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C O M M E N T S    /  H I G H L I G H T S
L  3rd out of 12                  
AC 3q Redhill 0-5            
LC 1st Southern Rail 0-4 at the Nest        
SSC 1st Weybridge 1-2            
Pr= esident Lt-Col J.R. Lord C.B.E. re-elected        
Ch= airman Hugh (HC) Bradley re-elected        
Se= cretary W.E.(Billy) Green re-elected 65 Lower Court Road, Epsom  
          but in Aug, listed as Ashbourne House,<= /td>                 Tel Epsom 712.  
Tr= easurer SR Prett replacing <= /td> AJ Keeling        
Co= mmittee: Elected at AGM: TC Collins, FC Adams, WJ Keeling, C Thornton, and GE Elms= lie      
    W Keeling had a furnishers shop at 15 H= igh Street, Epsom.      
S= election Committee: Chairman, Secretary, and Asst Secretary, plus captains, and v-= c's, and Collins, Thornton  
    GE Elmslie and Bert Green.            
Tr= ainer D.Day              
Ho= me Ground:  Grounds of Horton Hospital, Horton Lane= .        
Cl= ub Colours: Light and dark blue stripes            
Re= serve Team Secretary RL Bungard, 57 Horton Hill.            
Se= nior Status awarded by SCFA.              
Fi= rst season accepted into Amateur Cup              
May 24 Accepted into Surrey Senior League unanimously. Addlestone just sneak in too, by one vote from Chertsey.
Al= l meetings this year at Crichton Restaurant in Clapham Junction.        
Hu= gh Bradley's last season as Chairman of Sutton & District League.        
11= /6/24 SCFA AGM "in London" Presume Holborn Restaurant as last year.        
18= /6/24 AGM on Wednesday evening at Comrades Club House. Chaired by Hugh Bradley.      
S= ecretary's report dealt with the success of last season and the prospects for the co= ming season. Referred to an  
a= verage attendance of 700 last season as Epsom won the Southern Suburban League. = Big problem with no   
a= dmission charge possible, as the ground could not take a "gate", so voluntary labour was required frequently,   
an= d the Secretary expressed the hope that a ground would be obtained in the near future.      
A= ccounts showed that last year they had a balance in hand of £32.8s.2d at the star= t of the season, as expenses  
a= mounted to £270.9s.10d and the club now had a deficit of £6.4s.8d which attracted so= me friendly criticism from  
M= r Miller, who papers state was the late Secretary. President Lieutenant-Colonel JR = Lord C.B.E. was re-elected  
a= nd the club expressed sympathy with him in his recent illness, and hoped he would be = well soon. Billy Green  
w= as re-elected as Secretary, and warm tributes were paid to his splendid work during the past season. It was  
m= entioned by the Chairman that the committee had decided to mark their appreciation of= his services in a tangible  
f= orm. SR Prett replaced AJ Keeling as Treasurer, who became Stock Secretary instea= d. Mr Puddock was again  
e= lected as linesman, and reference was made to his impartiality last season. SR Prett became second team   
l= inesman. Hugh Bradley was re-elected unanimously as Chairman. Mr Bradley said that= it had always been his  
a= mbition to see a senior club in Epsom, and at last that had been achieved, and he wo= uld do his utmost to help a  
cl= ub in which his interests were centred. Large discussion on the formation of a Commit= tee, until Mr Miller     
s= uggested the formation of a separate Selection Committee which was agreed to, with the club rules being changed  
to accommodate this. Elected as at top of page. Second team unsuccessful in application for Surrey Intermediate  
L= eague, but there was every confidence that they would be admitted to the Southern Suburban League the next  
d= ay. There was also a resolution submitted that "the Strollers team" should enter the Sutton & District League,   
bu= t this was defeated, and would just play occasional friendlies instead.        
Bi= lly Green's brother Bert is in charge of arranging the charabancs.        
J= uly 24 Reference to Southern Railway FC changing their name from the former Brig= hton Railway FC. Secretary was  
M= r T Olley, related to E Olley future Epsom Town player, who was with Southern Rail t= his season. Club moving from  
M= itcham Road to Crystal Palace's old ground, The Nest, where they had been since moving there in 1918. The  
N= est was situated opposite the present day Selhurst Station. Crystal Palace had be= en admitted into the league  
w= hile they were there, so it must have been a good ground. Their firsts and res were= in the same leagues as Epsom's.  
A= ug 24 Rule changes approved by the FA state that it is now possible to score directly from a corner kick, and the  
g= ame should not stop for injuries unless it is a serious one. Home clubs now have the right to wear their colours, and  
th= e opposition must change.                  
Au= g 24 Future player Les (LW) Urpeth more in Reserves than firsts at Woking.        
Au= g 24 future player EJ McBirnie played for Ilford - mostly Res but sometimes 1sts        
Aug 24 Herald says that nearly all last season's playe= rs have signed on with 20 applications for trials were received, some of
whom reside in the district. Three trials are expected= to take place, with two in midweek, and one probably on 23rd August.
Herald hopes that the trials are successful, as the te= am needs strengthening (odd statement, considering they had just been
Southern Suburban League Champs without losing a game,= but I suppose this was a step up to senior football.) It would also
be good for the reserves to have a good team to try and match what the firsts did last season in the Southern Suburban League.
Season tickets will cost 7s 6d and entry will be 6d, although this is all voluntary, as the club are unable to charge an offic= ial
gate, as the site at Horton is unenclosed. Holders of season tickets will receive a free programme except for cup tie or charit= y
matches. Interesting to note that programmes were prod= uced back in 1924, and maybe even earlier. The tone of the wording
indicates, but by no means confirms, that this may have been the first year of programmes "containing very useful information."
First trial advertised as 20/8/24 Weds evening. Mainly= for new players. Herald says that most of play at trials is "usually
s= cratchy" and "most of the players do not regard it as serious football".= No surprise that spectators are very few.  
22/8 reported that all players from last year have now re-signed, and the club hopes it will be able to pass through another 
happy period. "Happy" in every sense, because the Epsom Town club prides itself on maintaining a social atmosphere amon= gst
its players both on and off the field, and this has st= ood the club in good stead in the past. "Practically the same officials = are
ru= nning the club this year", and the first match is on 30/8/24 at "THE HORT= ON SPORTS GROUND".    
Cl= ub also looking for an Assistant Secretary and an advert is published in Herald 22/8/24.      
A= ug 24 Leatherhead Rose accept the offer of a private ground in a field off King= ston Road, opposite the sub-post office.  
29/8/24 reported "Tomorrow, a historical episode = will occur in Epsom, which for all local lovers of sport, should be recorded i= n
red ink." A local team is to participate in a sen= ior friendly match with Dorking for the first time in the annals of football = in this
town. Epsom have worked hard to achieve this with only local players. "The governing members of Epsom Town have always 
adopted the policy of playing local talent where merit gains a place and this policy will be followed, but it is regrettable that a 
co= mplete local team of senior players cannot be got together."          
"Many have asked why Epsom have never had a senior club", and the answer is "that all local talent has been so div= ided that it 
was impossible to get one team combining the best of Epsom. Every Tom, Dick or Harry seems to have started a club in the 
past on his own, each one securing part of the good me= n, and none, as a whole, having a good side." "It would open the e= yes of
Epsomians if they knew the number of men Epsom born, w= ho are now playing for famous Amateur clubs because their own 
to= wn was unable to provide them with the football which their merit deserved."= ;        
Do= rking has had a senior team for a while, yet they are half the size of Epsom.        
Epsom are expecting many more to join, largely to boost the reserves, as they try and follow the first team who "pulled off = a
record which is seldom accomplished by any club in any sphere of football, namely, that of an undefeated record throughout a 
league campaign lasting the whole of the season". "This is something to be proud of and the members treasure it accordingly."
I= t is hoped that Epsom will play Sutton this season, but if not, that they may exchan= ge two friendlies. They will in April.  
Herald says "many people may be saying 'Where does the football take place', the answer is that the matches are played on 
the ground of the Horton Mental Hospital, Epsom, by permission of the medical superintendant". "The pitch is probab= ly the 
finest in Surrey" and charabancs run from the Cin= ema Royal every Saturday for a nominal charge of 6d. "Ladies are very much 
in evidence at the matches and it is desired that they should be welcomed at Horton, as it is a shame to leave them behind
in= these modern times of sex equality and the interest taken in sports by women&qu= ot;.        
29/8/24 For some reason, the Herald reports the resignation of Secretary Billy Green, because of a lack of time. This may have 
been connected to the advert for an Assistant Secretar= y. Either way, Green continues, so either he rescinds his resignation, or 
an= Assistant may have been found.              
29/8/24 reference to Epsom Brotherhood charging 1s 3d = for Adults and 1d for children under 12. More expensive than Epsom
Town, but they were more central, based at Stone's Brickfield, Kiln Lane. Captain is F Dunford, with GW Turner as Secretary.=
Al= so Herald says that Epsom St Barnabas have ceased to be.           
3= 0/8/24 Epsom's first match as a Senior club sees them try out 7 new players in a friendly against Dorking, which <= /td>  
t= hey lose 3-1. "Epsom did not make a very auspicious start" Epsom can take heart from the fact that their team was  
m= uch weaker than last year's regular side which did so well. It is clear that very fe= w of these new players will   
d= isplace any of them, although keeper Mold (Windsor & Eton) did well, and Nickless (Reading Reserves) deserved  
<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> another chance. Reg Sperring, FE Kent = and T Kirk were badly missed. 150 Dorking supporters made the journey.  
&= quot;Game was far from interesting" as Epsom were somewhat outclassed but promising says Dorking Advertiser.  
O= ther new players this year are: Fletcher (Summerstown), Fitzgerald (Guildford), F Mellish (Dorking), Nixon (from  
Su= tton in Notts), A.Jermin (Braby's), M.Lewins (Epsom Brotherhood) R.Marlow (Sutton Wednesday),     
F= . Watts (Epsom Brotherhood), Nickless (Reading Reserves), Mold (Windsor & Eto= n). All last season's side  
re= turn this year, and make the step up from Intermediate football.          
A Herald correspondent writes "Supporters of Epsom Town, for goodness sake don't commence deserting the club because it 
lost its first match in senior football with anything = but a senior team" Moral support is important "In many ways it is unfortunate 
that the club enjoyed such a wonderfully successful se= ason during 1923/24 and it must be borne in mind that the club can 
scarcely be expected to win week after week as it did then". Some people last year said "when will we see a football team" 
Th= ey will see many this year.                
Mold had a good save in the second half that "got= the biggest shout of the afternoon" but didn't have that much to do. The 
visitors were slightly better in first half, but only = Jack Parr did well up front for Epsom, and would have scored if "ably bac= ked up".
Dorking scored first but a Bristow penalty for handball equalised "an unstoppable one!" HT 1-1. 2nd half started well, = but after
five minutes, Epsom appeared to run themselves right o= ut. Dorking then took command and Peat scored after a melée in the
goalmouth. Just before this goal, Nickless had left the field with cramp. 10 men. Bristow also got kicked in the second half, and=
was little more than a passenger. Dorking finished off= the win with a penalty and were well on top by the end. Micky Smith for
E= psom was the best back on the field, but Fitzgerald on his debut was weak and Edwards shaky because Fitzgerald  
was in front of him at half back. Fitzgerald was at fa= ult for two of the goals, the first with a bad miskick, and the third was a
handball by him. Bristow was good, and Lewins may repl= ace others in the half back line. Day up front hardly had the ball, so
couldn't really be judged, although he did well with w= hat he had. F Mellish is ex-Dorking and Guildford Amateurs. The brothers
Ke= eling, Harold and Fred are available too.              
30/8/24 Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail produce an enormous report advising that the attendance was nearly 1,000, who
"watched a fast, open, spectacular game". Fletcher was poor but wasn't well before, and Mr Elmslie gave him a massa= ge at HT 
which helped a bit! Charabancs were in short supply for the trip to Horton from the town centre, which was disappointing. Epsom 
played in light and dark blue and did not include "Marlo and Witts". Marlow was on holiday for the first two matches.  Also the ball 
burst after 30 minutes! Dorking were 3-1 up after 80 minutes, while Bristow's penalty was a low drive. "Epsom Town are in the 
sa= me position as "a partly hatched chicken" and time is required for them to grow.        
Fu= ture player Aubrey Traube plays for Dorking in this match.          
Se= pt 24 Season tickets advised as 7s 6d including programme and membership.        
Sept 24 Leatherhead United formed as a successor to Leatherhead, and Leatherhead Juniors. They are playing at Fortyfoot Rd
b= ut aiming for Fetcham Grove. They eventually merge with Leatherhead Rose in 1946 to become the present day side.  
Sept 24 Epsom Wednesday are in Kingston & District League this year, while Epsom Athletic have picked up many of the old
Epsom St Barnabas team are in 1st Division of Sutton &= amp; District League. Are they playing at Temple Ro= ad? Does it still
ex= ist in 1924?                  
6/9/24 Epsom's first competitive senior match takes pl= ace at Horton Hospital where the other new boys in the league
Addlestone are fortunate to get a 2-2 draw. 7 of last years side played, and captain Micky Smith won the toss.
Epsom had 4 corners in the first 5 minutes, but were 1= -0 down early in the game, and were harshly 2-0 down before
Nickless reduced the deficit before half time, and Jack Parr got the equaliser as Epsom pressed in the second half.
E= psom were still not at full strength, as both Sperring brothers were still out, but would be back soon, and "Morley"  
wh= o impressed at trials is now available. I think that the papers meant to say Marlow. = As in Reg Marlow.    
Advertiser states that Epsom need to learn that footba= ll needs more than clever individual work - it needs team work too 
a= nd needs to be perfected before Epsom will get victories. Also, short passing needs t= o be worked on too. However,  
&= quot;on the whole, Epsom did well on Saturday and their supporters can rely upon their giving them a good display in the  
co= ming matches"                  
&= quot;Half a loaf is better than no bread" says Herald. Reference to Reg Marlow playing last year for Sutton Wednesday.  
Herald says both teams left with a point and a smile! = 1-0 down after 7 minutes and 0-2 after 25 minutes. Mold was nowhere 
near as secure as the week before, and was at fault for the first goal, when he got down to a ground shot and the ball "ran right 
up him and into the top of the net!" The second w= as unlucky as Mold was in a challenge for the ball with an Addlestone player, 
and they both went to ground, but the opponent was abl= e to react first. Where were the defenders while all this was going on?
Mold was often the only one in his half as Epsom domin= ated from this point, and Nickless scored, after good work by Kent and 
Kirk. The Addlestone goalkeeper was safe and decisive, which kept them in the game until right at the end when Parr equalised.
Nickless deserved a second match, but should now be dropped to a reserve level. F Watts debut at outside right, with Mellish<= /td>
d= ebut at left half. Watts was already known to many at Epsom and did well, although sho= ots from too wide, while  
Mellish joined from Ashtead and "has the assets of youth and sturdiness". He "played with the confidence of one who knows 
that he is capable of doing what he intends to do" and is quick at anticipating others. He is a real acquisition to the team= .
Ernie Sperring and brother Reg missed this game because they were away representing the Epsom Artisans Club in a golf
competition, the Artisans Golf Championships. Referenc= e to Harold Keeling by Herald. "is not a polished artist, but is a tireless 
wo= rker and a useful player to call on in case of need.            
6= /9/24 Unfortunately, at the game, an old an enthusiastic supporter, Mr Charles Harden collapsed at the ground, and  
d= ied at the infirmary later that evening. He arrived at the Epsom Infirmary at about 6.30, but did not appear to have =  
b= een seen until about an hour later, by which time he had died. The inquest was not particularly happy about this, it  
s= ays. It appears that the excitement was enough to damage a diseased artery and ca= use a brain haemorrhage.  
H= e had been healthy at 12pm, but feeling ill when spotted by a policeman in the groun= ds of the asylum at 6pm .  
Charles Harden was 60 and a painter. A regular attenda= nt at matches. The funeral was on 11/9/24 and the club sent a wreath.
10/9/24 Epsom Weds 2-1 Worcester Park @ Epsom Recreati= on Ground before it was called Alexandra Rec. Pr Round of
Kingston & District League Charity Cup. Scorers Betchley and Chambers. Line up: Wilcox, Reynolds, Bennion, Allen, Sharp
Ba= rker, Howell, Bowell, Chambers, Betchley, Eede.            
12/9/24 reported that 9 of the team for tomorrows matc= h v Farnham are from the district, and the two others Kirk and Bristow 
we= re regulars all last season.                
Sept 24 Reference to Mitcham Wanderers playing in Streatham Road and Lane in one report. Definitely Streatham Road, which
was very near to Tooting's future ground in Sandy Lane. Jackie Pullen and E Hill both future Epsom players are playing for 
To= oting this season. FH Watts (was this Fred?, probably) playing for Mitcham Wanderers reserves.      
13= /9/24 Future players Percy Standen and Freddie Behn are both playing for Ewell this season.      
1= 3/9/24 Epsom's first away game results in a 4-0 win at reigning champions Farnham United Breweries. Farnham  
wo= uld go on to become Champions again this season, only losing one more game this season= .      
E= psom were 3-0 up at HT after Micky Smith won the toss for the third time, and went = with the wind. Jack Parr scored  
a= fter 9 minutes with a 25 yarder much to the jubilation of the Epsom supporters. = Reg Marlow makes debut for Epsom.  
P= apers say that "it was early evident that Marlow was going to be a source of trouble for the home defence, and his  
d= rawing, feinting, and shooting powers stamped him as a player of great possibilities". "On Saturday's showing,   
M= arlow is the best centre forward an Epsom club has had for some considerable time"= ;. Papers also impressed with  
R= eg Sperring, who "was splendid, and given a fair amount of good fortune, this pla= yer is likely to make a name for   
hi= mself in senior football circles." Mellish was also impressive on the day.        
Marlow got the second after 15 minutes from a through pass. All Farnham shots were from distance as they couldn't get near
to the Epsom goal in the first half. 3-0 after 32 minu= tes was a great goal from Marlow. Just before half time, F Mellish was
struck just above the heart by a shot from Bristow and= had to be carried off. He returned at the start of the second half, but went<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
out on the wing as a sort of half-passenger, with Kirk slotting in at right half. Farnham pressed after half time, but Epsom came 
out with credit, and Watts scored after 72 minutes fro= m a pass from Kirk. The keeper saved the first shot, but Watts put the 
rebound away from a very narrow angle. "A truly f= ine goal". "Epsom had a wonderful day". "Never perhaps ha= s an Epsom team 
gi= ven a better display".                  
Reg Marlow was a grocer by trade as was his brother, a= nd he had a shop in Pound Lane in later years. I have also heard about a 
sh= op in Ruxley Lane but this may have been his brother's.          
1= 7/9/24 Epsom Weds 3-0 Platt's Athletic (Hounslow) @ Epsom Rec Scorers R Walters (2), A Bowell. K & D League.  
We= ybridge club colours are red and white.              
20/9/24 Epsom have the best of the game but must settle for a 1-1 draw with Weybridge with a Sid Bristow penalty equaliser.
Captain Micky Smith won the toss for the fourth straig= ht time. In both home games so far they have seen "fortunes frown"= , as
Epsom were much better than Weybridge, despite Weybrid= ge being an upgrade on Addlestone. Epsom still only got a draw
though. The weather helped Weybridge score as a shot w= hich was going comfortably to Ernie Sperring suddenly was blown
out of reach by a gust of wind! Jack Parr was then fou= led and Sid Bristow converted the penalty with a low swift shot just inside 
the post. The Weybridge goalkeeper dealt with saves "in the way of an artist" and was appreciated by the crowd. Parr was left
footed, while Reg Marlow was well shadowed this week. = Tom Kirk was not at his best as he was injured in the first half but still
ma= de good passes. Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail says about 1,000 attended des= pite inclement weather.    
Sept 24 Herald writes that if Epsom drew Sutton in a c= up this year, it would have to be played at Sutton, as Epsom cannot
ta= ke a gate. However, a replay could be held at Epsom it says. Very confusing! This is however correct.    
2= 4/9/24 Epsom Weds 3-0 Platts Ath (Hounslow) @ ERG. Scorers: R.Walters (2), A.Bowell, i= n K & D League.  
R= eport in Sutton & Epsom Illustrated advises that Frank Allen played well at ri= ght half. He would be killed in the same  
ac= cident as Jack Parr on Boxing Day 1937.              
Sept 24 Epsom Wednesday play Sutton Weds in next round= of Kingston & Dist League Charity Cup but date unknown right now.
27= /9/24 Epsom go top of the SSL table for the first time on this day.        
2= 7/9/24 Epsom beat Addlestone 2-0 this day, "club doing remarkably well in its fir= st season in senior football".  
Game was played at Green Lane, Addlestone, but they le= ft by the end of the year to play at Alexandra Road, their old pre war
gr= ound, which they went back to in January 1925.            
A crowd of 1,200 at Addlestone saw Epsom unchanged exc= ept C.Aldridge in for Kent, who didn't recover after last week's kick.
Epsom's half backs dominated the play and Aldridge pla= yed well too. He scored after 30 minutes from a Kirk shot that was going 
wide. "An unusual occurrence" when Kirk shoo= ts, says Herald. Ht 1-0. In last 15 minutes it was all Epsom. Jack Parr charg= ed
the keeper, who fumbled, and a defender handballed it = to stop it going over the line. Sid Bristow scored the penalty. "Another 
g= oal or two for Epsom would have been no surprise", although Ernie Sperring had = his busiest day in goal this season.  
Reg Sperring was the best player on the field, but Wat= ts was almost a passenger and hardly used. "A great pity" said Her= ald.
A= ldridge's selection for his first game of the season "caused a great deal of comment amongst certain supporters".  
27= /9/24 Future player Fred Behn playing for Ewell this season.          
Se= pt 24 SSC 2q draw pairs Epsom at Camberley & Y for 18/10/24.        
4/10/24 Epsom win 4-2 at home to Camberley & Yorkt= own. This was a gentle pleasant game on a nice day. Camberley's first
visit to Horton, and they had trouble finding it, so g= ame started at 4pm. "The players were all gentlemen to each other, and
played more as friends than as enemies". 2-0 up a= t HT through Marlow. The first was a pass from Parr, and the second from a
Tom Kirk pass. Camberley scored just after HT, and felt they had the chance of a draw, but a cross from Watts led to a Kent
goal for 3-1, while the fourth was a header from Brist= ow, from a Reg Sperring corner. Reg was almost a passenger at this time,
due to an injury. At 4-1, C & Y got a late goal ba= ck. Ernie Sperring had no chance with either goal. About 800 were present.
T= eam Photo in Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail. Copy taken, and I have been able to = name them all..  
11/10/24 Friendly win 6-0 at Metrogas. Epsom travelled= to the Old Kent Road to play this game. Not an enjoyable game, as
some home tactics were "very questionable". = 6-0 was fair against the London League side, who were made to look "a ve= ry poor
l= ot indeed". Reg Sperring scored first, then two from Reg Marlow before = HT which was 3-0. He then got the 4th after "a   
beautiful pass from Kirk". "Kirk and Watts played a topping game"!. Parr got the fifth, but was "savagely tackled" when scoring, 
and due to the state of the game, took no further part. Kent got the last with "a perfect centre" from F Watts. "K= irk can shoot
but he doesn't seem to believe it himself". Melli= sh is not a back, and should remain at half back says Herald. FS Witts debut, 
an= d played well.                  
15= /10/24 Dorking Wednesday 3-4 Epsom Wednesday in Surrey Midweek Cup 1st round.      
17/10/24 Ewell Boys 0-3 Camden Road School (Carshalton= ) in Sutton & District Schools League Cup 1st round. Even game.
18= /10/24 Beat Camberley & Y 3-1 (A) in SSC 2q."in a poor game"          
Ch= arabancs leave Cinema Royal in Epsom High Street at 1.15.          
Approximately 100 supporters travel to Camberley by charabanc. "A somewhat poor game" says Herald. The ground was w= orse
 than Addlesto= ne's with "an exceptional slope" and 5 or 6 inches of grass. A fast = game with many corners. Collyer scored for 
C & Y after 20 minutes, HT 0-1. Down the slope in = the second half, it was a better performance. Marlow rode many tackles and 
charges to score after 48 minutes, then 15 minutes lat= er, he scored again after a good move involving Parr and Kent. Ernie 
Sperring had a free kick awarded against him for carry= ing, but a weak free kick followed, and Epsom scored again with a Kirk 
h= eader from a Kent cross after 76 minutes. "It is surprising the amount of work Pa= rr gets through in an afternoon".  
Oct 24 Advertiser Football Notes section states "Cannot some well disposed resident in Epsom help them to find a gro= und of
their own where they can develop as they must do before they can take a place in one of the foremost leagues" I wonder
w= hether Robert Bradshaw was reading this, and whether it sprung the idea to purch= ase West Street. We'll never know!  
22= /10/24 Epsom Weds 3-3 Strawberry Hill in Kingston & District League match.        
Oc= t 24 Court Rec approved by Epsom council.            
25= /10/24 Game kicks off late v West Norwood in AC.            
2= 5/10/24 West Norwood at Gorringe Park in Dec 1924. Charabancs leave Cinema Royal at 2p= m. Fare 2s 6d.  
Al= so a train leaves at 1.35 for a 2.45 k.o.. 300 supporters travelled with the club.        
25/10/24 Epsom win AC 2q tie against Athenian League W= est Norwood 3-0 at their ground in Gorringe Park, as Epsom are 
un= able to take a gate which is required in Amateur Cup rules. Epsom appear to have had a= bye in 1q.     
We= st Norwood's ground is bordered on one side by tall trees, and on the other by a busy road.       
Micky Smith currently captain. Between 200-300 Epsom supporters made the journey by special train. There were more from
Epsom, than there were from West Norwood. 2 players watching were Harry Skinner and "Orby" Holt, who both lived at = and
played for Epsom years ago when they tried and failed = to get above junior football. Both have since played for West Norwood, 
and "Skinner was one of the best backs in London Amateur Football".=        
25= /10/24 For the second week in a row Epsom's scorers are Marlow (2) and Kirk.        
The home side had a couple of injuries but Epsom were = well on top and could have won by "half a dozen" but the shooting wa= s
wasteful. West Norwood should have scored when one of their players handled the ball, so Edwards picked it up, but the referee<= /td>
hadn't blown the whistle, and penalised Edwards. From = the "free kick it was "wildly wide". From the description, this may have
actually been a penalty. HT unknown. Smith was very go= od, and Edwards insisted on playing, despite not being in the best
of= health. Not a deliberate foul in 90 minutes - Very clean for a cup tie.        
After the match, the members of the football club "gathered in large numbers" at the Spread Eagle for a smoking concert, which
also served as a Presentation evening, where the South= ern Suburban League Shield was presented, and the Sutton Hospital Cup
plus medals for the players by Mr James Gow (a former Epsom player pre WWI), who presided. Chairman Hugh Bradley said that 
the only reason why the club won trophies was because = of the team effort, and strangely, but prophetically used the example of 
Chelsea, "who had spent large sums of money to se= cure the best individual talent, which was of little use as a team". Also=
w= orryingly referred to the washing out of any individual scoring records, as it was a team game, and the forwards   
w= ere just doing their job! The team that played this day was composed of 9 local players. The Reserves were not  
h= aving much success this year, but the tide would turn soon. He referred to the Championship of the Southern   
S= uburban League last year, and stated that "looking back over 35 years Epsom = had never been able to get beyond  
a = certain stage in football. Ewell go back to 1890 according to SCFA handbooks.        
 Mr Gow said that "as Chairman of = the Recreation Ground Committee of the         
C= ouncil, he was going to use his efforts to get use of the ground which would become available by the Alexandra   
Re= c in consequence of the new road being made from Epsom into Cheam. Where exactly was this?    
Pa= rt of the Epsom Cheam road was to cut through Alexandra Rec.        
S= outhern Suburban League side captain was Micky Smith, yet Sutton Hospital Cup cap= tain was Reg Sperring.  
S= hield presented to Micky Smith, and medals were presented to Smith, Ernie Sperr= ing, T Edwards, AJ Keeling,  
D= Day, Sid Bristow, Harold Keeling, H McKenzie, T Kirk, Jack Parr, C Aldridge, R Coleman, J Coppin, and Billy Green,  
who received a special medal in recognition of "valuable services to the club". Mr Collins proposed a toast to= the players,
a= nd captain Micky Smith said he had never played with a better set of boys. Letter al= so read from Mrs Bradshaw   
regretting the absence of Robert Bradshaw through ill health. Hugh Bradley also referred to the purchasing of programmes at
Ho= rton, (these started in September 1923). The club was grateful to Lt-Col Lord for the = use      
o= f the pitch "a finer pitch one could not wish to play on" but the difficulty was that no admission charge could be made.  
T= he entertainments were supplied by Fred E Wilton's 1924 concert party and was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.  
He= rald said about 100 were present and the concert party was called "Incognito (= The Masked Serenaders").    
Chairman Hugh Bradley referred to as "Jimmy"= in this report, and he said that those who didn't buy programmes were not
su= pporters of the club.                  
In 1966/67 First Epsom Handbook, Ken Knowlson - Press Officer and former Ewell Boy recalls some of the old names. He refers
to "Puffy" Edwards, "Tishy" Keeling, and Frank Challis, = but I think he means Bronk.        
Oc= t 24 SSC 3q had Epsom drawn at Egham on 8/11/24.            
Oct 24 Advert in Herald for a WH Barton (former player= ) in his profession as a "Commission Agent", living at The Birdcage, 
Ew= ell - Tel: Epsom 665.                  
28= /10/24 Epsom Wednesday 2-1 Dorking Traders (Fr)            
A= lso Sutton Postal 4-1 Epsom Weds @ Sutton Rec. Appears that there may have been two games. HT 1-1.  
Oct 24 Reference is made to Alexandra Rec, yet Queen Alexandra did not die until 1925. The park must have been named after
he= r before she died.                  
1/= 11/24 Won 1-0 v Guildford (H) through a Reg Marlow goal in dreadful weather. GD now= F14 A5.      
"Just won in a game that was not a great one" Reference to the very wet "eel-like character of the ball" Guildford hit the post
near the end. HT was 0-0. Gate was affected by the weather. Marlow also had another disallowed for offside. Reference to Ern= ie
Sp= erring being "a classy custodian". Originally advised as Southern Rail (H) b= ut fixture changed.      
3/= 11/24 Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall opened this day.            
5/= 11/24 Epsom Wednesday 0-2 Sutton Wednesday in Surrey Midweek Cup 2nd round. HT 0-0.      
8= /11/24 Beat Egham  3-2 in SSC 3q, despite hav= ing Tom Kirk sent off after 36 minutes. He was subjected to much  
pr= ovocation said Herald.                   
About 100 travelled to Egham, "Epsom adopted their usual close passing game". Marlow scored after 20 minutes after beat= ing
two players and hitting a left foot drive into the top= of the net. HT 1-2. Sending off was 36 minutes, when Clarke (Egham) and
Kirk collided, and Clarke put Kirk on the floor with a ju-jitsu hold. Kirk got up and swung a punch at him, and was sent off.
Early in 2nd half, Egham were well on top, but Epsom weathered the storm, , and a Kent cross was flicked on by Bristow to Parr=
who scored after 66 minutes. Reg Marlow had been kicke= d in the stomach and carried off, but he later returned and scored the
winner after good work and a cross from Parr. Marlow's shot went in off the underside of the bar. Epsom sat back at the end
an= d conceded 4 corners in the last 90 seconds, but held on "comfortably".        
12= /11/24 Epsom Weds v Worcester Park              
1= 3/11/24 Epsom Urban Council meeting discusses the report in the papers about Epsom Town's presentation evening,  
a= nd was concerned how the information about the new Cheam to Epsom road was relea= sed. Councillor Gow, who   
w= as at the meeting appeared to be also surprised as to how this info came into the h= ands of club officials. Council  
w= ondered whether Gow had "broken faith". Also that same day, the council= had received a letter from the club,  
a= sking about selling the old football ground to the club, as it was no longer required. Presume this was the one  
ne= ar Alexandra Rec, but where exactly? Not sure that this road ever happened in the end.=      
14/11/24 Epsom Herald reported that the vlub had recei= ved a letter frrom West Norwood wishing them well for the future.
1= 5/11/24 Redhill defeat Epsom 5-0 in Amateur Cup 3q, in game that had to be switch= ed from Epsom for same reasons  
a= s previous round. Only 1-0 down at HT, but fell away in the second half, even after a Sperring pensave at 0-1 in 2nd  
half. Also down to ten men in second half. "A considerable body of supporters" at the ground. Reg Sperring probably the
best left half back seen on the ground this season. Al= so, Reg Marlow had only got out of bed the day before after illness.
A large crowd this day, and Marlow and Kirk both strug= gled to reproduce their form after injury the week before. Also "Parr and=
Kent were lame by the end". Sperring pensave was = from Bannister, who had part of an arm missing, but he still scored two others= .
Pe= nalty was given for a Smith handball as Epsom Town "crumpled" in the seco= nd half. Redhill very strong.    
N= ov 24 SSC 1 draw matches Epsom with a home tie against Weybridge on 29/11/24. Carshal= ton Athletic, who like   
E= psom, had to qualify through two rounds, then receive a bye this round! Only 6 matches= in 1st round, with 10 byes.  
19= /11/24 Clarence House 0-1 Epsom Weds in Kingston & District League. Scorer: Betchley.      
2= 2/11/24 Drew 2-2 v Walton. Walton played at Mount Felix in those days. 4 reserves requ= ired due to injuries.  
K= irk and Parr were not fit to play, although Marlow was, despite "being taken home= in a car the previous week"?  
A draw was a fair result, although play never reached a high standard. Walton were 1-0 up after 10 minutes, but Reg Sperring
equalised before HT. Walton again went ahead, but this time Reg Marlow evened it up, and Epsom nearly got a winner in 
"rapidly gathering darkness". The dressing r= oom accom was "the worst yet seen by the Epsom Town club, even in its ju= nior
days". "Not a single cup of tea was offered = to the players after the match, which appeared to be somewhat discourteous in 
th= ese enlightened times", said Herald.              
25/11/24 Tom Kirk cleared at an SCFA hearing this day according to the club. He is not to be suspended. See 5/12 below.
29/11/24 Lost 1-2 to Weybridge in SSC 1. Too much short passing on a heavy ground was their downfall, although it was
an= even game in which the Sperring's played very well. Epsom also had a mispen from Bristow at 2-1 down.    
Herald said Epsom have thrown away another game as they have become "so wedded to one style of play" that they can't 
change to a faster one. The build up was too slow, and much time was wasted. Weybridge scored first, but like the week before 
it was 1-1 at HT. Epsom got faster after going behind again, and in addition to the penalty, they felt that they had got a ball over 
the line, but it wasn't given. Weybridge's first goal nearly wasn't given, as it went in, but out of a hole in the net, and a g= oal kick 
wa= s originally awarded. "A fair sized crowd". Would have been at home to Wokin= g if we had won.      
Nov 24 Herald says H Mackenzie is to return to the fir= st team in place of F Watts. He does, and Watts returns to Epsom
Br= otherhood shortly afterwards. Mackenzie is "a player of moods". Kirk also= in line to return.      
5/12/24 WE Dobb - Secretary of SCFA advises that Tom K= irk is not yet in the clear, and that the matter has been referred to 
another hearing at which Clarke of Egham will be prese= nt. He is also disparaging about players who fight, but Hugh Bradley
writes in the following week to dispute this, and said that Kirk was not charged with fighting, but striking at a player under
great provocation, as no contact was made. "Mr Ki= rk is one of the mildest mannered men in our club". Also Epsom Town wou= ld
not play someone who couldn't keep his temper, and it = is ludicrous that the name of the club should be associated with such
a charge. He says that the club were told by SCFA that= if Kirk did not hear from them in a few days, then the matter would have
been dealt with, and they have heard nothing in the meantime. I have found no evidence to suggest that Kirk was suspended
al= though he does miss a lot of games in the next month or two, so I can't be totally certain.      
6/12/24 Surrey Comet confirms a 2-1 win at Leyland Mot= ors, which Epsom were rather fortunate to win. Epsom were 2-0 up at
HT after a goal from Parr, and a second through an own goal, where the ball hit an Epsom player from a corner, then rebounded
in= to the net off of a Leylands defender. Leylands hit a late consolation. First league defeat for Leylands.     
Comet was being harsh on Epsom if Herald is to be believed. It says that in the first half, Epsom have seldom played so wel= l. "A 
dazzling display". The second goal was in fact a = Reg Sperring strike that took a slight deflection from a Leyland player, so I 
ha= ve credited it to Reg. Both teams colours clashed, and it made it difficult to pick players out at times.    
Dec 24 Future players Leslie and brother Bob Marlow currently playing for Hampton Court Palace in Kingston & District Lea= gue.
13/12/24 A feeble exhibition of football in 0-0 draw at Godalming. Epsom pressed for most of the game, but lacked finish. The
2n= d half was more even, but "not worth going to see", although both Sperring= 's played well.      
Amazing, as Surrey Times states that this was the best game seen at Godalming this season. A well fought match!! The hosts
st= arted with ten men briefly, and it ended in failing light.            
2= 0/12/24 Epsom recover from a 1-0 deficit that Southern Rail held for an hour, to = win 3-1. Many of Southern Railway  
ha= d just come directly off a 14 hour shift to play, which might explain their tiredness= !!        
Herald says that for more than half the game, the fare= was as unpleasant as hemlock!. Debut for WH Challis, as Kirk, Marlow 
a= nd Smith are unable to play. Watts had been asked to play, but had left the club. Hera= ld says Southern Railway  
we= re in a false position in the league, although Kent got two and Reg Sperring scor= ed from a perfect     
Challis cross. It is not likely to be Challis's last g= ame for the club, and he showed that he was "a lad of promise". Fut= ure player 
EJ Olley played for the visitors, who were "not t= he most sporting" of clubs based on previous reputation, which was sustained here.
P= apers say that Epsom are still unbeaten in the League at this stage (inc 20/12). Correct. A "somewhat small crowd"  
Ga= me kicked off 9 minutes late. League took no action.            
Southern Railway (Brighton Section) represented the cl= ub in the Southern Suburban League while Southern Rail (Croydon Section) 
we= re the higher ranked team in the Surrey Senior League.            
I have uncovered a lot of details for Wilfred Harry "Bronk" Challis, largely due to a great niece Lorna Challis, and Wilfred's son
David, who lives in Tasmania. Wilfred was born on 21/8= /06, and was the elder of two sons (Ronald.G) of George William Challis, who
was a former member of Epsom East Street in 1901. He w= as most famously remembered for entering a penalty shoot out with
Rosie the elephant when John Sangers circus came to to= wn. He won 1-0 and was the first person to beat the elephant in two
years! George was born in 1881 and died on 13/11/1955 = just as he was in the process of relating a large part of his life story. The<= /td>
Bo= urne Hall staff have a copy of this, and it is about thirty pages in length. He die= d in Worthing.      
In 1992 Lorna Challis wrote in to Bourne Hall and furt= her details were obtained. Wilf's mother was Elizabeth Ann Challis, and
Ge= orge's brother Henry James Challis was Lorna's grandfather.          
Wilfred would go on to play for Surrey and West Ham wa= nted to select him apparently, but he was too shy, so hid from the 
selectors. He trained as a law clerk in the Temple and then worked at the gas works in Sutton, living at 28 Mill Lane, Ewell fro= m
1938-1952. He was an "Oerlicken Gunner" in t= he North Atlantic, South Atlantic, South America and Murmansk during the war. His 
partner on the gun was from Tasmania and spoke so high= ly of life there that Wilf decided to emigrate there in 1953 with his 
second wife and son David. He already had a son Peter = from his earlier marriage to Rene, but I don't know what happened to them. 
Wilfred worked for the Soldier Settlement Scheme for t= he Government of Tasmania until his retirement, and after retirement, he 
moved to Melbourne, where I presume he is commemorated= . He had other interests like walking and reading and gardening and 
cooking. He started schoolboy soccer in Tasmania lobby= ing and encouraging youngsters and was the Secretary of the South 
Tasmania Football Association donating the Wilfred Cha= llis Memorial Cup. His second wife Audrey died in 1990, as did his son 
Ronald. Son David was born on 5/1/46 and he has two children. Further info can be obtained from David at 50 Hampden Road, 
Battery Point, Tasmania 7004. Tel (0)3= 6223 4482. Lorna's address is 2 Rosemead Close, Meadvale, Redhill RH1 6LU.   
Tel 01737 246058.                  
De= c 24 DB Pentycross now playing at Ashtead.            
De= c 24 Hugh Bradley listed as Match and Team Secretary, and he is writing some of the match reports.    
25= /12/24 Reg Marlow gets married on Christmas Day, but he will play in the two games against Dorking.    
2= 6/12/24 Special train leaves for Dorking (from the Brighton station) at 1.52 with= a return fare of 1s. K.O. 2.30  
2= 6/12/24 Biggest ever gate at Pixham Lane as Epsom visit Dorking. 1,800 see Epsom = win 3-2, with Dorking's two  
goals coming from penalties, one of which was original= ly saved by Ernie Sperring, before a retake was ordered for encroachment.
T Edwards was injured in 1st half. Passenger. Then Mic= ky Smith needed to go off for treatment, then Reg Marlow too. In 
addition, Kent, Parr and Bristow were kicked a lot too. Reg Marlow got the first two goals, then a Dorking penalty for handball 
was followed by Epsom's third goal from Jack Parr, not Mackenzie as was suggested by Dorking & Leatherhead Advertiser. The 
second penalty was given after Edwards made a flying s= ave! Pixham Lane ground is just 100 yards from Deepdene station says 
He= rald in 1927. A special train leaves Epsom (Brighton Station) at 1.52 to Dorking. Fare 1s.      
27/12/24 Return game the following day at Horton Hospi= tal saw a late F.Denyer winner for Dorking in poor conditions. Lost 1-0.
So bad were the conditions, that the Herald reporter didn't even venture outside of the dressing room, and reported from a distance!
There was constant rain and a 40-50 mph wind. Only a handful of spectators were present, and "22 unfortunate players, two=
 linesmen, and= a few brave spectators were drenched through and through because of the whim of= one referee". Herald said game <= /td>
should not have been played "It was madness to pl= ay, although the pitch was fine". HT 0-0 "No goals - no football&qu= ot;! At HT there 
was an appeal to abandon the game, but ref refused. Dorking won with a late penalty that Dorking didn't even appeal for. This was 
Epsom Town's first home league defeat "for several seasons". As 18th Feb 1922 saw the last loss 0-2 to Epsom Brotherhood. 
Pr= obably the first loss at Horton but not definite yet.            
Herald was considering offering a prize for the answer= to the question "why was the penalty given", and suggested asking<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
th= e referee to adjudicate! Game kicked off 10 minutes late. No action taken by league.        
Ja= n 25 Surrey County Youth Cup starts this year.            
3= /1/25 Epsom Town make their first visit to the Nest in the Surrey Senior League Chari= ty Cup, and are defeated 4-0 in  
front of "quite a decent crowd." "For o= nce there was a good crowd at the Nest" HT for Vince (inc pen). Southern Railway now play 
at Dorking in next round. Epsom went 2-0 down at HT af= ter a dubious penalty award that appeared to take "a lot of heart out of the 
team". A corner had gone out of play so Witts cau= ght it to give to Ernie Sperring, but the ref said it was handball. Epsom regularly
"had their legs kicked out from under them, and b= eing hacked and elbowed all the time". The third goal was way offside, as= the
scorer received the ball from midfield, way down by the corner flag, and "Epsom gave up". On one occasion five minutes were 
wasted while the referee argued with the home players about whether or not to award a goal. He did, then changed his mind, and<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
th= en re-awarded the goal! Then he went to the Epsom linesman to ask how much t= ime remained!      
The Southern Railway report advises a HT for Vince (including the penalty) and maybe unsurprisingly makes no reference to any 
c= ontroversy. They also advise "quite a decent crowd" but acknowledge that "a lot came with the visitors (as usual).  
Epsom are now out of all cups. This was the fourth pen= alty conceded in three games. Epsom have no game this week, so the 
Co= mmittee have given the players a week off to rest and "lose the bruise marks about their bodies".      
3/1/25 Epsom are top of the table, even after the loss= to Dorking, 5 points clear of Dorking, who have 2 games in hand, and
Fa= rnham UB who are 7 points back but with 5 games in hand.          
3/= 1/25 Addlestone open their new ground at Alexandra Road.          
7/1/25 Dorking Weds 5-2 Epsom Weds in Sutton Hospital = Cup. HT 3-1. Line Up: C Staplehurst, A Howell, A Reynolds, F Allen
H = Sharpe, T Barker, Chambers, H Betchley, C Bennison, A Budd, V Ede.        
Ep= som Athletic playing at Epsom Recreation Ground this year.          
10= /1/25 No game for First team.                
10/1/25 Future Epsom player Louis Jack Goossens was the son of the Sutton United President Jack Goossens and plays for
Su= tton this day in their 10-0 Athenian League defeat  at Southall.          
14= /1/25 Epsom Weds 2nd XI 1-4 Dorking Weds 2nd XI            
17= /1/25 Epsom beat Leyland Motors 3-1 at Horton. Reg Marlow was the star player, and got all three.    
<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> "A clever and inspiring pivot&quo= t; say papers. Leylands had a weak side out, and Epsom were 2-0 up after 20 minu= tes.  
At 2-1 up, Leylands hit the bar with a penalty from Ca= nn, who then played it again when it rebounded to him, giving away a free
ki= ck. Marlow late goal completed his hat trick. Mellish was injured in both halves and became a passenger    
2= 2/1/25 Reg Marlow becomes Epsom's first ever player to receive representative honours with Surrey v Kent @   
Ch= arlton Athletic this day. Herald said he had never played in senior football bef= ore this season.      
24/1/25 No game for firsts or reserves, who played each other in a sort of friendly. Reference to a new young player Fowler from<= /td>
Ep= som Athletic who did well.                
3= 1/1/25 Lost to Guildford 4-1. HT 2-0 , game played at Josephs Road, Guildford, as Guildford were sharing with United  
at= the time, before they changed to Guildford City in 1926. Late consolation for J Wil= son.        
Heaviest league defeat of the season, and Guildford we= re the better team. At one end the pitch was "slimy mud" which was ankle 
deep. Epsom attacked this end, and had no luck with th= eir shots. Epsom are a light team, and tired after the break. Herald says
 that after wi= nning the toss, they should have defended this goal instead. 3 soldiers from Aldershot were drafted in especially for 
th= is game. Epsom's goal was near the end after good work from Jack Parr.        
He= rald says that the soldiers shouldn't have played - not very amateur.        
4/= 2/25 Epsom Weds 2nd XI 2-1 Dorking Weds 2nd XI            
7= /2/25 Experimental friendly between Sutton & Tooting, trialling two differe= nt changes to the offside law. One half was  
p= layed with 40 yard "offside zones", and the second half was played with on= ly two players between the striker and   
t= he goal line instead of the current three. This friendly preferred the second format, = as did other friendlies with Clapton  
Or= ient v Wolves, and Arsenal v Chelsea. This rule change will come in next year.        
7/2/25 Drew 2-2 with Walton (H) "The last 20 minu= tes play in this match was as exciting as could be desired" HT 1-1, and Epsom 
led in the second half, and looked like winning, but Walton equalised despite Epsom pressure. Bristow had equalised an early
Wa= lton goal, from a header from a Challis corner, while Parr got the second.        
Re= ference to Fred Keeling often being called "AJ". They are his initials. Alfred.        
7/2/25 Herald refers to many bad sports at Epsom who g= o to watch, but don't purchase a programme, which is the club's only
source of income. Talk about a possible friendly for 14/2/25, with a debut for a well known right winger who has played for Surrey.
12/2/25 Both Reg Sperring and GB Sperring both play and win at Billiards for Epsom Conservative Club v Sutton Adult School.
14= /2/25 Epsom defeat Hanwell Town from London League 3-0 at Horton. J Bunce made his de= but from    
Ca= mberley & Yorktown. He is skilful and with a cheerful temperament. Also ex-Dorking.        
Reg Sperring scored twice after a goalless but strenuo= us first half The first came from a Bunce cross after 55 minutes, and he 
scored again shortly afterwards. Hanwell were regularly offside and Wilson scored near the end. Report in West Middx Gazette.
17/2/25 A SSL minute referred to an Epsom complaint against Walton relating to the dressing room, but the league took no acti= on.
There was another complaint from Godalming about Epsom= but the league left this for the two Club Secretaries to deal with.
21/2/25 1,500 attend game at home to Farnham United Breweries. It was an end to end game with some rough play. The first 
goal took a deflection off of Mellish, and Epsom trail= ed 2-0 at HT. They tried all they could in the second half, but couldn't get 
through. Marlow was kicked in both knees, and was virtually a passenger in second half, Parr was also below average. Micky<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
S= mith was unable to play, as he had a heavy cold, but no complaints as Farnham were= the better side. Lost 2-0  
28/2/25 Beat Weybridge by 5 clear goals. A poor number= of spectators as Epsom adopted "open" tactics. 4 full backs played, as 
Reg Sperring and Marlow were injured. Smith played in = the half back line, while Edwards played centre forward and got two goals. 
De= but for A Setchell (Luton Clarence). Occasionally spelt Sitchell or Satchell.        
5= /3/25 AGM of Epsom Conservative Association - Robert Bradshaw was re-elected Chairman, while future Committee  
me= mbers HW Cushine and C Blackadar were also on this Committee.        
7/= 3/25 Future player E Olley scores for Southern Rail v Addlestone at Nest.        
7/3/25 Friendly lost 4-2 with Fulham 'A'. Friendly by = name and by nature with no intentional fouls. "A new point in the history= of the
home club," as this was the first time a professi= onal team had visited the hosts. Fulham Reserves (not 'A') were the better side, 
but Epsom put up a good fight. 2-0 down early and 3-0 = at HT, though Jack Parr had hit the post. He made the first goal for 
Edwards, and Bunce created the second to bring the sco= re back to 2-3, but a late Fulham goal clinched it "Well worth watching", 
a= s Challis "played a dashing game". Herald says that Fulham "must have enjoyed their trip into the country"!  
Il= lustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail says Epsom were 4-0 down before Edwards got his t= wo goals.      
14/3/25 Egham beat Epsom Town 3-0. T Edwards injures h= is arm, and is advised to get it x-rayed when he gets home. It was 
broken. Epsom attacked strongly, but finished weakly, = and trailed 1-0 at HT. The second goal was "yards offside" then the injury 
oc= curred. Egham's third was a penalty awarded for a foul by Mellish.        
21/3/25 Epsom crash 4-1 at Camberley & Y. Many reserves were in, and one of them was carried off for a while, but recovered. 
Marlow, Mellish, Smith and Edwards were all out, and "Curly" Keeling also broke a bone in his hand playing for the reserves. 
Pr= esume this is Harold Keeling, but can't be sure.             
Ga= me started 22 minutes late and Epsom were fined 2s 6d.          
B= ristow scored a penalty for Epsom and Fowler made his debut this day. A local Yo= uth aged 16. Very promising.  
Camberley News says there was "a fair crowd"= . J Bunce played against his old team but overshadowed by Pancott. First C &a= mp; Y
goal was a dipping shot which Sperring stooped to take, but it dipped and bounced straight over him. HT was 0-3. A more
even 2nd half but C & Y went 4-0 up before an inju= ry to Maycock. 10 men. Witts was also injured for Epsom, and Bristow scored<= /td>
a late penalty in off the post. Camberley News not hap= py with the crowd, as it was 5d entry charge, yet proceeds were only
&q= uot;a little over £5."                  
Ma= r 25 Reference to F Chenery playing for Ewell Athletic. Any relation? Yes, old= er brother.      
28/3/25 Friendly lost 4-2 v Watford Old Boys at Horton. Further details unknown, but Herald says that Ernie Sperring got 
injured while playing. But he wasn't playing in goal. = His deputy (FE Kent) was not great. Watford News says that Epsom were 2-0 
down but fought back by HT through Challis and one oth= er after a scrimmage in front of goal. Epsom then lost their left back 
(presume Ernie Sperring) with a damaged ankle. 10 men.= HT 2-2 but 2-4 in the end despite the wind and slope in Epsom's favour.
5 = reserves played this day.                  
4/4/25 Friendly W 4-2 against Guildford. Venue unknown. Game played as a benefit for T Edwards who broke his arm against
Eg= ham. Tickets for a raffle, plus programmes and a collection by Dick Barton were arrang= ed for the benefit.    
Th= e Herald advised that Barton is "as usual very successful in drawing money fr= om pockets!"      
10/4/25 Epsom are unlucky not to draw with Southern Railway, but lose 2-1. (11.15 ko) (NR) = Winning goal was offside says Mail.
11/4/25 A slight alteration to Good Friday's team as E= psom easily beat Godalming 5-0 and could have got more, "had they 
g= reatly exerted themselves" 5th goal was an o.g. and HT was 1-0 but no furth= er info, even in Surrey Times and Ad.  
Game started 18 minutes late but league took no action. Godalming also played one player short for which they were fined 2s 6d.
1= 1/4/25 No team line up, but Illustrated Sutton & Epsom Mail has a picture of the Epsom line up plus officials that is  
v= ery detailed. It has Marlow in kit and Challis not in kit, so it can't have b= een 13/4/25. It also has Hughes in the   
p= icture and was printed in 17/4/25 edition with Ernie Sperring sitting down with a cr= utch by his side. This line up  
MU= ST have been that which played on 11/4/25. I have now used this line up in the stats. = Copy taken.    
1= 1/4/25 Reference to future player RJ Stimson being at Woking, but playing for Kingstonian this day v Southall.  
He= had been with Woking all season except for assisting Kingstonian that day.        
11/4/25 Another future player EJ Olley plays for South= ern Railway in their League Cup Final defeat to Farnham this day. 
Un= fortunately for them , they lost 7-0 @ Wimbledon.            
13= /4/25 Won 4-0 v Botwell Mission in a friendly.            
13/4/25 Farnham United Breweries defeate Southern Rail= way in the League Charity Cup Final at Plough Lane, Wimbledon F.C.
I = don't yet have a score although Southern Rail won 3-0 at Egham in the Semi-Final to= get there.      
A= pril 25 2 friendlies arranged with Sutton United for 18/4 and 25/4. First game at Horton. Sutton have finished their  
le= ague programme, but Epsom have one left v Egham (H).            
18/4/25 Lost 5-2 to Sutton in friendly at Horton Hospi= tal. Sutton were a player short, so Jack Parr played for Sutton, and
scored against Epsom! Supporters were disappointed with the result, because it was expected to be closer. "Epsom are
a very nicely balanced team with plenty of dash and a = good defence, but they are not yet up to the standard of the premier
le= agues". Both sides were weaker than full strength. Game witnessed by "several hundred spectators".    
18= /4/25 DB Pentycross scores HT for Ashtead as they win Dorking Hospital Cup 5-1 v Leatherhead.    
Ap= r 25 Epsom are not the team they were in the early part of the season.        
24/4/25 it is reported that Mr Elmslie the trainer at Epsom was formerly with Watford, and is bringing some professionals down<= /td>
for an exhibition match, as was the case last year. Mi= ller (Chelsea) Jack Harrow (Chelsea), Fah Gregory (Watford), and his
 brother Val (Wolverhampton) are expect= ed to attend.            
2= 5/4/25 Return game ends 2-0 to Sutton after a goalless first half. Crowd much smaller than expected because it was  
FA= Cup final day. Goals for Sutton on 68 and 73 minutes.            
Pi= cture of match not taken up, as it is very small.            
2/5/25 Last game of season saw a 1-1 draw with Egham. Epsom Town were better and improved on recent games, but finishing 
was still poor. Parr had a winning goal disallowed, as= the referee blew for full time as his shot was going in to the net. "A most 
un= usual finish". HT and scorer of Epsom's goal still unknown.          
9/5/25 Farnham United Breweries (Champions) v Rest of Surrey Senior League at Egham, which was won by SSL 3-2. Reg
M= arlow (Epsom and Surrey) played but did not score and was "the weak spot" of= the team. Micky Smith was a reserve.  
Game was held for the benefit of the Surrey Benevolent Fund. Reg Sperring was also selected says Surrey Mirror & SSL minutes= .
Ma= y 25 Reference to future official DWG Jones now convalescing after illness.        
13/5/25 The arranged match for Epsom against a team of pros is not allowed to take place by the FA as it is declared "out of 
s= eason", despite all proceeds going to Epsom Cottage Hospital, and many pro teams going on foreign tours.  
May 25 reference to Jack Weaver, former minor pre-war football player in Epsom "for many years was the idol of the Sutton crowd".
Ma= y 25 SSL AGM sees Southern Railway drop out, and they are replaced by Vickers and Reig= ate Priory.    
Ch= ertsey are rejected for the second year in a row.            
F= inal table has Epsom third on goal average Pld 22 W10 D6 L6 F43 A31. Table still does not balance exactly.  
Many tables have Epsom as F43 A33, but it still doesn't explain why Dorking are sometimes placed above them in
the league table! It is wrong, and the Surrey Advertis= er even writes in to apologise for the wrong GD the week after
is= suing the League table!                  
2= 8/5/25 Reported that on 23/5/25 at the club dinner, Epsom Town have completed negotiations for a  
pr= ivate purchase of the Ewell football ground at cost of £1,250 made possible by = the generosity of    
Ro= bert Bradshaw.                  
Herald says that Ewell could have bought it, but didn'= t, so they can't really complain. "Memories of the games on the 
Ewell ground still linger with many people". &quo= t;If appreciation of what Mr Bradshaw has done is shown as it should be 
shown, and the lead he has given, followed, then the E= well ground will again be the scene of fine senior football, as it 
was in the days when the brothers Walters and other brilliant players made the tree-encircled space, the objective on 
a S= aturday afternoon of many people who loved the real sporting football to be witne= ssed there"    
Re= serves:    Southern Suburban League            
Po= sition   ?? Out of 10              
22= /8/24 reported that the reserves are entering the SIC, SLCC and Sutton Hospital Cup.        
Aug 24 reference to the reserves fixtures which are in line with the results I have, except 6/9 Friendly (A), 18/10 (H) unknown,=
1/11 (H) unknown, and 27/12 Munster Park (A) Also reference to 13/12 v Balham Ath (H) but they have already played this in = Nov.
Wa= s it away from home?                  
Ad= vert in Sutton & Epsom Mail for Reserve Team Trainer "Names to Billy (Bi= lly Green) please"      
6/9/24 Epsom Brotherhood 3-1 Reserves in friendly at E= psom Brotherhood. The football pitch there now bears comparison with
any in the neighbourhood due to work by Brotherhood members. Reserves beaten easily 1-0 10 minutes, then a second before
HT. Epsom pulled one back from ten yards (centre forwa= rd), but a 25 yarder made it 3-1. "Not a single intentional breach of the=
ru= les" as game played in "afine sporting spirit". Our c-f and c-h were our best players.        
13/9/24 Only 9 played as C Mold and Peake (o-r) failed= to show. Line up: J Coppin, Fred Keeling, S Perry, Lewins, Shaw,
Co= leman, Jermin, Holmwood, Brown              
20/9/24 Lost 0-4 at Thornville with all goals in the second half. Line up: Coppin, Lindsell, Fred Keeling, S Perry, Lewins, Wi= tts,
S= herman (almost certainly Jermin), Coleman, H Mackenzie, Holmwood, Challis. First mention of Challis for the club.  
Reserves are getting better despite having to play J Coppin in goal, when he is a full back. Mold had been very seriously ill, so 
il= l, he wasn't able to get a message to the club. He is wished a complete and speedy recovery by Herald.    
20= /9/24 Epsom were unable to take advantage of a strong wind in the first half and paid= for it in the second.    
H = Mackenzie played quite often for the first team last year at outside right.        
2= 7/9/24 Epsom play Sutton in South London Charity Cup and draw 2-2. Replay required to settle this first round tie.  
Th= ey were on top for 80 of the 90 minutes. Large report but with hardly any detail!        
4= /10/24 Res played with ten men at Guards Depot due to an injury to Coppin before the game. Still drew 0-0.  
Herald says that Epsom played "the greater part of the game with ten men owing to an injury to Coppin". This tells me t= hat he 
st= arted the game, so have amended the line up accordingly.          
The provisional line up was Hughes, Coppin, A.Keeling, S.Perry, Lewins, H.Keeling, Jermin, McKenzie, Willmer, Challis, Aldridge.=
Th= e full line up was similar except Reg Coleman came in for McKenzie.        
11/10/24 Res lost 1-3 v Wallington in SIC. Epsom were = 1-0 up in first minute, but HT was 1-1, and an injury to A Jermin after 55 
mi= nutes, left them with 10 men.                
18= /10/24 No game for Reserves.                
25= /10/24 (H) v Crusaders in SSL. Was this played?            
It might have been, because a league table is produced= the following week showing Pld 4 D1 L3 F1 A9. This means a 1-2 loss is
missing, possibly against Crusaders. Lots of points deducted and awarded already, but these aren't mentioned in a later table= .
1/= 11/24 No fixture for Reserves.                
1/11/24 However, I have now uncovered a 4-2 loss at Beckenham in Sutton & Epsom Illustrated Mail. This ties in a bit with 
c= omments below for 29/11/24.                
8= /11/24 Reserves lose at the Nest 5-1 against Southern Rail. Paper refers to club= as Epsom Town 'A', but it was the  
reserve side in this league, and an A team wouldn't ex= ist for many years. Report referred to our goal being "a gift from one of the 
Ra= ils defenders" presume it was an o.g.?              
Southern Railway (Brighton Section) represented the cl= ub in the Southern Suburban League while Southern Rail (Croydon Section) 
we= re in the Surrey Senior League.                
15= /11/24 Res beat Balham Athletic 6-1 in League match.            
22/11/24 Return fixture with Southern Rail sees a 3-1 defeat. Epsom were assisted by Frank Allen from Epsom Brotherhood.
Regular keeper MJ Hughes went to Walton, in case Ernie Sperring couldn't get there for a first team match. He did make it.
22/11 Table says Res Pld 7 W1 D1 L5 but GD unknown. However, I have eight results if we included 22nd November. 
Ma= ybe it was upto and inc 15th?              
29/11/24 Fixture against New Scotland Yard (A). Not cl= ear if it was actually played - see 10/1/25 comments about not having 
s= cored a goal yet. I have calculated a 3-2 loss here based on tables, but it was probab= ly against another club. Check!  
S= ee 1/11/24 comments. It looks certain that we didn't play NSY on that date now.        
6/12/24 Fr win 7-0 v Old Fransiscans @ Horton. Line Up Hughes, Coppin, A.Keeling, S.Perry, Frank Allen, FS Witts, CF Watts, 
H = Whittaker, H Keeling, Challis, Aldridge.              
13= /12/24 Friendly arranged at home to Nunhead Res was won 2-0. Scorers A.Traube and Charlie Aldridge.    
20= /12/24 Was there a game?                
2= 6/12/24 Replay with Sutton sees reserves lose 6-0. Team: MJ Hughes, F Allen, AJ Keeling, S Perry, H Marlow,   
Fr= ed Watts, F Whittaker, A Jermin, R Howarth, A Traube, C Aldridge.        
26/12/24 Reserves were originally due to play Balham Athletic at home with a 10.45 k.o. yet we had already played them at home. 
Did they have a home venue, as it looks like our First team played both games at home with them last year in the same league?
Ye= s they did, for this season at least, as they hosted Southern Railway "at Raynes Park" on 27/9/24.    
27/12/24 Munster Park (A) (L). Was this played? Almost certainly not. Conditions were horrendous. K.O. was due for 2.30.
Le= ague table also indicates that no League games were played between 22nd November and 10th January.    
3/= 1/25 Friendly arranged (H) v London Caledonians Strollers @ Horton. Was this played? Due for 2.30 k.o.    
10/1/25 Reserves beat New Scotland Yard 5-0, who haven= 't scored a goal yet in the League according to the Herald. "They are a=
ha= ppy lot" though. R Coleman played at centre half, not his usual attacking position.        
17= /1/25 No fixture for Reserves                
24= /1/25 No game for firsts or reserves, who played each other in a sort of friendly / trial.        
31= /1/25 No fixture for Reserves                
7/= 2/25 Res lose 3-0 at Colliers Wood in SSL.              
14= /3/25 Small crowd saw a 3-1 win over Munster Park. Good football from both sides thou= gh.      
21/3/25 Res v Crusaders in SSL says Sutton & Epsom Mail. Was this not played on 25/10, or is this the return fixture, and wh= ere?
It = is probably the return fixture and is probably away.            
Ot= her affiliated Local Teams: Secretary From SCFA Handbook     Affiliated  
Ep= som Brotherhood GW Turner 13 Albert Road, Epsom     Aug 1920  
Ep= som Athletic RC Pearman St Ives, Hook Road, Epsom     July 1922  
Ew= ell Athletic A Sutton 5 Elm Road         July 1923  
Ew= ell Ministry of Pensions Dr E Goodson Ewell Ministry of Pensions Hospital     May 1925  
Ep= som Wednesday FJ Burrows 40 Wyeth Road, Epsom     Sept 1923  
Wes= t Ewell R Cook 22 Heatherside Road, Ewell     July 1924  
J= une 24 West Park Hospital opens.              
J= uly 24 Land in process of being bought on Epsom Court for a recreation ground. Eventu= ally becomes Court Rec,  
wh= ere present day club would train regularly through the 90's and 00's.        
A= ug 24 Boring work started on tunnels for the extension of the Underground line from Clapham to Morden. It was  
ho= ped to be open by xmas 25, but was Sept 26 before it opened.          
2= 3/8/24 Man beats horse in endurance race at Crystal Palace. CW Hart ran 345 miles 880 yards, while the horse  
&= quot;Saucy Lassie" ran 337 miles 1618 yards. The race started on Monday and finished on Saturday. Starting on Monday  
H= art ran 76, 53, 54, 64, 61, and 37 miles, while he practised by running to Brighton a= nd back three times the week   
be= fore!!                  
Se= pt 24 Sutton United entry for FA Cup is late, so they miss out.          
N= ov 24 Pound Lane, Epsom shopkeeper Florence Hillman found guilty of selling fireworks= to an under 13. Fined 20s!  
10= /1/25 Further to their 10-0 loss this day, someone sent in a funeral style card= to the Herald, saying    
&q= uot;Sacred to the memory of Sutton United, who fell asleep at Southall - 10th January 1925"!!      
24= /1/25 Solar Eclipse in NW Scotland.              
1= 7/3/25 Epsom Council refer to the widening of East Street costing £29,372, but no reference to High Street, which was  
ev= entually widened in 1936.