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C O M M E N T S / H I G H L I G H T S
SSL 1st out of 12   CHAMPIONS!            
FAC Pr West Norwood 0-1            
AC 1q Sutton United 0-1            
LC 2nd Egham   0-2            
SSC 1st Summerstown 2-4            
ESHC   Redhill   2-8            
President   Lt-Col J.R. Lord C.B.E. re-elected        
Chairman   Hugh (HC) Bradley re-elected        
Secretary   W.E.(Billy) Green   re-elected 65 Lower Court Road, Epsom
Sto= ck Secretary C.E.Smith              
Committee   C.H.Blackadar, W.I.Bowe, A.E.Chaney, H.H= olmes, Ted (CE) Wheal      
Sel= ection Committee (Chairman) Hugh Bradley, WI.Bowe, G.Channell, H.Holmes, Ted Wheal, plus capt, v-c &a= mp; Sec
Treasurer   S.R.Prett 74 East Street Epsom          
Sen= ior Team Officials: Sid Bristow (captain), Reg (RE) Sperring (v-c), A.Puddock (linesman!), T.Kirk (trainer)    
Res= Team Officials: J.Coppin (capt), H.Keeling (v-c), W.Oke (linesman!), G.Soane (trainer)        
Gro= undsman H.Cottee                
Committee elected at 18/6/25: CH Blackadar (new), WI B= owe, AE Chaney, Ted Wheal, WJ Keeling, with two to co-opt.
Pre= ss Secretary from 12/2/26: DWG Jones                
Home Ground: West Street, Ewell moving from Horton Hospital grounds.        
Clu= b Colours Light and Dark Blue stripes            
WIN= NERS of Surrey Senior League                
10/= 6/25 SCFA AGM at Battersea Town Hall                
AGM 11/6/25 (reported 19/6/25 in Herald) on Thursday evening at Comrades Club. The papers referred to it as "headquarters".
Ch= airman Hugh Bradley presided over the meeting, and the annual report was largely take= n up with reference to the  
ne= w ground, and the "munificence" of Robert Bradshaw. The papers referred to him as President, but he wasn't, and  
in = fact, later on in the report, it refers to Lieutenant-Colonel Lord being re-elected as President. The financial    
st= atement showed a loss on the year of 48.3s.7d, which wasn't surprising, as it had been impossible to charge an  
en= trance fee at Horton Hospital. Mr Bradshaw confirmed the total sum involved in the purchase of the ground (who  
fr= om??) together with contingent expenses was 1,240.0s.6d. = He was donating 500 of this to the club, and so the  
sum due to him would be 740. He was lending the money free of interest, as he knew that the club would have heavy
ex= penses at the outset, and would not be pressing for payment for a while. It was also stated that 50 which was  
gi= ven to the club by Mr Bradshaw was, with his consent, to be given to the Ewell Footb= all Club as compensation  
for= giving up the ground lease "and for all other rights."            
Ch= airman Hugh Bradley was re-elected, as was Billy Green (Secretary) and SR Prett (Treasurer). Others elected  
were: Tom Kirk (trainer, recently retired player), Pre= ss Secretary W Voller, Stock Secretary CE Smith. Committee listed above.
Ch= airman announced to great applause that "the Ewell football ground was now = in the possession of the club" and  
app= ealed for members to help get the ground ready over the summer.          
Accounts showed that income was 4485s.2d and expendit= ure was 496 8s 9d. Receipts included Honorary and playing
members subscriptions 56 11s.9d, donations (not inc Bradshaw 50), 10 10s.2d, programme sales 183 16s.5d, collections
17 18s 9d, share of cup tie gates 50 3s. 10d, season tickets 12 7s.6d, charabanc fares 62 7s.9d. Expenses included
debit balance for last season of 4 17s 6d, donation to Horton Mental Hospital 9 8s.7d, programmes, postage and stationery
costs, 78 10s. 1/2d, travelling expenses for players = and officials, 236, 7s.1d, ground expenses, 5 9s.9d, guarantees to
visiting clubs for friendlies 35 4s.6d, T Edwards ben= efit 10, printing of fixture sheet 10, teas for visiting teams and sundries<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
6 = 9s. 6 1/2d, purchase of jerseys and playing equipment 29 7s.1d, referees expenses 15 14s.10d.      
New rule added to create a Selection Committee, based = on captain, vice-captain, and three elected officers. Billy Green is
re-elected as Secretary with a guaranteed honorarium of 25 per year! Almost a full time salary in those days! Robert
Bradshaw however said that he did not like the word "honorarium" and suggested that the accounts show an anonymous<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
donation of 26. Not entirely sure if this was serious= or a joke. No action appeared to be taken, but I've never seen the term
hon= orarium mentioned in future accounts, so it is possible that this was brought in.=        
Ref= erence to Tom Kirk, being an old Croydon Common and Crystal Palace player before Ep= som Town.      
13/= 6/25 Changes to the offside law, requiring only two defenders (inc goalie) between pla= yer and goal line to be    
on= side. Previously, there had been three required. Expected that this season will= see more attacking and goals too.  
Als= o corner kick now requires to touch another player before the taker can touch it again, and slight changes to    
the= throw in law. All three amendments are still in place today.            
Jun= e 25 announced in paper on 18th June that Epsom Town F.C. have a new ground.        
&qu= ot;They have purchased the ground which had for many years been used by the Ewell Foot= ball Club."    
&q= uot;Everybody connected with the Town club are delighted, but Ewell members are not so = well pleased at  
hav= ing to turn out" Sir Arthur Glyn has promised Ewell F.C. another ground, and they continue in the    
Sur= rey Junior League playing at Ewell Recreation Ground.          
Pa= pers also refer to when Ewell F.C. was one of the best clubs in the South of Englan= d. "It then numbered among  
it= s players some of the men who made amateur football noted all over the world, and t= he two men who best will be  
re= membered were the brothers Walters. 35 years ago or less, these brothers were the finest full-backs in England.  
Bo= th were Old Carthusians. AM Walters played 10 times for England and played against Scotland each year from  
188= 5 to 1900. In 1887-8-90 he was chosen to play against Wales, and he turned out again= st Ireland in 1885."    
&qu= ot;His brother PM played with him in all the matches against Scotland and was ch= osen thrice against Wales. He    
pa= rtnered his brother in the 1885 match against Ireland, and also turned out against the Emerald Isle in 1886 and 88."  
Ot= her famous names mentioned were TR Porter, who was Surrey captain in 1905/6 and 1906= /7, and AF White, who  
hel= d the same position in 1903/4 and 1904/5. "The most famous clubs used to come to Ewell and meet the    
sta= lwarts there. There has never been such football seen in the village since those days"        
18/= 6/25 Sutton & District League AGM saw Chairman Hugh Bradley resign his position d= ue to Epsom Town    
com= mitments. He had also been Secretary of league in previous years. He was replaced by S Baker.      
29= /6/25 Sutton United AGM advises that after a trial period, they were not going to press ahead with a name change  
to = Sutton FC and would remain as Sutton United. There were possible problems with Sutt= on Rugby Club.    
Ju= ly 25 Wallington FC AGM advises that their ground at Plough Lane in Wallington = is "one of the best grounds in the  
co= unty in wet weather or dry", yet Wallington were, and would remain only an Intermediate side until folding in the  
ear= ly 30's, and having the ground taken over by PO Engineers.            
July 25 Letter not fully reported by Herald from Treas= urer SR Prett, advising the costs of the ground at 1,248, of which the
cl= ub was given 500 by Robert Bradshaw, and approx 740 to find and 750 for stands, enclosure and fencing. Total  
out= standing is 1,490. "I appeal to everyone in Epsom to come and support the club = for its future".      
19= /08/25 Future President Sir Arthur Glyn chairs first meeting of Ewell Druids in church room near the Spring Hotel  
as = it was too cold to be held in the hotel grounds!!              
Aug25 Epsom are awaiting applications for trials which= are on 22/8 and 26/8. Please write to William E Green, Secretary.
Ill= ustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail says trials are on 22/8 and 29/8 instead. Maybe t= here were three.      
28/8/25 reported Prospects for Epsom Town FC. "A season of adventure for Epsom Town". Unable to get a ground in the
pa= rish of Epsom, the club has invaded and acquired a slice of Ewell. The work of putting a fence around, erecting A  
COVERED STAND, and dressing rooms for players and refe= rees will be completed by the time of the opening. "The stand is
to occupy a central position on the side of the ground near the Russell Athletic Sports ground in Gibraltar Rec, and the
dressing rooms and referees room will be composite par= ts of the building erected near the old entrance to the ground -
for= merly the Ewell ground. The new entrance will be on the Gibraltar side".        
Trials planned for 26/8 and 29/8, and the only player = that seems to be leaving is Bunce, who was an outside left, and the club
is well served here. "The club ne= ed an outside right though"            
Aug 25 Local dairy farmer Harry Skilton has harrowed, rolled and mown the new ground free of charge, saving a lot of money.
RJ Stimson trials with Woking but ends up at Kingstoni= an before joining Sutton and then Epsom all in the space of a few months!
4/9= /25 An advert appears in the Herald for an outside right.            
Sept 25 Two Evans brothers have signed for the club. J Evans, and older brother Fred (maybe T.Evans), also Lee a goal
kee= per from Kingstonian Reserves joins too.              
Ent= rance to the ground this year is 6d, with an extra 6d for the stand. Season tickets ar= e 15 shillings.      
5/9= /25 Opening ceremony at the "old Ewell ground". Ewell Military Band will be there. Fencing has    
been constructed in a clever way, curving outwards slightly, so that everyone can see all the play. The stand can
be = enlarged if necessary says Herald. Kick off at 4pm.            
Unfortunately there was too much rain, which limited t= he total receipts to 23, and Kingstonian were paid a
guarantee of 15 for coming to the game. The ground has been much improved, and several hundred were
pre= sent, despite the incessant downpour. Robert Bradshaw was in Suffolk and could = not be there.    
The stand was up, as were the dressing rooms, and much= of the fencing. The stand was quickly filled on this wet
day, and may need enlarging. The slope doesn't appear = as bad as formerly, "though this must be an optical
The club flag was hoisted on a tall mast near the main entrance. Lieutenant - Colonel Lord had to curtail his
spe= ech, but this much was read out.                
"I have much pleasure in raising this flag to celebrate the opening of the new ground so long hoped for by the
Ep= som football club, a ground so necessary for the club's further advancement. It is lar= gely owing to the  
munificence displayed by Mr Bradshaw towards the club = that I have the opportunity of performing the ceremony,
and I look forward to the time when Mr Bradshaw will be repaid for all he has done for us, by his seeing the
Ep= som Town FC occupy a foremost place amongst the ranks of the first class amateur club= s. I have much  
ple= asure in declaring this ground open" Full report in Herald P5 11/9/25.        
5/= 9/25 Official opening of ground with a friendly v Kingstonian which ended 2-2.= Reg Marlow scored the  
first goal of the "new era", but Epsom then trailed 2-1 at HT. (K's 30, 40) A goal from Jackie Parr in the 85th minut= e
en= sured the draw, against a side that had brought their full first XI except international centre forward  
Macey, and Ross, who were playing for the Athenian Lea= gue. Press report doesn't describe the ground at all,
alt= hough there is mention of a stand holding "about 250" in an October 1925 report.        
Kingstonian had been invited by Epsom. K's had beaten Romford 11-2 the week before when they were still
Gre= at Eastern Railway (Romford) in the Spartan League, which was their record score.      
&qu= ot;A good attendance" says the Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail.          
Gr= ound opened by Club President Lieutenant-Colonel Lord - Medical Superintendant of Hor= ton Hospital.  
Tea= m: Ernie Sperring, A.Keeling, Edwards, F.Mellish, Sid Bristow, Reg Sperring,        
Fre= d Evans, J.Evans, Reg Marlow, Jack Parr, F.Kent. The admission was 6d.        
Game was spoilt by rain and many goals were missed by slipping over in the conditions, as it was very greasy.
The= ground was well-equipped at a cost of over 2000.            
Eps= om went down the slope in the second half. Papers said they were very workmanlike.      
For= d and Soper scored Kingstonian's goals, while future player Reg Stimson played against us.      
Micky Smith was injured so T.Edwards played. Play was good, and goalkeeping by Sperring "in itself made the game worth
watching". F Evans (veteran, and younger brother J Evans ("short sturdy, but not so weighted with years") both pla= yed. Reg
Mar= low looks back to form after "accidents" in the latter part of last seaso= n.        
J Evans may have been the older, as F Evans seems to become Tommy Evans in the next game, and he stays for a
while. As a result, I have called him Tommy "Fred" Evans" for now as they are almost certainly one and= the same.
J E= vans played well, and looks like Mellish, his half back! Mellish is from Ashtead.        
The first Kingstonian goal was a clearance from Ernie Sperring that rebounded in off an Epsom player! Soper put K's 2-1 up
at= HT before Parr's equaliser. Reference to AJ Keeling being called Fred. Alfred. Also listed wrongly as AF Keeling.  
Sept 25 reference to Fred Keeling, who was nicknamed "Tishy" because he was very ungainly! He was 6ft 4 inches tall.=
It is clear that this referred to the racehorse Tishy = that came last in the famous Cesarewitch horse race at Newmarket in October 1921
and was imortalised afterwards by the Daily Mail's Spo= rts cartoonist Tom Webster as a cross legged horse, becoming a symbol for
sporting disaster. The horse was killed in an accident= in July 1923. Webster was very famous and was believed to be responsible for
the design of the Arsenal red and white kit, as he use= d to play golf with Herbert Chapman! Died aged 75 in June 1962.
Surrey Comet also refers to West Street being the grou= nd where the famous Walters brothers played. PM got 13 International
Cap= s, while AM got 9.                  
According to Wilf Smith, an ex-committee member that l= ived very close to the ground, and used to climb the trees
there in about 1926 and 27 as a 6 year old, the Commit= tee room backed on to the West Street boundary, and was
adjoining the left of the old changing rooms if you lo= oked from the bottom of the ground uphill. There was a tea
bar attached near that, and a turnstile to the left, n= ear to where the Ewell Tennis club gate was, (and maybe
still is). The original changing rooms were on the same site as the later ones, but were very basic wooden ones.
Th= ey were replaced by the prefabs in the late 40's/early 50's says Wilf. "1956"        
The banking at both ends was made up from the rubble created by the building of The Rise and The Mount.
Wi= lf also believes that the stand and tea bar were originally joined together at one point.      
Eps= om had a good team this season, and players appeared to be attracted to the area by the offer of jobs at    
Ude= n's builders. In due course especially in the early 30's Epsom would attract = many Welshmen for this      
rea= son. Also, Wilf believed that there was an official that was well connected with the Walkers whisky brewers    
that got involved with the club in an official capacity too. Not sure when, maybe late 20's. That would be Robert Bradshaw at Tay= lor Walker.
Ude= n's builders were in South Street apparently.              
Se= pt 25 Epsom Athletic take over as tenants of the now available Horton Hospital Grounds for their Saturday games.  
12/9/25 Won 3-2 at Godalming in first SSL fixture of season. Herald says that it was an unchanged side, but they are wrong.
T Evans in this game is the same player as Fred Evans = in the first match of season v K's. Challis also played Kent was unfit.
1-0 down after 5 minutes after Ernie Sperring was hars= hly penalised for carrying. Equaliser was from a Challis shot that may
have been going wide but the keeper wasn't sure, and in trying to make sure, put it into the net. Awarded to Challis here.
This was after 35 minutes and HT was 1-1. Parr made it= 2-1 after 10 minutes of pressure with a left foot drive "for which he is=
noted". The brothers Evans worked well down the l= eft and crossed for Marlow who took a difficult ball and scored well. 3-1.
Godalming fought back for ten minutes and reduced the scoreline, but all Epsom afterwards. The older Evans looks too
old= for football but will do for now, says Herald. Challis is only 18 says Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail.      
This season it appears from other results that Godalmi= ng were playing at Godalming Recreation Ground. The following season
the Surrey Advertiser says they are at Holloway Hill, = but this may well have been the same venue. Still an open space nowadays.
19/9/25 First season in FA Cup. Lost 0-1 at West Norwo= od. In those days they had moved from Herne Hill, and were very
near to Tooting's ground in Sandy Lane. West Norwood played in Streatham Road, but not at the same ground that Mitcham
Wan= derers used according to Tooting & Mitcham historians.            
Match upset by rain and high wind, and Epsom lost in t= he last minute. Reg Marlow hit the post early, and Sid Bristow missed
a penalty in the first half. In second half, there was= an injury to Forbes (W.Norwood) who injured his eye. 10 men. Pity about
Bri= stow's penalty miss, he is "such a sure taker" of penalties normally s= ays Herald.        
Had= they won, they would have played Nunhead in the next round.          
Sept 25 SSC 1st qualifying round all byes, 2nd qual ro= und Epsom receive a bye, as only two teams are competing here!
Th= e Surrey FA still do this occasionally now! In those days, Epsom had to qualify along with Mitcham W, Sutton,  
and= Redhill, while Aquarius, and Westminster Bank were exempted!          
23/= 9/25 Epsom Town are fifteen minutes late to the SSL meeting this day and are caution= ed.        
26/9/25 Originally due to play Camberley at home this = day but game was postponed as they had an Amateur Cup Prelim round match.
26/= 9/25 Jack Parr injured and out for two or three weeks, and will miss friendly with Botwell Mission.      
26/9/25 Friendly Lost 1-5 to Botwell Mission at West Street. "An interesting game" Missed several chances in front of goal
and= "found the visiting players too fast". Botwell Mission were a Spartan League side.        
Game was good except the shooting says Herald. Very go= od for a friendly. Tough game and 1-0 down at HT, but a comical
own goal with a ball driven into the goal from a low Challis cross "AVELEY STYLE - 90's" levelled the game up. It also
woke the opposition up and they then scored four more.= At 1-1 also, Reg Marlow was injured. Passenger. Debut for J Kent
as Reg Sperring was on holiday and Jack Parr was injur= ed. J Kent wasn't very successful and never played again. Related to
FE Kent? Don't know. Ernie Sperring at fault for third goal, but no others. Micky Smith playing the utility man these days
say= s Herald. This was Epsom Town's first ever defeat at West Street.          
Pic= ture with names in Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail after this game. Copy taken.=        
26/= 9/25 Referee escorted off the field by police after a draw between Mitcham Wanderers a= nd Metrogas.      
Sept 25 reference in Sutton & District League Divi= sion 1 to a Brock's Pyros. These were the works team for the fireworks
company in Sutton/Cheam where Brocks Avenue is now. Th= ey finished 3rd, and had been around for a few years previously.
Sept 25 Papers refer to the upcoming Sutton Utd AC game promising to be the greatest attraction that Epsom will have
all season. The papers were a little Sutton biased in those days, and in this case, a bit patronising, seeing as Sutton
wou= ld finish bottom of the Athenian League this season, and require re-election. Bigger clubs do visit this year.    
Oct= 25 Advert placed in Herald for a goalkeeper - see Billy Green.          
3/1= 0/25 Epsom had no first team game this day              
Oct= 25 P Curwood joins, and Epsom have signed another Evans. He is Welsh and is a policeman at Epsom.    
10= /10/25 Advertiser says "about 1,200" at West Street for the Sutton Ama= teur Cup game, which was "full of interest".  
Ep= som were at full strength but during the game Sutton had 5 players "knocked out" and requiring attention. At one  
point for almost 20 minutes, they were down to 9 men, = but Epsom couldn't score. Early in 2nd half a 20 yard strike from
Streeter saw Epsom go behind after 49 minutes, with Sperring having "no chance" of saving it. Challis and Keeling played
well, but Marlow didn't shine. The referee Mr Hutton h= ad "an excellent game" and Sutton went on to play Aquarius in the<= /td>
nex= t round. Clearly it was the reporter's first visit to Epsom, and he remarked upon = the stand for 250, and "with    
surroundings which are very pleasing". "It i= s a fitting home for a club which has made great strides and which promises
to = be prominent in the future." The team was lacking in experience of football at a higher level said the reporter.    
At this date, Epsom had only played one league match, which was a win at Godalming, who were currently bottom of SSL.
Her= ald says crowd was 1,500, and apart from T Evans, the squad was the same as last year's.      
Many of the injuries were caused in collision with Fred Keeling "who is a sportsman and wouldn't hurt a fly". Sutton we= nt
uphill in first half. Ernie Sperring was the busier keeper. H Streeter would play for Epsom before the end of the season.
Herald says that an equaliser was denied because the referee didn't see if the ball had crossed the line when it was caught
by the Sutton keeper. The Paper asks later whether the= re shouldn't be some official stationed on the line to determine
whether the ball crosses. Still argued about 80 years = on! Sutton were the better side, and Marlow and Parr were not fully
fit and shouldn't have played. Evans was poor, while Challis, Edwards, and Reg Sperring were very good. Reference to a little<= /td>
ill= -feeling, but well refereed.                  
Picture of Epsom v Sutton in Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail not taken up as very small and not great quality.
Af= ter the game a Supporters Club was formed at the Girl Guides Hall in Waterloo Road, wi= th Secretary Billy Green.  
Sub= scription was 1s.                  
14/= 10/25 Surrey Midweek Cup Draw Wimbledon Wednesday v Epsom Wednesday Group 3        
16/= 10/25 Ewell Boys 5-0 Stanley Road in 1st Round of Sutton & District Schools Cup played "at Ewell". HT 1-0    
Li= ne up: J Clark, GH Bell, F Reeve, G Ralph, L Cook, A Martin, C Wright, C Newman, L Mayers, J Powell, S Oliver.  
17/10/25 Home friendly v Casuals Reserves in front of = 500 spectators, sees Epsom win 1-0. Debut for P Curwood "who is a clever=
little player". DGA Lowe the Olympic runner playe= d, as did R Potts from Oxford University + 4 other regulars. FE Kent scored.=
"A good clean game "devoid of cup tie tricke= ry and questionable tactics". Reg Sperring and Fred Keeling kept DG Low= e
quiet. Fred is listed as AJ Keeling for this game, and sometimes AF. The A must be Alfred. It is. HT 1-0. Curwood did well
on = his debut, but "a bit small".                  
Official Casuals biographer Rob Cavallini advises that Casuals actually had another game this day and this was a Reserve
eleven. I shall list the match this way as a result, e= ven though the club might have thought they were playing the first team.
Ill= ustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail says only "about 200" were present for = this game. Seems a bit small to me.    
24/10/25 W3-1 at Egham in SSL. Only Epsom's second lea= gue game. Marlow was unfit, so Coleman made his debut. He
gave the best exhibition yet of all the trialling right wingers Epsom have tried. "A fine turn of speed and good ball control".
1-0 down after 3 minutes, but Epsom got on top and sta= yed there. Evans hit the post from 25 yards, but scored 5 minutes
la= ter anyway. HT 1-1 and got another on 65 minutes, then Reg Sperring scored from "= ;an almost impossible angle"  
Oct= 25 reference to a cinder path being laid as ground improvements continue at = West Street.        
25/= 10/25 DWG Jones father dies in Wrexham aged 75.            
31/10/25 Paper says that Epsom win handsomely over Wal= ton, yet the Walton history book only has score of 3-2, so it
wa= sn't maybe quite as big a win as it should have been. Walton played at Mount Felix in those days. Herald says  
Epsom were well on top, then Sid Bristow was carried o= ff with an injured leg. 10 men. Game more even after this. Edwards
playing up front scored after 20 minutes HT 1-0. 2-0 s= oon after HT, despite Walton pressure, but 67 mins and 83 mins 2-2.
Then with 4 minutes left, Challis beat two players and scored the winner. "A grand goal, and Challis well deserved the hearty
congratulations showered upon him" Ernie Sperring= was faultless, while Edwards at centre forward did well. Unfortunately
Col= eman was "well nigh useless", which was disappointing after his good deb= ut the week before!      
Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail states that "a small youth now accompanies the team dressed in a light and dark blue
pie= rrot (sad clown) costume for luck!                
31= /10/25 Big fight at the Carshalton Athletic ground after the game with West Norwood which ended up in court with  
assault charges and the referee as a witness. A woman = was hit during a scuffle, and many people then got involved. The
ground was in fact closed for 14 days by SCFA from 23/11/25, and the home centre half, Chatterton, who was sent off,
was suspended for 14 days. The club were told to play = more than 7 miles from their ground, and when the ground opened,
the= y were to put warning notices up at the ground.              
Nov 25 Miss G Mackie has written to the Ewell Rural Council regretting their decision to widen and straighten West Street,
thus taking away it's rural aspect. The Council replied that they will meet her views re: retention of hedges and trees as
fa= r as possible, having regard for public safety. It is still quite windy these days, so was any work ever done, and why  
was= it so windy in the first place, as it is one of the oldest roads in Ewell, and should have been straighter!    
7/= 11/25 Epsom dominate Godalming in SSC and win 3-2, but only 1-0 at HT before two quick goals after the interval.  
Epsom were "decidedly superior" to Godalming= in the Surrey Senior Cup and the attack was very good, yet only won 3-2.
Many shots on goal were deflected away "by luck, = not by judgement", and the Godalming keeper played well. HT 1-0 then
3-0 before Godalming played better and fought back, leaving a tense finish. Only 1 foul in the entire game, and WJ Wilson
(SC= FA Secretary) was present.                  
14/11/25 Epsom lose 1-0 at home to Leyland Motors in t= heir first home league game of the season. Curwood played for Kent
al= though Advertiser says Kent played and is wrong. Percy Standen made his debut for Micky Smith who was injured.  
He had been playing for Ewell for a few years and &quo= t;is very quick with feet and brain". Poor game saw a deserved win by
Ley= land HT 0-0. Advertiser said it was a fast game, yet Herald says it was a poor one!        
Bot= h sides had been unbeaten up to this point, and Leylands took over after an even first half says Comet.    
Nov= 25 reference to Brighton Railway still at the Nest, even though they are no longer in Surrey Senior League.    
20/= 11/25 WM Walters dies aged 91. Father of famous Ewell International players AM and= PM Walters.      
He= was a solicitor by trade, working as a senior partner in Walters and Co, repute= d to be the oldest firm of practising  
sol= icitors in the country, and retired about ten years ago.            
Also President of the Law Society in the year of Queen Victoria's Jubilee and a Director of the Law Insurance Company
un= til it was absorbed by Phoenix in 1910. Phoenix merged with Sun Alliance in the 80's, and then became Royal Sun  
Al= liance in the 90's. He was buried in Ewell Churchyard on 23/11/25. Sir Arthur Glyn = was present. Both sons would  
eve= ntually die in the early 40's, or in PM's case, just before then. AM Walters died in = Feb 1941 aged 76.      
21/11/25 In a strenuously fought game, Epsom 1-0 in SS= L at Weybridge. During the early part of the game, a Reg Marlow
shot hit a player on the jaw and knocked him out cold! Ernie Sperring was also injured just before HT, so Fred Keeling went
in goal until HT, when Sperring returned. The winner w= as a second half penalty by T.Evans after a cross by Challis was
handled after 77 minutes. It was a good penalty high i= nto the corner. Standen and Keeling both did well as did all forwards.
Nov 25 Reported in Herald that the Selection Committee= are having trouble "trying to please everybody", but less changes a= re
req= uired, not more.                  
Wey= bridge appear to be playing at Walton Lane, Weybridge. Still a lot of open spaces there.        
28/11/25 Epsom beat Weybridge 1-0 in SSC 4q, but are a= bit fortunate to win. Papers appear to suggest that they had
als= o beaten Weybridge the week before too. Early snow at mo= st grounds this weekend.        
Herald says Epsom should have been 3-0 up in the first half, but HT was 0-0 and Weybridge could have had three in the
second half as they pressed, but Reg Sperring's goal w= as the difference, beating his man with clever footwork, and scoring
jus= t inside the near post. "A backs to the wall performance" Sid Bristow played "an intelligent game".      
Early second half, Reg Marlow "went lame". 10 men. F Mellish was at a wedding, but instead of playing Standen, Fripp
cam= e in for his debut.                  
In the second half, there was a comical incident, when= the linesman signalled a corner, while the referee gave a goal kick.
The linesman seemed to consider this as an affront, so left his place and walked on to the pitch, offering the referee his flag!.
The referee refused it, and "appeared to say something very sternly to the linesman, who then resumed his place on the line"
&qu= ot;Very remarkable, comic incident" says Herald.              
Paper says league table inc 28/11 had Epsom Town 4th 3 points behind Leyland Motors with 1 game in hand. Correct.
5/12/25 Dorking are expecting their biggest gate of the season for the visit of Epsom with FE Kent and F Mellish ex-Dorking.
As it turned out, Dorking were unlucky not to draw, as= it was 2-2 before a Dorking injury. Only 40 minutes each way was
played. E Olley played for Dorking and played well. Reg Marlow equalised an early Dorking goal, then Challis put them
ahead before Reg Marlow got the winner in the last few minutes. Epsom had been behind early after Mellish had slipped and
brought his opponent down, leading to a penalty. This = was saved by Sperring, but the rebound was converted. Parr returned
to = the side, while Fred Keeling was suffering with "a knocked knee" and miss= ed this game.        
Dec= 25 reference to Daily reports in the Evening News - Worth a look!          
12= /12/25 Redhill bring their full side for the East Surrey Hospitals Cup match at = West Street. A large crowd watched  
the game as Epsom make their entry into the competitio= n. However, Redhill were far too good, and led 2-0 at half time
and extended this to 8-0 before Epsom got two back aga= inst 10 men, after Goddard had gone off injured after 70 minutes,
bu= t he had already got a HT by then. Epsom were unfortunate to lose Mellish, injured shoulder after 20 minutes, and  
could not participate at all in the second half. Epsom= had been the better side in the first 20 minutes before the injury.
Pap= ers said "Epsom are young but inexperienced despite an abundance of dash"= ;.        
Ern= ie Sperring was "cheered to the echo" by all supporters.            
Lea= gue match (H) v Guildford is postponed to later because of the Redhill game.        
19/= 12/25 No game for first team.                  
26/= 12/25 8-0 win over "much weakened" Reigate Priory side at West Street.        
Fr= om beginning to end, Epsom outplayed their opponents. Fine football. Percy Standen returned to the team and  
pla= yed well at right half.                  
Jan= 26 future player EJ McBirney is at Walton              
2/1= /26 6-0 win over a weakened Leyland Motors side in LC in "treacherous conditions".        
Pap= er says that Epsom are now at the top of the SSL for the first time this season.        
2/1= /26 Epsom have learned from the Redhill defeat and are now more direct say papers.<= /td>        
In= jury to Leylands keeper in the second half. 10 men for a while. 6-0 was harsh on Leylands says Surrey Comet.  
Herald says that Epsom could have scored 12. "A rather remarkable performance". Challis is constantly improving, while
Tommy Evans is a "sturdy little player". Also Sid Bristow looks to have regained his form when it looked like he may ha= ve to
mak= e way for a younger man. One of his best games "polish and effectiveness" "never a loose pass".      
9/1/26 Epsom record their 3rd straight home victory wi= th a 4-2 win over Dorking. Dorking at times only had 9 on the field due
to injuries, although played better at this stage! Former Dorking player FE Kent scored "a popular" goal according to the
Dor= king & Leatherhead Advertiser. EJ Olley playing for Dorking.            
14+15+16/1/26 Heaviest snowfall in years in the area f= rom Thursday to Saturday. Nearly all matches in the district were
pos= tponed, including Epsom's game at home to Farnham United Breweries.        
23= /1/26 Epsom entertain Summerstown in the 1st round of the Surrey Senior Cup in front = of "a fair crowd". This is the  
earliest programme that I have seen in existence. Summerstown win 4-2 and go on to play Nunhead 4-2 in the QF. They were
the better side, and show that the Athenian League is stronger than the Surrey Senior. Even when Epsom were ahead, the
visitors still looked like winning! Marlow got both go= als, but also missed an easy chance at 0-1 down. He scored soon after
though, and his second soon after which was all due to= Reg Sperring. Great footwork. HT 2-2 and downhill in the second half
the= visitors scored two more.                  
30/1/26 F Barton, brother of a former player (W) is gi= ven a trial at outside right in Egham game, after being abroad until recently= .
However he never plays again as Epsom have a bad day at Egham, and lose 2-0 in League Cup. Marlow was the chief culprit
this day, while Ernie Sperring played well and kept the score down. Barton had been in India where he had played for the
Army, while Tommy Evans was ill. Epsom went 1-0 down a= fter 35 minutes then the referee blew for half time. Secretary Billy
Green had to let him know that he had blown early, and= the players were brought out for the next ten minutes! No time for a
HT = interval, and Egham scored again in the 2nd half.              
30= /1/26 Former tenants of West Street the Old Citizens lose 2-1 in AFA Cup Semi-Final to Carshalton @ Dulwich.  
Feb= 26 Herald asks whether there are too many cup competitions these days.        
6/= 2/26 Epsom win 6-0 at Addlestone, and Ernie has nothing to do in goal at all. 5 goals came in the second half, as  
Addlestone were completely routed in this half. There = were 4 changes, Keeling for Smith, Standen for Mellish, Evans for
Barton, and Coleman for Kent. Before half time, Tommy Evans hit the post from 30 yards, and the ball cannoned out to the
wing, where Challis crossed it to Coleman, who also hit the post! Soon after Jack Parr put Epsom Town 1-0 up. HT 1-0.
In the second half they discovered their true form. Si= xth goal was the best, with Evans and Bristow doing good work for Parr
to = complete his hat trick.                  
12/2/26 reported that David WG Jones has taken up the = post of Press Secretary and will supply detailed reports. Before coming
to Ewell he was a London journalist and was previously= a college captain in North Wales before going to Lincoln City, although
he didn't play any League matches for them. He was also Chairman of Ewell FC for a few years and was recently a referee.
13/2/26 Ref disallowed a goal for Epsom against Camber= ley, as the keeper was holding the ball, when Evans challenged him,
and slipped. The keeper threw the ball out, where Marl= ow got it and scored, but disallowed for "impeding the keeper"! Micky
Smith played at left half, as Reg Sperring had ankle trouble and missed the game. Both sides scored in first ten minutes, and<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
that was it!                    
Feb 26 Herald says Epsom have signed a first class for= ward and he will play on 20/2/26. He is HS Streeter from Sutton.
He = used to play for Croydon Athletic in Surrey Junior League before joining Sutton.        
Feb= 26 Herald reports that the supporters club are working on a cinder path around the ground.      
20/2/26 Streeter's debut was ok, and Marlow was not at= his best, despite scoring two. Epsom were much the better side, and
defeated Walton 5-0. HT was 3-0. "A splendid attendance" and the pathway at West Street had been laid with clinke= rs.
27/2/26 Leylands remain unbeaten after a 2-0 win over Epsom. Ernie Sperring kept the score down, and only let one directly
in,= as the other was a penalty. Epsom had brought a "fair number of supporters" with them. 0-1 15 mins.      
Herald says that Epsom were unlucky to lose and a draw would have been fairer. An early penalty for handball against
Edwards and a last minute goal on the break after Epsom had wasted a free kick three yards out for "carrying". Leyland<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>
played the team that had just beaten Wimbledon in SSC. Leyland beat Epsom Town home and away in League this year,
and= they are Epsom's only two league defeats.              
A very large report was submitted by DWG Jones, but mu= ch of it was removed because of space by the Sutton & Epsom Mail.
Jan= 26 former player Reg (RJ) Stimson is at Kiingstonian            
3/3/26 Epsom Town Dance at St Barnabas Hall. Nearly 200 attended and Charles Pettett, our future Chairman was the MC with
mus= ic from Glenister's London Band.                
6/3/26 A sparkling display of football at Farnham in a= 1-1 draw. Both teams did their utmost in a very fast game. "One of the
finest exhibitions of football seen in the Surrey Seni= or League this season". Large number of spectators. Mellish and Evans
were both ill and replaced by Standen and Coleman. Sta= nden did well, but is now on the slow side. Marlow can be very greedy
but makes up for it with goals. Herald refers to Tom K= irk as "an excellent trainer" now he no longer plays. Edwards goes<= /td>
too far forward occasionally. HT 0-0, but Farnham went ahead in first ten minutes of second half, but Epsom equalised near the
end= , while the referee was looking at his watch.              
13/3/26 Epsom go to Guildford and draw 1-1. Guildford = had recently beaten Leyland Motors 7-2 on 6/3, and Farnham 7-1
the week before. There were lots of free kicks and Guildford were a very big side. "Very strenuous and rough". Mar= low scored
very early from a Challis cross, and Epsom held on to = half time. Guildford levelled it up early in second half, but with five
min= utes left Challis was fouled in the area, but Bristow mispen (SAVE)        
Guildford played at Josephs Road, Guildford, where they shared with Guildford City before returning to Woodbridge Road
in 1933.                    
13/3/26 Epsom were lucky to have Reg Sperring availabl= e as he had been selected by SSL for a rep match v London Business
Hou= ses League at Egham, but they had to postpone as they couldn't do Saturdays!        
13/= 3/26 Epsom now have eight matches left, and would play them all at West Street.        
20/3/26 Final of Epsom & District Schools Charity = Cup between Epsom Council School and Leatherhead OR Ashtead C of E
at = West Street 11am ko.                  
20/3/26 Epsom beat Godalming 5-0 at West Street but a disappointing first half finished goalless and was lacking in sparkle,
as if the players were so confident of the final resul= t, that there was no need to worry!. Marlow got the final goal, but was
str= uggling throughout with a leg injury. Sid Bristow also left the field near the end with knee trouble. 10 men.    
Again, there was "a splendid attendance" in spite "of the cold Easterly wind". The ground was in excellent condition, and
Eps= om Town are now top. "Challis had a great day".            
21= /3/26 famous cricketer Pelham Warner, soon to be involved as cricket manager for the infamous "Bodyline" Tour, is  
guest of honour and main speaker at Epsom Congregation= al Church at the Epsom Brotherhood's annual "Sports Sunday".
The event is chaired by Epsom benefactor Robert Bradsh= aw, and other dignitaries were local MP Sir Rowland Blades.
27/3/26 Unchanged XI from match v Godalming. As a resu= lt of "careful domestic and medical treatment" both Sid Bristow an= d
Reg Marlow had recovered from their injuries. Game was= a better standard than last week as Egham were defeated 3-0.
Both keepers had plenty to do. 1-0 up at HT, and Egham came out stronger after the break, but after 55 minutes, Challis
end= ed the challenge, and Reg Marlow got the third.              
3/4= /26 Hood Shield Final now at West Street on Saturday morning - Surbiton Schools 0-3 Croydon Schools.    
3/4= /26 Guildford are thrashed 10-3 at West Street. "It was not a cricket ma= tch, but it needed a scorebook!"    
"Guildford came and were deluged". They were= one of the stronger teams in the Surrey Senior League but "were smitten = hip
and thigh by Epsom". Epsom were very fresh and cr= edit goes to Tom Kirk the trainer for this, although Guildford had played
the day before and had both regular backs out for this game, so EDE came in, who was previously one of the best amateurs
in Surrey, but there was only one team in it from star= t to finish. 3-0 up after 20 minutes, then Reg Sperring got the fourth
from just inside the halfway line, dropping just under= the bar! The keeper got a touch, but could only push it onto the bar and
into the net. "A rather remarkable goal". Ep= som went 8-1 up before relaxing and letting their opponents get two back, but then
added two more at the end. "A big crowd" Cha= llis continues to develop into a forceful attacker with Parr as his ideal part= ner.
Sutton & Epsom Mail say that there was 1,000 prese= nt. Also reference to EDE who was with Guildford in 1905 and maybe
ear= lier. By way of a change, Epsom went down the slope in the first half.        
5/4= /26 Sutton United lose 13-0 at Barking, three days after beating them 5-2 on Good Friday!        
5/4= /26 Epsom are a little fortunate to defeat Reigate Priory 2-1 at West Street on Eas= ter Monday.      
This league game was switched from Reigate Priory for cricket at Park Road. SSL minutes allow the switch but state that it
doe= s not set a precedent.                  
5/4/26 Marlow put us ahead after 20 minutes from an accurate centre by Challis and Reigate Priory equalised right on HT but
Mar= low scored the winner in the second half from a Bristow free kick.          
Ch= eck HT. Was it 1-1 or 1-0. My stats say 1-0 but these comments indicate 1-1.        
10/4/26 Epsom beat Addlestone 5-1 at West Street, after being 1-0 down in the first minute, which gave spectators a shock!
Addlestone had a second disallowed shortly after, and = the reasoning behind this went on for a week or two in the papers. It
was originally thought to be for handball, but the ref= eree advised the Herald that the ball had gone out of play in its original
delivery from a corner. Epsom certainly had a lucky let off and made Addlestone pay, leading 4-1 at HT, but second half was
a bit dull. The visitors simply couldn't keep up the p= ace, and Epsom then relaxed in the second half. Epsom's half back line
of Reg Sperring, Sid Bristow and F Mellish was as usual very strong. Sperring was selected for the League, but declined
to play, as it was in Newbury, and the train left Paddington when he was just finishing work on a Saturday! I'm amazed only=
one= Epsom player was selected. "Bristow is standing the long-distance course excellently for one of his years"    
Fut= ure player EJ Olley (Dorking) was also selected for SSL this day v Great Western Suburban League.      
17/4/26 Epsom 5-0 Camberley & Yorktown. Not very sporting, at 3-0 up, Reg Sperring was sandwiched between the frustrated
midfield of Camberley, and injured his ankle, being carried off for a while. Then Collier for C & Y struck Coleman, and Streeter
ran= in and struck at Collier, leading to both being sent off. Then the visitors cent= re half was booked.      
The supporters urged Epsom forward again, and a Sperri= ng penalty for handball was the fifth goal. At the time of the 4th goal,
both teams were down to 9 after the sending offs and injuries. Herald advises no criticism of referee T Taylor, "for the = way he
exe= rcised his authority during the black period of the match". Reg Marlow got the other four.        
Ref= erence to Epsom supporters being more sporting than many, although this wasn't the = case in the late 50's.    
"A good attendance" K.O. was 4.15 not 3.30 a= s C & Y were late. Evans did really well in place of Challis (usually Eva= ns was an outside
rig= ht, not outside left).                  
Apr 26 Herald refers to Epsom being in the Surrey Intermediate League in 1923/24 not Southern Suburban League. Wrong!
24/4/26 is FA Cup Final day, but Epsom consider that t= heir attendance won't be affected for this massive game against FUB.
All= but two of Epsom's side live in Epsom, with the other two, Mellish and Edwards from Ashtead.      
24/4/26 Epsom defeat Farnham Utd Breweries 2-1 and bec= ome Champions of the Surrey Senior League for the
fir= st time. Farnham had been the previous champions.            
Technically Farnham could still win the title, but Eps= om would need to lose their last game, with Farnham winning
the= ir last two heavily and having a goal average swing of 19 goals. It doesn't happen.        
People were viewing the match from the trees outside t= he ground, and nearly fell out when Epsom scored their second goal
to= go 2-0 up in the second half, but Farnham got one back and the last 20 minutes were nervy as "time crawled".  
Although attendance is not advised, Herald + Mail says= it was the biggest gate yet seen on the Epsom ground. Epsom were
overwhelmed i= n the first 15 minutes, but Epsom went 1-0 up after 35 minutes, and the obtaini= ng of that goal had "set the
heather alight". It was a good move with Challis getting the final touch after a scramble. HT 1-0 and almost scored again from
the restart. Parr got the second, but Bicknell pulled = one back. "All three goals had a good deal of scrambling". Epsom ha= d a
third goal disallowed for handball by Streeter.              
24= /4/26 future player Bill Ruffell scores twice for West Ham Res v Palace Res in a 3-0 w= in in the London Combination  
Apr= 26 future player R.Earl is at Wimbledon                
28/4/26 Championship of Surrey Senior League is confir= med, after Weybridge drew with Farnham Utd Breweries.
Eps= om would only lose two games in the League all season, both to Leyland Motors!        
1/5/26 Epsom defeat Weybridge 2-1, but were already Champions, as Weybridge had taken a point from Farnham on 28/4.
This game "lacked lustre" as a result. Weybr= idge only had ten for almost all of the first half, but only Jack Parr played well.
Rollings played his first match instead of the injured= Reg Sperring, and the local player from Ewell gave "a pleasing display".
It was his debut in senior football, not just with Eps= om. Sid Bristow was captain this season. HS Streeter scored the first goal,
and the second was an own goal under pressure, but the Weybridge keeper played well.        
G R= ollings joined from Ewell.                  
1/5/26 Club announce the result of the "Stopwatch Competition" which was organised by AE Chaney. The winning time was announced
on the field on this day with the winning time of 3 ho= urs 58 minutes and 59 seconds. Winners (not present) got a motorcycle and a
gol= d watch. The club also benefitted by 60. Very grand amounts and prizes for this era. = More details required.    
May= 26 Reference to how sporting Weybridge and Farnham were after their defeats.=        
7/= 5/26 reported "The result of the Stop Watch competition organised by AE Chaney was announced on the field last  
Saturday" The winning time was 3 hours 53 minutes= 59 seconds. Winners got a motorcycle and a gold watch, and the club
ben= efitted by over 60 from this competition. What exactly was it though?        
8/5/26 Jack Parr listed as Johnny Parr, and W Beattie a regular supporter, and the best billiard player in the district, scored
a partnership of 160 for Epsom Rovers C.C. v West Park. Beattie got 117 and 4-18 when bowling, while Parr got 43, and 54
a w= eek later v Crusaders.                  
13/5/26 First Annual Meeting of Epsom Town Supporters = Club at Foresters Hall. Hugh Bradley was away, so Treasurer
SR Prett chaired the meeting, with P Jones (Supp Club Treasurer) and H Stevens helping him. Total revenue was advised as
42 0s 11d an= d 15 was donated to the parent club. Also a load of clinkers were supplied to = the ground at cost of 2 10s.
Bal= ance was 19 6s 8d and membership was 134 + Sutton & Epsom Mail membership was 124= .      
Officers were all re-elected. Chairman D Taylor, Sec H Stevens, Treasurer P Jones. Committee: B Walker, G Chennell,
AE Chaney, CH Blackadar. Epsom Town Secretary Billy Gr= een suggested that members of the Supporters Club should also
bec= ome members of Epsom Town so they could vote at AGM's.          
21= /5/26 Epsom Town are congratulated by SSL for winning the league and cup and medals a= re given to Billy Green.  
Annual Dinner and smoking concert was advised for 27/5, with a promenade concert listed for West Street in June. Volunteers
wer= e also asked to come along for ground tidying. Report of this in following season.        
Tit= le was largely due to Ernie Sperring say papers.              
Reference to Burberrys playing at Woodside Road, New Malden, and Merton FC playing at the Abbey Recreation Ground.
Prog= ramme printed by Bradleys Printers, Epsom              
Reserves:   Surrey Intermediate League Eastern Division        
Position   ?? Out of 13              
SIC 3rd Sutton United 2-4            
SICC QF Redhill                
12/9/25 Epsom 3-0 up in 7 minutes and won 4-1 v Croydon Athletic Reserves. Micky Smith plays up front and gets two goals.
19/9/25 Lost 6-1 at Bromley Reserves. We led after 3 minutes but this was as good as it got! Coppin and Hughes were both away and
Hughes may not be able to return says Herald. I can't trace him in any future line ups this season although he is back in 1926/= 27.
26/= 9/25 Epsom are hammered 8-0 by Redhill Reserves in SIL. HT 5-0.          
LineUp: G Keen, H Keeling, F Watson, F Fowler, R Colem= an, A Fripp, L McKechnie, A Jermin, J Budd, J Evans, C Aldridge
Geo= rge Keen was not the regular keeper, as they were missing Hughes.        
3/10/25 Reserves beat Sutton United 3-0 with goals from Coleman, Jermin and Challis. Ernie Sperring also played, as did
Sid= Bristow.                  
Oct 25 Epsom get 2 byes in SIC, as there are only 3 te= ams in the group and Sutton beat Epsom Brotherhood in 2nd round
on = 31/10/25 so Epsom travel there in 3rd round on 5/12/25.            
10/= 10/25 Res lose 10-2 at Beddington Corner Res mispen early second half too.        
Our inside left scored the first goal and our centre h= alf made it 2-2 early in the second half after Beddington had hit the bar with a
pen= alty, before it all went wrong!                  
10/10/25 In addition to the two Evans's in the first t= eam there is another who was projected to play in goal this day. He was Welsh and
a p= oliceman stationed in Epsom. Apparently used to play outside right before an injur= y.        
17/= 10/25 Appears no game for the reserves.              
24/10/25 Lost 3-1 in friendly v Aquarius Res. 4 new players tried. Should have been 5 but one didn't show, so as a result
Epsom only played with ten men. Garland debut in goal, while Percy Standen (back) and A Fripp (half back) played well.
31/10/25 Line up for the match v Caterham M.H. was S.Garland, J.Standen (probably Percy), John Coppin, SH Perry, Harold Keeling,
A.= Fripp, A.Jermin, P.Curwood, Reg Marlow, Jack Parr (if fit, or A.Budd if not - Pa= rr wasn't fit to play), F.Jaycocks.  
31/10/25 Reg Marlow rested from first team and played = for reserves, who won 3-2 over Caterham MH thanks to a Marlow HT!
150= were present. HT 2-0.                  
Il= lustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail says Marlow was not being rested, but returning a= fter an ankle injury. Had been out  
inj= ured since the Sutton United AC game on 10/10.              
7/1= 1/25 SICC Bye to QF.                  
7/11/25 Reserves lose an even game 4-2 at Ditton OB in= a friendly. The opposition included two Kingstonian players Deans and Woods= .
Gam= e was played in Ditton.                  
14/= 11/25 SIL home game v Wallington - not played.              
21/= 11/25 Parr back in training and expected to play for reserves this day v Mitcham Wanderers.      
21/11/25 Epsom take first point from Mitcham W in a 3-3 draw. The equaliser was a late penalty taken by John Coppin "the
uncrowned penalty king of Epsom". He "took t= he kick and rattled the net at the back enough to bring the whole structure<= /td>
down". Also an odd decision by referee not to all= ow a goal when the ball crossed the line early in the game. Most talked
abo= ut decision in ages says Herald. "A fair number of spectators". HT 1-1.        
28/= 11/25 Appears no game for reserves.                
5/1= 2/25 Epsom lose 4-2 to Sutton in SIC,. Epsom scored first, but Sutton then        
scored 4 including 2 penalties (Beaven HT). One was awarded when a defender picked the ball up, believing it was over
the= line! The second penalty was saved, but netted on the rebound. Epsom got a late consolation. HT 1-1.    
5/1= 2/25 Future player "Snowy" Goddard played for Sutton this day.          
Dec= 25 Drawn against Redhill or Caterham tie in SICC QF.            
12/= 12/25 Game at Caterham MH. Lost 2-1 which was Caterham's first win of the season.        
19/= 12/25 Epsom's game with Kingstonian is moved, and Epsom lose 0-1 to Wallington = at West Street instead.    
It was Wallington's 9th straight win HT 0-1 2 or 3 fir= st teamers including the returning H Mackenzie played for reserves.
26/12/25 Game at Epsom Brotherhood is in morning, so everyone can get back for first team match v Reigate Priory later on.
Res won it 2-1 despite only having ten men. Murphy did= not show, nor did a reserve. Former player A Setchell played for
Epsom Brotherhood, as did future keeper W Parker, and former players C Watts, and Frank Allen (probable former player).
HT= was 2-0. Scorers Perry and Jermin. Garland played a splendid game and Epsom played with just four forwards.  
You= ngster and future player Terry Birch is with Epsom Brotherhood Reserves at present as was Joe Burrage.    
Ill= ustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail says Reserves only won 1-0 v EB but is wrong. This was a league match.    
2/1= /26 "Micky" Smith playing for reserves this day. Started with 9 men and 5-0 down at HT. L 7-4 but      
thi= s was a league game, and not SICC, as Advertiser said. HT 0-5. A much more even second half.      
The= re was much slipping and the ground was "waterlogged". Harris HT for Sutton= .        
9/1/26 Lost 4-0 at Croydon Athletic in league. HT 3-0. Easy win for them and the score flattered Epsom "who were aggressive= on rare
occ= asions only". The second half was slightly more even but not for long.        
16/= 1/26 Not sure if Reserves had a fixture but it would haave been off due to heavy s= now anyway.      
23/= 1/26 Was there a game this day?                
30/1/26 Res away to Horley where they lose 6-1. 0-1 do= wn after ten minutes, but Keeling equalised soon after. Ht was 1-3.
Lin= eUp: A.Garland, P.Standen, J.Coppin, Perry, G.Rollings, Watson, Keeling, Jermi= n, Fripp, Coleman, J.Cox    
6/2= /26 Res SIL game v Beddington p-p. Played 10/4/26.            
6/2/26 Herald says Res beat Carshalton Ath Res 6-0 this day, and must have been a friendly to cover the Beddington game. Herald
say= s it was an SIL match but not possible as Carshalton were not in our division.        
13/2/26 Reserves lose 5-0 at home to Horley in Surrey Intermediate League. Line Up: AS Garland, J Coppin, WA Smith,
S P= erry, H Hollings, A Fripp, H Baston, A Jermin, H Healing, P Curwood, FE Kent.        
Res= erve table inc 27/2/26 Pld 15 W5 D1 L9 F28 A54 Pts 11 . Correct        
27/2/26 Home game with Kingstonian is p/p so Epsom can play Redhill in SJCC QF. 1-0 down early, and mostly Redhill
pressure, but Epsom led 2-1 at HT, and went 3-1 up bef= ore Redhill forced extra time, where they scored a winner. Outside left
fo= r Epsom scored the first and the inside left got their third. Herald originally listed fixture as Beddington Corner (H).  
6/3= /26 Epsom Res draw 0-0 with Redhill and it was the first time Redhill have failed to score all season.      
We = had two players playing for us this day from Epsom Athletic as they were without a game.      
Res= erve table inc 13/3/26 Pld 17 W5 D2 L10 F30 A57 Pts 12            
This means that Epsom probably lost 3-2 at home to Eps= om Brotherhood (13/3) as they drew 0-0 with Redhill Reserves on 6/3.
All= queries that are outstanding are after 20/3/26.              
20/= 3/26 Wallington SIL match p-p. Played on 1/5/26.            
3/4= /26 Epsom are due to play Summerstown at home straight after the first team game at West Street. (NR).    
5/4/26 Easter Monday Res SIL game v West Norwood p-p m= aybe to accommodate the first team match that was switched.
10/4/26 1-0 down to Beddington Corner then we got a penalty for handball but our left back put it (WIDE). HT 0-1 before our centre
forward equalised and then our left back scored a pena= lty that was also awarded for handball. Then Beddington got it back to 2-2
before another penalty was put in by our left back, ag= ain for handball and our outside right scored the fourth goal in our 4-2 win. The
lef= t back was almost certainly John Coppin.                
17/4/26 Surrey Advertiser confirms that Epsom hosted Kingstonian this day, following the first team match at 5.30. Kingstonian= won 3-1.
Ki= ngstonian finished second but Redhill then had points deducted and Kingstonian won = the League title as a result.  
24/4/26 Kingstonian defeated Vickers 3-2 at Wallington= 's Plough Lane ground in the Surrey Intermediate League overall Final.
26/= 4/26 Epsom host West Norwood in the rearranged match from 5/4/26 and win 7-0.        
1/5/26 Lost 3-2 at Wallington at Plough Lane, future h= ome of Post Office Engineers. HT 0-2. We pulled one back with a long shot
but then went 3-1 down before pulling a second goal ba= ck and nearly forcing an equaliser but our outside right missed "an easy chance".
Also this day at Plough Lane was the SICC F between Wo= king and Redhill. Woking won 3-2. Not sure which game was played first.
Ot= her affiliated Local Teams:   Secretary From SCFA Handbook       Affiliated
Eps= om Brotherhood   GW Turner 13 Albert Road, Epsom       Aug 1920
Eps= om Athletic   RC Pearman St Ives, Hook Road, Epsom       July 1922
Ewe= ll Athletic   A Sutton 5 Elm Road       July 1923
Ewe= ll Ministry of Pensions   Dr E Goodson Ewell Ministry of Pensions Hospital     May 1925
Eps= om Rovers   FD Stredwick 50 Lower Court Road, Epsom       July 1925
Eps= om Wednesday   A Bowell 26 Albert Road       Sept 1923
West= Ewell   R Cook   22 Heatherside Road, Ewell       July 1924
Au= g 25 Jack Hobbs wins his own autographed bat in a raffle at Carlton Cricket club, Sanderstead! He disclaimed the  
pri= ze, and suggested a donation to the Wimbledon Hospital instead.          
The number of the raffle ticket was 126, which was cho= sen in honour of Hobbs' next anticipated century, which actually
hap= pened on the day of the raffle.                
Se= pt 25 Epsom Downs announce plans for the new grandstand to be built for 20-30,000 peo= ple, with the old one, and  
an= other (number one stand) nearby to be replaced. Still to be agreed by Epsom Urb= an Council, but planned to start  
aft= er the Derby week of 1926.                  
Sep= t 25 Advert in Herald for Pratt and Hooker Auctioneers!!            
Dec 25 Mention of a local protest at the cruelty of foxhunting by the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt. "Cruel and barbarous".
There had recently been a law added on animal cruelty = at the Houses of Parliament to some surprise and amusement!
Dec 25 Burn (BC) Bullock, the famous Surrey cricketer leaves to become a professional in Norfolk. The pub on Mitcham
Gre= en is named the Burn Bullock, either after him, or his father, who was Secretary of Mitcham Cricket Club.    
3/5/= 26 - 12/5/26 General Strike. Reduced newspaper produced on 13/5/26.