                
2= 6/11/27 Res get " a good performance" in a league draw with Walthamstow Borough. They withdraw in about February 1928.  
= Chelmsford Chronicle indicates that this game was played at Epsom. Was it after the First team game or was it away? Check!  
3= /12/27 Res lose 2-0 at Beddington Corner in SIC. They would become a senior club next year. Epsom hit the post at 0-0.  
1= 0/12/27 L Goossens (Sutton) to play for res v Fulham 'A' where they lose 2-3. Score= line was about fair. HT 0-0. They led 3 times  
an= d had two penalties. Goossens plays well and will be in the first team soon.        
17/12/27 Line up for match with Woolwich Poly includes H.Clifford, Record & Paulizky. Not sure if they played - see 24/12 comments.
1= 7/12/27 First London League win for Reserves 4-0 v Woolwich Poly. Jones scores tw= ice and is promoted to the first team the  
fo= llowing week, although he only gets to run the line and never plays for the first team..        
24/12/27 Earl and Watson are postmen and can't play th= is day so two new trialists were expected H Clifford and Paulizky. Game play= ed on
a poor surface and the referee was undecided, eventual= ly allowing the game to go ahead over 30 minutes each way, contrary to league rules, although
t= he result was allowed to stand. Game finished in fog and with Hendon down to ten me= n as Epsom recovered from 2-0 down at HT.  
26= /12/27 Res game v Beckenham is p-p for snow.            
31= /12/27 SICC game v Wallington is p-p due to the snow and frost.        
7= /1/28 Reserves win 8-2 v Brentwood M.H. This match saw the first serious injury= at West Street since the club's move there, as  
H= Whitley the centre-half for the visitors "suffered a fracture of the left leg just a little above the ankle". "A pure accident" after a  
c= ollision with H Clifford "There was an ominous crack and Whitley fell and made agonising cries". He was taken by ambulance to  
t= he Epsom and Ewell Hospital. There was no stretcher available, and the Herald refers to this fact in its weekly notes. Epsom had  
b= een 2-1 down after 5 minutes, and Epsom also mispen (SAVE) before the accident on 30 minutes. Scorers included Watson,  
Earl and Weaver. Chelmsford Chronicle says the name was H.Whitney and that he broke both bones in his left leg and finished with = only "8 sound men".
Epsom Herald refers to the "rigging up" of a stretcher and that every ground should have one. West Street's first seri= ous incident since moving in.
14= /1/28 No fixture for the reserves.                
21/1/28 Beckenham away game is not played this day according to Epsom local papers but Beckenham Journal advises that a frie= ndly against the
Be= ckenham Kent Amateur League team and Epsom lost 5-2.          
2= 8/1/28 Res lose 3-1 at Wallington in SICC. This match was played at Wallington but w= as not a replay it appears. Epsom pensave  
i= n 1st half at 0-2. Game played at Plough Lane. Meakings is ineligible for this match= and Earl was with West Ham Reserves.  
2= 8/1/28 Our centre forward scored our goal according to the Wallington report. Also Wallington mispen (SAVE) at 0-0.  
@3= /2 Res have played 12, W2 D3 L7 7pts. This means they drew with Siemens on 1/10/27. N= o GD available.    
4/= 2/28 Res beat Woolwich 6-1. RW Earl got 5 despite Epsom playing the first 30 minut= es with ten men,    
a= nd L Goossens was injured mid 2nd half. 10 men. Also W Parker pensave in this match. Herald says crowds should be bigger.  
T= wo of Earl's goals were great individual efforts and while Parker was a bit out of goal and at fault for their goal, the penalty save  
re= deemed him. The other scorer was Watson.              
T= Edwards and T Meakings were unable to play for res this day. Meakings sent a telegram, but Edwards couldn't get to the game  
in= time. Edwards is moved to the first team for the game on 11th Feb as reserve.        
11= /2/28 Res start well but can't keep up as Epsom lose 8-2 to Hounslow. Herald uses t= he word "overwhelmed".    
18= /2/28 Res lose 1-0 at Tate Institute at Silvertown. Their goal came from the penalty spot.      
25= /2/28 Res lose 6-1 at Chelmsford. Herald says that "Epsom's backs played well = but the halves otherwise".    
3= /3/28 Friendly defeat 7-1 (HT 4-1) at Redhill Res. RW Earl scores for Reserves. "Fairly good crowd". E Roblett got 4 for hosts.  
L= ine Up: W Van Neste, H Adams, T Edwards, G Carmichael, W Record, S Terry, C Watson,= N Jones, RW Earl, J Weaver, E Hill  
10= /3/28 and 17/3/28 probably no games for reserves.            
24= /3/28 Res beat Erith & B 8-0. New player Wilcox (Tufnell Park) has also played = for Wimbledon.      
31= /3/28 No game for reserves.                  
6/= 4/28 Res lose 7-2 at Beckenham.                
7/= 4/28 Res lose at Woolwich (NOT WOOLWICH POLY) 2-1.          
9/= 4/28 Res draw 2-2 with Brentwood MH.              
21= /4/28 Hay's Wharf is in Leyton.                
1/= 5/28 Epsom draw 2-2 with Beckenham. There is a brief Beckenham match report as they = are chasing the title.    
Epsom went ahead after they had a penalty saved but knocked in a rebound but it was 1-1 by HT. Then we went ahead again but Beckenham
eq= ualised with a penalty themselves.                
5/= 5/28 Res draw 3-3 with Woolwich Poly at West Street. Wrongly reported in Herald as 2-2.      
Originally there was confusion as the game on 4th Feb looked like the Poly game but Times online confirms that game was Woolwich and this game
was= Poly. It also confirms the score of this match as 3-3 which enables my tables to tally.      
Ot= her affiliated Local Teams:   Secretary From SCFA Handbook       Affiliated
Ep= som Ass Rover Scouts   J Walls   Polmont, Chessington Road, West Ewell     Aug 1926
Ep= som Brotherhood   H Boxall   70 Miles Road, Epsom       Aug 1920
Ep= som Athletic   FG Robinson 50 Miles Road, Epsom       July 1922
Ep= som Downs St Stephens   SJ Pointing Mousehole, Grosvenor Road, Epsom Downs<= /td>     Feb 1927
Ew= ell OB   E Thomas Meadow Walk, Ewell       Aug 1927
Ep= som Wednesday   Q Snipe   c/o Railway Hotel, High Street, Epsom     Sept 1923
      Colours   Chocolate & Light Blue        
Wes= t Ewell   W Gibbs   Kia-Oro Chessington Road, West Ewell     July 1924
11= /7/1927 Large storm in the area with very large hailstones.          
A= ug 27 Kingston By Pass to open in Oct from Robin Hood Gate of Richmond Park, to Portsmouth Road, Esher (Scilly Isles?)  
Feb= 28 Wimbledon station rebuilt. Massive alterations.